Hello, everyone! I'm back with a new version of my Sonic the Hedgehog franchise fanfic!

Remember when I wrote that this fanfic came to a temporary stop and that maybe I would come back to finish it? Well… Let's just say some songs from Sonic games and AMVs on YouTube helped me get my interest back for the franchise.

This time, I will follow the American version entirely. Why? Because I find the American version more funny with humorous dialogues.

And there're two other changes; this fanfic will mostly be in Mikoto's point of view, and Mikoto's looks will be based on the new version I came up with a couple of years ago. You can find the art of her on my DeviantArt account.

Without further ado, let's go to the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own any Sonic X characters! I only own my OCs!

Chapter 1: The Encounter

White… That was all I could see; white and nothingness. I didn't know where I was or how I appeared in this white and empty space. But I felt a warm aura surrounding me while I walked deeper into this weird place.

I tried to remember how I ended up here, but my brain felt empty as well. I couldn't even remember who I was.

All of the sudden, a strong light appeared in front of me. It forced me to shield my eyes with my arms. I heard a female's gentle voice coming from the bright light.

"My little one… I need you to gather my emeralds."

Who was talking? Did this person know me?

"I will teleport you to the world where my emeralds were sent to by the latest Chaos Control. Please find and protect the emeralds, my little one…"

The light began shining brighter as heat surrounded me.

"I will create a partner who will support you, but you must take good care of her or you might perish…"


"I wish you best of luck… Mikoto the Hedgecat…"

Those were the last words before the light engulfed me and I lost consciousness.


I was awakened by something poking me in the face. I groaned before opening my heavy eyes and was met by the sight of a small white creature in front of me. I had no idea what kind of creature it was, but it was cute. It had a pair of golden wings on its back, sky-blue colors on paws, feet and tail. Even the tip of its head had a bit of blue color. Above its head floated a pure diamond. It also had a dark blue collar with a diamond attached on as well.

"Chao chao!" the creature cheered happily with a smile.

I sat up and rubbed my throbbing head for a moment. "Ugh… What happened? Whose voice was it in my dream?"

Once the throbbing pain disappeared, I could finally look around and see where I was. I was in a grassy area with trees and bushes and a fountain in the middle of a park. No one was around, so I walked up to the fountain and looked down on my reflection.

I looked like a green anthropomorphic female hedgehog with purple green eyes and peach skin. I had long quills tied up into a ponytail with a magenta braid and four front bangs. I had a spaghetti-strapped magenta top that revealed my stomach, a rose-lavender skirt with black shorts underneath, short dark grey and light grey boots with heels white stripes, and white gloves with magenta ring bracelets. I also had a black belt around my hips with seven different colored diamonds on it.

I looked like a hedgehog, but the female voice had called me Mikoto the Hedgecat… I looked over my shoulder and saw a long green tail wagging from my back.

"Chao chao!" the creature called again.

I looked at the white creature that was now flying in front of me. Was this the supposed partner the voice told me about? It must have been, because just by looking at the creature, I could feel a connection to it.

I held out my hand to the creature. "Hi…"

The creature smiled and flew around me. "Chao! Chao!"

I chuckled at the creature's enthusiasm. "You're cute. Do you have a name?"

The creature stopped flying around me. It nodded and pointed at the diamond on its collar. "Chao!"

"Diamond…", I mumbled. "Your name is Diamond?"

"Chao!" the creature nodded.

I smiled lightly. "I like it. But I will call you Dia for short, okay?"

"Chao!" the creature nodded again.

I had a feeling Dia was a she, due to her high-pitch voice.

I heard voices approaching the fountain, so I grabbed Dia and rushed back to the bushes. I peeked out and saw a couple walking past the fountain. The thing was they didn't look like me. They were taller and looked simply different.

Were Dia and I in a different world? I recalled what the mysterious voice had told me. She said she would send me and Dia to the world where her emeralds were sent to by this so-called Chaos Control.

I walked out to the fountain with Dia once the couple was gone. "Okay, so we need to find the emeralds… But where could they be?"

"Chao…", Dia whimpered sadly.

But there were other questions besides this mission. Who was I? And why couldn't I remember my past? Maybe I would find the answer during my search for the emeralds.


I quickly learned I was in a city called Station Square and the dominant species of this world was known as humans.

Even so, I didn't want to expose myself to the humans, so Dia and I had to hide in corners and alleyways to avoid contact.

In the end, I went up to the top of the buildings by bouncing up the walls. Dia followed me easily by flying.

I had to confess; I had a great view from the rooftops. And no one could spot me so easy now.

"Now then… How can we find those emeralds?" I wondered before turning to Dia. "Any ideas, Dia?"

Dia shook her head. "Chao…"

The quietness was suddenly interrupted by loud explosions coming from below. Dia shrieked in fear and hid behind me. I looked down and saw a big robot walking down the streets. It completely ignored everything in its path and even stomped on those moving vehicles. Some humans clad in black tried to stop the robot with guns and flamethrowers, but it failed.

I also spotted a hovering carrier floating above the robot. Someone sat in it and it looked like a human with its body shaped as an egg. He wore shaded glasses and had a long moustache, dressed in a red coat.

"Who is that?" I mumbled.

"Chao…", Dia mumbled worriedly.

I flinched when I saw one of the robot's missile wrists pointing at the black-clad humans and shot the missile. I looked away when I heard the humans screaming in pain before they grew silent.

I turned back, trying to ignore the bloody mess of the humans, and watched how the robot stomped deeper into the city with that human sitting in the hovercraft.

I growled through my teeth. "I don't know who he is, but he must be stopped before he causes more destruction."

"Chao chao!" Dia nodded in agreement.


I jumped from roof to roof while following the robot. Dia flew after me and I was amazed she was able to keep up with me. I felt like I could run faster than this.

I stopped a couple of buildings away when the robot entered a skyscraper. The human in the hovercraft commanded the robot, more known as Missile Wrist, to get up to the rooftop. I looked down and saw several black and white vehicles driving up to the skyscraper.

While Missile Wrist was going up to the roof, it caused a few explosions in the skyscraper before it went through the roof and landed unharmed. Suddenly, a huge holographic screen appeared out of nowhere in the sky with the madman's face in the middle of the city.

"Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Eggman, and I have some exciting news for you! Exciting for me, that is, and catastrophic for you! I have decided to take over your world and make it part of the new Eggman Empire! Resistance is futile; you will submit to my rule and be swept away like dust bunnies!" He ended the speech with a laugh.

"So his name is Dr. Eggman?" I mumbled. "Fits him for his body."


"Turn yourself in now, bob, or we'll haul you in!" a human shouted through a megaphone to Eggman from the ground.

"You must be joking!" Eggman replied.

"We're not playing around here, buddy! Pull over and let's see your license and registration!"

Eggman growled before making a decision. "I am the one giving the orders here!"

"Oh yeah?! What makes you think so?!"

"This makes me think so", Eggman snapped his fingers.

Missile Wrist shot one of its missile wrists towards the ground and hit one of the monochrome cars, causing an explosion.

"Now, will you surrender your city?" Eggman demanded.

The humans had to fetch someone known as mayor to give Dr. Eggman an answer to his demand. While everyone was distracted, Dia and I moved closer to the skyscraper. I had to be ready if I needed to help taking down this madman.

"Who are you?" Eggman asked when a new human appeared.

The new human, the mayor, grabbed a megaphone to answer. "I am the mayor of this city. And I won't be blackmailed into negotiating with the likes of you!"

"Really?" Eggman said sarcastically before snapping his fingers.

Missile Wrist sent both its missile wrists into a building behind the crowd of humans on the ground. A cloud of dirt and debris surrounded them, coating them in dust.

"Mayor? Now, are you ready to negotiate with me?" Eggman asked.

The mayor coughed before answering. "Technically, sir, our charge doesn't allow me to surrender the city."

Dr. Eggman didn't like the answer and lifted up his hand, ready to give his robot a new command. "Missile Wrist, destroy this place before I-"

"Eggman!" a new voice shouted from the sky.

I looked up and saw a blue airplane flying towards Dr. Eggman. The pilot of the plane was a young yellow fox and the passenger was a human child in probably 12 years.

"So I'm not the only one who came to this world…", I said, feeling a bit relived. "Good to know we're not alone here, Dia."

"Chao", Dia smiled.

Missile Wrist tried to hit the blue plane with its wrists, but the fox was skillful and dodged the incoming attacks. The fox shot bullets on the robot that were reflected back. Missile Wrist shot its wrist again and hit the weak spot of an airplane; the propeller.

The plane fell towards the ground when its wings suddenly changed and the whole plane became a jet plane.

"Impressive…", I mumbled. "But they won't hold on for long."

The robot tried hitting the jet plane, but the fox dodged the attacks. However, it was just a matter of time before the jet plane would be taken down.

I was about to jump over to the roof of the skyscraper when I saw a door opening behind Missile Wrist. A red echidna ran out at the same time as an elevator opened next to the door and a pink hedgehog in a red dress came out with a big red/yellow hammer. The pink hedgehog ran towards the robot and hit it with her hammer, but it didn't do any damage. Missile Wrist turned its attention on the hedgehog and grabbed her.

The red echidna was about to attack Missile Wrist, but Dr. Eggman blocked his way. The madman snapped his fingers and the robot squeezed the poor hedgehog as she screamed in pain. The red echidna cold sweated and glared angrily at Dr. Eggman.

I found the opportunity to step in and join the party. While Dr. Eggman had his attention at something else, like he was looking for someone, I jumped and curled into a ball while spinning in the air.

"Spin Attack!"

I hit Missile Wrist from behind and the move surprised the robot that it threw the pink hedgehog up in the air. I bounced up and unfolded myself before grabbing the hedgehog bridal style and landed in a crouch on the roof. The echidna and Dr. Eggman looked surprised to see me.

I placed down the pink hedgehog. "Are you okay?"

The pink hedgehog looked shocked for a second before she nodded. "Y-Yeah… Thank you for saving me."

"Chao!" Dia called as she flew over to us.

I smiled to my partner before I turned to Missile Wrist with a serious expression.

"And who are you?" Eggman asked. "I've never seen a hedgehog with a cat's tail before."

"My name is Mikoto the Hedgecat", I introduced myself.

"Chao chao!" Dia chanted angrily behind me.

"Mikoto the…Hedgecat?" the pink hedgehog mumbled confusedly.

"Never heard about her before", the echidna commented behind me.

Eggman grinned lightly. "A spiny-cat, huh? You think you can stop me instead of the annoying hedgehog?"

I wondered if he was referring to the pink hedgehog or another hedgehog, but that wasn't my biggest concern.

"I can always try", I replied calmly.

Suddenly, the human child's voice shouted from the jet plane above us. "Help is on its way!"

"Huh?!" Eggman exclaimed and turned towards the streets.

"My Sonic is coming to rescue us!" the pink hedgehog exclaimed happily.

Eggman and Missile Wrist went to the edge of the roof and bent down to see a blue ball coming up. "Hurry! Fire!" the madman commanded.

Missile Wrist shot several missiles towards this Sonic character and one of them seemed to have hit him, but had dodged the missiles because he was now up in the sky above Eggman and Missile Wrist.

"Fire away!" Eggman screamed.

Missile Wrist shot out its missile wrists again to hit Sonic, but the blue hedgehog rolled on top of one and jumped off to stand on the other. He didn't take the battle seriously and kept fooling around with the robot.

"Wise guy! I'll show you!" Eggman growled.

"Is he always like that in battles?" I asked the other two anthropomorphic animals.

"Most of the time", the echidna answered and turned his attention on Sonic. "Sonic! Try the old 'Slap on the wrist'!"

"Yeah!" Sonic called and sat still on one missile.

Missile Wrist brought its missile back into place. The robot looked at Sonic as the blue hedgehog stuck his tongue out at him and pulled his eyelid down. Missile Wrist was not happy with that and raised its other arm and slammed it on its right missile and broke it in procession. Sonic had jumped up in time and rose higher into the sky.

"Fire!" Eggman ordered once again.

Missile Wrist shot up missiles into the sky and exploded when they hit Sonic. I heard the pink hedgehog gasping in dread while Dia looked worried. Eggman cheered to himself when Sonic suddenly came out from the smoke, rolled up into a ball, and attacked Missile Wrist. He went through the robot's head and straight down its body. It caused an explosion from the robot. I held Dia in my left arm while I shielded my eyes with my other arm. The red echidna protected the female hedgehog from the smoke and flying debris.

When the smoke had cleared up, we all saw Eggman covered in dust and bruises. Sonic stepped up and smirked at the madman. "You lose", the blue hedgehog smirked.

Eggman shook in anger, "This isn't over, blue boy…" He flew away from the skyscraper with his hovercraft. "You haven't heard the last of Eggman! Soon I will rule this world, this universe, and the Chaos Emeralds will be mine!" He disappeared with his laugh echoing around us.

Chaos Emeralds…? Could they be the emeralds I'm supposed to look for?

"Oh Sonic! Sonic!" Amy shouted and ran over to the blue hedgehog with tears in her eyes and hugged him. "You're okay!"

"T-Take it easy!" Sonic groaned

"For a while there, Sonic, I thought I'd never see you again!" Amy cried and hugged her blue hero even tighter.

"Amy… Please let me go!" Sonic protested.

I couldn't help but giggle and smile lightly at the scene with Dia who sighed happily that the battle was finally over. Sonic and I made eye contact and he opened his mouth, ready to say something, when we heard running footsteps from behind. We turned around and saw humans dressed in black uniforms and held weapons, aiming towards us. Dia shivered in fear while she was still in my arms.

"Alright, nobody move!" the captain of the human group ordered them.

"Oh great… Now what?" the echidna mumbled irritably.

"Don't try running away!" the captain commanded.

I felt goosebumps all over my body when I sensed an angry aura from the red echidna. "Knuckles never runs from a fight!" Knuckles growled.

"H-Hey… Easy, pal" the captain cold sweated, probably sensing Knuckles's aura.

"Sonic!" a voice shouted from the air, gaining Sonic, Amy, Dia and my attention.

The yellow fox and his human companion were back with the jet plane, except this time a string ladder was hanging from the plane. Sonic held onto Amy and grabbed a hold of the ladder. I put Dia on my left shoulder, jumped up and grabbed the ladder as well. Knuckles didn't move as he kept glaring at the humans with weapons.

"Hey, Knuckles! Come on!" Sonic called out to the red echidna who was still standing there at the roof.

"Please, Knuckles! Let's go!" Amy called him when he didn't budge at all.

Knuckles finally snapped out of it, smirked at the soldiers and ran towards the plane. But the humans with weapons started shooting at him. I heard Dia whimpering in fear by the sound of gunshots. Knuckles ran away from the bullets and leapt towards the ladder. He managed to grab it when the jet plane was about to fly away from the building. The yellow steered the jet plane up higher to avoid obstacles.

"We'll go back to my house, guys!" the human boy said with a smile.

"Cream and Cheese are already there waiting for you!" the yellow fox added.

"Wow, them too? So we're all here together!" Amy exclaimed happily.

So these guys were probably good friends if they knew each other.

"Count me out", Knuckles informed us. "This is where I get off."

I looked down and saw Knuckles letting go of the ladder and fell back towards the ground.

"No! Don't go!" Amy called out to him.

"See you around!" Knuckles glided away safely somewhere down below.

"He's not coming with us? Why not?" Amy wondered.

"That's Knuckles. He does things his way", Sonic explained.

I dropped my ears lightly for hearing that. Knuckles sounded like a lone wolf who preferred being alone. I shook my head before I looked at the sky and saw it was slowly turning into orange by the sundown.


I learned the yellow fox's name was Tails and the human boy was known as Chris. We arrived to Chris's home, which was a mansion. I noticed there were a little rabbit girl and another creature similar to Dia there waiting for their friends. An old man in a white lab coat stood there as well.

Sonic let go of the string ladder before Tails landed the plane outside of a garage and landed on his feet with Amy in his arms. I jumped off and walked over to the group that was busy with reunion. I kept a small distance from them to not ruin the moment. But I smiled lightly when I saw how happy they were to be reunited.

The other creature that had a different look from Dia noticed her and flew over to her. They exchanged some words before they started playing tag.

I smiled at the sight, but turned around when I saw the rabbit girl walking up to me. She had such innocent eyes, but I could sense she had hidden strength within her.

"Hi, my name is Cream and I see your Chao friend have already met Cheese", the rabbit introduced herself and bowed lightly. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Cream", I nodded.

The rest of the group walked over to us while Dia flew back to me. Cheese followed her example and flew back to Cream, floating next to her.

"Thank you for saving me earlier", Amy thanked. "I'm Amy Rose."

"My name is Tails", Tails introduced himself. "I like building machines, but for good use."

"I'm Christopher Thorndyke, and this is my grandpa Chuck", Chris introduced himself and his grandfather.

"Just like Tails, I am an inventor and love building machines!" Chuck grinned.

"And I'm the fastest thing alive; Sonic the Hedgehog!" Sonic said with a wink.

I smiled gently. "My name is Mikoto the Hedgecat." I turned my eyes on Dia. "And this is Diamond, but you can call her Dia for short."

"Chao chao!" Dia smiled.

"Mikoto, you say?" Chuck said. "That's a Japanese name, just like Tanaka."

"Tanaka?" I wondered.

"He's the butler of our house", Chris explained. "But he and our maid Ella don't know that you guys live with us, so you have to stay out of sight from them."

"Okay", I nodded. "Who was that red echidna from earlier?"

"He's Knuckles the Echidna", Sonic replied. "A friend of ours. He always goes on his own way."

"So he's kind of a lone wolf?" I asked.

"More or less", Amy shrugged her shoulders. "I just hope he's okay…"

"He'll be fine", Sonic assured her.

"Do you have a place where you can stay, Mikoto?" Cream wondered.

"No, not really…", I shook my head.

"If you like to, you can stay here with us!" Chris said with a happy voice.

I blinked in surprise. "Is it really okay? I don't want to be a burden…"

"You're not a burden, and I'm sure we can be good friends!" Tails smiled.

I felt the warmth of friendship from everyone and it made me smile. "I would love to stay here with you guys."

"Chao chao!" Dia smiled happily.

"Welcome to the team, Miko!" Sonic grinned with his thumb up.

"Miko?" I raised an eyebrow confusedly.

"A short version of your name", Sonic explained. "A nickname."

"Miko…", I mumbled to herself before nodding. "I like it."

Amy grabbed my right hand and held it gently. "I'm sure we'll be good friends, as long as you stay away from my Sonic!"

I chuckled lightly. "Don't worry. I will stay away from your boyfriend."

"I'm not Amy's boyfriend!" Sonic exclaimed with pink cheeks.

We all laughed at Sonic's denies. This group felt so free and natural. No one seemed to act; they were all being themselves. I had a feeling I would enjoy being with them while looking for the Chaos Emeralds.

But I still needed to find out who I really was. I needed to find the answers of my origin.