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Chapter 20: Learning About the Past and Friendship

In the attic of the garage, Sonic, Knuckles, Mikoto, Hatori, Big Chris, and Chuck were having some of Ella's coffee while discussing about the new threat of Dr. Eggman and the Chaos creature. Sonic, Hatori and Knuckles sat on beanbags, Big was right beside them, Chuck sat by his computer while Chris and Mikoto sat on the bed. Dia was with them as well and sat between Mikoto and Chris.

"Shouldn't we be out trying to stop Eggman instead of taking a coffee break?" Sonic complained slightly.

"I'm hoping that we can put our heads together and unravel the mystery about Eggman's Chaos creature", Chuck replied before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Now… Could you please explain this? That thing, Chaos… Just what is it?" Knuckles went straight to the hot topic they all needed to talk about.

"That's my line!" Sonic told his friend.

"It would seem that Eggman is up to something again after what I heard from you", Hatori pointed out.

"He… I couldn't imagine that he would go after the Master Emerald. I was too careless", Knuckles growled under his breath.

"The Master Emerald… The one that Knuckles has been protecting in your world?" Chris questioned.

"Yes, that's correct. The Master Emerald was shattered", Knuckles informed them.

Everyone stared at him in shock. The Master Emerald was shattered? Knuckles began explaining how everything happened. How he woke up by the noise of something shattering, seeing Chaos standing in front of the shattered Master Emerald and assumed it was the creature that destroyed the giant gemstone. He had attacked Chaos, but didn't get very far when Chaos disappeared. Since the Master Emerald got broken, the floating island fell into the sea.

"Chaos shattered the Master Emerald?" Chuck asked, still in shock.

"Chao…", Dia looked down with a sad expression, making Mikoto rub her head with a small smile.

"Big seems to have had an encounter with Chaos too", Chris said, turning his attention at the big cat.

"Yeah… Froggy ate our treasure…", Big said slowly.

"Treasure?" Mikoto asked him.

"The big and beautiful purple stone", Big explained.

"It can't be! A Chaos Emerald?" Chris exclaimed, surprised by the information.

"If it is, we'll have to hurry and find Froggy or we'll be in danger", Chuck told them.

"Why's that?" Chris asked him.

"Eggman must be after the Chaos Emeralds as well… So he can let Chaos evolve into a fearful monster", Chuck explained.

"If Dr. Eggman finds Froggy before us, he will have three Emeralds for Chaos", Hatori pointed out. "It will be harder for us to defeat it, so we have to prevent Dr. Eggman to find the rest of the Chaos Emeralds."

"OK. Leave it to me!" Sonic stood up with a determined smile.

"Do you have any idea how to find them?" Chris asked him.

"If I keep on running, we'll be bound to find them sometime", Sonic answered.

"A typical Sonic-answer", Mikoto sweat dropped.

"Chao…", Dia sweat dropped as well.

Just then Mikoto remembered the wolf Mobian who appeared out of nowhere and helped them defeat Chaos yesterday. "Knuckles?"

"Yeah?" the red echidna replied.

"Who was that wolf who came and helped us yesterday? Is she a friend of yours?" Mikoto asked him.

"You could say that. Her name is Shinonome the Wolf, but I've always been calling her Shino for short", Knuckles explained. "I've known her since we were small. She is also one year older than me, so I used to see her as a big sister figure. She used to be a sweet and cheerful girl, but…after she turned 12, she became cold and stern. She left her troop to be on her own and renamed herself to Shinonome the LONE Wolf. I don't know the details why she left her troop, but she sometimes used to visit me on Angel Island to compete who is strongest among the two of us."

Hatori looked at the red echidna with a small smirk. "She sounds like an interesting person. I would like to meet her one day."

Mikoto looked down, seeing her reflection on the coffee in her mug which was lying in her lap. "To me… She looked extremely lonely…" Everyone turned their attention on the hedgecat while Dia flew up to float beside her head. "And her aura was so…cold. Like there was no warmth at all, but still…I feel something like I have to go and talk to her. Maybe…even becoming friends."

Knuckles shook his head, "It's not going to be easy. She's as hard as a rock in both heart and soul."

"But I still want to try it", Mikoto said with a determined expression. "Something tells me if she can't get out of the cold and the darkness now, it will be too late in the future! I'm going to look for her and try talking to her."


"Do whatever you want, Miko. It won't help", Knuckles stood up. "I'll go look for the broken pieces of the Master Emerald."

"I guess Big and I can go try to find Froggy together", Chris looked at Big.

"Hmm… That's a good idea", Big agreed.

"What about you, Tori?" Chris asked the dragon Mobian.

"I think I will accompany Mikoto and look for this Shinonome wolf", Hatori replied. "By the way, Mikoto; where is your belt?"

Mikoto looked down at her hips and sighed when she knew she didn't have the belt on her. "Dr. Eggman snatched it from me yesterday. I don't know why, but after he took it, I couldn't summon my Diamond Wand. I felt like a bit of my strength disappeared."

"Hmm… That is certainly bizarre", Hatori put his hand beneath his jaw.



Everyone had gone on separate ways. Mikoto and Hatori decided to follow Knuckles while the three of them were walking around in Station Square. Dia flew beside Mikoto the whole time and looked around, feeling a bit anxious. Mikoto noticed it and she also couldn't help but feel the same. She thought back of the events that happened in less than a day. The Master Emerald shattered, her belt taken by Dr. Eggman, the Diamond Wand not being able to be summoned, and now this Chaos creature. Was everything of this connected to each other?

The group saw a commotion just a few meters away. People had gathered outside of a casino with the police. There were a few burned holes in the walls, like some sort of meteorites had smashed through. The scars looked pretty new; black smoke still came out from one of the holes.

"What's going on here?" Mikoto questioned.

"I have no idea. Let us ask", Hatori replied.


Knuckles had already gone to the police officers. "What happened, officer?"

One of the police officers turned his attention on the red Mobian. "Huh? Knuckles!" He looked up to see the other two Mobians. "And Mikoto and Hatori!"

"Eh? The ones who are battling against Eggman?" another police officer asked in excitement.

"That is not important", Knuckles said before turning to the casino. "Was this done by that monster from earlier?"

"No, something bright fell down from the sky", the first police officer replied.

That answer made Knuckles jump up at the police officer and tug his cheeks. "What! Really?!"

"Yeah…", the police officer replied, making Knuckles release his face.

"Could we…take a look to see it for ourselves?" Mikoto asked.

The police officer rubbed his sore cheeks. "Yes, follow me", he said before turning around and went to the crowd to push them away.

Knuckles followed him, but Mikoto remained a few seconds with Hatori. "I'll go with them. Can you stay here while we check it out?"

"Of course", Hatori nodded.

With that said, Mikoto and Dia followed the police officer and Knuckles. Hatori stayed outside and crossed his arms before noticing something in the crowd. The backside and the tail of a wolf Mobian…


Mikoto and Dia managed to keep up with Knuckles and the police officer while they walked upstairs to the floor where the bright object had crashed. They soon reached the floor where more police officer were and kept an eye on the object. Knuckles and Mikoto took a closer look at the object; it was a shard of the Master Emerald, buried into the floor. Something was also shining in the middle of the shard.

"A piece of the Master Emerald…", Knuckles mumbled.

"We found one already…", Mikoto said.


Knuckles knelt down in front of the shard and held out his hand. The shard was slowly moving up from the floor and into Knuckles's hand, surprising the police officers. Knuckles was smirking to himself when the shard suddenly ejected a bright light, swallowing Knuckles, Mikoto and Dia.

The next thing the trio knew, they were in a forest at nighttime. The two Mobians and the Chao surveyed their surrounding and didn't recognize it. But when they looked forward, they saw a majestic shrine. Mikoto recognized it as the altar of the Master Emerald on Angel Island with a few differences; this shrine was new while in their timeline the altar was old and several parts of it were missing. She knew about it because she had visited a few times to see how Knuckles was doing. Also she felt something attract her from the top of the shrine.

Without even thinking, Mikoto walked ahead with Dia floating beside her and Knuckles following her from behind. When they had reached the first part of the shrine, they stopped walking when they saw a few echidnas in ancient clothes argue with each other.

"Please! Stop this!" a young female echidna with peach-orange fur and cobalt eyes glared at another echidna who looked to be the leader of the troop. He had wine-red fur and held a spear-looking staff in his hand. Mikoto could feel the negative emotions from the old echidna, making her shiver.

"Tikal, this is for our country's welfare", the old echidna said. "It's necessary to possess the seven Emeralds."

"Aren't you satisfied yet? Attacking other countries, plundering and hurting others… I can't stand it any longer. No one has the right to deprive others of their right of to live. Father!" Tikal exclaimed.

When Knuckles, Mikoto and Dia opened their eyes on their real bodies, they were back to the crime scene in the casino. They looked at the shard of the Master Emerald and then exchanged glances. What they had just seen had taken place in the past, but what had happened?

"Are you three alright?" the police officer who had guided the trio asked them in concern.

The two Mobians nodded along with Dia without saying anything.

"Well then, Knuckles, you should take care of that shard. Right?" the police officer turned to one of his colleagues.

"Sure, it's for the best", the colleague agreed.

"Please tell me if something else like this occurs", Knuckles told them before walking off.

Mikoto and Dia remained there and looked at the red echidna as he walked away. Mikoto thought back to the scene they had just seen.

*Why did I get this strange feeling to go upstairs of those stairs and reach the Master Emerald? But what was happening between those echidnas? Could they also have been…Knuckles's ancestors?* the purple Mobian thought.

Dia took a glance at her partner and patted her muzzle. Mikoto looked up to see her white Chao friend smile slightly at her. Mikoto couldn't help but smile as well and held Dia close to her chest. With everything done, she walked off as well to meet up with Hatori.


However, outside was a big mess. The crowd from before had scattered to make place for a small fight between a certain dragon Mobian and wolf Mobian. Hatori crashed on the concrete after Shinonome had thrown him. She was glaring at the dragon Mobian while panting deeply.

"Haven't ya gat enough…Dragon Freak?!" Shinonome growled.

Hatori got slowly up on his feet and brushed off the dirt from his body. "Not quite yet…Wolf Bitch."

A big anime vain appeared on the side of Shinonome's head. "What didja just call meh, Dragon Freak?!"

The wolf Mobian was about to punch Hatori when someone gripped her arm from behind. Shinonome looked over her shoulder to see Mikoto and Dia floating beside the purple Mobian.

Mikoto had a disapproved look on her face. "Do you really have to be so violent in a crowd like this one?" She nodded to the people who watched them.

"It's not mah fault! Blame dat Dragon Freak! He provoked meh!" Shinonome tried to get out of Mikoto's grip, but the hedgecat's grip was strong. Then she threw a kick backwards and hit Mikoto's stomach.

Mikoto got surprised by that move and let go of Shinonome's arm to clutch her sore stomach. Dia got worried and tried to comfort her partner. Hatori threw himself on the wolf Mobian and tackled her down, pinning her arms above her head.

"You will regret for hitting my friend, Wolf Bitch", Hatori hissed.

"Friend…?" Shinonome mumbled with big eyes while looking away with a strange expression.

Hatori noticed her expression, but kept her pinned on the concrete. The ache Mikoto felt in her stomach disappeared before she walked over to the two Mobians. Mikoto also saw Shinonome's expression and noticed she wasn't fighting back anymore.

"Hatori… Let her go", Mikoto said.

Hatori looked a bit unsure, but did what the purple Mobian had said. He let go of Shinonome's arms and stood up. Mikoto walked up to the wolf Mobian and slightly knelt down and held out her hand. Shinonome looked up when she realized Hatori had got up and locked eyes with Mikoto. Her glance went over to the hand the purple Mobian offered. Her glance turned into a glare before hitting it away and stood up on her own.

"Ah dun need yer help, ma'am", Shinonome muttered before walking off.

Mikoto, Dia and Hatori stared at the wolf Mobian before the purple hedgecat ran after her. Dia flew after her while Hatori walked slowly behind.

"Why are you being so rude to the others? Do you have an inner anger and you don't know how to control it?" Mikoto asked.

Shinonome turned around with a hard glare, "Why are ya followin' meh?! And why are ya askin' such questions?!"

"Because I want to help you", Mikoto simply replied.

Shinonome stared at her in disbelief. "Ya…help meh?"

"Yes", Mikoto nodded.

"Chao", Dia smiled.

"But if you keep brushing away the help, your attitude will remain the same", Hatori commented.

Shinonome threw a glare with a small growl from her throat at the dragon Mobian before turning around and crossed her arms. "So what if ah want ta remai' th' same?"

"Knuckles told us you used to be a sweet and cheerful girl", Mikoto began, not noticing how Shinonome's eyes widened. "We don't know why you left your troop, but you must have a good reason why-"

"SHAT UP!" Shinonome turned around fast and threw a punch at Mikoto's face.

That move came as a big surprise for Mikoto and fell down on her rear with her left hand on her left eye. Dia cried out in shock and flew down to Mikoto's level. Hatori kneeled down next to Mikoto and put his hands on her shoulders as support. Shinonome gasped when she realized what she had done.

Mikoto removed her hand slowly and opened her sore eye. She already got a nasty black ring around her eye by the punch. Hatori looked up to scold Shinonome, but saw she was gone. He only saw a few very small puddles on the ground which he assumed to be tears.

Mikoto looked up and saw as well Shinonome had run away. Then all of a sudden, the sky became dark as if it was about to rain. "What's this?" she questioned before looking up with Dia and Hatori.

It was no clouds; it was Dr. Eggman's newest flying fortress. People were slowly getting panic and began to mumble about what Dr. Eggman was up to. The X-Tornado was following the warship from behind and shot at the big ship while the turrets on the warship shot back. The X-Tornado dodged the bullets gracefully and flew up. Missiles came out from the jet plane and attacked the turrets. Smoke was seen from below which meant the X-Tornado made a successful hit.

"They did it!" Hatori exclaimed happily.

"It's not over yet, Hatori", Mikoto cold sweated.


Mikoto was right. An electric beam shot out from a cannon on the warship and headed towards the X-Tornado. The X-Tornado moved to the left, but it was no use. The beam hit the right wing anyway and the X-Tornado was falling to the ground.

"Tails!" Mikoto turned Hatori. "Hatori, you got to catch the X-Tornado before it crash-lands!"

"I'm on it!" Hatori nodded before flying up in the air. While he flew up, he transformed into his Adult Form and flew after the X-Tornado. Mikoto got up on her feet and grabbed Dia before running after the jet plane and the big dragon, hoping that Tails, and if Sonic was aboard on the X-Tornado as well, was all right.

From an alley, Shinonome peeked out to see the commotion and looked at the purple hedgecat who had tried to converse with her, but she chickened out and had hit Mikoto in frustration. Shinonome wiped away a tear from her eye before turning around and walked deeper into the alley.


Hatori had managed to grab the X-Tornado with his big paws before the jet plane could crash-land. He flew back to Chris's mansion while Mikoto had managed to keep up with the dragon. She had also met up with Amy who had found a small bird with a strange lock-looking thing with a blue gemstone in the middle around its neck. Chuck came out to meet up with the dragon as Hatori put down carefully the X-Tornado outside of the garage before transforming back to his Mobian form. Cream and Cheese came out from the mansion to see what had happened. Sonic opened the hatchet of the cockpit and jumped out with an unconscious Tails in his arms.

"Is Tails okay?" Cream asked worriedly.

"Yeah. The rumble must have knocked him out", Sonic explained before turning to Hatori. "Thanks for saving us, Tori."

"The pleasure was all mine, Sonic", Hatori nodded.

Sonic carried Tails to the mansion with Hatori and Chuck following him. The girls remained by the damaged X-Tornado and looked at the group of men walk inside the mansion. Amy was in deep thought before she snapped her fingers. "I got an idea!"

"What kind of idea, Amy?" Cream asked.

"Chao?" Cheese questioned.

"Let's go buy some food so we can make a good lunch for Sonic and Tails!" Amy said.

"Sure, I'm on it!" Cream replied happily.

"Chao, chao!" Cheese nodded.

The bird in Amy's hands woke up and looked around where it was. Mikoto noticed it and told Amy the bird was awake. Amy and the bird became quickly good friends before the girls and the two Chao went out for shopping. Mikoto told quickly Chuck where they were heading so the boys wouldn't be worried.

After some time, the girls had finished shopping in Station Square and were on their way back to the mansion.

"I want to cook something nutritious for Sonic and Tails to help them feel better!" Amy told the group about her plan.

"Yes, I'm beginning to learn how to cook from Ella", Cream mentioned.

"So am I", Mikoto nodded.

"Great. Let's combine our skills to make something good", Amy smiled.

"Chao!" Cheese growled for leaving him behind in the cooking plan while carrying two small bags with food. Dia remained quiet and carried one bag, floating beside Mikoto.

"I'm very sorry! Cheese and Dia can help us out as well", Amy added quickly. Cheese smiled now happily when Amy had said that.

Amy turned her attention of the small bird she had rescued. Mikoto learned it was a Flicky from their world. "You recovered from your fall pretty fast, little bird."

"I wonder where it came from…and if it has a name", Cream questioned.

The Flicky tried to explain, but the Mobians couldn't understand what the bird said.

"What is she trying to say?" Amy wondered.

"I can't understand", Cream said.

"It must be hard to not have a name", Mikoto said.

"Chao", Dia nodded.

"Then let's think out a name…", Amy pondered for a moment. "I know! We'll call her Lily."

The Flicky smiled and spoke happily in bird language.

"She seems to like it", Cream smiled.

Amy giggled, "Nice to meet you, Lily. Perhaps you've lost your way. If we only could find your parents…"

Mikoto looked ahead to see a green robot in front of them. The two big letters E on the robot spoke everything.

"Dr. Eggman's robot!" Mikoto threw away the bag she had carried to attack the robot.

"Target located", the robot spoke before moving forward.

Mikoto tried to summon her Diamond Wand, but it didn't appear. The robot punched the hedgecat out of its way and made it further to Amy and Cream. Mikoto got quickly up and saw the robot heading to the girls and the two Chao.

"Run! Hurry!" she yelled.

But the robot had already grabbed Amy who had Lily in her hands. Amy let out a scream that echoed through the buildings of Station Square. Mikoto ran to the robot and attacked it from behind with a kick. It surprised the robot and dropped Amy who dropped Lily as she landed on the concrete.

Mikoto ran past the robot to help Amy up and grabbed Lily with her other hand. When Amy got up on her feet, the robot grabbed Mikoto instead and held her in its arm before moving away.

"Miko! Lily!" Amy called out.

"CHAO!" Dia yelled out.

"Let us go!" Mikoto growled at the robot.

"Somebody please help her!" Cream cried out.

"Chao…", Cheese whimpered worriedly.

Sonic ran past the group to reach the robot. "Hold on, Miko!"

Mikoto tried to struggle out of the robot's grip. "Sonic!"

"Mission accomplished", the robot spoke before activating some kind of jet package to fly away.

"Miko!" Sonic called.

"Help us!" Mikoto cried out with Lily.

Sonic, the girls and the two Chao couldn't do nothing but stare at the robot and Mikoto as they disappeared within sight. A familiar wolf Mobian hid in the shadow of an alley and saw the whole thing. She clenched her hand into a fist while growling quietly.