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Summary: It's been nearly two months since Aang and his friends returned from Harry's world, and they're as busy as ever! While there, they try to deal with a breakout of a returning villain who is now out for revenge and a letter containing a rather confusing letter of books. But the biggest surprise is...a strange creature from Harry's world arrives to give them disturbing news.

Publishing Date: March 6, 2013

Enjoy Avatar Aang And The Chamber Of Secrets!


The News



So-called Phoenix King Ozai, former Fire Lord and father of Fire Lord Zuko, has recently broken out of prison. Not only that, but there were reports of dead guards, some of which weren't burned to death. One guard had survived to tell the researchers of this horrific scene.

"Another guard besides me survived and told me this," the guard said, wishing to remain unnamed. "A man in a black cloak and a snake tattoo on his arm told me and my guards to stand out of the way for some business. But when we tried restraining him with FireBending, he held a stick up and fired a green light from it, hitting my soldiers. And when I went to check on them, they were dead!"

There was also a report of both soldiers being tortured almost to insanity. But once they had given the stranger directions to Ozai's cell, they were left alone...but their comrades weren't. All of them had either been slashed at the throat with blood pouring from their wounds or killed by the same green light. It was almost as if a demon or something had attacked them out of nowhere.

Everyone in the world must be warned to not go out at night or day without someone around. A curfew for all people must be at ten at night. And be on the lookout for ex-Fire Lord Ozai: he is armed, possibly with the new stranger, and is extremely dangerous.

Avatar Aang sighed as he rolled up the paper and handed it to Momo, his pet flying lemur. It had been nearly a week since he heard the news: ex-Fire Lord Ozai had broken out of the prison Fire Lord Zuko placed him in. He couldn't believe it; three years after the end of the war, three years of peace, Ozai had ruined it too. And by the sound of the "stick", he believed this person who assisted in the breakout had come from Harry Potter's world.

It had been two months since Team Avatar had returned from Hogwarts for the summer. But this summer meant that Aang had to be busier than ever, so they went to the Fire Lord's palace for the work to be done. Republic City was still being constructed, and Aang had to attend some meetings on how to make the city even better. In fact, the Fire Nation had already planned on lending a hand in making the founders' statues. But the recent news had temporarily halted the working, for they were now on the lookout for Ozai.

Now Aang was resting on the Ember Island beach for a brief rest, Momo and Appa the flying bison beside him. He wondered how Harry was doing back in his world; he hoped his aunt and uncle treated him better after his first year. The Avatar looked up at the sky and vaguely patted the resting Appa's head while Momo chirped beside them.

"Aang! What've you been doing all this time, buddy?"

Aang looked around in time to see one of his best friends, Sokka from the Southern Water Tribe, walk over to him. By the way his face was sweating, he must have either worked hard in training or played in some powerful sport; he recalled watching them play volleyball in their swimsuits before walking off to think. He had wanted to play in the sport too, but thanks to all the Avatar stuff he had to do, it was pretty difficult to do so...though he was allowed a break.

"While you've been sitting there, our team's been beaten up in volleyball!" Sokka griped with a slight grumpy face. "Now what's eating you?"

"Hey, go easy on him. He's just thinking." The next person who had approached was Katara, Sokka's younger sister and Aang's girlfriend. To Aang, she saw the look on his face and asked, "You're thinking about Ozai breaking out, aren't you, Aang?"

The AirBender nodded slightly. "But I'm okay. It's just...I'm worried he'll disrupt the peace."

Katara stepped forth until she wrapped her arms around him and he was looking down into her beautiful face. He wrapped his arms around her exposed and lean stomach as she went on, "If Ozai had done something very terrible, we would've heard of it somehow. So you've got nothing to worry about for the time being."

Then Sokka added helpfully, "Yeah. And besides, you're the Avatar! You've beaten him before, and you can bet the arrow on your head that you can do it again!"

"That's true..." But by the way Ozai's new ally was described, he could tell the former Fire Lord would soon rise to power once again. So he released his girlfriend and said, "But I'm still a bit worried. What if Ozai and his new ally come here and cause problems?"

"He won't." Another one of Aang's friends, Toph the blind EarthBender, had strolled up and fixed the Avatar with a blind yet stern face. She went on sagely, "Zuko's got plenty of guards around the place to rebuff the Loser Lord. So you've got nothing to worry about...except for the second year."

That's true, Aang realized. They had previously spent months at a new world where a school for magic called Hogwarts took place. Plus, they had been entrusted on a mission by the headmaster there, Albus Dumbledore. Though they didn't know now what to do, they felt they were getting a bit farther in this mission.

"So anyways, you wanna play some kickball?" Katara asked, a playful look in her blue eyes. "So far, Toph, Suki, and I are kicking the guys' butts. But if you don't want to..."

Aang thought it over before looking down at her again. "Actually...you guys are right. If Ozai had done something bad, then we'd hear it and sort him out. So for now...I'll play," he decided, kissing her gently on the cheek.

"Good!" A new voice made them turn to see Suki, Sokka's Kyoshi warrior girlfriend coming over to them. She was holding four letters as she went on, "But first, you four got some letters from an owl. And after that, you can get something to drink and we can get back to the game."

"Got it, gorgeous," Sokka replied, stepping forth to kiss her cheek while she handed him the letters. To the others, he said, "Well, let's see what we gotta get this year."

So they stepped forth and picked out their letters. Aang waited until the others got theirs before he got his and opened it up, the letter containing a list this time. But now, most of the books here were written by only one person.


The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2 by Miranda Goshawk

Break with a Banshee by Gilderoy Lockhart

Gadding with Ghouls by Gilderoy Lockhart

Holidays with Hags by Gilderoy Lockhart

43 Travels with Trolls by Gilderoy Lockhart

Voyages with Vampires by Gilderoy Lockhart

Wanderings with Werewolves by Gilderoy Lockhart

Year with the Yeti by Gilderoy Lockhart

"So? What's it say?" Suki asked as a visiting Fire Lord Zuko came back with drinks.

Aang looked up at her, handing over his list. "These books are listed by some guy named Gilderoy Lockhart."

Sokka looked down suspiciously at the list before looking up. "Suki...you sure the list didn't mess this up somehow?"

His girlfriend eyed him with a roll of the eyes. "Of course I'm sure. I've never been to Hogwarts, remember?"


"Whoever this person is must've been a rather resourceful man," Zuko spoke up as he set down the drinks. "Plus, I think I've got something to tell you...something I think you won't like...it's got something to do with-"

"Can it settle after the ball game?" Toph interrupted. "We're wasting daylight here! And I wanna start kicking butts in volleyball!"

Katara laughed at this, throwing her long brown hair back. "Okay, Toph. No need to get your hair in a twist. Let's go!"

So they walked out towards the beach joined by Gin, Katara's silver-furred dog, who raced over from the shallows and leapt onto Katara. She giggled as he rested his paws on her shoulders and licked her happily, his curly tail wagging like crazy. They stopped before the net that they would play volleyball at, the males on one side and the females on the other. Once on the count of three, they began their game, the animals watching them.

Zuko was the one to start off by giving the ball a powerful roundhouse kick; Aang knew he and his sister Azula had played this game before. He watched as Suki leapt into the air to counter the ball, showing the flexibility a Kyoshi warrior had. As the volleyball soared over the net, Aang intercepted it and used AirBending to blast it over the net...but at a price. It hit an unsuspecting Toph on the top of her head, making him regret doing that.

"Ouch!" Toph gasped, rubbing her head. "Hey, who's the dunderhead who hit my head?!"

"Hehe...sorry!" Aang told her. "I think I better sit this one out."

Toph gave him a glare which softened a bit. "It's fine, Twinkletoes. I'll sit this out too. That makes both teams even now."

So the Avatar and his EarthBending Sifu sat to the sides and sipped their drinks while they watched the others play volleyball. Aang saw that the bump on Toph's head was just a minor injury, but he still felt bad for hurting his friend. He felt like he was back at Jeong Jeong's hut nearly three years ago, accidentally hurting Katara with FireBending. But he reminded himself of what he learned when he tried to master the Avatar State: it was all in the past.

All of a sudden, Gin was barking noisily at the beach house, his curled tail wagging wildly. Aang sat up, wondering what was going on, while the others looked at the silver dog in a very confused way.

"I better go see what's up in the house," Katara said, moving away from the group. To Gin, she told him, "Come on, Gin. Let's go see what's up."

"Can I come with you?" Aang asked as he left his seat and joined her.

Katara gave him a smile. "Of course you can."

So the two of them followed Gin while the other continued their game. Once Aang and Katara got to the front door, they heard the clutter of pots and pans from the inside and wondered what was going on. Gin was now pawing at the door, barking loudly and bringing over Momo, who gave a chirp and did the same thing. Sharing a look of confusion, Aang and Katara pushed open the door and were surprised to see this scene before them.

The kitchen was a mess, pots and pans everywhere along with the pitter-patter of little feet. They looked down to see Gin rush forth and chase a strange creature around the table, letting Aang and Katara see it clearly. It was small and brown with a filthy pillowcase on its body, large wolf bat-like ears, a long nose, and huge green eyes. Right now, it turned around and saw Gin chasing after it, squeaking in alarm as it came running.

"Gin!" Katara called even if he didn't listen. "No, Gin! Stop chasing him!"

At this, Gin stopped chasing the creature and slinked back to his master, whining and rolling over onto his back. Katara rolled her eyes as she reached down and rubbed his belly while Aang looked at the creature, saying, "Sorry about that."

"Thank you, sir and miss!" the creature squeaked in a high voice. "So long as Dobby longed to see Avatar Aang and friends, friends of Harry Potter! I am Dobby...Dobby the house elf! Dobby is trying to find something to do while he waits for the Avatar and his friends!"

Katara replied, "You're welcome. And this explains the mess on the floor, right?"

The elf looked startled at this before his large eyes darted to the pots and pans strewn all over the floor. To their shock, he walked over to the nearest cupboard door and started hitting his head on it, squealing, "Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby!"

Shocked at what Dobby was doing to himself, Aang rushed forth, shouting, "Wait a minute! What're you doing?!"

"Why're you beating yourself up?" Katara asked more calmly, though she looked just as worried as her boyfriend. She gently pulled him away from the cupboard, saying, "Please stop!"

"D-Dobby apologizes," Dobby sighed, pulling over a stool and climbing to the top of it. "Dobby had to punish himself, miss. Dobby has been told to serve whomever he crosses. His family tells him so."

"Your family?" Aang asked politely.

Dobby nodded. "Yes, Avatar Aang, sir. The wizard family Dobby serves, sir. Dobby will serve the wizard family until he dies. 'Tis the duty of a house elf."

Katara's eyes widened at this. "Then that means...you must be from Harry's world! You know? Harry Potter?"

"Harry Potter!" Dobby yelped, his eyes wide too. "You knows Harry Potter too? This is why Dobby has come to the Avatar World, to warn Avatar Aang and his friends..."

Warn us? About what? Aang shared a confused look with his girlfriend. They had no idea why Dobby was here, and how he seemed to have gotten here was even more puzzling. But Dobby was right; the others had a right to know what else this little elf had to say.

So he said, "You're right, Dobby. Come outside with us, and we can tell everyone."

But as soon as the words came from his mouth, the elf's eyes suddenly started swimming with tears. Aang felt uncomfortable about this; whatever he said, it appeared that it had offended Dobby in some way.

"G-g-go outside?" the elf asked. Then he suddenly burst into tears, wailing, "Never, sir, never! Never ever!"

"It's fine, Dobby," Katara said soothingly. But then she turned to give Aang a stern glare, asking sharply, "Aang, what'd you do to him?"

Aang was startled at how irritated his girlfriend was at him. "I-I didn't do anything! Dobby, I'm sorry!" he told the elf. "I didn't mean to offend you!"

Dobby wiped his eyes. "O-Offend Dobby? Dobby has never been asked to go outside like an equal person...Dobby has been treated most unfairly in his life, sir and miss..."

Katara nodded before turning to Aang. "I understand. And sorry I snapped at you, Aang."

"It's okay," Aang replied. "Well, come on. Let's go outside."

Gin gave a bark and quickly went out the door, Momo flying after him and landing on his back. Aang followed the two animals outside, and Katara waited until Dobby went ahead of her and began walking beside Aang. He looked down at the elf before looking back at his friends, who had taken a break from their game and were now talking with each other. Now was the time for him to sneak up behind them and give them a surprise.

Aang saw Sokka talking with Suki and Zuko about something and saw that this was the perfect opportunity to sneak up on them and give them their surprise. So he sneaked over to behind them, inhaled sharply, and blew a gust of wind that ruffled all their hair. Sokka let out a bit of a girlish scream before ducking and calling "Appa's come back to get me for messing with his fur!", making the others laugh. Dobby had quickly hidden himself behind Katara's slender legs, peeking out to see if the supposed danger was gone.

Once he recovered, Sokka glared up at Aang and growled, "Darn it, Aang! Gimme a little warning next time!"

"Sorry," Aang replied with a chuckle. "We just have someone for you to meet. Guys and girls...meet Dobby."

Katara gently nudged Dobby out from behind her legs, but the elf flinched as if she had slapped him across the face. But with a little more encouraging, he was finally able to come out and face everyone. They all gazed down at Dobby with widened eyes...except for Toph, who we all know was blind.

"Hey there, little guy," Suki greeted him gently. "What're you doing here?"

With a nod from Aang, Dobby stammered, "D-Dobby is here to tell everyone something, to warn them...b-b-but Dobby is not sure how to put it..."

"Just spit it out," Toph barked impatiently.

Hearing the toughness in her voice, Aang saw Dobby cringe. So he said, "Go easy on him, okay, Toph?"

The blind EarthBender rolled her pale green eyes, but she said nothing.

"Anyways, sirs and misses..." Dobby paused to swallow a bit before going on. "Dobby has come from Harry Potter's world and has already warned Harry Potter of a danger...a dangerous plot to make most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, this year. But Dobby has come to warn Harry Potter, Avatar Aang, and Team Avatar to protect them...and even face the fact that his ears will be shut behind the oven door when he returns..."

"Meaning?" Zuko asked, putting heavy emphasis on the word.

Then...with a trembling voice...he rasped, "Avatar Aang and his friends must not return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year!"

To be continued...


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