I wish I could stay like this forever. Sometimes I want to hide in the crook of his neck and just breathe. It calms me and the stress of school and work and life just fade away and it's just me and him and this feeling that hangs so thick between us it's almost tangible. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me him. I feel every muscle, every movement, his steady breathing, how it falters in its rhythm when I kiss his neck. I pull back just in time to see him staring out the window at the city flooded with people. He sits there dazed, simply gazing at the bustling square filled with nameless faces. I know what he is thinking, quite often my thoughts drift there to. That world outside of our tiny hotel room didn't understand us, and didn't want to. We were reduced to this, a crummy hotel room not bigger than my kitchen at home. The bed whines at every movement and smelled of past conquests , the wall-papered clad walls had become horribly yellowed and peeling at the ends, this was heaven and hell wrapped into one. I lazily massage his scalp, occasionally fisting his silky gray hair making him hum in delight. To them I'm an innocent youth so blinded by the love I think I feel that I cant see that I'm only a notch, a fling, a victim. A young girl, so beautifully naive, so sadly stupid with a man that could not possibly be of any use to her, except maybe his bank account. I hated that they couldn't see, they couldn't see it in his eyes like I did, his love for me.

" Edward" I say softly. He snaps out of his thoughts and looks down at me, knowingly.

" Why can't we-"

" Don't" He says cutting me off. He sighs, he knows what I'm about to ask; why can't we leave this room together, hand in hand.

" I hate this room, I hate the stares I get when coming here. Do you know what they think I am when I meet you in the lobby" I asked him, raising my voice. "A prostitute! A damn prostitute Edward!" By the time I was shaking as my chest wracked with dry sobs. " I can't keep doing this. I know it'll be tough, but anything is better than this." I pleaded, tears filling my eyes, I willed them to stop but there path was inevitable, tears spilled onto my cheeks as I looked away from him I didn't want him to see me in pain, I knew it killed him.

" Bella" he begins slowly. I look up at him, his eyes are clinched shut as though he was wishing he was anywhere but here, he pinches his nose in frustration, not with me but with the world.

"Remember the first time we met? The stares, the whispers, the horrible things they said under their breath about you and me. How self conscious and miserable you became by the end of the evening? Are you ready live that everyday twenty four- seven?" He whispers sadly, he looked so broken and so very tired.

" I'm ready. I can do anything with you by my side, I love you and I'm tired of hiding it" I say with conviction, I look him in the eyes with confidence and he knows I'm serious. He kisses me softly on the lips and smiles but it doesn't quite touch his eyes and I know the wheels are still turning in his head trying to process it all. Suddenly he hops off the bed and pulls on his pants. He throws my shirt at me.

"Ok then. Get dressed, we're going out tonight."

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