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Chapter 4

Bella POV:

It took me a second to register what happened before I could respond. I wasn't sure how to kiss so I just stood there and let him take over. The kiss started off sweet and slow but quickly progressed as he traced my lips with his tongue, begging for entrance. I obliged happily and as his tongue slid through my lips, I gripped his hair tightly. I moaned loudly as he grabbed my butt roughly, reveling in the sweet pain I felt. His hands soon left my butt, much to my dismay, and traveled up the side of my stomach ,lightly rubbing against my breasts before taking one into his hand. My nipples puckered instantly in response to his rough kneading of my breasts occasionally pulling and pinching my hardened nipples. I whimpered softly when his hands left my breasts and went to my neck. He broke the kiss and looked at me darkly, then suddenly he gripped my neck tightly, kissing me roughly once more. It was so intense, so all consuming, so intoxicating I never wanted it to end. I knew at some point I needed to stop, it was getting harder to breathe with his hand around my neck like that. I tapped his shoulder lightly, but he didn't seem to notice. I was beginning to feel light headed so I gently pushed away from him. His eyes shot open, they were dark and dangerous, his chest heaving , it scared me the way he looked at me. I backed away slowly giving him some room. He turned away from me as his labored breathing began to steady.

"Leave me, Isabella." he said in an anguished voice. How could he want me to leave him after what we shared? Did he regret it? When I made no move to leave he spun around and glared at me, it was like he was two different people. He stalked towards me like a cat stalking towards its prey his movements were so fluid and effortless. He grabbed my arms roughly and shook me.

"You don't know what you're getting yourself into. I almost strangled you Isabella. If you hadn't stopped me ,I..I.. don't know what I would've done." He loosened his grip on me and rested his forehead on mine. I cupped his cheek and he leaned into my hand and sighed.

"You could've hurt me but you didn't" He shook his head in disbelief as his face scrunched up in pain.

" I care about you too much already to let you do this to yourself. To damn you to a life of darkness and desire would be the blackest kind of blasphemy. You deserve the sun, the moon, and the stars and I can never give you that. So leave me Isabella, leave me while I can still let you go." He turned away from me and went to stand next to his desk gripping the edges as if to support himself, his head hung low. He was trying to scare me off, but it wasn't working, he wasn't who he thought he was.

" The worst thing you could do to me now is leave me. " I said quietly. He slowly turned around to glare at me his eyes were as black as coal, he continued staring into my eyes for a while as if he was searching for something. Finally he broke his stare; shaking head his head, he began to pace the room mumbling to himself. After circling the room a couple times he stopped to look up at me.

"You're a fool" he said harshly. "A beautiful fool" he repeated, it seemed to himself, chuckling darkly and continued pacing, I was beginning to think he had gone mad.

"You're so young so naive. You have yet to experience the world; its pleasures and its pain. There's still so much for you to see for you to explore. This could very well be just an infatuation for me that you have, a passing fancy, a silly teenage crush and understand this once you agree, you'll never be free of me Isabella. " I huffed like a petulant child, I was sick of him treating me as though I was this fragile porcelain doll; so pure and untouched that he couldn't bare to even touch me for fear of tarnishing my innocent nature

He walked over to me and took me into his arms carefully. My breath hitched and my knees began to feel weak from our close proximity. He looked deeply into my eyes and I began to wonder if I'd ever get use to him staring at me like that.

" There's just too much you don't know about me. To make you decide now, before you've even see what I'm capable of, would be a sin." He rigid stare softened a little as he said this, he look at me beggingly as if he were urging me to agree to run away.

" Then show me." I whispered simply. " Show me what I should be so afraid of" He shook his head and laughed a sad little laugh before leaning his forehead against mind.

" So stubborn, I was afraid you were going to say that. I will show you tonight and then you will see why you must leave me be." He broke away from me and walked around to his desk, gathering papers and putting them into his briefcase.

"Where are you going to take me" I asked him nervously. I trusted him but something told me, this would be one heck of a night. He looked at me, snapping his briefcase shut and smirked.

" Why my red room, of course" he said darkly. " Meet me in front of the Metrocreek Mall in 25 minutes Isabella and it would do you well not to be late." And with that he headed out of the room leaving me to think about what had just transpired.

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