Chapter Two – Keeping Promises

A week after the invasion of Manhattan, Harry found himself seated in his favourite restaurant, sitting opposite his most loved person in the world at a very small, circular table dimly lit by a single red, thick pillar candle adorned with a ring of fake leaves.

Nick had ordered his favourite starter and his favourite meal for him, washed down with his most favourite red wine and Harry was so happy as they talked softly amid the quiet, gentle music in the background over Harry's slice of treacle tart. Nick didn't understand his love of the tart, Harry had given up explaining something that was nearly impossible to explain, he liked the treacle tart because he liked the flavour of it more than any other, that was good enough for him.

Harry pushed the plate away from himself once he was finished, laying his fork over it and he smiled at Nick's expression, he had deliberately sucked and licked the fork exaggeratedly, just to tease and wind Nick up as a sort of prelude for what was to come.

"Are you ready for your extended dessert?" Nick asked him, his voice deep and gravelly.

"You mean am I ready to eat you? Oh yes." Harry purred. "I'm very much ready and I'm eagerly anticipating it."

"You've already had dessert; it's my turn to eat you." Nick growled back as he called for the bill to be brought to their table by a jumpy waiter.

"I still have the bruises from the last time you ate me." Harry pointed out with a grin.

Their waiter for the evening brought their hefty bill over, looking relieved as he placed it in the middle of the table. The days of where Harry would fight Nick to pay his half of the bill, claiming he didn't want to be some kept man, were long gone and he had since learned not to worry about the bills or the expense of anything, Nick was so much happier when he thought he was useful or doing something and since their wages now went into a joint account, Harry was sort of paying his way so he didn't kick up a fuss at all as Nick took out his card and paid for their meal.

They walked out side by side and slipped into the car they were using for tonight, of course it was Nick's car and not his own, but again he didn't mind, he didn't feel like driving as he slipped over as much as his seatbelt allowed him to nibble on Nick's neck and tease the skin he could find with his fingertips.

"You're going to cause a crash." Nick growled.

"You're too good a driver." Harry murmured as he licked up Nick's neck with the tip of his tongue, still sweet from his tart.

Nick put his foot down to get home sooner and Harry smiled against his skin as he touched and caressed him, sucking and kissing. They made it home in record time and Nick took off both of their seatbelts and Harry found himself being dragged from the car through the driver's side door.

Harry was carried into the house and he laughed at his lover's show of dominancy and strength.

"I have legs Nick." He said light heartedly, not complaining in the least, just stating a fact.

"I don't want you running away once I get you to the bedroom." Nick hissed into his ear.

"Why would I run from you?"

"To tease me more, you've done it before remember."

"That was once!" Harry laughed. "Or five."

"You'd do it just to tease me further and I want you naked in our bed as soon as we get to the bedroom."

"Now that's just unfair." Harry complained as he was carried up the stairs easily.

"Why is it?"

"Because I wouldn't be able to carry you even if you would allow me try." Harry grinned, mentally adding the 'without magic' part. He had long ago sworn that he wouldn't use his magic on Nick unless it was an emergency or to save his life and he took that promise very seriously; Nick wasn't a man who dealt with having his control taken from him very well.

"Let's keep it that way." Nick groused.

Harry was tipped backwards onto the bed and he chuckled as he let himself sprawl on the covers, letting Nick look his fill before tugging his own shirt and tie off to bare his chest to a single, watchful dark eye.

"You said I had to be naked as soon as I hit the bedroom, I'm still dressed Nick."

"I can fix that easily enough." Nick smirked as he used deft hands to strip his lover as quickly as he could.

Harry squirmed on the cool bed sheets once he was naked, partly to get used to the feel of it against his warm, bare skin, but mostly to tease Nick who was watching him with his good eye burning in desire.

"Are you going to join me or just watch me?" Harry asked softly as he looked up at Nick through his eyelashes, wriggling himself on the bed and moving his hand to touch himself.

Nick's hand intercepted it and he slipped onto the bed, straddling Harry and pinning his arms above his head.

"You're still dressed."

Nick quirked an eyebrow. "Sometimes I wonder how you passed your observational training for S.H.I.E.L.D, what with your unrelenting need to state the obvious."

Harry chuckled and rolled himself up to wrap his legs around Nick's waist.

"It was less of an observation and more a question of why are you still dressed." Harry reiterated with a cheeky smile.

"Because it's more fun to see you this way."

"It's not fun for me." Harry frowned.

Nick kissed that frown from Harry's mouth as he sat up and slipped his suit jacket from his upper body. Harry's hands went to his tie and pulled him down into a kiss as elegant, slender fingers undid the knot and threw the tie away without needing to look at it.

"This is supposed to be your special present." Nick told him.

"And I'm very much enjoying it, but I'll enjoy it even more if you get out of your damn clothes."

Nick smirked. "I love how demanding you can be."

"I thought you hated it." Harry said with a cocked eyebrow.

"Only outside of this bed, on it, you're free to be as demanding as you like. Within reason." Nick hastily tacked onto the end and Harry, who had opened his mouth to speak, let out a laugh.

"Within reason? And who gets to decide if it's within reason Nick?"

"I do." Nick answered shortly as he dropped his head to lick and nibble along Harry's gorgeous, pale neck.

"That hardly seems fair." Harry protested as Nick released him to undo his belt buckle.

"Are you going to complain the whole night? Because I have to say if you are I'll have no choice but to gag you with your own sock."

"Damn, I thought you were going to offer to gag me with your briefs, if that was the case, then yes please."

Nick couldn't stop the dark chuckle that slipped from his throat as he shoved the last of his clothing off of his body and onto the floor and pinned Harry back to the bed, pressing their bodies together and rubbing over his lover's skin.

"Oh, I love it when you do that."

"I know." Was the only answer Nick gave as he buried his head in Harry's neck, biting and sucking harshly to make his mark.

"Please do something!" Harry begged him.

"I am doing something." Nick pointed out, holding Harry's hands tighter when he struggled to break his grasp.

"Something else! I've been aching for you all night, you don't know how many times I wanted to leap over that damn table and have you right there in the middle of the restaurant!"

"Why didn't you?" Nick asked deeply as he moved down Harry's body.

"I knew you wouldn't approve. You don't like public sex because you hate showing my body off to other people. That's why we don't mention that mission that shall no longer be mentioned."

"I told you to stop bringing that up! To never mention it again!" Nick hissed furiously. "Especially not when we're in bed together!"

Nick's grip had tightened and his bites turned painful, but he knew from the look on Harry's face that he had brought up that mission purposefully, the little bastard.

He hated being reminded of what Harry had had to do to get information whilst on a mission, letting some wannabe big shot touch him up in front of all his sniggering minions to get a heads up on the hostile mark, it made his rage burn white hot, no one other than himself was allowed to see or touch Harry's body and that someone had thought they could do such a thing to Harry made his fists clench. He would have killed that bastard himself if Harry hadn't already done so and disposed of him after he had gotten the information he needed. It still made him angry to hear that mission mentioned though and the drive to mark and display Harry as his increased.

A particularly harsh bite had Harry letting out a soft gasping moan and arching under him and Nick smirked, he loved Harry like this, so pliant and agreeable underneath him, too bad it didn't work outside of the bedroom as well, he'd have a much easier, quieter life if it did.

Nick almost gasped, but managed to turn it into a manlier grunt, as he was suddenly rolled onto his back, an impishly grinning Harry sat astride his hips.

"You're more distracted than usual when we're in bed together, normally you're completely focused on me and the pleasure at hand, what's on your mind Nick?"

"You're thirty-two, how do you have the reactions of a teenager still?" Nick avoided.

Harry's grin widened. "Perks of magic I'm afraid, I started to age slower once I reached adulthood. When you're old and grey…well when you're eyebrows and beard are grey at least, you'll still be banging a guy with the body of a teenager. How does that make you feel?"

Nick chuckled, before gripping Harry while he was off guard and rolling him back onto his back, pinning his hips down so he couldn't use the momentum to roll him back over.

"As long as that guy with the teenaged body still loves that old grey man, I don't think I much care."

Harry smiled softly them. "I think he very much will Nick. Eleven years today, fuck where did the time go?"

Nick let a small amount of softness creep into his one good eye and let his mouth relax into a smile. "I think we spend our time wisely."

Harry's grin widened as he felt fingers tracing over the entrance to his body.

"I can't argue with that." He said before he broke off with a low groan as his body was breached.

Eleven years together had given them a knowledge of the other's body that allowed them to precisely and carefully move with one another to achieve ultimate pleasure. Harry smiled before his back was forced into arching once more by Nick's fingers inside him. It really was time well spent and he would never regret chasing Nick so hard. How could he? He had found his soul mate in Nick, they were not quite opposites, but they were by no means two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Their arguments were legendary, often violent and loud, but the make-up sex after a week of forced, angry separation was mind blowing. They agreed on some points, disagreed heavily on others, but even at twenty, he had come to love the stern, distant man, who had somehow found it in his heart to love him back, a crazy, battle hardened twenty year old who had been forced on the older man as a bodyguard.

It sounded crazy, and it truly had been, Harry remembered spending half of his time running after a fleeing Nick shouting incredibly loudly that he was his bodyguard and that Nick couldn't just run away from when he felt like it and the other half trying to get the man onto a date with him.

A year it had taken him to finally get the man to agree to a date, a year after that all the hostile magical threats at large had been captured or killed and Harry was no longer needed to be Nick's personal bodyguard, but Harry had refused to leave America to go back to Britain, he had instead applied for S.H.I.E.L.D training and another three years after that he had completed all training, passed all of his tests to standard and proven himself capable and he had been accepted as a junior field Agent. He had risen through the ranks, taking medical training, even going in for Healer training at the same time, and here he was today, a senior Agent, Nick's right hand man and still just as in love as he had been at twenty.

"Something on your mind?" Nick asked with a quirked eyebrow.

Harry smiled. "Only you. It seems this year, and the near death experiences it has brought, keeps bringing up when we first met, those early years keep popping into my head and I've realised that I love you just as much now as I did when I was twenty and trying to force you into accepting that I was your bodyguard whether you liked it or not. But Nick, ignoring all soft, soppiness now, I really am glad we met and that you gave me a chance."

"God, you're really going all out this year." Nick groaned, resting his weight on Harry and breathing out deeply.

"I know it makes you uncomfortable, I just wanted you to know that I still love you, it wasn't just a child's crush as you tried to tell me so many times."

Nick snorted. "I obviously have come to realise that on my own." He insisted. "A child's crush wouldn't have lasted eleven years. I tried to pass your love off as anything so I wouldn't have to deal with it; I just couldn't understand why anyone like you would be in love with me of all people."

"You're an idiot. Anyone would be damn lucky to have you." Harry insisted furiously.

Nick grinned at that and pushed his fingers back into Harry, watching his eyes flutter shut and his breath escape him on a moan. He loved watching Harry react to him, it never got old.

"Then you should be very happy to know that it's you who has me." Nick hissed into Harry's ears, smirking as Harry nodded, too overwhelmed to speak.

Nick prepared him quickly, before removing his fingers and rolling over to grip Harry's hands again, lacing their fingers together.

"Please." Harry whispered softly, his eyes blinking open to look at him through those gorgeously thick lashes. Nick loved Harry's eyes; they were definitely in the top five of his favourite things about him.

Nick didn't keep Harry waiting, he never did, unless he was in a truly sadistic mood, then he could tie Harry up and keep him hard and wanting for hours, but that was usually only on his birthday, or when Harry went on a particularly long and dangerous mission, he'd take him hard and fast first, just to reunite them, then he'd keep them in bed for a day or two, sexually torturing Harry until neither of them could take any more.

Nick pressed into Harry with one long, smooth motion of his hips that had Harry throwing his head back and sliding it against the sheets in a restless movement that never failed to arouse him more. He let Harry adjust to him for a moment for the sake of comfort, before he pulled out and pushed back in slowly, letting their bodies get used to one another, before he really started getting into the rhythm, pinning Harry's hands to the bed, stretched over his head when he tried to move them, but allowing his legs to curl up to slip around his waist. He loved how flexible Harry was, it was a rare trait in thirty-two year old men, but Harry was not a normal man by a long shot. He loved that too.

Putting his all into the moment, Nick refused to slow down or stop until he had Harry screaming for him, the younger man's body tensed all over before the liquid heat smeared over his belly and Nick let himself go into the clenching channel of Harry's body, his back and legs aching fiercely.

Harry would be aching come tomorrow morning, but so would he, for different reasons, but not exactly, but that's the way he liked it and he wouldn't have it any other way, he loved Harry, he really did and knowing that Harry returned those feelings made the cranky, grumpy part of him lighter, just a bit, though he wouldn't show that to anyone other than the man currently mewling like a kitten and trying to curl his unresponsive body into a ball.

Nick snorted and moved himself to the head of the bed, dragging Harry up with him and he settled his lover down before reaching for the duvet to drag over them both, he switched off the bedside lamps and pulled Harry into his arms.

"Happy anniversary Harry." He said softly.

"Love you." Was the quietly tired, but sated and happy reply.

Nick smiled in the dark of their bedroom and breathed out deeply. Their bed was the one place he could truly relax and be himself and it was because of Harry that that could happen. He felt so comfortable with Harry now that he no longer felt the need to hide any part of himself from the man lying beside him and eleven years would all too quickly turn into twenty and then forty years. Of that he was sure, he was just unsure if the both of them would be around to celebrate it with the careers they had chosen, but either way, though he didn't say it aloud often, he loved Harry dearly and he would happily hold the man in his arms every night he was able for the rest of their lives.

Harry woke up the next morning with a groan and he rolled over into a groove left by Nick's body, it was cold. He blinked his eyes open and found the bed empty. He sat up and looked around desperately but the bathroom door was wide open, unoccupied and there were no sounds in the house.

Harry fell back onto the bed and huffed out a sigh. Nick had forgotten the second part of his promise. The part where he promised to still be in bed the next morning. If the man was already in work, Harry was going to strangle him with a shoelace. So lost in thought Harry missed the front door opening and the hushed steps on the stairs, he didn't miss their bedroom door opening however.

"What's wrong?" Nick asked as he toed his shoes off and brought a paper bag over, his other hand balancing a cardboard holder with two takeaway cups of coffee in it.

Harry grinned and flung the duvet back so Nick could climb back into the bed.

"Nothing. I'm fine."

Nick however wasn't the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D because he was the best kiss arse in the company. He wasn't blind, even if he did only have one eye.

"You thought I'd forgotten my promise to stay in bed with you."

Harry huffed. "Okay, I did. But then I didn't actually expect you to go out to get breakfast when we have all we need here."

"I don't do cooking, you should know that. I survived mainly on take away and coffee before you came into my life."

"I would have done it." Harry stressed. "You only needed to get coffee and I know you can do that by yourself."

"This weekend is for you, I won't see you cooking."

Harry rolled his eyes. "It's your anniversary too you know. I'm making your favourite dinner tonight, no arguments, so you had better be home on time, seeing as you took me to my favourite restaurant last night."

"Sound's good, but this morning, I don't want you leaving this bed."

Harry chuckled but they were interrupted by Harry's phone going off.

"Whoever the fuck that is, tell them I'll shoot them between the eyes if they don't fuck off now." Nick grumbled as Harry answered his phone, giving a warning glare to his lover.

It took Harry five minutes to finish his call and when he did, Nick was sipping his coffee with a face like thunder.

"It was Clint; he said to wish us a belated happy anniversary because he knew we wouldn't want to be disturbed yesterday. He and Coulson are at Headquarters and are sorting things out."

"Tell him not to disturb us today either." Nick growled.

"What would we do without Clint and Phil?" Harry asked seriously.

"I'd already be in work for one." Nick relented.

"Exactly, they're sending us a gift over later today as well, so be nice."

Nick snorted. "It can go with the other useless crap we've been sent then."

Harry blinked. "What?"

"The good Captain sent us a lovely bunch of tulips. Apparently it's traditional. He's lucky I don't shove them in the blender with his head."

Harry stifled a chuckle. He'd have to ask Steve what the hell he was thinking sending them flowers of all things.

"Stark sent us another traditional gift, apparently an eleven year anniversary is steel, so he sent us a steel cock ring."

Harry almost choked on his laughter.

"It would be funny and a very good gift, except it looks like he has made it himself and I don't trust him not to have done something to it."

That made Harry laugh harder, Nick just snorted and pulled him into the side of his body and waited for him to calm down before handing him his coffee, his favourite blend, just how he liked it. Harry smiled as he sipped at it.

"Maria sent us matching steel watches and Natasha gave us a pair of matching guns, very nice ones with custom holsters."

"Oh, I'll have to thank them, I need a new watch after my old one was taken from me and a new gun is always appreciated." Harry smiled.

Nick snorted and dug out a breakfast bagel and a blueberry muffin and handed it to Harry, digging out his own as they ate in bed in comfortable silence.

Very few mornings were spent together; Nick was normally awake, up, full of coffee and in work shouting at idiots by seven in the morning and Harry would join him at nine, but today, he could take a morning off to spend some time with Harry, it was hardly a punishment, he liked spending time with Harry, not that he'd tell anyone else that he did and if anyone would dare ask him personally, he'd remain an air of stony silence, it was none of their business what he did with Harry.

"You've got that scowl on your face again." Harry pointed out, that cheeky grin on his lips that Nick refused to admit that he found endearing. "What are you thinking about?"

"The idiots at work." Nick relented.

Harry snorted. "Stop thinking about work when you're in bed with me. You promised me sex once breakfast was over and I've finished eating." Harry threw his paper over the side of the bed and turned in Nick's hold, sitting to straddle his thighs.

Nick smirked as he put his coffee cup onto the nightstand. "Is that so? Well we can't have you slipping on your exercise regime now, can we?"

"Absolutely not, you love my body; I have to keep it in good condition."

"I'd love you no matter what you looked like."

"That's so sweet of you to say, what was in your coffee?" Harry teased, loving the attention and the rare softness.

Nick didn't answer, but instead rolled until Harry was on his back between his arms, legs still on either side of Nick's body.

"Let's get your morning exercise out of the way; I don't think I can deal with the idiots at work without having this moment to relax with you first."

Harry laughed as he kissed Nick's mouth. "I doubt a full week of continuous sex could help calm you down enough to deal with the idiots at work."

"We could try it." Nick smirked.

Harry laughed. "There's too many idiots in work, your good mood wouldn't last more than a few hours."

"I don't care, I always keep my promises and I promised to feed you breakfast in bed and to have sex with you afterwards before we went to work and for you, I'd do anything."

"I know, but I hope you know I would do anything for you too."

"I know."

Nick grinned predatory as he pinned Harry down once again and set about marking him all over again between removing the clothing he had put on to go and get breakfast for them both.

People could laugh and snigger behind his back and call him soppy or say he was going soft, but he knew that he wasn't. He loved Harry and he would always love Harry, he was secure enough to show that love to Harry without jeopardising their relationship, no one's whispered words behind his back was worth destroying the best damn thing that had ever happened to him, but he also made sure to send the bastards who had snidely said such things behind his back were sent on the earliest mission to the most remote and uncomfortable places on Earth, even making up missions to send them on if a real mission wasn't immediately apparent or far enough away.

He smirked sharply and darkly as he thought about it, even as Harry gasped softly underneath him as he sunk his teeth into his neck. Harry was his, everyone else was just jealous that he had him and they could stay jealous, because if they dared touch what was his, they'd end up with a broken arm and a mission on the other side of the world. No one got away with saying such things to or about him, and he just dared them to say anything about Harry.

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