Gakuen Unova

Chapter 1

You used to believe you would never fall in love. After all, that was something that other girls did, and you weren't like other girls. But all of that changed when you moved away from your old home in Kanto to a big high school in Unova...


You hit the snooze on your alarm clock. You had it set for 6:00 AM. School didn't start until 8, but since it was your first day you wanted to make sure you had enough time to get ready. You got out of bed and went to take a shower. After that, you dried your hair, and got dressed.

It was your first day at Unova High, so you wanted to make a good impression. You picked out a white button up blouse with a black waist belt, a pair of light blue skinny jeans, and a pair of black boots. You then went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Are you nervous?" Your mother asked.

"A little bit." You replied.

"Are you sure you have the right directions? This town is much bigger than the one you grew up in. I don't want you to get lost."

"Mom, I'm fine. I looked up directions on the PC, and I have them on my Xtransceiver too. I just have to take the single train from the subway to Nimbasa City and then go over one block to the school." You assured her.

"Alright dear. Are you sure you don't need anything?"

"I'm sure mom. I gotta go. I'll see you later."

When you got to the subway station you noticed that it was still very early. There were a few other people around, but for the most part the subway was empty. You purchased your ticket, and for a little bit you wondered if you should just come back later. You decided against it though and boarded the next train.

The train was completely empty. Or so it seemed. You went through all the cars to see if you could find anyone else, but there seemed to be no one else around.

You were about to just give up and sit down when you noticed him out of the corner of your eye. A young boy, you assumed around your age or a bit older, with very sharp, silver hair on the sides of his face. He wore a black sweater vest with a white dress shirt and blue tie underneath, black dress pants, and large black shoes. His eyes were like the magnificent sparkling diamonds that you only saw on television commercials, but there was a peculiar, almost frightening sort of darkness to them as well. You found yourself oddly attracted to him, and decided to sit down next to him.

"Um... H-hi. M-my name is _." You stuttered. Why were you stuttering? That wasn't normal for you at all.

You sat there for what seemed like an eternity of awkward silence before he responded.

"I am the School President Ingo." He cooly replied.

"O-oh. School president? O-of Unova High?" You asked.

"Yes, indeed."

"Oh. I- I am going there today. I- I just moved here from Kanto over the summer... S-so it's my first day..."

"Is that so?" He asked as he got up and walked towards the now open train door. You hadn't noticed before, but the train had stopped.

"Miss _. As the President of Unova High it is my honored duty to make sure all students are both familiar and comfortable with our prestigious campus. If you would not mind, I would like to escort you to the destination of your homeroom."

"O-oh! Yes! I- I mean no! I mean, I wouldn't mind! Th-thank you!" You haphazardly replied.

What was going on? You had never felt this way before. You felt very warm, but not sick. In fact, you felt wonderful. You had been friends with many guys back in Kanto, and none of them made you feel like this. You were just one of the guys back in Kanto, but here, with Ingo, everything seemed so different. Before you could think more about this however, your thoughts were interrupted.

"Please, do watch your step, Miss _." Ingo cautioned. You heeded his warning and carefully stepped out onto the platform. He then began to walk toward the nearest exit, and you followed suit.

When you got outside you noticed that it had gotten much brighter out since you had boarded the train at 6:45 AM. After a short bit of walking and time for your eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight, you looked ahead and saw a very large building.

That was it.

Unova High.