Episode 4 - Rules of Engagement

"She saw through me…and she forgave me; for everything that I had ever done, or was gonna do. I had no hope left. Nothing. And she walked into my damned life…and she saved me."

The camera pans over to Bob, who has a knowing look on his face…and then he looks over to Harry.

Bob was well aware of the impact of the young man's words, and felt a tug in his heart when he heard him say, "And she walked into my damned life…and she saved me."

Yes, that was what Harry had done for him, though he hadn't told him that. Harry was the only owner that he'd ever had who had given him such freedom, who had actually treated him as an equal…as a friend. It was rather a unique experience.

One that had caused his feelings to develop over the years.

At first, their relationship had been one of mentor and student, simple and straightforward.

Then, they became friends of a sort, and they had developed a camaraderie between them. And then Harry had left; toured the world on his own, and left Bob alone, giving him time to carefully analyze his true feelings for the boy turned man.

And that had been when he'd discovered the truth.

He was in love with him.

When Harry had returned, he'd been overjoyed to see him, but of course did not give any hint as to his true feelings. And then Harry had killed Justin.

Anyone else might have lost their love for him in that instant, but the only thing that Bob had felt for Harry had been pain. He knew what it was like to use the Black and to feel…tainted. And, if anything, he felt guilty for not more properly warning Harry about what could happen.

And for not telling him about his father.

He'd been unable to because of the geis, but he still wished that he could have at least tried to. Tried to find a way around the whole thing.

Of course there had been no escaping it, but the mere action would have showed some sort of loyalty to Harry even before he had been given to him, and that was the important thing. That was the important thing.

And now Harry was back in his life and he was like a man reborn…or, more accurately, a spirit reborn.

Harry had saved him, though he hadn't known it.

The wizard had swept into Bob's damned life and saved him, in more ways than he could count.

He now could think of nothing greater than to serve Harry for the rest of his damned life, for however long Harry would live. However, considering the boy's propensity for trouble, Bob had the slight sinking feeling that he was in for a much more shortened life span then most wizards.

Still, Bob would take the time that he had with him and cherish it.

He would love Harry as best as he could, and let him fall in love with whoever he wished. So long as Harry was happy, so was he, even at the expense of his own heart.

He was still damned…and there was nothing that Harry could do about it, so he would let his love linger unrequited.

He would survive.

And he would love Harry forever…