Tangled: I Want You To Stay

Chapter One

It's funny that my name, Caroline, means 'free man'. I've been thinking about that a lot lately...being locked away like this gives you time to think about things like that. Obviously right now, I am in no way, shape, or form a free man, but I don't intend on staying in this position forever. I just...haven't figured out what my next move is yet, and until I do this is the safest place for me to be.

Wow. Did I really just admit to myself that I feel safe in a place I was brought to by Klaus? I must truly be going stir-crazy. But, no, that isn't the case. Well, it may very well be the case presently, but at the time that I was placed under Klaus' lock-and-key I was perfectly sane and I came willingly. Although...looking back on it, I wonder if I just took the wrong opportunity as it presented itself in the right place and time.

I wasn't happy in Mystic Falls, for a whole host of reasons. Just to name a few...I was recently turned into a vampire by Damon and Stefan's bitch of an ex-girlfriend, Katherine. Because I was turned into a vampire, three of the most important people in my life see me as dead. Matt broke up with me because he couldn't handle it, Bonnie still isn't speaking to me, and I don't know what my mom thinks...Not to mention, Elena was almost killed during a sacrifice Klaus performed to unleash his werewolf gene and finally become a hybrid after a thousand years of searching. He killed Elena's Aunt Jenna, and almost used Tyler and me for his sacrifice. We thought Klaus would be gone after that, but he stuck around and wreaked more havoc. He kidnapped Bonnie, and he forced her into discovering that Elena's blood is key to creating more hybrids. Klaus turned Tyler into a hybrid, and now he's sired to Klaus, which basically makes him his slave. He has to do everything Klaus orders, including biting me, a friend since kindergarten, in order for Klaus to threaten Elena. In return for some of her blood to create more hybrids, he gave me some of his blood, which is the only cure for a werewolf bite. After he cured me, that's when he asked me to leave Mystic Falls with him.

Why did I say yes? After all of the things that he did...all the death and destruction he brought to my friends and my town...how could I turn my back on them and take off with the enemy? I try and tell myself he compelled me, but I know it's not true. He compelled me not to leave here, sure, but he didn't compel me into going with him. That was my stupid decision. Now I'm stuck, like a fly trapped in a spider's web.

There is no escape.

It's been two months already. No one has come looking for me, and no one will, as Klaus is so pleased to tease. No one cares enough about Caroline Forbes to come looking for her. Caroline Forbes is dead. To those who know that isn't true, she's a traitor, wasn't worth having around in the first place, always the second choice...The list goes on and on.

The one person I would have hoped might come after me was Stefan, but I know better than to think he'd have any interest in saving me again. Even if Klaus didn't push him to go back to his ripper ways and compel him to flip the switch into full-blown Ripper, he wouldn't. I ruined that, like I ruin everything.

Caroline should mean 'un-lucky', or 'trouble magnet', or 'makes bad decisions'. Any of those describe me better than 'free man', and quite frankly, I'd like to blame my mom for this. I guess I can't, though, and it wouldn't matter; it's not like she's here for me to play the blame game anyway. That's the worst part! I'm not made to be alone! I'm a very social person, and having so much alone time is really bad for my obsessive/slightly-neurotic tendencies. Oh, that's another thing Caroline could mean: 'slightly neurotic'.

The only company I've had in the last two months, and it hasn't been as frequently lately, is Klaus. At first, I was furious with him; he lied to me! He promised to take me to all these places and show me the world and forget about Mystic Falls, both him and me. It wasn't all for selfish reasons, which I'm sure no one back home thought of. I hoped I could distract Klaus all the way to Europe and away from Elena, and he'd leave her alone. He wasn't finished making his army of hybrids, preparing for Klaus only knows what kind of madness. I can't even imagine. So, because he wasn't ready to stray too far from Elena and Mystic Falls, he brought me here and my plan to keep Elena safe was blown. After I realized yelling and acting violent wasn't going to work, since he's way stronger than me - Duh, he's like a billion years old! - and way scarier, I settled on giving him the silent treatment.

He wants to turn me against my friends? Fine, but that doesn't mean I have to like him for it. He wants to lock me up in some dirty, gross motel? Okay, but again, I don't like it! He might be able to keep me here, but I don't have to talk to him. At least, I tried not to talk to him, at first.

But then things got weird...Klaus started bringing me things, like, presents. I mean, seriously? He tricks me into driving down to Georgia, locks me up in this dumpy motel no one would ever think to look for me, and compels me not to leave until I'm 'emotionally prepared to travel the world with someone as dangerous as him'. I really should have kept my mouth shut when I mentioned that I wasn't emotionally prepared to travel the world with someone as dangerous as him yet; hence, he compelled me by using my own words against me. Anyways, yeah, I'm stuck here, and he's bringing me large assortments of chocolates, all my favorite bathing necessities, and even the most luxurious silk sheets I've ever touched in my life. He keeps the fridge stocked with blood bags, bought me a growing collection of DVD's and TV series to occupy my time, and just last week he brought a 5-CD stereo system and the CD's from my car. He's made this place semi-comfortable for me to live in, which surprises me because it implies he cares what I think about him, and wants me to change my opinion.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture. I do realize that. I'm not completely over-looking the fact that a one-thousand year old hybrid is basically trying to win my affections. I don't know why he's trying to win my affections, though. He says he 'fancies' me. I don't understand. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm sort of starting to see another side to Klaus, one I'm not terrified of, and might actually be worth knowing. He's not a complete monster like I thought he was. He has good in him. He has this broken piece inside of him that I want to help fix.

No! Oh my God, what am I thinking?! I can't possibly be falling for Klaus. I can't actually be stupid enough to believe his act is legit. He has to be manipulating this situation somehow. This must be benefitting him in some way. But I can't figure it out.

It's been five days since Klaus last visited me. I'm starting to get worried, and that sickens me. I'm worried about Klaus. I'm lonely, though. I can't help but miss the only face I'm accustomed to seeing these days. The most he's been away before was three days, but usually he visits every other night...I wonder what he's doing. I wonder if he's killing people, if he's hurting my friends. I don't obsess over it like I used to though. They left me on my own, and so they can handle themselves. They don't need me. But I need Klaus to come back. I can't spend forever here alone if he doesn't return and his compulsion is never released. I'll run out of blood bags. I'll desiccate...

There is a knock at the door. I didn't hear the footsteps approach, so I'm almost certain it's Klaus. Even so, the moment doubt creeps into my mind, I hear his voice, "Caroline, love, open up."

Relief washes over me. I throw open the door and surprise myself by greeting Klaus with a big smile. "You're back," I state, and, using quite a bit of self-control, I don't demand answers to the millions of questions buzzing around in my head. I remain still, staring at him steadily, knowing what's to come next.

He's going to test the compulsion, see if I'm ready to leave with him yet. It's what he does at the beginning of every one of his visits. Klaus quirks his lips in amusement at my enthusiastic reaction to his arrival, "Happy to see me, love? I knew you'd come around. So...does that mean you're ready to go?"

He stays just outside the doorway and holds his hand out to me, daring me to take it. I slowly move forward, but then I hesitate. I start to have second-thoughts, and I really take notice of his appearance. There's blood on his collar. He smells faintly of perfume, and not the cheap kind. He killed someone tonight. And suddenly his smirk is not sexy and alluring, but sinister. What does he have planned for me? Even though I know it won't work, I step forward and try to place my hand in his, but I'm stopped by the invisible barrier of the compulsion.

Klaus sighs, his annoyance with me written clearly on his face. "Guess not." He brushes past me into the room and orders me to "Shut the door."

I slam it loudly. I hate it when he's bossy. I decide I don't care anymore if he doesn't like when I ask him questions. I'm asking.

"Where have you been? You were gone five days; a week! I've been here, alone, for a week. What are you planning, Klaus? I know you're up to something. What do you need me for?"

Klaus sucks his tongue against his teeth, scoffing in disbelief. "Caroline, how many times do I have to tell you? I have no plans to harm you in any way. I...care...for you. I wouldn't hurt you. Honestly love, if I wanted you dead, you'd be dead by now."

"Unless," I argue, "you're planning on using me for something..." I narrow my eyes at him, "And if you're not, then tell me what's going on. Something kept you from me for five whole days. Don't tell me it was nothing."

Klaus pours himself a glass of amber-colored liquor and slumps down on the bed with a long, exhausted sigh. He takes a languid drink from his glass before placing it on the bed-side table and settling his blue eyes on me. "Come, sit down, Caroline." Silently, I obey, even though I have to fight the urge to resist him. I want to know what happened that kept him away, but I'm scared to be in such close proximity with him, especially considering what happened last time…Seeming to read my thoughts, Klaus soothes, "Relax, love, I can't stay long. I have business to take care of, but I had to stop by and check in on you, make sure you're not getting into any trouble. You're not, I see, so that is good news."

All I heard was, 'blah, blah, blah, I'm leaving you alone again, blah, blah, blah'. Before I know what I'm doing, I've already grabbed Klaus' hand and stupidly begged, "What? You're leaving again? No! How long? Please, don't. I don't want to be alone anymore. I can't stay here like this; it's driving me crazy! I haven't been outside in months, Klaus. I don't know what's going on out there. I don't know if my friends are okay, or if my mom has been looking for me; I know nothing! Please…please, Klaus, don't leave me again."

Chuckling, Klaus puts his free hand over mine and squeezes gently, "Careful, love, you're starting to sound like you care, and we wouldn't want that, would we?" He quirks an eyebrow at me, but I can see something glinting deep in those blue eyes that tells me he'd like nothing more than for me to care for him. "I can assure you, Caroline, your mom is fine, and so are your so-called friends."

"Then why do you have to leave?" I wonder, my voice much less abrasive than it was previously. "What's going on? You can tell me, Klaus. You have to, or else how am I supposed to trust you? I want to be able to leave here…don't you want me to be able to leave here with you soon?" I surprise myself with how easy it is to formulate a believable lie to Klaus these days. Almost too easy…

"And where will we go?" Klaus asks, yet again avoiding my questions.

"Well, since I've never been anywhere," I remind him, "I'll let you decide where to take me. I want to go somewhere warm and sunny, where the ocean is nearby, and everyone relaxes all day in the sun and then dances all night under the stars…"

Klaus suddenly grabs my shoulders, holding me firmly in place as he studies my face. I think he's trying to figure out if I'm telling him the truth. He searches my facial expression for any sign of betrayal. I must pass inspection, because a moment later, he drops his hands to his sides and spills the beans on everything that's been going on in Mystic Falls. "It isn't me who's planning something, Caroline…it's your friends." He spits the word out of his mouth like it was poison. "First, your stupid werewolf boyfriend takes off without my permission," Klaus is fuming at this, "and now the Doppelganger and the Gilbert boy have gone and stolen a few very important items of mine, with your Bennett Witch."

I frown in confusion, asking for clarification. "Wait, what? Tyler left Mystic Falls?" I don't even bother correcting Klaus that he's not my boyfriend, because he'll still refer to him as my 'werewolf boyfriend' anyways. "What did Elena, Jeremy, and Bonnie take from you?"

"Yes, he left Mystic Falls," Klaus confirms, "And he took all my hybrids with him." He smirks evilly, "Well, almost all…" His evil smirk doubles in size, and I'm almost too scared to ask what is so amusing, but I do anyways. "Well, Caroline, I had to do something to even the score."

"Even the score?" I repeat questioningly, holding in a breath without even noticing I'm doing so.

"Yes. Even the score. Lockwood took off with my hybrids, so now I need to make more. I'll make better ones this time. Then I'll find Lockwood, and," He glances at me before re-wording his thoughts, "take care of him, and the rest of those traitors. But first, like I said, I need more hybrids. One stayed behind, and I used him to help me acquire a temporary partner in crime. He's none too happy about it, but he's agreed to do my bidding since he's in my debt."

"What are you talking about?" I ask, growing impatient with his half-explanations and secrets.

Klaus admits that he ordered his hybrid to attack Damon, which brought Stefan to his doorstep, begging for some of the cure to save his brother. Stefan, who has been struggling with keeping his Ripper under control the past few months, since the confrontation at the high school that left him without humanity, gave himself over to Klaus to save Damon. Klaus is such a sadistic ass; he knew that Stefan would do Klaus' bidding to save Damon. Klaus knows that the Salvatore brothers would die for each other. And now he's got Stefan back under his thumb, just when he was starting to get better again. Stefan the Ripper has been re-released into the wild.

"Why?" I demand quietly, my voice barely above a whisper. "Why can't you just leave them alone? Why Stefan?"

"Why not?" Klaus shrugs, "Stefan and I were friends once. We had fun together. He was a good partner in crimes. I'd like to re-live those moments." Another shrug, and Klaus adds, "Besides, he made me a deal. His brother lives, and he helps me. Otherwise, Damon would be dead right now, and Elena would be drained of blood, and also, dead."

I shake my head at him, wrinkling up my nose in disgust at how easily he could write off the lives of other people. He's a complete sociopath. He has no comprehension of human life, of family, of love. He is a monster, through and through, and I was an idiot to think otherwise.

"Caroline," Klaus gently brushes my cheek with the tips of his fingers, "Love, you don't understand what they took from me. It is imperative that I get back my belongings, before something terrible happens. If they succeed in what they're trying to do…there is no hope for the vampire race."

"What do you mean? What are you going to do?"

His words scare me. No hope for the vampire race? What does he have possession of that could wipe out the entire vampire race? I don't want to die, that much Klaus knows. I told him so the night he cured me of Tyler's bite, and whisked me away from Mystic Falls and all its painful memories. I want to live, and I chose to trust him based off the fact that I knew he could ensure that I remain alive. What are Bonnie and Elena planning? Do they know they are pursuing something that could kill all vampires? I could see Bonnie doing something like that, and thinking she was doing the right thing, because witches believe vampires are unnatural and upset the balance of nature. But Elena? Elena could never do something that she knew would get Stefan and Damon killed, even if she doesn't know which of them she loves more; Elena loves both Salvatore brothers enough to lay her life on the line to protect them. Elena is a friggin' martyr.

In conclusion to my thoughts, I tell Klaus, "There must be some mistake. Elena would never…"

"Caroline," Klaus cuts me off sternly, "I will get back what belongs to me."

I blink once and then nod my head.

"I want to come with you," I blurt out.

Klaus' eyebrows shoot up. He looks me over suspiciously. "You do?"

I nod, "Yes. Please. I can help you. I-I can help you and Stefan find the werewolves…I want to help." More like, 'I don't want to be left here all alone again. Let me out! I need to be free! I need to breathe fresh air and see people!'

"You've manipulated me before, Caroline," Klaus reminds, "Don't think it will be so easy to do again. It was your choice to wait until you were ready, and so you will stay here until you are ready to leave with me."

"I'm not trying to manipulate you," I deny, "I know that if I try and trick you again you'll kill me. Why would I risk that? I don't want to die, Klaus, you know that." He turns his head to stare at me. "I want to help you…because I believe there is a part of you that is still human."

Klaus is clearly surprised when he asks, "How could you possibly think that?"

"Because I've seen it." I take a shaky breath. "Because I've caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things you've done." I almost slap my hand over my mouth in horror for saying that out loud. I shouldn't have said that. But I don't stop. "You…care about me, I can see that now. And if you really do care, then, I know there is hope for you. You can be saved. And I want that for you. I want to help you."

I don't know what is real and what is a lie anymore. I don't know if the words I am speaking are truths or if I'm suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Has my mind tricked itself into believing I'm safe with Klaus simply because it's forgotten what actually being safe is? Or am I really safe with Klaus? Am I really safe anywhere?

I am so lost in my own thoughts; I completely miss the look of awe and wonder that passes over Klaus' face upon my admission. He brings me back to the here and now when he swoops in and closes the distance between us. His eyes are focused so intently on mine, I'm sure he's going to compel me in some way, but he surprises me. Instead of compelling me, he kisses me. His lips feel soft and warm, and this time, I allow my eyes to flutter closed and I don't resist the urge to put my arms around him. The first time Klaus kissed me, it was to prove his strength, and it was harsh and cold and unfeeling. I slapped him away then, but right now, I'm pulling him closer. I kiss him with everything I've got because this is my chance to prove that I'm trying. I'm trying to accept him for what he is, and he should trust me enough to let me go. When Klaus releases my mouth, he searches my face for a reaction, more likely than not hoping that he won't find any traces of disgust on my features. He must be satisfied by what he sees, because he sits back and stares at me with a smirk.

"Sweet Caroline," He murmurs, "What are you doing to me?" I don't answer his rhetorical question. Instead, I wait. He abruptly stands up, gesturing, "Come then, love, let's see if you truly want to help me. If you truly want to help me, then your compulsion should be broken. You should be able to leave." He walks over to the off-white door of my motel room and throws it open. "Prove to me, love, that you mean what you say. Step outside."

Is that true? Will I really be able to break his compulsion by wanting to help? Because I do, I really do want to help Klaus stop Bonnie and Elena from making a terrible mistake. I do want to help ensure the safety of the vampire race, because that is what I am; a vampire! I do believe Klaus has humanity inside him, even if it is buried so deep inside him it rarely ever shows. I have hope that he will change. He can change. Everyone can change. But is it enough? Can I really leave?

I suck in a breath as I walk to the edge of my temporary prison. I try and keep to the front of my mind all the good thoughts I have of Klaus, like how he's kept his promise not to hurt any of my friends since I've been gone, and how he kissed me so gently just now. Maybe love is all he needs to heal him? Maybe I really can be the one who saves him…I smile at Klaus reassuringly before closing my eyes and stepping forward, bracing myself to feel the cool, night air on my face.

But I can't cross. I'm still stuck. The compulsion is not broken.

I open my eyes and blink at Klaus in confusion. Immediately, I am scared he's going to hurt me. He's going to think I lied. "I mean what I said, Klaus. I really do want to help you. I do want to leave here with you." I grab his shirt, clinging to him frantically, "Please, don't leave me. I know you don't believe me, but I-I do see you differently now. I don't think I'm as scared of you as I was…but it's still…it's just-"

"It's too soon." Klaus concludes. "You're not ready. So then you stay."

"No!" I yell, a hopeless feeling washing over me. "No, don't leave me again!"

"Caroline, love, calm down," Klaus suggests gently, rolling his eyes at my girlish behavior. I don't care if he's annoyed with me, though. I'm annoyed with him. He could release me from his compulsion and take me with him if he wanted to, but he insists on playing this ridiculous game. He insists on pushing me and pushing me to my breaking point, and right now, I'm at the edge. "I'm not going away forever. I'll be gone about a week, but then I'll be back, and I won't have to go for so long again."

"A week?!" I nearly shriek, tears pricking my eyes at the thought of spending another week alone in this desolate room. I try and think of anything I can to keep him just a little longer, or convince him to take me with him. "But…I…I don't have enough blood. I'm running out, and you didn't even bring anything for me. How can you leave me like this?"

At that, Klaus pulls his cell phone from his jeans pocket and starts typing something on the keypad. Without looking up, he tells me, "I'm not stupid, Caroline. I wouldn't leave you without blood for a week. I brought you some supplies." He motions towards the open doorway, like a cooler of blood bags is going to walk its way inside any moment now.

Suddenly, a gust of wind rushes in and a blur of black appears just outside the doorway. I gasp as my eyes drink in the familiar sight of the vampire before me. He's holding a cooler that I'm going to take a wild guess and assume contains blood bags, and looks almost the same as he always did. He's wearing jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt, his hair the same shade of brown it's always been, and his eyes a deep green. But…there's something different about my friend and mentor…something that makes me take a step backward, away from him, rather than forward and into his arms.

"Stefan!" I breathe out his name in a soft gasp, a range of emotions overwhelming me: shock, worry, hope, and fear. When Klaus said he obtained Stefan's help on this mission to create more hybrids, I didn't realize he meant Stefan was here!

Stefan shifts his eyes in my direction, but only for a moment. Not even a flash of recognition crosses his face before his eyes return to Klaus. His face is stuck on that 'serious vampire face' look that he has, that I used to make fun of him for. And it'd be funny right now if it weren't for the fact that the look is directed at me. He's not the same Stefan I left behind in Mystic Falls two months ago. He's not the vampire who saved me and promised to look after me, who taught me to hold on to my humanity and not go flying off the handle at the first drop of blood. He's not the vampire who has become one of my best friends this past year. This is Ripper Stefan. This is the Stefan that doesn't care about anything but the hunt and blood. This is the Stefan I should be afraid of.

"Where do you want this?" Stefan asks Klaus, gesturing to the cooler in his arms.

"There," Klaus points a lazy finger in the direction of the mini-fridge at the back of the room, and Stefan steps inside to drop off the cooler.

I watch Stefan move silently, still in shock over the sight of him, and how cold his reaction towards me is. I glance at Klaus, who is watching me with a semi-amused smirk on his ruby red lips, and I recall how he kissed me just minutes before. Stefan drops the cooler to the floor and turns to leave the motel room, but Klaus puts an arm up, blocking off the doorway.

"Uh, Stefan," Klaus says casually.

"Yes, Klaus," Stefan mimics Klaus with a roll of his eyes, the sarcasm in his voice sounding foreign coming from his lips.

"I changed my mind about something…" Klaus tells the other man slowly, tipping his head from left to right as though contemplating his decision. Then, he snaps his eyes to Stefan and orders, "I need you to stay here while I consult my witch. You are not to leave this room. Understand?"

I see Stefan's shoulders stiffen and a frown appears on his brow, but then he nods robotically, "Yes."

I can't believe Klaus just compelled Stefan to stay here. What does he plan on doing? Trick all of us to this disgusting motel room and then compel us to stay here forever? What is the point? Why did he drag Stefan out here if he didn't even need his help?

Unable to keep my mouth shut any longer, surprise, surprise, I open it and give Klaus a piece of my mind. "What do you think you're doing? You can't just go around compelling people to do what you want them to! You have to let them make their own decisions. Why do you think I'll ever be able to trust you enough to choose you freely if you keep doing this? Let Stefan go, Klaus. You don't need him!"

Klaus sighs impatiently, "Stefan and I had a deal, Caroline, and I intend on making him keep his part in that deal. Besides, I'll only be gone a few hours. I need to consult my witch, and I don't trust that Salvatore here won't use what he hears against me." Klaus sends a warning glare in Stefan's direction, which is returned with a blank stare. "Keep Caroline company, won't you, Stefan? She's been awfully lonely."

I scoff at Klaus, angry at myself for giving in to his kiss. I should never have complimented him, or told him that I saw humanity in him. I should have known he'd only try and prove me wrong after. To him, love is a weakness. He told me that. Love is a vampire's greatest weakness, and I pretty much pointed out that his feelings for me are a weakness. What if he kills me now? It seems the most logical thing for him to do would be to kill me. Why would he let his one weakness live? Unless he really does love me, and he loves me too much to live without me…

"Klaus," I call his name as he leaves the room, "Please, don't-"

"Goodbye, Caroline," Klaus cuts me off, flashing away at vampire speed and disappearing from sight.

I growl loudly in frustration and slam the motel door shut. I kick it once for good measure. He came and now he's gone again. I'm still stuck in this stupid, gross, ugly, unbearably awful room! And now Stefan is here, only for a few hours, and I don't know how to feel about the icy glare being sent my way. Ripper Stefan is clearly not too happy about being trapped in a room with me at the moment, but I can't do anything about it. And honestly, I don't know if I'm too happy to see him, either. Not after the way our last encounter went down. To be fair, it was my fault it went down so badly, but…well, no way to take it back now.

But, I could try. "Stefan..." I begin, hoping to apologize for my behavior the day of my disappearance, amongst other things.

"Caroline, don't."

So much for that. I guess he doesn't want to hear my apology. But at least I know he does remember who I am, and he obviously remembers what I did.

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