The Amazing Eevee!


Eevee whimpered at her trainer's harsh shout. Her owner was always cruel to her, especially after she lost a battle like she did now.


A whip lashed at her, striking at her weak body. She cried.


Another lash, at her face.


LASH! Eevee felt extreme pain at the nape of her neck and cried shrilly. Her eyes watered. In rage, her trainer smashed her PokeBall into tiny pieces. He growled through clutched teeth and stormed off, leaving behind the Eevee he once owned lying on the dirt, severely injured.

LaRousse City. City of the Rose. Run by the most advanced technology than anywhere in the regions. The coolest place for young people…

…Not if you're May Maple, rubbing her legs together, sitting on a chair outside while your mother talks with the principle inside the office of your new school.

"…But the problem is May is painfully shy. She won't say a word, not even a hello to anybody since we moved from Petalburg to here."

"Well, LaRousse Jr. High and our fellow High School have a tremendous sport program. We have so many activities running. Anything she likes?"

"Oh well, she loves basketball."

"Wonderful! Our basketball team is looking for a few more players."

May hung her head down, her chocolate-coloured, puppy-dog hair shadowed over her face. She felt silly, letting her mother do all the talking for her. But her mother was right. May was very shy.

She heard footsteps, looking up to see a tall girl with green-blue eyes and short orange hair in a side-ponytail, walking down the hallway. She had a blue/yellow swimming bag over her shoulder.

The girl gave May a welcoming smile as she walked passed. May shyly smiled back. Maybe LaRousse Jr. High won't be so bad.

Her first day at school was disastrous.

She rode on her red bike, thinking about the mistake she clumsily made today.

She splattered paint on everywhere but the canvas in Art, sputtered so nervously in English she couldn't get a word out, blew her trombone too hard that it blew off her Music teacher's toupee, and most horribly, slipped in the cafeteria and got her lunch all over her.

The voices of her new schoolmates laughed at her throughout the day. They still taunted her in her head, laughing, jeering, and mocking at her.


May skidded her bike to a halt when she heard a weak sound.


She heard it coming from the bushes. She walked forward and looked into the bushes, finding a small, badly injured Eevee. Red and white pieces were scattered all around.

"Oh my gosh! An Eevee!" May gasped. She gently lifted Eevee, carefully stroking her. "You're hurt. Don't worry. I'm getting you to the Pokemon Centre." She got on her bike and cycled her legs off, trying the Centre in this unfamiliar city. Eevee stirred, whimpering in agony. May held her close. "Just hold on, I'm gonna help you. I promise."

When she found the Pokemon Centre, May stormed through the doors and raced up to Nurse Joy. "I found this Eevee and she needs help!"

"Of course!" Nurse Joy said and took Eevee away to be healed. Eevee lifted an eye at May, watching her from her worried stance.


May turned around at the mention of her, instantly speechless seeing the girl she saw at the office, panting.

The girl straightened up and smiled at May. "You're May Maple, right? I'm Misty."

"…" May stayed quiet, unsure what to say or do.

Misty stepped closer. "It's ok, I don't bite." She held out her hand.

May shifted her eyes from Misty to her hand. Cautiously, she took it and shook. "…I thought you, like everyone else, thinks I'm a dork…"

"I don't judge. You were having a rough day and left in such a hurry, I tried catching up to when I saw you with Eevee." She smiled sweetly. "I knew you're truly kind and sweet."

May smiled, more brightly. "…Thank you…"

Nurse Joy came back, with a newly healed Eevee. Eevee immediately jumped from Nurse Joy and leaped right into May. She dug herself into May's chest, purring happily.

"I think Eevee likes me." May said, hugging the Pokemon.

"You helped her, of course she likes you!" Misty exclaimed before she dug into her pocket and took out some of the red and white pieces that May found with Eevee. "When you found Eevee, I stop and pick up these."

Nurse Joy examined the pieces then gasped. "Now it makes perfect sense."

"What?" The girls asked.

"There are severe cuts on Eevee, especially on the nape her neck. These are evidence of Pokemon abuse. These are PokeBall pieces…Eevee was abandoned!"

"How awful!" Misty said angrily while May hugged Eevee.

"May, how would you feel about being Eevee's new trainer? She takes quite a strong liking to you."

May looked down on Eevee, looking up with big hopeful eyes, and nodded her head vigorously. "I love too!"

"I better go, I have swimming practice. See you tomorrow!" Misty called as she walked out.

"Bye!" May called back. She smiled at Eevee. "It's you and me now."

Eevee squealed happily in response.

May brought Eevee home with her and let her Pokemon out to meet Eevee. Combusken, Beautifly, Skitty, Ivysaur, Munchlax and Squirtle all liked Eevee. She was a very playful, energetic little thing.

At dinner, Eevee hopped onto May's lap and tried to get one of her meatballs. She skilfully balanced a meatball on her nose and popped it into her mouth.

"That was great!" Caroline, May's mother, praised with glee.

"She'll make a good Pokemon for you, honey," Norman, May's father, complimented, himself being a Normal-type specialist.

"Hey May" said Max, May's little brother. His Ralts was sitting on his lap. "How was school?"

"I met this one girl, Misty. I think I'm ok with her."

"That's wonderful!" Caroline squealed. "I know you'll make friends!"

After dinner, May went outside to shoot some hoops. She loved Basketball. And she was pretty good too. Eevee watched her, in amazement, throw her ball into the basket, each time perfectly, not missing once.

"May," Norman called, walking out of the door.

May stopped her shooting and turned to her father. "Hi dad," She dropped her ball, allowing Eevee to run over and play with it, and she ran to her father and hugged him, her head in his chest. "LaRousse is so…different."

Norman embraced her with his arms around her and one hand on her head. "Sweetie, I know LaRousse is making it hard to fit in. Its high-tech, moving paths everywhere! Even I don't feel at home." Because of his recent promotion to a Normal-Type Master, they were in LaRousse City. Norman stroked her hair. "But we'll make it through. You have Misty and Eevee." He smiled at Eevee, cutely chasing after the ball. He smiled at his daughter and kissed her forehead. "You know you will."

May smiled back. "Thanks, dad,"

When her dad left, May picked her ball up from Eevee and lightly bounced it, wondering if her dad was right. Will she make it through living in LaRousse?

Eevee scratched on her leg, wanting the ball. May sighed. "Ok, here you go." She tossed the ball aside and Eevee went after it. It bounced up once…Eevee jumped…hit it…and…POP!

May turned around, surprised. She saw the chains of the hoop shaking, the ball bouncing and Eevee panting.

"No way…"

Wondering if she was right, May took the ball and tossed it to Eevee. Eevee jumped and hit it up to the hoop, scoring!

May gasped. She couldn't believe it! A basketball-playing Eevee!

She smiled widely and lifted Eevee. The Pokemon snuggled into the crook of her neck. May stroked her fur. "I'm been playing basketball since I was little. But I never have seen anything like that before."

"Eevee…" Eevee purred. She was happy with May, happier than with her former trainer. Actually…happier than she had ever felt.