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Air Eve's Many Talents!

After officially owning Eevee, May realized her Eevee is more than an amazing Pokemon. She was extraordinary!

It first started at the middle school's sport field. May was the talk of the school and the most popular girl in school. She and her friends were in 8th grade at that moment.

May was on her way to meet her friends in the field. The entire field was swamped with different kinds of sports; Cheerleading, Track, Football, Athletics, Gymnastics, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey, and Soccer.

"Hey, May!" Misty called from the stands. May smiled, making her way over to her friends. The girls had Pokemon with them. Misty had a Marill in her arms, Dawn had a Prinlup at her heels, Iris had an Axew in her crazy hair, Marina had a Misdreavus floating at her side, and Isabella had a Clefairy on her lap.

May placed Eevee down. The sporty Pokemon scampered off to the girls' Pokemon, instantly striking up a friendship with them and started playing around.

"Aw, they're so cute!" Marina cooed.

Out on the field, Brendan was kicking a soccer ball, fighting with the other players like the ruthless beast he was. Since Brendan lost his position as captain of basketball, he decided to try out for soccer. The try-outs were just as terrible as basketball was before. Eevee even buried her face in her paws.

Coach Kiyo blew his whistle. "Ok, team, gather around. Birch, you're up first for goalie."

Eevee barked at the white-haired boy acting like a cocky idiot.

"Bring it on." Brendan mocked. "I dare anybody," Eevee squeaked at him threateningly. "Even that rat to get the ball past me."

The boys snickered. Barry Jun snorted, elbowing his best friend Sid Higo in the chubby stomach. "Who is he kidding? Do you not know that's Air Eve?"

"The same Pokemon that showed him up?" Sid retorted. The boys laughed, making Brendan glower with anger.

The boys' talk made the clockworks in May's mind turn with thought. A ball-related sport…basically similar to basketball only with a few differences…

"Oh May…! What are you thinking?" Isabella asked in a song-like voice, knowing the brunette was pondering over something interesting.

May had her chin rested in her palm with her elbow on her lap, positioned in a thinking pose. She laid her eyes half-open, staring at the soccer ball in Coach Kiyo's hands. "Eevee does love sports…I'm wondering if…"

Misty smirked. "She has more than one skill?"

"Yeah!" Dawn exclaimed.

"If Brendan becomes captain of any team, he would be unbearable! You have to put him in his place, last place!" Iris stated, causing Brendan to glower more and glared at May.

But May was no longer painfully shy. She gained confidence and became strong-willed, opening her true self to the outside. She stood up bravely, fisting her hands. "C'mon, girl."

Eevee scampered at her side, running out to the field.

"Alright Eevee!" Sid cheered along with the other boys.

Brendan rolled his eyes impatiently. "Come on, furball. I don' have all day."

Eevee was already positioned to kick the ball. She stared at Brendan in the eye, her tiny lips smirking with mischief. She stepped back by a couple of inches and…POW! She kicked the ball with her two front paws, sending it lightning speed towards the goal. Brendan jumped, but narrowly missed it, the ball rocketed pass his fingers and into the net. He fell to the glass on his face while everyone started cheering for Eevee.

"That was UNBELIEVABLE!" Barry screamed.

"Wicked!" Isabella complimented, smiling dazzlingly.

"You're one amazing Pokemon, Eevee." May cooed to her Pokemon, hugging her.

"What you think, coach?" Sid asked.

Kiyo beamed. "I believe we found our new team player!"

May shot her head up, her mouth dropped and open in shock. "No!" She stood up, gathering Eevee in her arms. "Look, I'm sorry, but I can't play basketball and soccer at the same time. I am not exploiting Eevee!"

"You can come along for Air Eve. We'll mind her." Kiyo promised. "A talent like that needs to be mastered. Once she perfected it, she would be able to play on her own."

May groaned, totally frustrated. But as the pleasing from everyone caved on her, she was forced to agree. "Fine. Deal."

With that said, the soccer team lifted her and Eevee and carried her around the field, chanting, "Air Eve! Air Eve!"

A fortnight later, Air Eve won the soccer's championship.

Within the year, May discovered more talents of Eevee.

It happened for the second time when May and her friends were walking past the baseball field.

Dawn and Marina were talking their ears off so the girls weren't paying attention to the baseball game going on. They weren't aware that the batter hit the ball too hard and sent it flying high and fast straight at them.


May turned her head around just a flash of brown flew past her. She and her friends looked down at Eevee, holding a baseball in her mouth.

"WOW!" exclaimed Casey Williams from the baseball team, coming over to the girls. "Air Eve can play baseball too!"

"All she did was catch it." May said. But then Eevee ran off and reached the four bases within the blink of an eye.

The baseball players gathered around May as she went to pick up Eevee, excitably talking and asking for her to lend her talented Eevee for their team.

"You better say yes, or else Casey will hunt you down." Misty warned.

May glanced at Casey, literally on fire, pleading with big eyes. May groaned. "Fine."

To say the least, Eevee won the Baseball League.

A month before middle school ends, a new girl enrolled in LaRousse Middle School. Her name was Ursula Kawasumi and she was quite difficult to get along. She had…a bit of an arrogant personality. Knowing it was like to be the new girl, May tried to make conservation with her, but the new girl's attitude made it extremely hard.

The brunette was just minding her business, finishing up caption duties for the basketball and walking to the door on the edge of the gym. One half of the gymnasium was being occupied by the Volleyball team.

A volley ball rolling by caught Eevee's eye, thus she hopped out of May's arms and scampered after it.

"Eevee!" May cried, chasing after her Pokemon.

The ball rolled to a pair of feet, aided with a Minun and Plusle. The owner of the Minun and Plusle bent down and picked up the ball just before Eevee did. The normal-type looked up at the girl holding the ball. Her peach-pink coloured hair was in two twirly pigtails on each side of her head, with lavender ribbons tied in them and her eyes, which were looking down on Eevee, were ruby red.

May ran up to them and stopped, recognizing the girl. "Hi, Ursula."

Ursula snorted snobbishly and May resisted the urge to unleash the famous Maple anger on her. She noticed the arrogant girl always spent her time near anything involving volleyball.

"You like volleyball?"

Although Ursula's red eyes twinkled at the question, she firmly pressed her lips together, crossed her arms and snobbishly stuck her nose up in the air.

Finally, May had enough. "Look, I'm trying to be nice. I was the new girl and everything was scary for me, but I didn't arrive with a bad attitude!"

Ursula also lost it and yelled back. "Hey, it was my parents' idea! I never asked to move here, so don't take it out on me!"

"Is that why you're acting mean?" May questioned. Now she understood Ursula's motives. "Starting anew is hard, but it will get better if you accept it."

Ursula snorted, but she felt touched that finally someone reached out to her. Then she felt a tiny pair of paws on her legs and knew it didn't belong to her Minun and Plusle. Eevee gazed up at her, begging with her big glassed eyes. "Here. You can have it."

Knowing what would happen, May screamed. "No!"

But it was too late. Ursula threw the ball up and hit it like a volleyball player, and Eevee jumped up, hitting the ball with her little paws and sent it high up in the air, higher and stronger than Ursula. The pinkette was stunned, but managed to catch the volleyball at the last second.

"What the?"

May giggled nervously. "Eevee is special."

"I noticed." The retort was sassy but not spiteful.

In a flash, the entire volleyball team crowded May, begging her to let them use Eevee for their upcoming match. Brendan, who was trying to get onto the volleyball, clutched his hands into fists, growling in anger. Once again, twatched by a Pokemon!

"That freaky thing should be in a circus." He hissed, trying to hide his embarrassment.

May and Eevee glared at him. Minun and Plusle glared at him too. Ursula immediately disliked him, judging by his attitude. She picked up the ball, bouncing it lightly in her hand. A smirk formed on her face…

The ball was thrown up…hit…and flying…

"OW!" Brendan cried as the hard leather ball slammed into his face with powerful forcefulness, forcing him falling down on his back!

Ursula shrugged her shoulders, her eyes twinkled mischievously. "Opps."

"This isn't dodgeball, Ursula." Kiyo sighed.

"Yeah, yeah." She shrugged. She turned to May, smirking playfully. "Although I won't mind if it was."

May laughed and Ursula joined in, smiling for the first time since she arrived at this school. The volleyball team pestered May for one reason, making the brunette groaned deeply.

"I'll watch her." Ursula generously offered. May smiled gratefully and Ursula causally shrugged, smirking proudly.

A week before graduation, the Volleyball team won the finals with Ursula and Eevee as leaders.

May dove straight onto her bed as soon as she got home. The graduation was looong and she had to give a speech about what lessons she learned in the past year. She poured her out her personal feelings, the growth of her strength and confidence, and a deeply touching thank for the miraculous Pokemon who made it made.

Laying on her side, May smiled at Eevee, who was curled in a ball and peacefully snoozing. "You changed my life, Eevee." She leaned down and sweetly kissed Eevee's furry head. "Thank you."

Whilst asleep, Eevee purred and curled in more, snuggling closer to her trainer whom she was very thankful to just as much. May hugged her close before falling asleep.