Summary: Natalie Keys is a special living in New York. Her ability hasn't ever been seen before; some say she's seeing auras, others say she's crazy. And Natalie? She just calls it the light show. Post-BNW, OC!

Italics = thoughts

Natalie skated off towards Central Park, legs pumping, then gliding down the sidewalk. She hooked her hand on a pole, making a sharp right turn.

The day was beautiful; the sky was a clear blue, the clouds were fluffy with just a slight gray tone to them, the sun was bright and almost directly overhead, there was a slight breeze ruffling the leaves on the trees, and it was the perfect temperature. Natalie danced through the crowds, somehow avoiding running anyone over, her dark hair streaming behind her.

Everywhere she went, dots of light amidst huge gray blotches; specials like her. Blue, pink, yellow, green. Red, white, purple, orange.

She spotted people in the crowd that she recognized. That EMT one floor up from her apartment, his white almost blinding, mingling with the deep crimson of his new boyfriend, some guy from Queens...That weirdo doctor who was always trying to get her to talk to him about other specials, trying to get her to identify them for him, once a gray blotch like most normal people, now a dark orange...a few other people, like that girl from the coffee shop, a bright, energetic pink; the doctor's son, new to town, a fiery red; that guy from the apartment building down the street, lavender; and more, many more that she didn't know.

All eyes were on her.

Knowing how they looked to her, a rainbow of abilities and personalities, her own tapestry, made her wonder how she looked to them. Because just like she saw their lights, they could see hers. It was part of her ability; it was how she knew she wasn't crazy.

She felt their gazes on her; she loved the attention. And the lights were so beautiful...

Thanks for being my light show.

Now let me be yours...