[AN: Hello! Welcome to my first fanfiction. It is titled "Le'la Grendopul Duk'ilau." That means The Grey's Lightness and Darkness (in which a grey shows all aspects of its personality and is not hidden in a color) or The Light's Darkness (all shades revealed from behind a fake light). The words are in the fictional language that Shadow creatures can speak in my fanfiction, which is why they are so hard to translate.

Please enjoy and review with what you liked and/or disliked. It's impossible to insult me, so don't hold back! Just remember that both praise and criticism should be constructive to be most effective.

Also, if you would like to beta read this story, let me know. I would prefer someone with decent knowledge of literature and philosophy. Since this is a YY/Y and LV/HP story it would be great if you could be familiar with those types of pairings too. I'm a pretty good writer but I've never read the Harry Potter books, so I'm writing the HP part of this story with what I've learned from reading HP fanfiction. *sheepish grin* I promise to do my best to canon fact check. Though, I think you'll find some of my liberties refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, I tried to apply that to my narrator but he/she came out as a bit of a smart-ass… an entertaining one nonetheless…

Please note that unlike the norm found in many fanfictions, in this fic readers will need to read between the lines quite a bit, and much more will be implied than said. I chose to write this story this way simply because I like being frugal with words. Let me know what you think about it.


Le'la Grendopul Duk'ilau


"When James left Chautauqua he realized he had seen spread before him the realization on a sample scale of all the ideals for which a scientific civilization strives: intelligence, humanity, and order. Then why his violently hostile reaction? "What a relief," he said, "to be out of there." There was no sweat, he continued disdainfully, "in this unspeakable Chautauqua." "No sight of the everlasting battle of the powers of light with those of darkness." No heroism. No struggle. No strength. No "strenuousness."" – From the History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto.

Their Council meeting had just ended. Yami rubbed his temples. Ryou had decided it was time for them to know a "tiny, little fact" – which of course meant it was really, really important. Apparently, there were other magical governments and communities. They didn't use shadow magic, at least, but forms of weaker, lighter magic. And a minor detail? Britain's community was currently in a type of civil war, against a "Dark Lord" and his followers. Furthermore, they placed their hopes of winning against him with a teenager named Harry Potter.

He was mulling over their lack of intelligent leadership when he felt a pleasant tingle run over his spine as his hand was suddenly enveloped in warmth.

"Yugi." He opened his eyes, trying to convey a thousand words in a glance, a deep feeling within a small moment of time, a true bond in an empty space. He settled for a mental thanks after berating himself for his selfishness. He knew he could do it, but at what cost?

The young man simply smiled at him and leaned closer. "So, a new adventure? I think it will at least be interesting. It wouldn't hurt to learn about types of magic different than our own. Besides, we're more powerful. We could teach those wizards a lesson. They'll come to understand that they'll never know the true meaning of dark magic."

Yami raised an eyebrow. "But couldn't it also be said that they wouldn't ever know the true meaning of light magic either?" After all, as the other half of the Shadow King's soul, Yugi possessed the most powerful light magic in the world.

Yugi's eyes sparkled. "You know I'm not interested in power, Yami."

"But you would take it if you could give it to me."

His eyes darkened. "Yes. I… would."

They didn't think of what they would do if they were one person again, balanced in a sort of normal existence, without all-consuming love, with finite life. They didn't dwell on the dialetheism of their conversation, of how though it was possible for them to truly want opposite things, it was realistically impossible. They were two halves of one person; they were one person with two halves; they were one; they were not one; can one be multiple? Were they really people?