Chapter 11: Windows and Soil


"Got it," I say, starting the engine.

Emmett hops on his bike and follows behind me.

We part ways at the intersection, and a few hours later, we're at our new location.

"What color do you want it, man?" he asks as I roll into the garage and park.

"She doesn't like silver, so none of that. Go with basic black and maybe some purple streaks on the sides?" I say.

He smiles and salutes.

"I'll be back in a few hours. I need to take care of something else," I say and get in her Veyron then disappear down the road.

When I get home, Bella's napping.

She looks beautiful and so peaceful, but I need to fuck her.

I strip down; yank it for a second as I watch over her sleeping form.

Before I get going, I reach over to the nightstand, squirt some homemade lube onto my hand and slick my cock up.

She's got panties on. Too bad I'll have to break them.

I crawl up on the bed, cut them off with my knife and before she inhales, I'm inside her.

"Shit . . . You feel good, bitch," I moan, gripping her hips and riding her hard.

"Edward, what're you . . ." She glances down between our legs to find me fucking her.

"Yeah, I missed you . . . God, you're so tight when you're half asleep," I say. "So fucking snug, and insanely perfect."

"Did you get my message?" she asks and rubs the sleep out of her eyes.

"Yeah, I heard it, nasty bitch. Making me hard like that—not right," I say, thrusting harder.

"You deserved it, you cunt. I heard what you were doing. Emmett told me." She flips me off and bites her lip like she wants to bite me.

"He's such a tattle tale," I say, chuckling. "You knew I'd eventually steal my bike back. I love that bike."

"You could've bought it back," she says, and then she breaks into a caterwaul as I pinch her clit.

"I could buy you anything you want, but I had to do this . . ."

"Why?" she manages to choke out between breathless, heaving sighs.

"To show you I've still got bigger balls than you." I spread her legs real wide, and she flinches for a second, telling me I'm pushing her muscles too far. I let them inch back up, but only enough so it's not hurting her.

I lean over her chest and her nipples brush against me.

"Guess who had my bike? And don't say it—I know you already know—but that asshole wasn't going to sell it back to me," I say, nipping at her jaw. "He's been trying to find you, the ugly shit."

"Tyler . . . How . . . Is . . . He?" she cries out with each harsh slam of my cock into her.

"He's a fucking loser, that's how he is. He doesn't have you, and I do, and he can't have anything that's mine," I say.

"He's an investor in the metals we use for our . . . Oh God . . . Don't stop . . . Shit, Vapor . . . That's it, this bitch wants . . . Oh, god, ohgodohgodoh gaaaaawd!" She claws at my dick, feels it slick and sliding in and out of her, touching with her fingertips, almost worshiping our bodies joining together.

"Whose pussy is this? And who has the only cock you'll ever suck for the rest of your life?" I growl, gripping my fingers deeper into her thighs.

"It's all yours—yours," she cries out, her back bowing off the bed.

"Damn fucking straight it is. We're not taking shit from him. I don't want his money funding anything you do," I say.

She nods and her eyes close—a look of pure ecstasy on her face.

I pound into her, and we both go silent—no more words, only heated looks, groans of pleasure and her gushing all over me as I make her come hard.

I kiss gently and lick at all the places I was too rough with her. Over time, I keep thinking I'll be less crazed for her, but if anything, I seem to need her more and am constantly ravenous for her.

Everything about her makes me crazy for her.

So crazy I just had an entire conversation with her while I fucked her, because damn if I was gonna wait 'til later.

Both were pressing and needed to be dealt with.

My hands caress her and as my heart rate slows, so do my words.

"Bella . . . I love you . . . Was I too rough?"

She chuckles and places her hand over her heart then exhales with a dopey grin on her face. "When do you ever ask me that?"

"I always ask that at some point. It might be an hour later, but I don't really wanna hurt you." I kiss the corner of her mouth.

She still wears a lazy smile.

"It was perfect. You were talking waaaay too much, you lippy bastard, but it was fine," she says, still panting and trying to catch her breath.

I check her body over to make sure, even if she says it was fine. "Sometimes I wonder why you put up with my caveman shit."

She blinks and cups my jaw, dragging me back up her body. "Because I love your caveman shit. No one goes primal like you do."

I smile and kiss her, because yes, I do have that shit down.

"Okay, so change of subject," she says, her eyelashes fluttering for a second and her expression goes blank. "I want to talk to you about something else . . ."

"Oh God, no. That prick blabbed again, didn't he?"

"He did." She runs her hands up my chest. "What're you thinking? We've only been together for a month."

"Five weeks and two days."

"Does it matter? You know what I mean. We have to keep running and moving around until we figure out what to do about our dads and any other enemies they have that might be pursuing us." She exhales and her chest rounds, making her breasts look extra perky.

I play with one of her nipples and refuse to look at her.

"Jesus—are you pouting?" She runs her finger across my bottom lip.

"Maybe a little." My heart clenches and throbs. "Why shouldn't I?"

"Well, if you can't even discuss this with me like an adult, then there's your answer." Her fingers drift through my chest hairs.

I play with her other nipple now and fixate on it. "He shouldn't have told you that shit."

"Emmett can't keep anything to himself—you know that. So, if you're going to tell him something as private as that, then you should expect it'll get back to me."

I move up to kneeling over her and still keep my eyes on her tits, since she's probably frowning or glaring at me. "Please? I really want this—be a good little bitch and give it to me."

"No, Edward—Jesus." Her hands smack on my chest. "You know this would amp up my neuroses and anxiety level so bad, I'd probably stop functioning," she huffs.

"I'd help with everything the—"

"I don't care if you hire nannies and wet-nurses—do you know how much babies vomit and poop and pee? It's a germ-fest disaster of epic proportions. I can't have children. I'd scrub them with iodine solution until there was nothing left of them but bones." She smacks her palms on my chest. "And will you please look me in the eye?"

My bottom lip juts out even further and here it comes.

"Oh fuck . . ." she whispers.

"Yes . . . That's what we do, a lot, and we should make a kid." Tears stream down my cheeks. "I love you—and this is what people do when they're crazy in love—they make new people out of that love because their heart's too big to contain in one body."

Her eyes soften. "I can't . . ."

"Or won't?"

"Won't. Even if I could get over all my issues, which I probably can't, our life isn't conducive to having a family. We're on the run. We're not stable, and we . . ." She bucks her hips up into my ass. "I don't want to be stuck with kids right now. I love that you can throw me down at a moment's notice and fuck my brains out. It's shit like that—makes me feel alive and gets me out of my fucked up head. I'm not ready to give that up."

"Pregnancy is nine months," I remind her.

She rolls her eyes. "No."

"Please? God, think about it at least. Just don't say no." I settle my body back down over hers and kiss her lips softly. "You'd be an amazing mom, and I'd be a kick-ass dad. We should be a family."

She stares at me with a far off look and says, "We have time. We can revisit this later when people aren't after us, trying to steal our ideas and kill us."

No one's succeeded at any of those things yet.

"Paranoid," I whisper, and she smacks my chest. I laugh for a second, and it feels better but I'm still breaking inside over the idea she doesn't want to make babies with me. I love kids.

"Think of the dirty diapers and the smell . . ."

"Think of the amazing sex we'll keep having and how it'll result in something beautiful and perfect like you." I roll her on top of me. She shakes her head and smirks at me like she thinks I'm adorable. "Well, at least ride me to make me feel better, woman. It's the least you can do."

"The least I can do is get up and go sanitize. I already feel dirty with all this baby diaper talk."

I reach up and fondle her tits.

Nice view, mama. I want them leaking with tittie juice . . .

I lick my lips and let her take me inside and let me come once more.




Four weeks later . . .


I stare at the psychotic conversation on my phone screen. Is he crazy?

Vapor: Yeah, I'm up for the job. You know I'm always hard.

Fingers: Yeah, he is. You should see this asshole. He can't ever keep his hands off her. It's sick.

Riot: Can we talk about something else?

Vapor: As usual—jealous.

Fingers: I get plenty of ass. I'm not the one obsessed with making babies.

I hack into their conversation and join in. Ides: Vapor, you got this? Are you concentrating on what we're actually here for?

Vapor: Bitch, yes, I've got this. I shouldn't have ever agreed.

I roll my eyes. He bought this outfit off an actual homeless person, but I insisted on washing it several times before wearing it for this. I did make sure to sweat in it while cleaning today so it wouldn't smell so strongly of bleach.

Riot: Ides, you OK with him calling you this?

Ides: Lol. This is tame for my fave asshole.

Stormy: Should I tell them what you call me in the throws, Riot?

Riot: No!

I snort and fight off a loud, obnoxious laugh.

I glance over at them all scattered around the area.

Fuck, Vapor looks hot; his hair all a mess, wearing all black. I wanna have sex with him right now.

Why am I so horny? Focus, Ides . . . He'll be here soon . . .

Fingers: God, you should see the woman Aro has. She's hot. Blonde, tall, all legs and big tits. I wanted to bang her in my shop yesterday as she eye-fucked me into speechlessness. And you know that never happens to me. I always have something to say.

Vapor: Tell me you weren't distracted. You did remove the security system on his car, right?

Fingers: Yes, you snotty bastard. I got the job done. Quit treating me like a child and get to work making your own.

Vapor: Talk to my girlfriend. She's the one being difficult. I'm up for that job every damn day.

Ides: I'm not squeezing out anyone's brats until I at least have a ring on my finger.

Vapor: Damn, woman. That's all you're holding out for? Why didn't you say? I'll buy you biggest fucking diamond on the planet. It'll make your fingers drag on the ground.

Ides: Not funny. Do you know how many germs are on the ground? People spit and piss on the ground. It's disgusting. Animals drag their ass on the ground to itch their crack. And where do you think people get ringworm from? Fuck!

I break out my hand sanitizer and squirt a little dab into my hands.

"Here ya go," some nice old man says as he exits the grocery store and gives me a buck.

"Thank you, sir. God bless," I say and nod at him.

Ides: *snort* Some old coot thought I really was a vagrant.

Vapor: Stop changing the subject. Let me knock you up.

Ides: We have a job to do. Concentrate.

Vapor: I do have a job to do. Get back over here and I'll get the job done now. I already threw out your pills this morning. No more of this horseshit. I want a snot-nosed baby.

Ides: We can discuss this later.

Riot: Where is Aro anyway? Shouldn't he be here by now? Or is he busy trying to kill the dads of some other hacker couple?

Fingers: Anyone with a gay name like Aro, can't be bothered to keep to a schedule. How he manages to run Hillcourt Corp, is a mystery between all his killings and shit.

Ides: Emmett, you know that man's almost as OCD as I am. He comes to this gas station every Friday night at 8. He'll be here soon. We were early.

Fingers: I hope he has the blonde with him, Rose. I can give her a ride home.

Ides: You're not fucking our enemy's mistress. She's not into mechanics that own a brake shop.

Fingers: Hey, I'm a whole lot more than a tool. I know how to drill shit and clean out her tubes.

Ides: Vapor, please go hit this Neanderthal over the head for me. And while you're at it, remind him to shut up tonight so we don't mess this up.

Vapor: It'll cost ya . . .

Riot: Keep it in your pants, boss.

While I stifle a laugh, in comes Aro, and he pulls up to the same pump he does every weekend.

He gets out and my legs shake as I approach him.

"He killed Dad, he killed Dad," I chant over and over under my breath.

If Edward's dad hadn't left the hospital against the doctor's medical advice, he would've probably died of mysterious causes as well.

"Excuse me, sir?" I clear my throat.

He startles and his face pales.

Shit. Edward was worried he'd recognize me.

I told him there was no way. Was I wrong?

"Yes?" Aro's sickeningly high pitched voice asks.

"I've been out of work for weeks, and I just had my bicycle stolen. Is there any way you can lend me some change so I can grab something to eat inside this grocery store?" I ask and fidget.

I try not to watch Edward coming up from behind the vehicle. He has his phone out like he's checking messages.

Yes, baby. Unlock the passenger door with the codes I gave you . . .

I clear my throat then cough, just as Aro's about to turn around to get his fuel. "Please? I'm really hungry, and I haven't eaten at all today."

"I can see that—you're awfully homely and skinny. Here," he says, digging in his pants to retrieve his wallet.

He pulls out a five.

A five?

My left eye twitches. This man has obscene amounts of money.

"Is there any way you have a little more to give than that? This would barely buy me a loaf of bread and peanut butter. Some jelly might be nice to go with my sandwich," I say, fluttering my lashes a little.

Edward makes a face at me like I'm overdoing it. He gives the universal "cut it" sign, by slashing at his throat.

"A drink might be nice as well to go with said sandwich," I add.

Aro barks a stuttering laugh then replies, "Oh, I see . . . So you expect me to pay for your alcoholism?"

"N-no, sir. I don't drink. It's a vile habit. If you have a Breathalyzer, you can test me. I swear—I don't drink."

Edward puts a hand on a hip and gives me an even stronger look of disapproval; his lips pursed, his brow creased. Fuck, that's hot. My thighs tingle just glancing at him.

"How is it, an intelligent, well-spoken lady such as yourself, has been reduced to panhandling?" Aro thumbs through his wallet and pulls out a twenty.

I smile and respond with a nod. "Thank you, sir, and the only thing I can say is I've had a lot of bad luck lately. My father recently died, and it was just after I got him back." I curtsy and fight the urge to flip off Edward.

I turn and start walking away.

Edward's on his way in. He'll handle the rest.

I peak back over my shoulder for a second, and when Aro turns to pump gas, the car zips off.

I whirl back around and stand gaping at Aro, pretending I'm as shocked as he is.

"You . . . Did you see what just happened? Who took my car?" Aro gasps.

"No, I was looking the other way—headed inside the store," I say.

He points at me and suddenly rushes toward me, leaning forward. "You did this! You cost me my favorite car!" he snarls and rips the cash out of my hands.

"Asshole!" I grit and take off running.

When I make it to the rendezvous spot a block and a half down, in a quiet neighborhood, Edward's waiting for me.

The door's open, and I slip inside.

"That was a little too much," he says, smiling at me.

"Hey, I got it done. I told you I had this," I say, brushing my hair back over my shoulder.

He leans over; devours my lips with a hungry kiss.

"Home," I say, pointing at the road.

He smirks with a lopsided grin, and I pinch the side of his thigh.

A sigh leaks out of him.

"You were really sexy back there," I say, my fingers drifting through the hair above his ear.

He drives like he's got all the time in the world to get Aro's stolen car back to our newly secured fortress.


"Yeah," I say and grip his hair at the roots. "I really wanted to have sex with you, and you know how much grocery store parking lots freak me out in terms of unsanitary conditions."

He smiles, nods and has this elated look in his eyes. "Good. I'm glad to hear that. It's going to make this much easier."

My eyes narrow. "What're you up to now?"

"Nothing you need to worry about," he responds.

A few minutes later, we're pulling into the garage and once the door's closed, he pulls me into the backseat and click, click.

"The fuck, Edward? You brought my cuffs?"

He nods and sucks in his bottom lip, moistening it. When he lets it go with a pop, I'm trying to bite him.

My hands are bound to the death grip in the backseat above my head.

Why? What's he trying to pull?

"Okay, you have two choices," he begins.

"You're not going to get me pregnant in Aro's car," I answer immediately.

"Stop trying to guess—you suck at it," he says, chuckling. "Now, my dirty bitch has two choices like I was saying before I was interrupted." He pulls out of his pocket, what I thought was one of our remotes. It's an electric beard trimmer he uses for his sideburns. "Would you rather squirt all over his upholstery back here or have me shave those dirty, germ-infested pubes for you?" He wiggles his eyebrows.

"Neither. This is absolutely hideous to even think about!" I say, my voice going up about two octaves, and in this enclosed space, it sounds shaky and weak, though it's loud.

"Not a choice. If you decide to give me what you call your piss, then I'll lick it all off these leather seats afterward. And you'll be released so you can go inside, grab the backlight and come back out to do a better job of cleaning it off. If you choose to be shorn," he chuckles at his silly word, shorn," then I'll come back out here and vacuum them all up, but you know it'll be hard to get them all. I might miss some, and then your DNA will be in here for forensic scientists to find and future car thieves as well." Once more with the wiggly, flirty brows.

"This is sick!" I tip my head back and rest it on the car door.

He pulls off his shirt and stuffs it behind my back. "For cushioning," he explains.

"Yeah, 'cause you're all sorts of gentlemanly right now."

"Damn right, I am. Now, which shall it be, my sexy bitch?"

Bzzzzzzzzz . . .

He turns on the clippers, and I cringe.

"Okay, geyser-pussy—put that fucking horrendous thing away!" I tip my chin at the implement of torture.

"Sure? You'd look awesome with a bald pussy, and I'd reward you other ways if you did this little thing for me. If you choose the slip-and-slide option, I've got something else I'll be doing to you at the end, and you can't fight me on it."

"Jesus—when do you have time to think up shit like this? I thought you said I was a slave driver, planning this heist, making the necessary preparations."

His head wobbles from side to side and he shrugs. "Just don't sleep much now that you're in my bed every night. So, choose, and make it quick."

I huff. "I choose the fluid route. Hairs are staying—get used to them. Cavemen like hairy women."

He laughs and pulls out his pocket knife and cuts my shirt off.

"Hey, you paid top dollar for this apparel," I say, laughing.

"Yeah, and that homeless woman is probably buying herself ten more outfits just like it with how much cash I gave her."

"Next time find someone dressed in darker colors. Why would a homeless person ever wear a white tee shirt? It's just so . . ."

"Stupid?" he asks, then slices through the tattered up jeans.

"Enjoying yourself?" I taunt.

"Immensely, now shut up. This takes concentration."

He pulls the shreds of my clothing away and then licks his way up my right thigh to my right breast and bites through the bra.

His next move is to cut my bra off.

I scowl.

"I love this bra, you shithead," I say.

He smirks. "Okay, now you're gonna get the encore before I fuck you and make you gush. This can't wait if you're gonna insult me before I fuck you."

"No, no! Sorry, sorry, sorry!" I say through tight lips and laugher as he yanks my shoes and socks off.

He knows I can't stand being barefoot anywhere other than on my own pristine hardwood floors that I know are safe and disease-free.

"Yes, bitch. You earned it."

And then pop!

"Oh shit no!"

His hot mouth envelops me as he sucks on my toes one at a time, staring me in the eye the entire time.

"Think of how many germs are invading your mouth right now!" I squeal.

He slips a finger inside my panties he has yet to remove, and yanks at one of my curls.

His lips slide off my big toe and he says, "Oh, I forgot to tell you—not only am I a nasty pervy dick, I love germs. I use your toothbrush every morning and night!"

And that's when I scream so loud, the car actually rocks.

He rocks it harder a moment later though when he tears my panties off and slams inside me.

"Viruses . . . Amoebas . . . Bacteria . . . I love all of it." He licks the seam of my lips.

I grimace and when I try to turn my head away, he grips my jaw.

"Say you want me."

I shake my head.

"Say you're mine."

Another head shake. He grips a little tighter.

"Then at least marry me, woman." He rubs his face for a moment and growls.

He gags for a second then produces a ring between his teeth with a small black diamond.

"Oh, shit, that's so gross—"

"That's a yes," he says.

I nod, and as he shoves his dick in as far as it can go, while he simultaneously puts the ring on my finger. "I knew this was what you were waiting for. Now you'll have my baby?"

I laugh. "If you're into test-tube babies, then sure."

He growls, grabs my tits hard and bares his teeth at me. "No. Old fashioned way. I'm putting this kid in you with my dirty dick, and this dirty bitch is going to birth it screaming, pooping and peeing like all good girls do."

I whimper and when I can tell he's about to come, I bare down, squirting like I said I would for him.

He groans and his eyes roll back into his head.

"My bitch . . . God!" He shakes, falls apart and instead of coming inside me, he pulls out and jacks off all over the seat, adding his secretions to mine.

A black light isn't gonna be enough.

"We're giving this car to Riot as a parting gift," he says once he's caught his breath.

He takes a long slow lick.

And as his tongue's extended, swiping at the seat, I dance my toe up into his wet mouth.

"I love you, and if you ever try to shave me again, I won't ever have anal with you, or have your kid," I say. "Now, get me out of this sickening, stolen vehicle and fuck me properly—give me your come, sweetheart."

"Say that again." His eyes light up.

"I said, get your fucking shit together, Vapor; fuck me."

His eyes go wide and he stops breathing.

"Oh, yeah, and I got the birth control shot last week . . ."

His head drops, and I cough and sputter for a moment as I slip the key to the cuffs out of my mouth and chuckle.

"You're not the only one that's mastered the gag reflex."

"No, but I've mastered you and your mouth." He bites the key and removes it from me and right when I think he's going to unlock me, he does the unthinkable.

He grabs a handful of our combined fluids from the seat and smears them all over my chest.

"Here's to germs and come and babies."

I smile. "Here's to being a thief like my man."

"You know what I really want to hear—say it," he says, his shoulders rounded as he tries to sit up straight, but the space won't accommodate his height.

"I can't believe you're asking this of me," I groan.

"Say it," he repeats with a glint in his eye and a twisted smile in place. "I'm not letting you go 'til you do."

"Fine, you fucker—but only for this one night. And if anyone asks, I'm denying I ever said it."

"You're stalling, dirty bitch," he says, grinning harder.

"Because I thought I'd warn you first—tomorrow I'm taking Aro down so your gloating won't last long . . .." I stare at him, waiting for a reaction. There's no discernible change in his facial expression.

"Yeah, that's great. Now say it," he huffs, rolling his eyes.

I lean in and kiss him then take a deep breath. "You, sir, are a dirty son of a bitch, and in this moment, you're slicker than Ides."



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