We spent the next day hanging out in bed, just being together. We played and tickled, talked and slept. We made love over and over again until we couldn't anymore. Something about having sex in that way, a new way, seemed to have bonded us even more. Emily and I had done things and been through things people twice our age never have. There was an unexplainable comfort between us, especially in regards to sex and desire.

Unlike Emily though, I was more bashful and less vocal about things that I wanted sexually. It wasn't sharing it with her that was the problem; I had just never thought about all of the possibilities that sex afforded. There were so many ways to be together and somehow Emily was always coming up with new ideas. She was so free and open to new things.

Of course, she always managed to bring my truths to light and, in one way or another, get me to share with her even my strangest fantasies. I knew I could trust her. I knew she would never make me feel weird and that she would do everything she could to keep me satisfied. She wanted me to tell her what I liked, wanted me to find new ways for her to please me. She seemed to get off on it. She loved when she could say something or do something in bed that made my eyes widen with surprise or my jaw drop.

Emily Fields, always full of surprises.

So, there we were, mid-Sunday, attempting to get something productive done. I was over doing math homework even before I had started and I found myself staring at her. I was taking in her whole body with my eyes. Lying on her stomach across my bed, brow furrowed, concentrating on the book in front of her. Her legs were so long and tan and all I could think about was having them wrapped around me. She was turning the page of her book and ran her hand down the center to flatten it out. I watched her and it felt like she was moving in slow motion. I wanted her to run her hands down my body like that.

Everything she did, the simplest of movements, was turning me on.

As my mind wandered to all the things I wanted to do to her, all the things I wanted her to do to me, I thought about the night before. I thought about how having the dildo inside of her must have felt. She liked it. Loved it actually. More than once. The noises she made were so new. It was incredibly sexy watching her get off like that, knowing my movements and force were causing it. It felt almost like the toy was a part of me, like some new part of me was moving inside of her.

"What did it feel like?"

The question left my mouth before I could even think to stop it.


I was sitting upright, cross legged, next to her. She turned and looked at me. She had this completely confused look on her face and I could feel my cheeks heating up. It was Emily. I didn't need to be embarrassed. I let out a deep breath and continued.

"The strap on. What was it like?"

Her eyebrows raised and she started smiling, a shocked look on her face. She chuckled as she answered, "I don't know."

I playfully nudged her and that only made her smile wider. She loved teasing me.

"Okay," she said sitting up in front of me, "it felt… It was different than with hands. There's this…fullness..."

"A lot of women, most women actually, don't come with vaginal penetration alone. They often need some other kind of…"

"You test that theory a lot, do you?"

She was smirking so big and giving me this playful, fake shocked face. I was smiling too, but I rolled my eyes and continued, "I just read about it is all. When I was preparing…"

I blushed. It was probably uncool to admit to your girlfriend you had to research how to have sex with her. Emily, however, seemed impressed.

"Well, that explains why you were so good at it. What else did you find out?"

She moved to her knees, her grin never leaving her face, and started moving closer to me. She uncrossed my legs and pushed me back into the pillows. She was on top of me, between my legs, smiling down at me.

"A lot of things. Maybe one day you'll be lucky enough for me to show you," I quipped back.

"Mmm, I hope so."

She leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips. Lips and tongues moved together and I could feel my whole body heating up. I could feel her body pressed to my center and I wanted more. My mind immediately went back to the strap on. When I had opened and touched it for the first time, I couldn't deny that I thought about it inside of me. I was aroused thinking about it slipping inside, aroused at the thought of Emily thrusting into me with it.

I pulled away from the kiss slightly and looked at her, seriously. Her face mirrored mine and our eyes locked.

"I want you to do me… like we did last night," I said. My voice dropped to a whisper as I finished, "I want you inside of me."

At first I thought she didn't hear me or she didn't understand. She was just looking back at me expressionless. I started to panic and was about to backpedal as she finally spoke.

"Are you sure?"

I was feeling less sure looking at her serious face. Was she not into it? Was it a stupid idea?

"I mean… I want to, but if you don't…"

"No," she said, cutting me off. "I want to. I really want to, but I'm…scared. What if I hurt you?"

"I trust you."

I smiled at her sweetly because it was true. I knew no matter how it felt or how scared I was that Emily would never do anything I didn't want and that her number one priority would be me. She'd keep me safe. She always did.

She searched my eyes again, making sure, thinking it over, and then broke out in this beautiful smile. She kissed me lightly and started to sit up.

"Stay right here."

I just nodded and watched her walk out of the room to the bathroom. That's where we had discarded the contraption after we were done with it. I knew she was going to put it on and the realization made my stomach knot. I was terrified but also almost shaking with anticipation. I was trembling. I had never used any kind of sex toy on myself. This was all completely new and as scared as I was, I couldn't help but be excited.

I sat up and pulled the oversized shirt I was wearing off over my head and laid back down, topless, in my boy briefs. I was literally lying there waiting for her to take me.

As she walked in she was blushing.

"I feel ridiculous in this thing," she admitted, smiling.

I couldn't help but smile back. It was odd looking if you stopped to think about it, but as I started to really look at it I realized it was also kind of sexy. I guess it was knowing what it was capable of that took some of the ridiculousness out of it. Just picturing it sliding inside of me made my silly smirk fade and my breath hitch. This was happening and I had no idea what to expect.

Emily noticed the shift too and came closer to the bed. I watched her and then remembered something.

"Go to my dresser. Top drawer."

My anatomy differed slightly from Emily's and she always marveled at how tight I was. I was wet. Really wet, but I knew I would need something to help ease the shaft inside. She grabbed the bottle of lube and started towards me. She sat the lube down and crawled on top of me. I could feel the toy between us.

She looked down into my eyes and asked, "You're sure?"

"Are you?"

We both had gotten so serious and after a moment she only responded with a kiss. A long, slow kiss that left me breathless with my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, I saw her starting to sit up. Now kneeling between my legs, she had positioned herself so she could see everything she was doing.

She reached forward and started moving my underwear off my body. Slowly, she tugged the garment off of me and threw it to the floor. She was breathing heavily and she still had a serious, concentrated look on her face. She put her hands on my knees and pulled them apart more, opening me completely to her.

She looked at me and took a deep breath, preparing herself. She seemed nervous, almost shaky. I had seen Emily in so many different undone states and yet here she was, nervous. Emily was never nervous and I had to admit it made it better somehow. It showed how much it meant to her too. It showed how much she cared.

She reached for the bottle of lube and squirted some in her hand still looking directly at me, willing me to watch what she was doing. She started moving her lubed hand all over the shaft, covering it with wetness. I swallowed hard, taking in the sight of her slowly caressing it, watching the liquid gob all over.

Then, she put more lube into the palm of her hand and dipped two fingers into it. She took her lubed fingers and slowly moved them to connect with my center. I shuddered at the sensation.

She moved up and down slowly, spreading the lube and my own wetness all around. Then, slowly she slipped both fingers inside of me. I gasped, "Em..."

Her usual aggressiveness and playfulness was gone. She had the same look on her face that she had had a million times at practice. She was set on the goal and concentrating on how to get there.

She was pumping in and out and I closed my eyes, getting so lost in the feeling. I had almost forgotten the object hanging from Emily's groin.

"Are you ready?"

My eyes opened to look at her.

"Slowly. Just go really slowly."

Looking at her, I realized she was more scared than I was. As she touched my thighs to position me where she needed me, I felt her trembling too.

She gripped the shaft and moved the tip right outside of my opening. She took a deep breath and we made eye contact as she pushed the head inside.

I squealed. Actually squealed.

She stayed focused and slowly slid in more and more. I was holding a breath that I didn't let go of until she was firmly inside of me. My eyes were closed but I knew she was watching me. I took a breath, reminding myself to relax and then opened my eyes.

She was looking me straight in the eye almost pleadingly, trying to get me to let her know if I was okay. I simply nodded and she got the message. I saw a hint of a smile and then, using her hand to keep the shaft inside, she moved on top of me, looking down between us to make sure everything stayed where it was supposed to.

It felt good. It was this pleasant pressure and I understood now what she meant about the fullness. Our breath mixed as we both breathed in and out heavily. We were so worked up, a mix of nerves and excitement. It almost felt like our first time.

Suddenly, she started moving her hips, thrusting the shaft into me. It caught me off guard as she hadn't really been moving before and I groaned. She didn't hesitate or pull back though. She just kept moving slowly, rocking gently back and forth, essentially stroking my insides. She was pumping me up, slowly filling this invisible pressure gauge inside of me.

As my body got used to the feeling and some of the discomfort subsided, the pleasure started to hit me more and more. I was getting off, but not enough. The thing inside of me was creating an ache and I needed more.

"Harder," I whispered, looking her in the eyes.

Without breaking eye contact she obliged. She started pumping faster and faster, thrusting forward harder, deeper. She picked up her pace and I started making more noise. She would move a certain way, thrust just so, and it felt so good. My mind was clearing, fogging over. All I could think about was the feeling. Doing it at that angle, at the same rhythm wasn't enough for long. I needed something else and Emily sensed it.

Slowly she pulled out and sat back on her heels. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. I realized looking into her eyes that she was turned on too. Really turned on. I knew just what to do to drive her to take me harder.

"Fuck me, Emily."

She inhaled sharply and abruptly grabbed me and pulled me by the thighs to her. When she had me where she wanted me, she took the wet head of the dildo and started rubbing it against my clit, rapidly stroking it. I couldn't contain my moaning.

Without warning she pushed back inside. My eyes popped open and I screamed.

"Fuck that feels so good."

Emily loved sex talk and as the words left my mouth she pushed in just the right way, at just the right angle, that the dildo hit the exact spot I needed it to. I grunted and my hands reached and fisted the unmade sheets beneath. Still, I started moving my hips, desperately trying to build up more friction. I opened my eyes and looked at Emily. She was looking down between us, watching her movements, watching our bodies meet in the middle. She now had her hands on my hips pulling me onto her more.

Her eyes were glazed over and her mouth was open. She was breathing heavily and the effort she was exerting was causing her to gleam with sweat. She was focused on one thing: fucking me.

I was so close, but I needed something else.

I unclenched my right hand and brought it to my center, using one finger to rub my clit.

We both cried out as I connected with myself.

I started tipping, falling over the edge. My noises came out in short, shallow gasps until with one hard thrust we both screamed. I clenched all over and pressed myself onto her more until I finally relaxed into the bed, breathless and gasping for air.

I swallowed hard and as I started to feel a little less shaky I opened my eyes to look at her. She was still inside but she was leaning forward now, on her knees, her arms by my sides, fists clenching the bed sheets. Her head was down and she was trying to catch her breath too.

"Emily," I said, still slightly breathless.


"Did you…"


With some noticeable effort she looked up at me, embarrassment showing on her face. I grinned and she shook her head, not just at me but at herself too. My perfect Emily.

She gently pulled out of me and reached to undo the straps, moving appropriately to take the harness off. When it was discarded, she crawled on top of me, our legs intertwining, our mouths meeting. We kissed lazily like that for a little while before she finally pulled back and looked at me. She was smiling again, sweetly looking at me. She reached up and brought her hand to cup my face.

"You're okay?"

My smile widened and I looked at her with complete adoration and contentment.

"I love you, Emily."

Without hesitation she whispered before leaning in to kiss me again, "I love you too, Paige."