Bella's point of view

I sighed with a smile as Edward's fingers gently trailed down my shoulders, trailing random shapes across my skin. His touch would send a wave of shivers through my entire body, just like the first day we had met.

At this moment, I really didn't want to move from Edward, I wanted to stay in this one spot for the rest of forever, but somehow I found the energy to shift away from him, sitting myself up.

His golden eyes flashed up to mine, making my frozen heart stir ever so slightly, just enough for a smile to tug at my lips. His arms came around my waist, pulling me back to his chest with a wanting look.

"Don't go," His sweet voice made my insides twist and warm.

I smiled in slight amusement. "We have to; Nessie will be coming home soon,"

Slowly Edward nodded, a slight reluctance touching his eyes, but his grip on me loosened, letting me free.

I leaned over, pecking him on the lips once more before sitting up, and dashing to our huge walk-in closet. I tossed him out some clothes, at the same time, getting on mine in seconds.

"Mom, dad, I'm home, you guys around?" Nessie's voice called out, along with the sound of the front door closing.

Quickly, I walked out of the closet, taking in Edward's dressed form in front of me, taking his hand as we walked out together.

"We're here," I spoke, smiling as I took in Nessie.

She walked to us with beauty and grace that filled me with an inner pride for my daughter. She was one of the most special things in my life; that I'd cherish forever. Even now when she was fully matured, now that she wasn't my little baby, she still was my everything.

"How was school today?" Edward asked watching between the both of us, a look of content on his face.

"It was alright, but now I understand what Jake meant, about wanting summer to come sooner," She chuckled, and pushed a piece of her bronze hair back from her face.

"School isn't too terrible, once you get used to the slow pace," Edward comforted.

"That's true, it isn't so bad; it's actually where I met your father,"

Nessie's eyes brightened at this, looking at Edward, then me, a mixture of curiousness on her expression.

"Really, that's what Jake told me, I just didn't know he was being serious,"

This didn't surprise me, Nessie and Jake were always together, and there was no doubt in my mind that they would be inseparable for the rest of their lives. As much as Edward and I both, didn't honestly like the idea of our little girl being taken from us, I could see the connection between them beginning in a more personal light.

We both saw it, it was only a matter of time, I was sure of this, but we didn't dare speak a word. She would tell us when she was good and ready.

"Are you hungry," I wondered, looking towards the kitchen, thinking of different things I could possibly make sure her.

Nessie paused, and slowly sat down on the couch, breathing in deeply, seeming to get very nervous, I could tell by the way she pinched the bridge of her nose, looking concentrated. I recognized Edward doing the same thing when something was annoying him.

"Nessie, what is it?" Edward wondered, watching after her, his eyes clouded in obvious concern.

She shook her head, embarrassment hinting in her eyes.

"It's just, kind of something that I wanted to talk with just mom about, if you know what I mean," She said quietly.

Edward paused looking between the two of us.

"Of course," He bent down slowly and kissed the top of her head, before turning to me, and pecking my cheek, before heading outside of the house, probably off for a walk to the meadow.

I took a seat now beside Nessie, patting her shoulder, hoping I could comfort her in any way that I could.

"What is it honey?"

She looked up at me seriously; her chocolate brown eyes beginning to take a sad look them.

"It's about, Jacob…"

I knew this day would be coming, I just wished that I would have been more prepared for this. What would I tell her? Should I let her know about the imprint now, or let that to be up to Jacob?

I nodded seriously. "What about him?"

"He is my best friend, that much I understand, but sometimes, I feel more for him, and I don't understand why, but I do,"

"There is nothing wrong with that Nessie," I said carefully.

She shook her head. "That's not the part that I'm having trouble with…"

"Then what else is wrong,"

"I kind of been having these same feelings for someone else," She spoke quietly, her eyes casting a look down to the ground, just for a second, I thought she was about to let some tears out.

Quickly I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her into a hug.

"That's ok, you know, there is no need to be upset," I soothed.

But in all honesty, I was confused myself. I didn't know it would be possible for Nessie to be able to love anyone except for Jacob. He was the one that imprinted on her, wouldn't that mean, that they were connected.

"No it's not, I don't want to hurt Jacob, and I don't want to hurt this other guy to… I mean, I don't know what their feelings are for me, but I just feel like this is my entire fault,"

I shook my head. "No, it's not your fault at all, you can't help who you fall in love with, and I suppose it's possible for you to love more than one person,"

"Have you ever loved more than one person?"

I bit back a painful look at her words, recalling the love triangle that I had been trapped in, when I was still human. It was almost embarrassing to look back in my human years when it came to Jacob. I had been such a fool; I made so many mistakes when it came to Jacob.

"Yes, I did, but it wasn't the kind of love I had for your father, it wasn't as strong, it wasn't unbreakable, it wasn't meant to be, right from the start, but I hadn't known that back then. But I know that now, that's all that's important."

"What did you do mom, how did you pick between them?" Nessie wondered, watching me.

"I realized who I couldn't live without, I realized who I loved the most, and decided that your father was the one that is, and always will be number one in my heart, no matter who else happens to step into my life. With only one exception,"

"Who's the exception?"

"My beautiful daughter," I smiled, and kissed her forehead.

She smiled at this as well, and hugged me once more, before letting me go, a thoughtful look on her face.

"I don't really know about who I wouldn't be able to live without, Jake has been here for more forever, but how I feel around this other guy… it's just something that I can't ignore…"

I thought about her words for just a second, letting myself relax further into the couch.

"Who is this other boy?" I wondered.

"This boy from my school… Xavier," She said, and I watched as her eyes lit up at the boy's name.

My daughter was interested in a human, this would be a little dangerous, for both our family, and for this boy… but I wasn't one to stand in the middle of the possibility of love… no one did when it was Edward and I.

I wanted Nessie to be happy, and if this meant that she was to get close to a human, then I was willing to trust her. I just wasn't sure if Edward was going to love this idea.

"Interesting, well, Nessie, all I can say, is follow your heart, do what feels right,"

She smiled at me for a moment, before standing up.

"Thanks for talking with me mom,"

"Any time, now, did you want to grab something to eat?" I wondered, and with that Edward came walking back in, a calm expression on her face.

But there was no doubt in my mind; that he had been listening to the whole conversation.

"Nah, I'm supposed to be meeting up with Jake down at La Push for dinner,"

I nodded, smiling as Edward came to my side, wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Be careful," Edward warned her seriously.

Nessie rolled her eyes to the ceiling with an amused smile.

"I'll be fine dad; I'll be home later tonight,"

"Alright, have fun, be back before ten please," I said as she walked towards the front door.

"Will do, later," She called out to us, and then walked out the door, heading for the ruby red BMW that sat in the driveway.

It had been her gift, for her 17th birthday, and just like Edward she enjoyed driving as fast as sanely possible. But, like me, if anyone else was driving her somewhere, she would be a bit nervous as to how fast they were going.

Edward now turned to me, his hand cupping my cheek, his eyes searching mine for a second before he spoke.

"I worry about her," He admitted, his arms getting a tighter hold around me, as he pulled me closer to his chest.

I nodded in agreement, relaxing into his arms. "I worry to,"

"Are you sure it would be a good idea, to let her harvest feelings for a human,"

I sighed. "If it's what makes her happy, why stand in her way?"

"It's fairly dangerous though, and if Jacob finds out, could you imagine the problems that might come up?"

I shook my head, not wanting to hear this.

"Edward, did your family tell you it was dangerous to fall in love with me, and weren't you told, this could bring up issues with the wolves?"

He slowly nodded, his lips planting sweet kisses up my neck.

"That's right, and I did my best to fight it,"

"But you couldn't, because it was love, no matter what we try to do, nothing can stop love if it's meant to be Edward, we might as well sit back, and just be here for our daughter when she needs us,"

Edward paused in his tender kisses, looking back in my eyes before kissing my lips with a passion that sent shivers rolling down my spine.

"You're absolutely right love,"

For a moment, all I could respond to was his gorgeous smile that slide on his face as he watched me.

Again I had to remind myself that this wasn't a dream, this really was my life being perfect for a change. Everything was unbelievably perfect, and this was how I hoped it would stay. Forever.

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