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~Nessie's Pov~

As I pulled into the driveway, I smiled, watching as Jake came jogging out, a smile dancing its way onto his face as he saw me.His dark brown eyes traveled to my face as I parked my car, and hopped out.

"Hey Ness," He waved walking joyously over to me and pulling me up into a warm hug.

My insides tingled at the contact as I hugged him back, letting a smile stay on my face, laughing a bit at his eager expression. This was one of my favorite places to be, in Jacob's arms. Everything felt right here, ever since I had been young, it's always felt like this. He was my best friend.

"Hey Jake, what's up," I said as we slowly pulled apart from each other.

"I've been waiting for you to show up, what kept ya?"

I tried not to react to his words, a pinch of anxiety bouncing in my stomach as I recalled my conversation with my mom. This wasn't something that I wanted Jacob to know about, I'm afraid it would hurt him.

"Sorry, I just was having a talk with my mom,"

He raised a brow, as if feeling my nervousness. "What did you talk about?"

"School stuff,"

"Oh, you worried about the finals coming up to?"

Relief filled me for a second, and I was able to smile again.

"Yeah, I've been studying like mad,"

Jake surprised me for a second as his arm came around, patting my back, which also nudged me a little closer to him. I could feel his gentle breathing against me, and for a second I let my thoughts wonder a little.

"Nessie, you're the smartest girl I know, you'll do great," He comforted.

I could feel my face turning pink now, as my cheeks got warm.

"Thanks Jake,"

He chuckled, watching my face with delight, and amusement.

"Your so much like your mom," He shook his head, watching me.

Everyone would tell me this, even grandpa Charlie would tell me that I was just like my mom. Well, they had said, my personality was more like my mom, but I looked more like my dad.

I shook my head shyly at this, and gave him a light punch on the shoulder.

"Yeah, I know, now come on, I thought we were going out to eat," I grinned.

"Alright, where do you want to go?" Jake smiled; leading me over to his old rabbit.

I thought about this for a minute before answering, "How about that new diner around here, Charlie said it was really good,"

Jacob nodded, "It is pretty good, I can't get Billy wheeled out of their without at least getting a piece of cherry pie to go,"

I laughed at that, and got into the car, watching as Jake slide in, messing around with the radio for a second, before pulling out, and beginning down the road into the little reservation of La Push.

It was getting closer to the warm seasons, summer was on the way, that much was clear, Jake kept all the window down as we drove, with just a bit of country music floating out through the radio.

To me, this was the meaning of pure bliss. Being here with Jake, just cruising along, without a worry or fear in the world, it was my happy place. Everything was just so easy with Jacob, effortless, just like breathing.

A peaceful silence was kept up between us for the whole ride, there really was nothing that needed to be said, the feelings that where floating around us, spoke volumes.

But sadly, this little bit of heaven ended as we pulled into the parking lot of the diner. Surprisingly, the parking lot was almost completely full. This place really must be as popular as they say.

Jacob and I nicely made our way inside, and I closed my mouth quickly, taking in the smell of human blood, my throat burning like wild fire down my throat. It was the kind of pain that I could ignore easily, but today, I don't think I was as prepared as I normally was. There was just so many of them, all together, in this hot little building.

"Ness, are you ok," Jake spoke noticing my pained expression. "We can go somewhere else,"

I shook my head tightly. "No, I'm fine,"

I wasn't going to ruin this date, this meant a lot to Jake, I could tell, and this did mean a lot to me. It was going to be our first official date, it was just the two of us, none of my family was here, and none of his pack was here.

"Are you sure," He wondered, reluctantly leading me to a table in the back of the diner, where luckily was a fan, and a window pushed down ever so slightly.

I sat down at the table, turning my head towards the window for a second, taking in a deep breath of fresh air, which helped out tremendously.

"I'm positive, now sit down, before I change my mind," I teased gently.

Jacob smiled slightly, and took his seat right across from me, watching me with a steady gaze. I couldn't help the blanket of blush that filled my cheeks as I kept my eyes firmly on him.

There wasn't anywhere that I would rather be right now, everything was just perfect when I was with Jake, and it felt right.

But at the very edge of my thoughts there was a feeling, it was small, but it did get my attention everyone once in a while. It wasn't a feeling that I was familiar with; there was almost no words to describe it.

It almost felt like I was… trapped by the feelings I had for Jacob. Like how I feel didn't come from my heart, it felt like everything I felt for him, was coming from a whole other being, it wasn't my heart, or even my head, that told me I cared for Jacob, it was something underneath the surface of me. I just didn't know what it was.

While on the other hand, my heart holds feelings for Xavier. When I'm around the both of them, I feel the same way. It's the same intensity, and it confuses me so much, because I don't know who I want to be with.

All that I knew, was right now, it was Jacob that I should be focusing on, no one else. It's time to enjoy my time with him, and not think about anyone else.

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