Author's Note: SEQUEL TO Portrait of the Kazekage. Will not make sense without reading the first story.

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More Memories To Come


Kankuro came upstairs to find his father standing across the room from the bed, looking at a sepia photograph of his mother. It had never been lovelier, surrounded as it was now by flowers sent by people wishing Yondaime a swift recovery. Kankuro thought they should start leaving flowers by his mother's picture all the time. The photograph had always been there, in a humble bronze frame. A subtle reminder of his mother's presence lingering here, in this bedroom.

There were probably many nights that his mother and father spent the time doing what he and Kankuro did now: comforting each other, loving each other with kisses and words, and sometimes more.

"How do you feel?" Kankuro asked quietly. He hadn't knocked, but then, his father no longer expected him to.

His father turned to him with a smile, a manufactured one that didn't match the sadness in his eyes. "Well enough."

Kankuro crossed the room with a soft sigh. "Come on," he coaxed. "How do you really feel?"

"You know how I feel about parting by now," Yondaime said. He looked into Kankuro's eyes. "How I feel about goodbyes. I loathe them. I didn't walk Jiraiya to the door like Baki did because I was afraid I would cry."

That was a huge confession coming from a man who had been totally closed off to a discussion of his emotions a month ago.

"I know it's hard, but I have to go make you proud of me," Kankuro said. "I want to come back a chunin."

A chunin in ninja society had real privileges. The right to consume alcohol, the right to rent a hotel room…and the right to choose one's career path. He needed that. He needed that option so he could put in to be his father's bodyguard. After Chounin's death, there was an empty space waiting to be filled anyway. Kankuro wanted that space. Even if it meant long hours of training with Shimeru, who was still grieving over his partner's death. Bodyguards bonded with each other, especially when they were partnered off, and Shimeru had been Chounin's partner for seventeen years.

Yondaime brought Kankuro out of his preoccupation by cupping his son's face and planting a gentle kiss on Kankuro's forehead. "I'm already proud of you." Then he pressed an equally gentle kiss to Kankuro's lips.

Kankuro moaned faintly and wrapped his arms around his father's neck, clinging. He didn't want to be separated from his father for a whole two weeks. He'd barely managed two days. And right after his father had almost died fighting Orochimaru…It was too soon.

But he had to go in the morning, or lose his chance of coming back a chunin.

He pressed into the kiss, mouthing his father's lips, drinking in the warmth and softness. Then he pulled back and smiled. "You feel well enough to do something?"

Yondaime blushed. "Well…" He looked away, towards the bed. "I feel up to something. I just don't know if it will be sex. I could spank you, though." He glanced at Kankuro hopefully.

The matter-of-fact way his father said that made Kankuro blush. "Why don't you…" He almost choked on the words. His bluntness seemed to vanish when Yondaime startled him like this. "Why don't you spank me while I'm going down on you? Cause I'd like to do that. And I bet doing those things at the same time would be pretty hot."

His father's blush deepened. "Okay."

Kankuro glanced down and saw his father's physical reaction. He pulled his father into his arms and slipped a hand between them, rubbing Yondaime's erection through the black martial arts pants.

Yondaime moaned and trembled.

Kankuro was reminded of his father's chakra exhaustion. Usually, his father wouldn't tremble like that. He gathered his father into his arms and laid his father down on the bed, climbing on top and settling over his father's slender body. His father seemed more vulnerable than ever. He molded their lips together in quick, tender kisses, shifting until their erections brushed each other.

His father moaned deeply. He broke the kiss to breathe. "Kankuro…"

Kankuro stroked his father's sides and kissed down his father's neck, nuzzling, savoring his father's aliveness. "I was scared," he whispered against the soft skin of his father's neck. "Really scared. I was afraid I was going to lose you for like, four hours there earlier today. Please don't make me scared like that again."

"I won't," Yondaime said, husky. "I'll be very careful from now on."

Kankuro moaned and mouthed his father's skin. "You better." He sucked gently, drawing a gasp and a soft moan from his father's parted lips, and slowly worked down, until he was situated between his father's legs. He undid the frog buttons of Yondaime's martial arts jacket with quick fingers. "Get this off."

Yondaime complied, pulling his martial arts jacket off with wide eyes. He dumped it over the side of the bed in a crumpled heap.

"Now your shirts," Kankuro whispered. "I want to see those nipples."

His father blushed deeply, his face turning crimson and his eyes doe-like with shyness. He pulled his layered shirts off over his head and lay back, shifting a little under Kankuro's scrutiny.

Kankuro grinned. "After all this time, you're still shy? Well, I'll love you out of that." He lowered his head and kissed the nipple on his left, slowly licking.

Yondaime's breath hitched in a moan.

Kankuro trailed his hand down his father's side, feeling warm skin, taunt muscle, and the faint outline of ribs. "That's right. Take it in. I love you, and I'm never going to stop."

A sighing moan passed from his father's lips, and Yondaime fell limp, head tilted back. Kankuro kept kissing and licking his father's nipples gently until he felt his father's trapped erection twitching. He raised his head and looked at his father softly. "Off with the pants."

He shifted over to kneel at his father's side.

Yondaime squirmed out of his pants and underwear, revealing a shining erection. A bead of moisture glistened on his tip.

"Well, isn't that inviting?" Kankuro smiled coyly and leaned over, lowering his mouth onto the tip of his father's erection, sucking off the moisture gently.

His father quivered. "Kankuro…"

"Mm?" Kankuro licked up, and then lowered his mouth back down, taking his time. This would be the last time for two weeks that he would be able to be with his father this way. The time it took to go to Konoha, complete the first section of the Chunin Exam, and come home.

His father responded by patting his bottom with one hand and then squeezing, massaging Kankuro's backside through his pajama pants.

Kankuro sucked in his breath, his mouth tightening around his father's erection at the same time. "Mm!" He squirmed, pressing back into his father's touches.

His father slid his pants and boxers down in response, revealing Kankuro's bottom, but catching on his erection in front. Selective nudity. Kankuro moaned on his father's erection, his face heating up. One hand came forward to cup Yondaime's length and steady himself. "Yes…Dad…"

Yondaime moaned and stroked Kankuro's bottom with slender, gentle fingers, driving Kankuro crazy. Warm tingles shot through him, making him leak helplessly. He could hardly concentrate on what he was doing.

Kankuro stifled whimpers against his father's erection, licking and sucking to the best of his ability while he was so distracted.

His father let out a surprised cry of his own. Kankuro felt his father's hips tremble, and then go still as his father forced himself not to move.

Kankuro panted. He was shaky now, too. One of his father's fingertips stroked a maddening line down to his entrance, teasing and stroking. Pure arousal flashed through him, making his erection twitch and burn. "Ah…Tousan…" He tilted his head up for air, gasping, and then took his father in halfway, sucking and mouthing in an attempt to siphon some of the pleasure back into his father.

His father swatted him lightly on the rear, startling him. He jerked, back arching, his nipples suddenly achingly hard. Kankuro moaned and sucked longingly, moving his head up and down, sliding Yondaime's length in and out of his mouth.

Yondaime swatted him again.

Kankuro moaned deeply. It was like a game. He would do something to escalate the action, and his father would spank him as if in punishment, a light swat that made tingles explode across his bottom, and his skin burn. The aspect of pretend punishment for some reason turned Kankuro on.

It seemed like no time and an eternity in this place of mutually teasing each other, until Kankuro succumbed and came, overwhelmed. His father was close, but he felt like he was melting. He pulled his mouth off of his father's erection and collapsed, his head cradled on his father's thigh. "Tousan…"

His father ran fingers through his hair, and Kankuro couldn't find it in him to protest. Usually, he didn't like it when people touched his head. The caresses quickly ran down to Kankuro's back. Kankuro heaved a sigh of relaxation.

They lay there for a few minutes, Kankuro receiving caresses and whispered words of comfort. Kankuro recovered enough to see without a silvery haze across his vision, and he could feel his body again. "What do we do next? I want to make you come…"

"Let's do something special," Yondaime whispered. "Tie my wrists."

"What?" Kankuro was startled. He raised his head.

"There are tasuki in the second drawer of my dresser." Yondaime nodded at the dresser, and gave Kankuro a soft smile. "I like it when I can't move my arms to protect myself. I need no protection from you. You are my protection."

Kankuro flushed, feeling warm. "Okay, Dad." He smiled at his father and climbed off the bed. When he opened the second drawer, the tasuki were neatly folded, coiled. He took out a couple of white tasuki and closed the drawer, crossing the room to his father. He stood at the edge of the bed and leaned over, tying his father's wrists carefully. Then he tied the other end of the first tasuki to one bedpost, and finished the job by walking all the way around to the other side of the bed, doing the same thing.

"Is this good?" he asked.

Yondaime nodded. "Very good."

Kankuro grinned. "What do you want me to do with you? Suck on you? Stroke you until you come? Have sex with you?"

"I want you to finish what you were doing," Yondaime said softly. "So I get to feel your beautiful mouth."

Warmth fluttered in Kankuro's chest, and his cheeks grew warm. "Okay." He was never going to get used to the compliments. His father's sincerity struck him through every time. "I'll do that."

He climbed back on the bed and settled between his father's legs, grasping his father's erection with both hand and cupping it. Without his father's spanking as a distraction, he could take his time and do this properly. He took his father into his mouth deeply and slowly, savoring his father inch by inch.

His father moaned loudly and arched his back, throwing his head back with a gasp.

Kankuro looked up at his father's face through his eyelashes and thought he'd never seen anything so beautiful: his father's coral pink lips parted, pale skin flushed, dark eyelashes fanned against his cheeks, softly spiky auburn hair alternately swept back against the white satin pillow and falling over his father's forehead damply.

Keeping his eyes on his father's face, Kankuro licked up his father's length and teased the leaking tip with his tongue, tasting allspice and mango; tanginess, sweetness, muskiness.

Yondaime came with a choked off sigh and a moan, then a shuddering, full-throated whimper.

Kankuro carefully cleaned him up, filled with a sense of tenderness and responsibility.

Afterwards, they lay in each other's arms, Kankuro's head nestled on his father's chest. Their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly.

"As lovely as it is, I don't want this to be the last memory I have of you," Yondaime said, his voice still husky from their activities.

"We're going to make many more memories to come," Kankuro assured his father. "We're both going to live until we're good and old, and then we're going to die together, in each other's arms." He would have it no other way. "We're going to look back on a broad life, and we're going to be happy with what we've done. And then we're going to be content."

He pressed a kiss to his father's lips. "Very content."

Yondaime slipped his hand into Kankuro's, their fingers entwining.