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X-x-x-xx-x Long Awaited – chapter 1: Something old and something new x-x-x-x-x

The sun shone through the open window and bathed the library in warm light. Harry Potter snapped the book in front of him shut. Outside of the castle the world was peaceful and calm. He could still not believe it that he was not chased anymore.

Voldemort was dead.


Only a week ago Harry had finally managed to meet Tom Riddle in a duel and had come out as the victor. Voldemort's plan had been raiding Hogsmeade while the students were visiting the village. The dark wizard had started a very dark ritual that should have not only killed Harry but also given the young wizard's magic to Voldemort due to their connection.

But Harry's luck struck again. The ritual should have been perfect. They had shared a mind connection. They were both heir of the founders. They even shared their blood (due to Voldy's resurrection ritual at the third task). The only chance, Harry had to survive and to throw the ritual back at the Dark Lord, had been very small. He had to be pure in magic, soul and body.

The last one had been easy. Harry despite being an attractive young wizard was still a virgin. He had never had the time to explore this side of life. The other purity he had gained just days before. He had found his animal side at Christmas and had just managed the transformation for the first time.

He was a phoenix. A storm phoenix to be precise, one of the purest magical creatures of the world. The transformation had hurt, because it had cleansed his soul and magic and freed him of any foreign magics. Including the family curse on his bad eyes and Voldemort's soul piece in his scar.

Protected by his virginity and his freshly cleaned soul and magic Harry had thrown his complete power against the shackles and his tormentor. The magical explosion had engulfed the entire area from the ritual place between the Shrieking Shack and the forest to the village and had almost reached Hogwarts. As the air had cleared again Tom Marvolo Riddle was history. In the ritual circle only the remains of the once most feared dark lord and two exploded wands had been found. Every wizard and witch in the perimeter of a few miles had to fight slightly with the magical backlash. Harry had been in a magical coma for a few days.

When he had woken up the day before, he had found a whole collection of presents and cards beside his bed between them even a voucher for a custom made wand. After Madam Pomfrey had released him, he had listened to the recap of events from Hermione and Ron and in the evening the new minister Kingsley Shacklebolt had managed to make an impromptu visit along with speech, celebration and the presentation of the Order of Merlin First Class. Kingsley had explained that this was the minimum of what would be expected. The older wizard knew Harry well enough to keep the pomp and drama as small as possible and assured him that his animagus form had been registered discretely.


The green-eyed youth sighed and put the book back on the shelf. He had to meet Dumbledore in half an hour where he would be collected by a professor to accompany him to Diagon Alley for a new wand. The exams were in two weeks and he would need a new wand. Especially because he repeated a few OWLs. He had studied Ancient Runes and Arithmancy on his own and with Hermione's notes and the help of a very old portrait. He was confident to pass them well enough to get entrance to the new but still unknown subjects next term. And after another additional exam about the sixth year stuff he might be able to take classes with his year mates.

Slowly he walked to the headmaster's office. The halls were empty. The students were still in their classes. Harry had been excused as he was still a bit exhausted and he didn't have a wand yet. Not that he needed one now. The ritual had not simply backfired. Instead of ripping him of his magic he had gained Tom's power to his own. He could do most things without a wand now.

The young man was thrown out of his thoughts as the gargoyle in front of the office cleared his stony throat.

"Sorry. Maoam." Harry shook his head wondering where Dumbledore always found the sweets for his passwords.

"Ah, Harry, come in, come in. How are you feeling?" The old wizard smiled at his young student. He would never have to worry about him going evil. A phoenix no matter which kind could not go evil – even when Harry did not seek him out anymore.

"I'm fine, sir." Harry replied tonelessly and declined the offered sherbet lemon.

"Ah, I should have known. Fawkes does not like them either. But we don't want to keep Professor Snape waiting. You will take the floo in my office to the Leaky Cauldron. I assume you have your voucher?"

Harry sighed, but nodded. Snape in addition to the floo could not end well. The door behind him opened and the potion master stepped in.

"Ah Severus, punctual as ever. I won't keep you any longer. Have a good trip." Dumbledore shooed them towards the fireplace and the older wizard flood first. Harry sighed again and bid the headmaster goodbye before he followed.

He was prepared to fall out of the chimney as usual, but strong arms caught him.

"Gracious as ever, Potter." Snape sneered, but his tone held no malice.

"Thanks, sir. Is there a trick to learn?" Harry sighed again.

"Start walking before the floo network throws you out. Your mother, too, did not like the floo." Snape answered surprisingly. He started walking while he was speaking and Harry was not sure if he had not imagined the advice.

"Potter, we don't have all day!"

"Yes, sir." Harry hurried along.


They went directly to Ollivander's. The wand maker congratulated him on his victory but did not dwell on it. A custom-made wand meant that he had to find the components with his magic. And so he stood in the centre of the work room and let his magic pull him towards the items. In the end he did not have one kind of wood and one core, but two woods and four cores. Finally an emerald that he could not figure out.

"Er... Did I anything wrong?" Harry asked uncertainly, staring at the items. A feather of a storm phoenix and a fire phoenix. His old and own ones to be precise, which had been in his bag, the hairs of a thestral and a unicorn.

Ollivander beamed.

"Oh that's quite all right. It won't become a wand. It will be a staff. But no worry, a staff likes to shrink. They always have two forms. The staff and a wand, so you would still need a wand holster. I will get you a book in addition to your staff for the care and proper handling. And now shoo, come back in the evening."

The old wizard pushed them out of his shop and closed it behind them.

"That was weird. Even for Ollivander..." Harry muttered.

"Indeed. It seems we have time to spend. The headmaster instructed me to wait with you for your wand, Potter. So you will accompany me to the alchemist and to the Leaky Cauldron for lunch."

"May I go to Gringotts and Florish and Blotts, too?"

"Very well."

Their first stop was Gringotts. Harry did not stop at a teller, but walked directly over to certain goblin.

"Hello Griphook, did you looked into it?"

Griphook nodded and waved both wizards over into his office where he just pointed to the seats and pulled several files out of his shelves.

"Lord Potter-Black, your accounts were quite surprising and your offer even more. Your request was granted and I immediately buckled down to the task. Your new home is finished, furnished and warded." Griphook took a small chest out of his drawer and handed it over.

Severus stood in the back and listened with a stoic face but rapt attentively.

"This chest is connected to your new post box. All of your mail will be sent to us and we will forward it after thorough checks. Only owls that are keyed into your ward will reach you directly, no howlers and no cursed letters. Simply touch the inside of the top of the chest with your wand and state the sender. Your Gringott card, will work in both worlds and the key for your new home is also a portkey. The passwords for now are home and bank. As you are in the company today I think everything else can wait. Do you wish to visit your trust vault?"

Harry shrank the wooden chest and stored everything in his pockets. The card in his wallet.

The cart ride down to his vault was made without Harry's silent shadow. Snape had told him that he would wait in the entrance.


"So... What can you tell me about the new classes, sir?" Harry tried to question politely on their way to the apothecary.

"Not much. In the information lies a spell that prevents talking about the subjects to someone who did not have the introduction at the end of their sixth year." The current defence professor answered surprising Harry once again with his neutral tone.

"The introduction will take place the evening before the leaving feast." Severus supplied and ended the topic effectively.

The two men ate a small lunch in the Leaky Cauldron, stopped by Florish and Blotts where both of them purchased a few new books, in Eyelops Harry bought a few things for Hedwig.

Finally, after they had come out of the apothecary Harry could not take it anymore and asked if the professor would mind a visit to his new home.

"When did you have the opportunity to purchase and decorate a house, Potter?" Snape glanced at the display in front of him.

"During the Easter holiday via owls, letters and drawings of the house. Charmed to be only read by Griphook and with protections in parseltongue. Did you know that the best protective and healing spells are all in parsel magic?"

"You imbecile, the Dark Lord was adept in parseltongue." Snape sneered.

"Not true. Behind the chamber of secrets is the private study of Salazar with a working portrait of all four founders. Voldy had never passed the blood test to pass the wards. While he was a descendant of Slytherin, he was not his heir. The Gaunts were from a banned line, disowned in the time of the split of the founders. Salazar had never left Hogwarts. They had only thrown out the disowned nephew. They did not lose the ability to speak, but they could not longer read parsel script. The rest of the events were lost in history and had been often translated wrongly. Lady Ravenclaw was very angry about this." Harry explained grinning.

"So you are a real heir of Slytherin." Severus raised an eyebrow. Harry nodded and pulled out his key. He looked questioningly at the older wizard. Severus stared at it for a second, but touched it as a sign of approval. Harry took a deep breath and said "home". Immediately he felt the pulling at his navel.

It was the first time he did not fall on the ground while travelling by portkey and the sight that greeted him was definitely worth the discomfort.

It was exactly like his drawings. A charming but small manor with a round tower stood proudly over the rest of the manor. A Muggle letter box was installed on the stone fence that surrounded his property the pathway to the front door was lined with roses and other flowers. The courtyard led to a garage.

"Welcome to Emerald Lair." Harry smiled, excited and led his potions master towards his new home.

"You are only able to enter because you came with me and I welcomed you to my home. The property is unplotable and under a modified fidelius."

Harry knew he was a bit rude by walking ahead and inspecting the inside without paying attention to the potions master but he was too curious.

In the entrance hall, he found his drawings and the goblins managed to follow it to a T. From the main structure right up to the flowers in the garden. Living room, kitchen, storage room, dining room and as he called it hobby room, with his art supplies and his piano. In the basement a potions lab, storage rooms, a workroom, an indoor pool and gym as well trainings room, on the next floor were a guest room, a bathroom and several unused rooms, his own bedroom and bathroom were in the tower over his study and the huge library that filled nearly the whole tower.

Severus had stopped by the drawings after inspecting the potions' lab. He had to admit he would organise it the same way and the drawings in the living room and entrance pointed to Harry as source. The drawings were quite good as well.

"Adequate work, Potter." He commented curtly as the young man came back into the living room.

Harry nodded, smiling and walked through the patio door in the dining room outside onto the patio and into the backyard. It was a big space behind the house. A Quidditch pitch, a greenhouse, a small lake and other gardens found their place. The whole property was in different warm colours and you could feel at ease at once. Severus himself would not mind living here.

"And how do you plan to maintain this while you are in school most of the year?" He inquired with a slight sarcastic tone.

"Winky and Dobby. They wanted back to a family before their own magic consumes their lives. It took a while before I could convince Hermione, why house-elves don't want to be free and I'm not sure that she got it." Harry rolled his eyes, "usually it would be polite to offer tea but I'm afraid that I'm not stocked yet."

"Indeed, give your elves a shopping list. They can go shopping for you. When they are bonded to you they can get money out of your vaults. Are you planning on staying with your relatives till your birthday or are you going to hide beforehand?"

Harry snorted and muttered that a certain meddling ancient wizard would like to keep him at the Dursleys.

"We should go back to Ollivander."

Harry nodded and activated the Portkey taking them back to Gringotts.

X-x-x-x-x chapter 1 end x-x-x-x-x

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