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The Girl I Love


D.B. Cooper

Chapter Four

How I Saved Beth Greene

It was night, two or three in the morning. We were in the woods and I was on guard duty with T-Dog. I knew T-Dog's real name was Theodore Douglas, but I never called him that. We were standing there trading stories about the closest times we'd almost been bitten. So as not to attract walkers, we just talked in whispers.

"A walker crawled out from underneath a car while I was siphoning gas out of it. I was almost done when it grabbed my ankle. It startled me so much that I fell backward and pissed myself. I had to change my pants so no one would see."

I looked at him and laughed, "Really? Why did you . . . you know, do that?"

T-Dog grinned. "It can happen when you're scared or in a bad situation. A lot of soldiers have done it in battle."

I was still laughing when I saw movement, "Walker!" I realized that I had attracted it by laughing.

T-Dog took his bat and smacked it in the head. There was something behind him. "Oh no! There's more!" I yelled.

One minute we had been fine, the next a horde of walkers were in camp. There must have been at least twenty of them. Adrenaline pumped through me. Without a thought, I leaped on top of the green Hyundai in a single bound. Then I aimed my Beretta at the first walker, and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened! I pulled it again and still nothing. 'Why isn't my gun firing? Is it jammed?' Panic flew through me. The closest walker was less than three feet from the car and coming right toward me. My hand started to reach for my Browning before I realized that I hadn't turned the safety off. I clicked it and started firing. I killed the walker that was closest to me first. Five more walkers went down in quick succession.

I heard screaming. I turned, Beth was down and a walker was on top of her! She was trying to fight but its mouth was inches from her face. I aimed carefully so as not to hit Beth. My first shot went high, but the second shot hit it in the head. The walker fell down on top of her and she was still screaming. I turned back and swept the area again with my gun. Daryl had already killed three more with his crossbow and T-Dog was beating one with his baseball bat. My Dad, Glenn, Maggie, Mom, and Hershel were there too. I shot one more walker that was advancing on T-Dog and looked around to make sure the coast was clear. Not seeing anymore walkers, I jumped down and ran to Beth to make sure she was all right.

"Were you bitten, were you scratched?" I asked, panic in my voice.

She had already pushed the walker off of her and I helped her to her feet. "No I'm fine." Beth looked at me like I was a hero. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I got an erection when she did. "Thank you Carl, you saved my life. I don't know how to thank you."

I could have thought of a few ways, but I knew not to say them. Instead I just nodded, "It was nothing. You would have done the same for me. Don't worry about it."

"You're my hero Carl. I'll never forget this."

Hershel was there too, "What happened to your gun?"

"I . . . I must have left it in the tent. I heard T-Dog yelling and I just got up and came outside. Then it jumped me from behind. Oh dad, I was so scared." Beth said and hugged her father, a tear running down her face.

"I guess I was pretty dumb, huh?"

"Yeah, you were," I said as Beth rolled her eyes. A sign that I knew that meant she was exasperated. "I didn't say it to be mean, just remember your gun the next time."

Beth nodded, "I will. It was a stupid thing to do Carl. It won't happen again."

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay." I would have liked to kiss her again, but I was too shy. Instead I hugged her again. Now more than ever, I realized that I loved her.