This is based off of "Alice in Wonderland". I used "Haruhi in Wonderland" from Ouran High School Host Club and "Ciel in Wonderland" from Black Butler.

Most stories that are going to be about a mystery or a horror ghost story starts out on a cold gloomy rainy day. Most stories that are going to be about love, friendships, and that sort of stuff, starts out on a beautiful sunny day. But this story may start out like the other stories but it is not like the others. This story starts out in Ikebukuro, a city filled with mystery and interesting people. A group of friends are out joining each other company, restaurants' workers hands out flyers trying to gather customers, urban legends show themselves on the streets in the night, and enemies plot against one another.

There is one person in Ikebukuro, that is a little lost in his ways. His name is Mikado Ryugamine. Mikado has come to Ikebukuro to attend Rida Academy with his childhood friend. This boy is your average teenage high school boy. Nothing is very exciting about him, or so you think. There are many things that people hide from the rest of the world.

Mikado collects his school things into his messenger bag. He gets into his school uniform. He leaves his apartment and goes to school like another day.

Mikado passes many people on the street. Mikado can hear the strong booming Russian voice from Simon Brezhnev. The sushi restaurant comes into view. There is the black Russian standing outside his sushi restaurant. He is handing out flyers to people who pass by.

"Come buy sushi. Sushi is good." Simon tells people as they walk by.

Mikado walks by quickly. He gets to the end of the street, and waits with other people wanting to cross the street. An olive greenish color van stops at the red light. The walk signal turns on. The pedestrians cross the street. Mikado hurries across and continues his way to school.

"I-ZA-YAAA!" Someone shouts way off in the distance. Mikado stops dead in his tracks. He knows who that is. Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara are fighting again, and Mikado wants to makes sure that he avoids them at all cost.

For someone who never been to the city before, it is a very strange and busy place. Everyone is hustling and bustling around. For Mikado, it takes time to adjust to city life. With the help of his childhood friend it is easier to adjust to the new lifestyle.

He turns the corner and can see the school building. Suddenly a loud whinny of a horse comes out of nowhere. Mikado turns, just in time, to see the Black Rider zoom by on his pitch-black motorcycle.

At that moment, Mikado noticed he was trembling. It wasn't because he was scared. Mikado was because he was moved. He'd seen something amazing. Here, in this city, he'd experienced something he couldn't even have dreamed of. He felt as if an unbelievable reality that he could never reach was unfolding before his eyes. Mikado was trembling at the feeling that a new reality had begun for him.

The young teen takes after the mysterious rider. Somehow he was able to keep up with him. It was almost like the rider wants Mikado know where he is going. Mikado rounds the corner to see the Black Rider take off his helmet. Mikado's eyes get wide at what he sees that the rumors about the Black Rider are true. The Black Rider has no head. He opens a door in an old run down brick building. The Black Rider disappears inside.

Mikado's heart races in his chest. Mikado swallows. He slowly walks up to the door. He takes a deep breath and opens the door into some unknown world.