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Fuck my life.

I huffed as the teacher tossed my quiz onto my desk. Another "B"! My mother is going to kill me! I rushed to Miss Laning's desk. "Miss. Lanning! There has to be a way I can make this an "A"! My mother won't be happy!"

My teacher slightly frowned. "I'm sorry Cleopatra, but I can't change a grade. Study harder next time."

Study harder! I studied for three entire hours! But I subtly smiled and walked away, slapping the cursed paper on the desk. "Ugh!" I growled.

I shoved a piece of my black hair behind my ear. My friend Annie smiled encouragingly at me. But... it doesn't help.


I threw my backpack onto the suede couch, and yelled, "Mother!"

I heard a yelp and a bump over my head. Whoops...I scared Grammy again... I quickly raced up the stairs. "Grammy?" I called. I walked into her room, to see her standing as still as a rock, on her bed. I waved my hand in front of her amber eyes, only for them to remain cloudy, with no reaction.

"Oh, I scared her into a Time Blast..." I murmured.

You see, my family has been time-traveling for as long as I can remember. It runs through our blood. Although, sometimes it skips generations. I, myself, hope I don't have the gene. I just want to have a normal life as an archaeologist, my dream job. I'm now fifteen, and my sixteenth birthday is coming up. We know if we are chosen for the Journey on our sixteenth birthdays.

My mom is at work until six, so I might be lucky and have some free time before I'm grounded for like-life. I decide on watching some Doctor Who. I grab a coke from the fridge and plop on the couch.
I was just getting to the part where the Doctor realizes who he really is, a TimeLord when I hear the door open and shut. Uh-oh.
"How was your day at school honey?" My mom asked when she walks into the room, plopping down next to me.

"Um...okay. But I got a "B" on Miss Laning's quiz." I mumbled.

"YOU WHAT?!" My mother shouted.

"...Got a "B"...?" I said cheekily.

My mother's frown got even deeper, if that's possible. "DON"T BE CHEEKY WITH ME! WHAT WOULD YOUR FATHER HAVE SAID?" I winced slightly.

"He would've said 'Try harder next time'. But then again, he's dead!" I said coldly. The look of shock on her face was evident. I'd never been outspoken...

"Go up to your room and DON'T come out." My mother hissed.

"Gladly." I clipped. "By the way, I scared Grammy into a Time Blast, so for once you have to make dinner!" I said rudely, then stalked up the stairs. Wow, how exhilarating it is to be rebellious...

Cleopatra's 16th Birthday...

Yippee. My birthday, the day in which the truth comes out if I'm chosen or not...

My mother bounced into the room, holding the most hideous pink, puffy dress I've ever seen in my entire 15-erm 16-years...

"I made this for you last week! It's so pretty, don't you like it?!" She chirped.

Yikes...I would like it...If I were to be a clown for my birthday.
"Ummm... isn't it a teensy bit childish?" I ventured.

"No..." My mother looked at me with big eyes, but that was when i noticed something turquoise behind her back. She followed my gaze, and dropped the monstrosity on the floor, whipping out a slim, but comfy dress out. It was gorgeous, and just my style. "Happy birthday, hija." She handed it to me.

"Wow, thanks mum!" I said, smiling widely. "It's really pretty."

Mother smiled at me quietly. "Better get changed, huh? It's a big day.." I knew what she meant... it scared me half to death.

I quickly shooed her from my room and got into the dress. It was tight, so it fit what little I had. I completed my outfit with some black heels and straightening my hair.

I descended the stairs in a hurry, and was met with a small crowd of family and friends, surrounding a black cake with pink icing saying '16'. As I joined them, they began to sing Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Cleo...

All of a sudden, a blue light flashed in my eyes, and I was in a dark alley. I steadied myself on a brick wall, because I'm a bit dizzy. I look down at my clothes, surprised when I see they have changed. Oh, shit. I was wearing a white sweater tucked into a longish pink skirt. We're not in Kansas anymore... I recognized this look. I was in the 1950s or 60s.

Suddenly, I heard some voices from further up the alley.

"We could do it Paul." One voice stated. It was a guy, that much I could tell. But what got me was the distinctive accent.

"Yeah, you, me, Colin, and John in a band. Sounds like a great idea." The other voice said sarcastically, sounding a bit nasally.

I looked down the alley, seeing a garbage can I hide behind. I crouched behind it, peeking out to see two young men, no older than sixteen.

"Aw.. c'mon Paul! It'll be fun..." The other voice protested.

"Liverpool!" I yelled in realization of their accents. Whoops..

They walked over to the trash can and finally saw me. "Sorry.. um I..."

I finally got a close look. The one I assumed was Paul, with droopy hazel eyes and a rather annoyed look on his face. The other one, was thin with floppy black hair and piercing black eyes. It hit me when I realized who they were. The future Beatles!

"Join the band." And with that, I vanished, appearing right at the end of the song.

Happy birthday to you...
I exchanged a look with my mother, who nodded slightly, as if she knew what was going on.