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- The Paperback Writers

My consciousness switched over, and I found that I was standing in a sea of people in a dark, cramped room. I knew that I only had a couple of minutes to observe my surroundings before I seemed more out-of-place than I already was. Let's see, dark, cramped, damp, rounded ceiling... The Cavern Club! If I strained my ear, I could hear Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and John Lennon singing over the sound of the yelling and screaming crowd. Finally, I began to enjoy myself- until the final chord was played and they left the stage; typical- damn time blast can't even get me to the beginning of the Beatles' set...

There was a small break while the next band took the stage, but I wasn't paying it much attention to them. They didn't top the few bars of the song I had actually heard the band before play, the band that would become the greatest band in history in couple of years in their time. I decided to find out what I could legally purchase to drink in the place (not much, apparently). Now that I was almost completely and utterly lost, I stood still and tried my best to enjoy the new band. There was part of my mind that was dwelling on my date back in my "real-time", but on the other hand I didn't really care. Bill was strange and creepy; I'm not exactly sure why I agreed to go out with him.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and instinctively brushed it off and turned around to see who it belonged to. It was the hand of no other than Paul McCartney. He grinned broadly.

"Thought I recognized you," Paul said. "I remember seeing you in Liverpool, and again in Hamburg, and, obviously, now."

I returned his smile, "I always turn up. I'm like a bad penny."

"Not necessarily," he replied. "Would you like to go hang out with me and the band?" I glanced at the clock; these time blasts usually didn't last more than five minutes, I didn't think that I had enough time.

"I don't know, I have to-" I paused, looking for the right way to say 'I have to go back to my own time over fifty years in the future, sorry... "-leave soon."

"Oh, come on, please?" Paul pleaded. "After seeing you on and off for years, I want to get to know you. You practically don't change at all!" Yeah, I thought, There's a reason for that. I put another smile on.

"Well, I guess I can make some time..." I agreed. I wanted so badly to sit down and have a drink with Paul and the rest of the Beatles. It would have been so much better than my other date.

"Here, take my hand." I grabbed Paul's sweaty hand and he led us through the crowd. "Where's your friend?" Paul asked, looking back at me briefly.

"She isn't with me this time," I replied nonchalantly. Suddenly, I could feel myself blacking out, and I knew that I was slowly slipping back into my own time. It was similar to normal fainting on top of a headache. "I have to go," I told Paul urgently.

"Wait- why?" he asked.

"I can't explain- I'm sorry!" I apologized. I knew I didn't have time to explain that my body was a time machine, which utterly sucked, so I just went for an 'I'm sorry, I'll see you again at another point in your timeline'.

"Well, at least tell me your name first!" Paul begged me, catching on that I couldn't control what was happening and he didn't have too much time left with me now.

"My name is Cleo-" I choked out, and then my consciousness was completely cut off.

I awoke in my own time, strapped to a table with a nutty woman and Bill staring at me.

"What the hell is going on?"