Chasing Cars

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This is mainly centred around Mochida (whom I don't quite like, but it's interesting writing from his POV), ten years after middle school and his journey in the Vongola. Happy reading!

Chapter 1

Mochida Kensuke was proud of himself – he considered himself good looking and he was talented with the art of the sword. He had been practicing kendo since middle school, which meant he had more than a decade of experience under his belt. But why the hell was he so nervous? Mochida had passed the interview for his job that he recently applied for, along with some of his former teammates from the kendo team back in middle school. Now was what could be considered the orientation for the new recruits. The entire group of new members was sitting in fairly large room somewhere in a mansion just out of Namimori. He really had to wonder why the Vongola family owned a place so close to his hometown – quite odd if you thought about it…

"Mochida, are you feeling nervous?" Takahiro inquired after noticing his constant fidgeting. Mochida spared a side-glance towards his former vice-captain.

"What, you too?" He teased and they shared a nervous laugh together. They looked at the other people gathered in the room. There were actually a few faces that the two recognized from back in their middle school days, namely two males from the baseball team.

The double doors opened revealing a tall Asian man with dark rugged hair, honey-coloured eyes, and a katana strapped on his back. He had a faint scar on his chin and a black suit on.

"Are you guys the new recruits?" The male asked the occupants of the room. There were several nods and a few people replied in confirmation. He gave a wide smile, contrary to his initial expression and introduced himself. "Well, I'm Yamamoto Takeshi – I'll be your guide for today."

Yamamoto… Takeshi? Somehow that name seemed very familiar to him.

"Oi, Yamamoto! It's been a really long time! Do you remember us?" One of the guys from Namimori Middle's baseball team exclaimed in excitement. It finally clicked for Mochida. Yamamoto Takeshi was the baseball team's star player, but what was he doing with the mafia? He definitely didn't remember Yamamoto taking any interest in swords though…

"Ahahaha! Daisuke and Hatori, it has been a long time, hasn't it? How have you been?" The dark-haired male gave another laugh and scratched his chin as the two replied.

"No way, that's Yamamoto Takeshi? He's changed so much!" Takahiro whispered furiously to him. Mochida nodded and couldn't help but feel a bit inferior standing next to his former peer – he was very handsome, he had to admit it, even if he was straight.

"So why don't we all introduce ourselves before I give you the tour around the base!" Yamamoto suggested and everyone agreed, seeing this to be a reasonable idea. He pointed to a random recruit and told him to start.

"Uh, I-I'm Wasabe Tsukasa, um, I'm 23 years old and from T-tokyo." Before anyone could say anything, the doors opened again to reveal a silver-haired man with sea green eyes, several rings on his fingers glinted in the light pouring in from the windows.

"Oi! Yamamoto, what's taking so long to retrieve the new punks?"

That guy! It was that juvenile back from middle school… what was his name again? Gowa – Goba – Gokudera Hayato! A thought hit the former kendo captain, that kid was from Italy, which means he may have been in the mafia since middle school… And he was always hanging around Yamamoto and Dame-Tsuna, which made him wonder a little…

"Oi, oi, Takahiro. That sounds like that guy from middle school, Gokudera. Remember him? He and Yamamoto used to hang out a lot."

"Oh, yeah, he was kind of scary, haha…"

"Eh, sorry, Gokudera, I was just trying to get them to introduce themselves." Yamamoto scratched the back of his head, looking a bit sheepish, but the other just gave him a nasty glare. The Japanese man looked immune to it though.

"Tch, why does it matter? They're basically grunts anyway, don't bother learning names." Gokudera scowled at the sight of them

"Hey! Regardless of our position, we're still members of the Vongola!"

"Yeah, come on, Gokudera. What would Boss say to that attitude?" Yamamoto knew he had struck a nerve because his fellow Guardian tensed up and glared at him.

"S-shut up, stupid sword freak! Don't drag Juudaime into this! Che, do whatever you want." An angry tick emerged on the silver-haired male's forehead as he said this. Yamamoto gave another serene smile and turned back towards the group he had been addressing previously.

"So guys, let's skip the introductions for now, since Gokudera seems to be a little agitated, and get onto the good part!" Here the tall Japanese gave a large grin and motioned for everyone to follow him up the main stairs. Gokudera gave a sideways glance at him, before heading off in a different direction.

"So, Yamamoto, how'd you get involved with the Italian mafia of all things? I figured you'd be on your way to being some hotshot baseball player! I mean you were the star back in our middle school days!" Daisuke rambled, as he reminisced about the old days.

When the other male was actually able to stop for a breath, Yamamoto took his chance and began answering, "Haha! It's kind of a long story and I don't think we have enough time for it. But let's just say, I consider myself lucky to become a part of the Vongola family! And you should too!"

Mochida scratched his head trying to figure out why his former schoolmate thought himself to be fortunate to be in his situation.

Well, I guess I consider myself lucky to be here too, so… I mean, the Vongola family is a prestigious name in Italy. The former kendo captain mused.

"Anyway, so the place where we were in was the main hall, as most of you have gathered. Over to your right, there are a bunch of guest bedrooms, along with the bedrooms of the Vongola Guardians. Hahaha, don't be surprised to hear a lot of noise down this hallway! On the left are mainly offices, and the one at the end of the hall is the Boss' office, so I guess if you ever need to see him, that would be the place to head over to!"

At this point, one of the new recruits felt it pertinent to ask who exactly the boss of the Vongola family was. Honey-coloured eyes glinted in the light and the owner merely replied that it was a secret for now.

"Oh, and my office is the fifth door on the left because Gokudera wouldn't let me have the right side… Something about being on the right side of the boss, haha…" Yamamoto's voice trailed off and they headed back down the stairs and through a set of doors.

Murmurs immediately broke out as they entered the extravagant room. It was decorated with various materials – all very expensive - including porcelain, marble, and gold. There was a beautiful black concert piano sitting off to the side and a brilliant crystal chandelier hanging from the middle of the ceiling. Red curtains adorned the gold-framed windows and they were currently being held to the side by golden ropes. The room itself was probably bigger than his entire house.

"It's very impressive, is it not? This is the ballroom and party room." Mochida didn't even know what to think. He knew that the Vongola family was one of the top mafia families in the Italy, but he didn't think they had this much money!

"Holy crap…" Takahiro whispered. That phrase accurately described what he was feeling at the moment too.

"We'll probably come back later tonight for your welcome party! So don't despair because we're leaving now!" Yamamoto led them through another door off to the side of the ballroom and suddenly they were in another hallway. Next, he took them to the kitchens, just so they knew where to get food. The kitchen was almost as impressive as the ballroom. After that was the workout and training area, the infirmary, and the casual dining area. The final place they reached were the gardens outside.

"There are a lot more places, but they're not too important, and I'm sure you'll be able to find your way around eventually." Yamamoto cheerfully explained and a few of the recruits sweated at this careless statement. Gokudera made his entrance and grumpily said that he would be showing them to their rooms, so that they could freshen up for tonight.

A few hours later, after showering and changing, Mochida and Takahiro found their way to ballroom, getting lost a few times and had to ask directions from the maids and butlers that were running back and forth, preparing for the party. When they reached the ballroom, a very long and large oak table was set up with plenty of food and empty plates. There were probably at least fifty seats at the table.

"How in the world was that table carried in?" Takahiro muttered, incredulously. Mochida could do nothing but nod his head in agreement - the table was huge and must have weighed a ton!

They saw a few of other new recruits wandering around as well, looking completely lost in all the chaos of setting up for the feast. A few of the maids with enough free time, ushered them to take a seat at the table, wherever they wanted to sit at, minus a few chairs, which were reserved for the Vongola Guardians and boss. Mochida didn't know what the whole deal was with the idea of the "Guardians," but he supposed he would find out with time. The doors swung open and their guide from earlier entered. Almost immediately, he was greeted with a chorus of "Master Yamamoto!"

'Master?' That was an odd title for the former baseball star, thought Mochida.

"Maa, maa, how many times have I told you? Just call me Yamamoto, haha!" He laughed easily, while the servants looked slightly at ease at the smile.

Mochida gathered some courage and inquired, "Why do they call you 'master?'"

The sword master looked slightly surprised at the sudden question, but replied all the same, "Haha, I guess I forgot to mention! I'm the Vongola's Rain Guardian!"

"Eh?" Came from all the new people in the room. Yamamoto held such a high position in the family! The Japanese male reached for a necklace that no one had previously noticed and pulled out a fancy ring for all to see. It had large blue gem in the middle and the words "Vongola" etched across it.

Before anyone could say anything else, the main doors to the ballroom opened and the rest of the Vongola Guardians stood there.

"I-is that… H-Hibari-san?"


"Oh, my God, it's Hibari-san…"

People who were native to Namimori had absolutely no doubt as to who the person currently barring his tonfas at the crowd before him was.

"Kufufufu… It seems skylark-kun is quite infamous here…" A man with pineapple-shaped hair and a long ponytail commented, giving a smirk in the former Disciplinary Committee's leader.

"Shut up, stupid pineapple."

"Ahahaha! Hibari and Mukuro are always the same!"

"Oh, it's Yamamoto to the EXTREME!" The boxer of the Guardians pumped his fist into the air in greeting of the other male. Everyone else face faulted at his enthusiasm.

Mochida wasn't sure what to think about all his former schoolmates being a part of the famous Vongola and he could see that Takahiro felt the same way.

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