Chasing Cars

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Chapter 2

Mochida and Takahiro exchanged several looks with each other, confused, surprised, and curious at the same time. Some of the confusion was lifted when the maids and servants present in the room gave a ninety-degree bow and greeted them with a "Good evening, Masters!"

Takahiro raised an eyebrow, "A bunch of our ex-schoolmates are part of the Vongola Guardians?" He frantically whispered to his friend. The former members of the baseball team looked shocked at the revelation as well.

"No, but seriously… what are the odds of this happening?" Mochida mumbled, a little more to himself than to anybody else. The situation was definitely suspicious to say the least. It almost made him wonder who was the boss of all these people – who could possibly keep them in line? Mochida didn't have any more time to brood about that particular train of thought as all the occupants of the room were ushered towards the extravagant oak table. The chair at the head of the table was the anomaly, being more ornate and detailed compared to the others. And was that a ruby embedded into the top of it?

The Guardians took their respectful places, not without a fuss though. Hibari and Mukuro continued glaring at each other, before a petite girl with hair styled similar to aforementioned trident user gripped his forearm gently and said, "Boss wouldn't be pleased to see you and Hibari-san fighting again. You know what happens when he's upset."

The former kendo captain wasn't sure if he was seeing correctly, but he could have sworn he saw both males blanched at the mention of Vongola's boss. The two reluctantly stowed their weapons, gave one last scathing look to the other, and sat on opposite sides of the table. Yamamoto had plopped down in the seat to the right of boss' chair and the silver-haired ex-delinquent did not agree with his decision to do so.

"OI, SWORD FREAK! How many times do I have to say this? The RIGHT-hand man sits on the RIGHT side of the Tenth!" Gokudera attempted to physically pull the taller black-haired man out of his seat, but Yamamoto was no lightweight.

"Maa, maa, Gokudera, everyone knows you're the right-hand to Boss, so it doesn't really matter where you sit!" He put his hands up in a defensive position, trying to placate his comrade.

The maids and servants looked nervously at each other, fearing that another one-sided fight might break out, but they were saved from acting by the room's doors opening. The person to enter through them was a curly, black-haired teenager with one eye lazily closed and the other a vibrant green. One hand was stuffed into his pockets and the other was scratching the back of his head. All of a sudden, Daisuke (the former baseball player) was reacting to the new presence.

"Oh! You're that bastard that told me the wrong directions to get here!" He angrily yelled, pointing an accusing finger. All the guilty party did was yawn in boredom, not bothering to deny anything.

"So what if I did? What would you do about it?" The teen drawled. What a snarky ass. Someone should put him in his place. Why the hell was this kid here anyway?

"Hey, kid, I don't know why you're here or who the hell you think you are, but respect your elders a little more!" Mochida stepped in, eyes narrowing.

"Aah? And you're just a lowly grunt."

"Master Lambo, please don't start-" A nearby servant pleaded.

Mochida raised an eyebrow, incredulously, "Are you kidding me? This kid is a Guardian too?!"

His exclamation caused murmurs to break out among the new recruits, most of them in agreement with what he said. Gaining confidence, Mochida continued, "This is the mafia for God's sake! Little kids shouldn't be running around playing with weapons and battling!"

Out of nowhere, a bullet rushed past the previous kendo captain, slicing a few strands of hair, and a tall, darkly clad man seemingly steps out of the shadows. He had a black fedora with an orange stripe tipped over the upper portion of his face and an elegant black suit to match. He had a smoking gun aimed straight at him.

A deep baritone voice echoes throughout the room, "Don't worry about that brat. The idiot's been so-called running around playing with grenades since he was a toddler. I'd be more concerned about yourself."

He could hear a gasp from Takahiro beside him and a dull thud resounded in the room. His old vice-captain had collapsed on the ground and was currently trembling.

"Y-you're… that famous hitman… R-Reborn!"

A smirk spread over what the others could see of his face, "Yes, indeed I am."

"Whoa! No way, it's our first day here and we got to meet the famous Reborn! Lucky~" Their fellow recruit exclaimed, excitement clear on his face.

Before anyone else could get a word in, Gokudera spoke, "Reborn-san, where is the Tenth?"

"He's just finishing up the rest of his paperwork. He'll be down soon."

Meanwhile, Tsuna was in the process of pulling his hair out. There was simply too much paperwork that needed to be done and not enough time. He still had to join the welcoming dinner for the new recruits. He sighed and remembered his sadistic tutor's words, 'Dame-Tsuna, all this must be completed before you come down for dinner. No slacking off. Otherwise, Vongola Boss or not, I'll riddle you full of holes.'

The brunette buried his face in the palms of his hands, 'I hate being boss… Why did I agree to this..? Oh, wait, I didn't, Reborn forced me into this life.'

Motivation hitting him all of a sudden, he managed to rapidly finish the rest of the stack of paperwork sitting on his desk. He took his blazer that had been hanging off the back of his chair and slung his arms through it. As Tsuna left his office, the guards stationed outside nodded their heads in acknowledgment that he was leaving and they could go on break. While he was walking down the hallways to arrive at the dining hall/ballroom, the many servants and maids littering the mansion bowed down in respect, to whom he gratefully smiled and thanked them for their hard work.

He had met many recruits over the past few years, but nothing would prepare him for this new batch.

The doors to the dining hall opened once again about ten minutes after everyone was seated. All the newcomers had been intently staring at the chair at the head of the table, anticipating the arrival of Vongola's boss. Their attention switched over to the door and the excitement level in the room jumped five notches. They were finally going to meet the head of this organization!

A spiky, brown-haired, auburn-eyed male of average stature and relatively slender build entered. He donned a pure black suit with a white collared shirt underneath and an orange tie. Despite being on the smaller end of the scale, the recruits could see the faint outline of muscles underneath his clothes. All the maids and butlers bowed and a loud chorus of "Welcome, Tenth!" echoed throughout the hall.

The Vongola Guardians rose from their seats in unison, causing the new members of Vongola to scramble to their feet as well. All of the Guardians' faces (minus Hibari and Mukuro) lit up as they enthusiastically greeted their boss.

"Kufufu, how nice of you to join us~" Mukuro smiled (and not the everyday normal smile, it leaned more towards being a criminally insane kind of smile).

"Omnivore." Hibari raised his head slightly in salutation.

Tsuna returns the nod and then faces his audience, "Good evening, everyone. To our new recruits, welcome to the Famiglia! It's always nice to see fresh faces around here. I'm the Vongola Tenth, Sawada Tsunayoshi."

One of the trainees, who had attended the same middle school as Mochida, gave an extremely loud exclamation as soon as the name escaped the Boss' mouth.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi… As in DAME-TSUNA?!" Mochida and Takahiro cast unbelieving looks at each other. They would never forget that nickname. They mentally placed their memory of what Dame-Tsuna had looked like ten years ago and the man he was today.

"He has to be mistaken… That can't possibly be him…" Takahiro muttered.

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