Chapter 1

Olivia and Peter were on their way to Sunnydale California. They were doing research on the town's concept of "magic." They knew well that magic was merely science that was centuries away from being fully understood. Yet these people, the watchers, the mystics, they seemed to have a good understanding of how to manage and manipulate certain energies. From what Peter and Olivia could understand some portion of energy known as the "key" was capable of opening all dimensional barriers, theoretically ending all life. A group of monks had managed to turn the key into a human, and sent her to a vampire slayer in the form of her sister. Another being, known as Glory, was trying to use the key to return to her home dimension, not caring that all life would be destroyed in the process. Peter, Olivia, their team wanted to stop Glory, but they had certain problems with every option. They could destroy the key, but that would mean killing an innocent little girl. They could destroy Glory, but Glory was trapped in the body of an innocent man. Even if they could learn that innocent person's identity, could they kill him? Peter and Olivia wanted to find some third option, one that didn't involve the killing of innocents. But they knew they would likely have to face that decision sooner than they would've liked.