A/N: Ello! I'm starting a new story today! I am sorry about not finishing the other story called Pyro Unmasked. I'm just not that into TF2 anymore. But, I have always been a bro and since I am a bro, you, the reader, will not be in love with pewdiepie and he will not love you. You will just be friends. You will, however, be in love with either Piggeh, Mr. chair, Stephano, and (possibly) Tobuscus. Yes I know Toby has a girlbuscus (see what I did there?)but he is just too cool to not fall in love with. That's all! Let's begin...

You awake in a fancy, yet scary, room. It's dark, but it was just light enough for you to make out a chair, a closet, a desk, and a door. You figure out right away that you are not at home. You decide to get up, but right as your butt raised off the bed, you fell to the ground. "Ow! Fuck!" you yell in the darkness. You grab the corner of the desk and slowly raise yourself off the ground. After what seemed like forever, you are finnaly standing up with your hand still clutching the desk corner.

You see a piece of paper out of the corner of your eye. You pick it up and started reading it. It said:

Dear _,

If you are reading this then i guess you havent had your heart torn to shreds by my pets. Oh, yes. My pets. You should really look out for them. I think they will especially like you.



Well, you think, that was a waste of time. You pull out the desk drawers and find a bottle of liquid you hope is oil. You then open the closet and a naked man falls out and on top of you. "Holy shit!" you scream "you pervert!" You push him off of you and hear growling noises. "The fu-" you started to say, but then the door is being busted down. Your cowardly thoughts take over and you jump in the closet. You slammed the doors just as the door broke down. You didnt even dare look at the creature who had just broken your door. Well, not YOUR door, but THE door. The growling gets louder and you silence your breathing. Then, you hear the growls get softer and the footsteps going away.

The world around you seemed dizzy when you exited the closet. It madmyou feel like you just took drugs. Then the world was too dizzy for you and you lied on the bed. You shut your eyes and fall asleep.