A pair of twin owls flew into Draco's drawing room that morning, just as the breakfast eggs were being polished off.

'NEWTs.' Hermione squeaked, nervously gathering her letter and tearing it hungrily open. A huge smile crossed her face.

'What about yours, Draco.'

'Yeah, they're fine. Yours?'

'Five Os.'

'Me too.'

'I suppose you'd better tell the Minister.'

'I suppose I better had.'

For those of you who were expecting this story to go on forever- and I'm sure it's probably felt like that in places, you will be happy (or maybe sad?) To know that this is the end. At least, for long enough for me to get the next bit started. I've no idea what the title will be, but here's a segement of the first chapter of it, just to tease and titillate you.

Chapter 1

Draco sat down at his desk, tilted the lid of his ink well open, dipped his quill and began to write.

It had been a long time coming, Draco thought, as he wrote his report. It had been a long time coming, but now he was here in, more or less, the position he would have been in had his early life run smoother. Permanent Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic. Everything had gone well since Voldemort had been despatched. He had a job, excellent NEWT results and above all else, a great girlfriend.

The upcoming elections looked promising, with Hermione looking to win a seat on the Wizengamot for the Hampshire Downs, a delightful semi-rural area within spitting distance, well almost, of Draco's ancestral home.

His close relationship with her hadn't hurt his own career of course, and now he was moving along, the most trusted, if not the most senior, of all of the Minister's permanent undersecretaries. That was why he had gotten this job. It wasn't secretive- not by a long chalk, the matter was plastered over the front of the Daily Prophet on a weekly basis, but nonetheless, it was sensitive. The Prophet didn't know the whole story, although surely it wouldn't be too long before they started putting two and two together.

Draco paused in his writing to re-dip his quill and scanned over what he had just written. No, that wasn't really it, was it. He screwed up the piece of paper and started again.

The recent string of murders that have been terrorising the country were initially held to be not linked.

No. Complete garbage. True, every word of it, but still lacking a certain eloquence. Ahh, there we go.

The recent murder cases that I was placed in charge of the investigation of.

No, grammar, Draco, grammar. Another piece of paper joined its colleagues in the waste paper bin. This couldn't be that hard.

Serial killings 1134

The series of killings that has occurred recently has for a long time been assumed to be random in cause, apart from the fact that all the victims have been muggle born witches and wizards. With the murder of victim 227a having been linked to this case, that has been proven not to be so. A new, even more alarming prospect now comes under scrutiny.

It has been proposed that the murders are simply the acts of a crazed serial killer, and this was placed forward in the official report. As the Undersecretary with oversight with regards to this case, I feel obliged to make my alternative theory known.

One connection that has not been ignored by the Auror department in this case is that all of the victims so far were present at the Battle of Hogwarts, and all of them on the side of the defenders. This was not overlooked at the time and all leads were chased down regarding these attacks being vengeance attacks by one of the few Death Eaters who evaded imprisonment in Azkaban. This was however , as is well reported, was eliminated as a possibility during the early investigation by the Hit-Wizards who determined that all attacks were performed by the same wand, and that no former Death Eater was in a position to commit all the attacks. Both the Head Auror and myself agree that the similarity in the modus operandi of the attacks makes it doubtful that a wand is being passed around a small cabal.

Whilst the Head Auror has proposed that these are random attacks, instigated by Neo-Death Eaters, who failed to join the ranks before the fall of the dark wizard formerly known as Voldemort. IO disagree and am writing this report to inform you of my opinion.

At the time of the death of Voldemort, he was known to be carrying a certain wand, popularly known as "the Deathstick" or "The Elder wand". Mastery of this semi-mythological wand is said to pass to whomsoever defeats its previous master. Since at the time of his death, Tom Riddle was surrounded by hundreds of attacking witches and wizards, it is possible that any of them could have killed him. This means that the mastery of the wand is doubtful, and in the mind of someone determined to gain possession of the wand, could be seen as a motive for killing many people.

Whilst strong security precautions have been set up around the wand whilst it is being studied by G. Ollivander (Grand Warden of the Worshipful Company of Wandmakers et al) these are not deemed to be strong enough to prevent a determined criminal conspiracy from gaining possession of the wand.

As any seizure of the wand could represent an attempt on behalf of the seizer to set themself up as a Dark Lord, this should be treated with upmost concern.


Permanent Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic.