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Familiar Faces

Duck led Clementine through the forest, said girl clutching his hand like a life line. It had been about two hours since they got separated from the group and they've been travelling straight ahead for a the whole time.

Duck hacked through the vegetation with his blade. Clementine following like a faithful dog, trusting this boy with her life, considering the amount of times he had saved it.

See, this blade he had, was a replacement left hand. He had lost his original one when he took a bite for his crush and had to amputate it to clear the infection.

He trudged on, determined to find them a way to their group, or at least to shelter for the night.

Suddenly he heard a low growl and became more alert, looking to Clementine who had blushed, putting a hand on her stomach. "Sorry...I'm just a bit hungry..."

The ten year old's eyes widened further when he realised the true extent of their situation...They had nothing but his knife and their torn up clothes. No food, no water, no shelter...

He suddenly felt a lot more light headed, now realising how exposed they really were. "I-I'm Sorry Clem...I..." Clementine shook her head and put a strong face on for her best friend.

"I'll managed. C'mon, let's..." Suddenly, they heard a rustling and their attention snapped to the direction of the area it came from...

...suddenly a deer leaped from the bush.

The two let their guards down, but Duck had the idea to try and kill it for food...Sure it was cruel, but right now one deer against both their lives? It was a no brainer, really.

Just as he was about to try and jump it, Clementine approached it, her eyes lighting up in wonder. The pure life in the deer's eyes just compelling her closer.

Duck saw her reaction and suddenly felt very ashamed at what he was going to do...Clementine was a girl that wouldn't enjoy watching him gut a deer in front of her, she'd probably be scarred that little bit more than she already was.

The, now, nine year old girl rose her hand, in an attempt to pet the creature. The deer turned to look right into her eyes, in wonder of the person approaching could tell that this person wasn't like the monsters it had seen earlier.

Clementine got three steps closer, the deer not moving before a loud gunshot was heard and the deer was struck dead...

...and the little girl felt a blistering pain in her shoulder.

"NO!" Duck screamed, seeing the bullet shoot through the girl, blood spurting from the new hole, before Clementine fell to the floor in a pool of her own blood. The bullet hitting the tree next to him.

Duck ran to her side and lifted her up in his arms, bridal style. Her blood starting to soak his already ruined clothes. He then saw a slightly overweight man walking down the hill for the deer presumably, a rifle in his arms, before spotting the two kids, the colour draining from his face.

Duck glared hard at the man. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!" He screamed at the man, clutching the wounded girl to his chest securely.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry!" He apologised in vain, seeing the stone cold glare Duck sent his way. "I-Is she still alive?!"

"She's not dying on me! She survived far worse than this!" Duck argued, despite knowing the untruthfulness of his statement. True she's been in situations that she could have been hurt, but not one where she HAS been hurt. Not to this extent!

"This way! Hershel can help!" Duck was about to follow before he froze.

"W-wait! Hershel Greene?!" The man nodded. Now Duck's situation had worsened ten fold! The last time Duck had seen Hershel, the man was grieving over Shawn and banishing them from the farm.

"Fuck it!" He thought to himself, chasing after the stranger, clutching the wounded girl in his arms, keeping his blade away from her. "He has no reason to want Clementine dead! I just have to hope he's reasonable...or at least merciful..."

After a short run, Duck, Clementine and the stranger, who's name was Otis, had made it to the familiar farm. Hershel was out on the porch, minding his own business, before he froze seeing the two familiar kids.

Once Duck had made it to the porch, Hershel glared at him. "Why the fuck are you here?!" Duck glared back, holding out Clementine.

"Me and Clem got separated from our group! And she was shot, by YOUR man!" A women from behind Hershel gasped.

"Otis!" She shouted, angrily at the man who was now panting, leaning against the banister. Hershel looked to the little girl and paled.

"Oh God, get her inside now!" Duck raced inside by Hershel's side and laid her down on the bed that the women, Patricia, said was spare. Clementine was now looking quite pale, but was still breathing.

"Shit! The bullet managed to go through, but she needs blood! She won't survive if we just close her wound!" Duck cursed, punching his lap, tears stinging his eyes. This can't be happening! She was the only one he had right now! She can't be dying!

Then his eyes snapped open with determination, remembering their discussion on the train yesterday when he was telling her his James Bond story...

...she had A positive blood!

"Me and her have the same blood type! Take my blood and I don't care how much you need!" Duck replied, determinedly, holding out his bladed arm. Hershel gasped when he finally noticed Duck's new arm, before remembering what was happening.

Patricia came in with a huge needle. God did Duck hate needles, but he wasn't going to let the girl he loved almost as much as he loved his dad die!

He grunted when the needle was plugged into his skin, and clenched his eyes shut as he felt the sensation of his blood being drained from his system.

Once the needle was full, the women removed it and Duck suddenly felt a little light-headed. Duck clenched his hair, which had grown out to be the length of Shane's at this point, with his remaining hand.

Hershel looked Duck over and saw how fucked up these two kids looked. They were both covered in cuts and bruises, Clementine had a gunshot wound, Duck was missing an arm and the two were ALONE!

"Where's Lee and your mom and dad?" Duck glanced down to the ground in sadness, finally safe enough to feel he can let his feelings out.

"M-My mom's dead.." They heard three more gasps and turned to see a young, blonde girl, a slightly older looking brunette and a young brunette man.

"Oh God...How?" Duck's eyes hardened as he held onto Clementine's hand, having not let go of it even while Hershel is stitching up the wound on her other shoulder.

"This man...He called himself 'Campman', to be honest I couldn't give a damn what he called himself...He shot my mom in the stomach and kidnapped Clementine here...I-I had...I had to finish it..." Hershel started to feel a little guilty now. Sure this kid got his son killed, but he was a clueless kid! It was an accident. He kicked these people, who were scared and in need, out into the world and it seems his decision had come back to bite him on the ass.

"...After that happened...I followed the man...I found him...And I killed him..." The group gasped at what he had said, not really expecting that kind of answer. His eyes the started to mist up. "But that's not the worst part..."

"What could possibly be worse than THAT?!" The brunette women exclaimed, having heard a kid admit that he had killed a man.

"...I don't even feel bad about it...The...T-the sickest t-thing was I a-actually enjoyed it..." Duck let his tears flow as he let go of the little girl's hand and untaped his blade to put his head in his hand and stump. "Am I an evil person? Like Goldfinger and Lex Luther? To kill with out feeling?!"

Hershel had grabbed the boy by the shoulders, after finishing his part of the stitching and getting Patricia to finish the job. "You listen to me son, you are not an evil person...This world we live in...It's got all our minds torn between what we think is right and wrong..."

"Then what does it make me?" Hershel looked into the boys eyes and saw many things. He saw sorrow, he saw pain, he saw greif and confusion, such a flurry of emotions...

"...It makes you ALIVE, son! It makes you ALIVE!" The man glanced back to see Patricia removing some of the girl's old clothes and taking off the girl's cap, to clean the cap and throw out the clothes. It will also help them get to the rest of the wound.

"Beth, why don't you show Duck here to the bathroom?" Beth, the blonde girl, nodded smiling to the ten year old in some form of comfort for him.

"Hi there Duck, I'm Beth. This is my sister, Maggie, and our farm hand Jimmy." The other two nodded and smiled, sadly to the boy as he and Beth left.

She led the boy to the bathroom and handed him some new clothes. "They were Shawn's when he was younger..." Duck flinched at the mention of Shawn's name. He doesn't like to think about the man, it brought back bad memories.

"Thank you..." Duck said, weakly, as if his own will to survive was being drained away. What if Clementine died? What if she turned and she bit Hershel or another one of his family? He can't put them through that again!

He stripped off his blood stained, ripped and ruined clothes, now realising who's blood that was predominantly...Clementine's.

The thought alone made him sick, but he suppressed it and quickly turned on the shower...Hot water...Duck let out a content sigh when he felt the warm water relieve his tense muscles, finally being able to relax a bit.

This was the first wash that Duck had had in, what felt like, forever. He used to hate having to wash himself, now he's not sure if he'd ever feel like leaving this place like it was an oasis in the middle of the dessert.

He thanked his lucky stars that the Greene's had dispensable soap, and got to rubbing the dried blood off his soiled skin...but no matter how hard he tried, he still felt her warm blood as if it was stuck there forever.

Duck punched the side of the wall in fustration, obviously doing no damage, but it felt good to let out some frustration. "After I got Shawn killed, Hershel is helping us, telling me I'm not a monster, actually caring whether anything has happened to us!" He let out out, blessing this family to the best damn cloud that God has.

He sighed, turning the shower off and drying himself with the towel on the towel rack on the side, rubbing his face and staring himself long and hard in the mirror...What was he?

Every decision, he decided, was basically orbited around Clementine's needs, everything he could do for her he would. If she had asked him to venture into a walker infested city for her cap, he'd do it blindfolded! If she'd only asked him too!

That's when he decided what he love.

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