A/N: I was bored, so wrote a drabble. It's 100 words exactly according to Google Docs and MS Word. Enjoy.

"Sherlock, what's this?" John turned the pocket watch over, his fingers caressing the circular patterns on the silvery surface.

"Hmm? What's what?" Sherlock didn't look up from his book, his eyes skimming the page at an amazing rate.

John frowned. "Souvenir from a case, is it?" He tossed it into Sherlock's lap, rudely interrupting his reading.

His face a study in affront, Sherlock fastidiously set aside his book and picked up the ornate timepiece. After a moment of study, he tossed it away with an annoyed huff. "Honestly, John. It's just a watch. Boring." He pointedly returned to his reading.