Authors Note: This story has a similar concept to Onwind's "Stuck in Volterra" but it is not alike in many ways. It will also have some Maximum Ride references . But don't worry, if you haven't read the series it won't matter. The character description for Casey is in my bio, along w/ the story's other OCs. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or Maximum Ride or Twilight. I only own most of the plot and my OCs.

Chapter One

Volterra (Part One)

Of course my sister would be the only one stupid enough to fall for a suicidal vampire! Of all the humans (and nonhumans), she had to choose the whiny 100-year-old virgin! Now I'm stuck on a stuffy plane (which I hate) flying to some remote city in Italy to save him from the vampire mafia. I guess I should explain the situation a little bit more.

My name is Cassandra Swan, but if you call me Cassandra I will burn you to pieces. I prefer to go by the name of Casey. I am 19-years-old and look nothing like my sister, Bella. My pale skin, dirty blond hair and blue-grey eyes are in stark contrast of her dark brown eyes and hair. In addition to the physical differences, our mental differences are also quite staggering. I'm much more immature, or "fun-loving" as I like to call it, while she is very mature and has the emotional range of a rock. Oh, and add the fact that I have wings to the list of differences.

Yes, I did just say wings. When I was a child, I was taken from Charlie and Renee. The people who took me, and two other girls, genetically altered us. They were part of the Human Enhancement and Learning Laboratory (H.E.L.L.). They gave us special abilities and inserted bird DNA into us. Consequently, I ended up with the ability to control/create fire and the ability to manipulate minds. I'm also a shield like Bella, but I guess that was just family genetics. The kidnappers, or Whitecoats as I like to call them, released me back to my family once I turned 10. I have been living with Charlie in Forks (the most depressing place on earth) ever since.

Anyways, back to the current situation. After much miscommunication, Bella's vampire boyfriend, Edward, thought Bella died and is now going to kill himself. So Bella and Alice, Edward's "sister", decided to just hop on a plane to Volterra and save him! Not only this, but they drag me along too! Call me crazy, but I like to be sleeping at 4:30 A.M.! Instead I'm on a plane (which I hate) when I could be flying using my own wings with Jackie and Ally. They are my best friends and the other two hybrid girls I mentioned earlier. Connor is my best guy friend in the whole world, and the only human (besides Charlie, Renee, and Bella) who knows about my wings.

After what seems like eternity, we finally get to Italy. I decide to fly using my own wings to Volterra (which is still another two hours away) instead of participating in "grand theft auto" with Alice and Bella. After much argument, Alice gives me the directions to Volterra and tells me to meet them under the clock tower at noon.

"If something happens and we meet the Volturi, please try to be polite," Alice says in a pleading voice.

"Yes, because my lack of sleep and enthusiastic attitude will make me the most polite person on earth," I say rolling my eyes. Though she can be boring, I love my sister and envy her normal life in every way. So after a stern look from Alice and Bella, I say, "Fine, I'll try. But I make no promises."

After realizing she wouldn't get much out of me, Alice drives away with Bella. I go find an empty spot, where no one can see me, and push off the ground.

Free. That is the only way to describe how I feel when I'm flying. It's something about the wind in my face and the sun on my back that makes me feel like I can do anything.

Lost in thought, mostly about how tired and hungry I am, I realize that I flew past the vamp camp. Oops. I quickly fly back to the city. Looking for a place to land was practically impossible. Everyone there was dressed in odd, red cloaks. Obviously people here have no fashion sense at all.

After circling the city about 10 times, I find a place to land. The clock tower is in view, so that means it can't be too far away, right? Wrong. After about five minutes of pushing and shoving through the cloaked crowd, I make it to the clock tower.

I look up at the clock to see that the time is 12:15. That means I missed whatever show Eddie Boy put on at noon. Rats, I was really looking forward to seeing that. After about five minutes of playing in the dirt and twirling my necklace, I get bored and decide to go exploring.

That's when the real trouble begins.