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Chapter One: Thoughts


            It was dark and gloomy outside. The rain splattered loudly on the window as Davis Motomiya watched from inside his apartment building. It was cold and he didn't feel like going to school anymore.

            "Davis! Mom says if you don't hurry up you'll be late!"

Davis grumbled and jumped off his bed. He grabbed his umbrella and raincoat and walked downstairs.

            "Bye!" he yelled as he ran out the door.

            He opened up his umbrella as he got outside. It was cold and the wind was howling in his ears. He started to run as the rain started to come down harder.

            Finally he reached the warmth of his Algebra class. He took his usual seat next to T.K. and sighed. Algebra was his most hated class. I'm probably flunking again he thought sadly.

            "Okay class, today you'll learn to graph parabolas!" the teacher said cheerfully.

            Everyone groaned and booed. Davis started to take notes as the teacher continued babble. A few minutes later, Kari (Who was seated next to T.K) and T.K. glanced at Davis as he began to snore. T.K. glanced at Davis's notes, which was just a bunch of scribbles and other markings.

            The bell rang for next period and Davis awoke with a start. He hadn't realized he had fallen asleep on his notebook, which the pencil marking was now all smeared onto his face. He continued onto Science, then Physical Education without knowing. On his way to the drinking fountain to drink and wash the smear, he caught sight of T.K. and Kari in Social Studies class talking to each other (Which seemed like flirting to Davis).

            Davis felt his face redden, and his stomach felt like it was turning inside out. They had known each other longer than Davis had known them, so he thought he wouldn't have felt jealous. Every muscle in his body ached, and his head was spinning. He walked back to the P.E. building, which was now free play. He sat alone at the building. Maybe…maybe it's time that I gave up. Anything that I have, T.K. has better. Anything that I do, T.K. does better. He's smarter than me, and has a longer relationship with Kari. He's hope and I'm courage. Light and courage don't go together! Davis nodded.

            "What are you doing Davis?" a raspy voice asked.

            "Nothing that you need to know," Davis grumbled.

            "I see…its lunch time you know," the boy replied.

            Davis looked up. It was Cody. Davis got up and went into the locker room. After he changed, he came back out and ate a bag of chips. His friends were asking him to play soccer…Davis refused. He needed time alone to think more.

            He walked over to a shady tree and sat. Over to his right side, he saw Cody talking to Ken and Kari. Then Cody pointed to Davis's direction. Great. I wonder what the heck Cody is telling them...? Davis saw Ken jogging over to him while Cody and Kari watched. Yolei was practicing chemistry, as Davis could see through the building window, and it seemed like her experiment was going to explode… 

            Ken walked over to Davis and waved his hand in front of his blank eyes. Nothing. Davis was in some sort of trance. Ken looked where Davis was looking and ended up looking at a pole. Davis must be practicing his psychic powers…Ken thought. He grinned and poked Davis.

            "Stop it…" Davis groaned. He looked over his shoulder. "What do you want?" he asked, yawning.

            "The rest of us are going to the digital world in the afternoon…you coming?"

            Davis sat up and yawned again. "Sure, why not?"

            After school, everyone was waiting patiently for Davis. Cody and Ken were arm wrestling, Yolei was staring at a blank television screen, T.K. was playing paint on the computer, and Kari was looking out the window.

            " Oh! I see Davis! It looks like he was playing soccer because he's all covered in mud." Kari said thoughtfully.

            "Well he better hurry, because I'm getting tired of waiting for him." Yolei said.

            A few more minutes passed. Cody beat Ken in arm wrestling and T.K. was still dragging the mouse back in forth. Finally Davis appeared in the doorway.

            "Well…what's your excuse this time?" Yolei asked.

            "…Don't have one. Can we go now? I'm covered in mud." Davis replied.

            Yolei sighed and pointed her digivice at the screen. It beeped a few times and Yolei shouted for the portal to open. T.K. screamed because he was still seated in front of the computer, while Ken, Cody, and Kari ran for the portal. A white light filled the room and when it settled, the digidestined were gone.

             The digidestined arrived at the plains of the Digital World. Davis assumed that the reason they were here was to track down Arukenimon. At least the mud on his face was gone, and it wasn't irritating him anymore. After looking for a while, they found their Digimon partners hanging around at Gotsumon town. The group got together with their DNA partners and set off.

            As Ken rode on Stingmon, he noticed Davis looking a bit gloomy.

            "You all right Davis?" Ken asked.

            Davis nodded and they continued on searching for Arukenimon and Mummymon's whereabouts.

            Ken looked at Davis again and shrugged. Something seemed wrong with Davis. It was wrong that he wasn't talking and boasting about his soccer game Kari said he was playing before they arrived at the Digital World.

            Davis was still thinking to himself while riding on Exveemon. He wasn't even looking for signs of Arukenimon and Mummymon. He thought back to the past, when he first became a digidestined. I rescued her from that digimon with the dark ring. She said T.K. had saved her before when Patamon became…Magnaangemon? I should just let her go. She was never meant for me anyway. Besides…being with T.K. would probably make her happier than being with me…

            "Davis! Look out!"

            Davis's head jerked up as Exveemon swerved upwards. Davis looked below him and saw a group of red bands flailing in the air. None of the two could tell where it came from so they began to shoot wildly. Stingmon slashed at a tree and when it split, Arukenimon and Mummymon were seen crouching. They seemed taken aback and began to run. Exveemon kept shooting until they were out of sight.

            Ken took out his D-Terminal and began typing something to the rest of the group.

            "What are you typing?" Davis asked.

            "I'm telling them to meet back at the plains to go back to the real world." Ken said.



            Davis grunted and climbed onto Exveemon again. When Ken got onto Stingmon, they flew away in the opposite direction of where Arukenimon and Mummymon ran.

            When they arrived back at the computer, everyone was already gathered around it. When Ken and Davis jumped off their digimon's back, gathered their de-digivolved forms and head back to the real world.

The next day at lunch, Ken called everyone but Davis together.

            "What is it Ken?" T.K. asked.

            "Why didn't you call Davis?" Cody asked.

            Ken waved his hands and told them to shut their mouths.

            "Have you noticed that Davis isn't acting…normal?" Ken asked.

            "Yeah…come to think of it. He didn't look or talk to me at all today," Kari said.

            "He seems…kind of sad. Should we try to cheer him up or something?"

            Everyone thought for a while. The only plan they had was the usual picnic day. They would have to tell their parents that they were camping again.

            "All right then," T.K. said. "Lets go tomorrow at…noon."

            Everyone agreed and went off to their classes.

            From far away, Davis slumped against the shady tree. He had seen the digidestined talking to one another. He was eating another bag of chips as he looked around the playground.

            After school, the digidestined went home and prepared for the next day's picnic at the Digital World. Davis went home and slumped into bed. He looked at the time. 9:00. He sighed and closed his eyes, thinking. I can't believe I gave up on the girl I wanted all my life. How could I have given in so easily to T.K.? …I've already made my mind. Leave me alone stupid consciousness. Let me sleep…

            The day of the planned picnic arrived and when Davis woke up, he found his D-Terminal beeping. What is it now? He glanced at it and read the message. They were going to have a picnic in the digital world at noon. So that was probably what they were discussing yesterday…but why without him? Probably planning to do something to me he thought miserably. Demiveemon popped out from under Davis's sheets.

            "Davis! Your bed has a weird smell and your snoring is too loud!" he complained.

            Davis grinned and shrugged. He was feeling a bit better now. He got on some new clothes and stuffed a bunch of food (and Demiveemon) into his backpack. He ran out of the door again before his parents could ask where he was going. He walked around for about thirty minutes until he saw Tai and Matt punching each other.

            "Are you guys angry at each other or something?" Davis asked.

            Demiveemon popped out of his backpack and watched the two continue to punch each other. Finally Matt gave up and Tai took a sandwich from the stand behind them.

            "You guys were fighting for a sandwich?" Davis asked.

            Tai and Matt nodded and grinned. Tai however, did not notice Matt sneaking behind him. Matt poked Tai on the sides of his body and out came the chewed up sandwich. It landed near Davis's shoes with a splat. Tai stared, dumbfounded. Then his brain kicked into gear.

            "Hey! I won that sandwich fair and square!" Tai yelled.

            Matt shrugged. "If I can't get it, none of us get it."

            Tai's fingers flexed. "I'm gonna kill you!"

            Matt turned to face Tai. "Whoa!"

            Davis walked by them as the fight continued, but this time there was no prize. He looked at his watch and realized it was almost time to go to the Digital World. He ran the school and hopped the gate.

            When he reached the hallway, everyone was there. Ken seemed to have lost arm wrestling to Cody…and there were a bunch of bags on the floor.

            "So…when are we leaving?" Davis asked.

            "We could go now," T.K. said looking at the clock.

            Everyone gathered around the computer and it sucked the digimon and the digidestined in, along with their bags full of food.

            They landed out in the plains again, emerging from the same computer.

            "Out of curiosity…is anyone covering for us?" T.K. asked.

            "Um…Tai, Matt, Izzy, and maybe Sora too," Yolei replied.

            "You don't seem too sure," Ken stated.

            Yolei told everybody to ignore what she said and search for a picnic spot. They reached a spot with a giant cut down tree in the center. There were a bunch of trees surrounding it and a black cave adjacent to the cut tree.

            "Creepy," Kari said when she saw the cave.

            Davis looked in the cave. Looked like the blackness of hatred.

Later, the group set up camp and began to feast.

"Hey! We need to save some of that for tomorrow!" T.K. said.

After the meal, everyone went to sleep. Demiveemon crawled to Cody's sleeping bag to sleep and Davis's snoring plagued everyone's dreams like always.

The next morning, everyone seemed fresh and awake. Everybody slept well except T.K., who slept right next to Davis. His eyes were slowly drooping and he fell asleep immediately after Davis awoke. Yolei claimed that this day would be a fun day and that no one had to go with their DNA partners. Ken looked around nervously while Yolei automatically moved next to him. No one complained and they began to eat breakfast.

"We'll meet here after two hours to go back!" Yolei said as she grabbed a helpless Ken to wherever they were going. Cody wanted to stay with T.K., because T.K. really had no energy left. But T.K. disagreed and climbed onto Armadillomon. Patamon rested on T.K.s head.

"Well Davis, it's just me and you!" Kari said cheerfully.

Is this their plan? To leave me with Kari or something…hmm…I kind of like it… Davis shook his head. Why couldn't he stop thinking of her? He knew (Or he thought he knew) that Kari had her eyes set on T.K.

Davis sat on the stump. "Hey! Where are Veemon and Gatomon?"

They looked around frantically, but with no prevail. Davis sat on the stump again in disappointment. He looked down at it. The edges look all jagged. I wonder what cut this tree down. Kari glanced at him. Ken was right. Davis didn't seem to act like himself at all. She sat down next to him and put her hand on his shoulder.

"You okay Davis?" she asked.

Davis nodded. Then he asked, " I wonder what cut this tree down."

Kari looked at the trunk. "Probably some digimon."

Then Davis heard some buzzing noises in the air. He sighed.

"Are you trying to be a fly Kari?"

Kari grinned. "What are you talking about?"

"I meant that annoying buzzing noise."

Kari listened. "I hear it too."

"If it's not you then who or what is it?" he asked, clearly annoyed.

"Looks like those things," Kari pointed out.  

Davis turned and screamed. He pulled Kari's hand and lifted her up. They began running around the trunk.

"Why are we running in circles?" Kari asked.

"Watch," Davis replied simply.

The things launched their stingers at Davis and Kari. It hit the edges of the trunk and cut a piece off. Davis looked close at the cut. At least now I know what cut down this tree.

"We can't run like this forever!" Kari yelled to Davis.

"Try that cave! I don't think the…Flymon can fit in."

The two digidestined ran for cover and when they reached the cave jumped in and scooted backwards. The Flymon still shot, but Davis and Kari were out of sight. Finally the six Flymon tried to fly in at once and sent a shockwave at the cave entrance. The cave roof in the entrance broke off, forming a barricade that would be impossible for the two humans to dig through.

Where are Veemon and Gatomon? I hope Flymon won't get them…Kari thought.

Davis seemed to worry about their digimon partners too, but he was more focused on trying to get out. He kicked and pushed but nothing happened. The rocks continued to fall outside until the cave was pitch black.

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