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Author's Note: Last time, the digidestined defeated the Six Wanderers of Darkness. Later, Cody and Sumbarinemon discovered the entrance to Dragomon's fortress. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then please read the previous chapter(s). It is time for the final confrontation with Dragomon himself! The digidestined will be faced with the toughest challenge of their lives. Sorry that it took me so long to get this chapter up. I've been working on a lot of newer stories which I hope to put up in the near future. Read on!


Chapter Eight: Vengeance


            The rocks crumbled and shook as the entire wall of the cliff fell apart. Shockwaves blasted through the water and threatened to slam Cody and Sumbarinemon against the ocean floor.

            "Sumbarinemon, watch out!" Cody cried.

            Sumbarinemon struggled against the current, then swerved just in time to avoid being flattened by a rock.

            Cody glanced up through Sumbarinemon's clear dome to see that the yellow door was still shut, and the figures behind it squirmed even more wildly. Cody focused once more on the black figures behind the windows, then urged Sumbarinemon to surface.

            "Cody's been gone quite a while." Yolei muttered.

            "Actually, he's only been gone for seven minutes."

            "Whatever…I hope he's okay."

            Yolei looked over to Davis, who had regained consciousness a few minutes after Cody departed. He stood isolated from the rest of the digidestined, hands stuffed into his pocket and brown eyes empty.

            A few feet from the coast, a bubble of water erupted. Sumbarinemon broke free from the water pressure and swam towards the awaiting digidestined. Everyone crowded around him.

            "Dragomon's fortress is right under us. It was hidden behind a giant rock, but Sumbarinemon blew it up."

            "Now the question is…how do we get in?"

            Cody rubbed his chin. "Maybe Digmon could drill a hole from here down into the ceiling of Dragomon's fortress.:

            Ken shrugged. "It's worth a try."

            He shook his hair out of his eyes as he watched Sumbarinemon de-digivolve into Armadillomon, then to Digmon. Digmon ran over to where T.K. stood and rammed his drill-like hands into the sand. Dirt and rocks sprayed everywhere as Digmon dug deeper and deeper.

            "I think Paildramon could help," Ken offered.

            Everyone turned to Davis and a sleeping Veemon, who was lying on a nearby rock. Davis turned to look at them, with his dark solemn eyes. Something had happened to him when he unleashed miracles, probably more than they had seen. Veemon woke up and found everyone staring at him. Ken held out his digivice and Veemon received the cue. Davis slipped his D-3 out of his pocket and it shimmered a bright blue.

            Wormmon and Veemon merged together to form Paildramon, who immediately ran over to Digmon to start digging.

            T.K. slapped his forehead. "This is going to take forever!"

            Yolei growled. "Well, it's our only chance to get in so we might as well take it!"

            Soon, the only sounds of life were the sounds of Digmon and Paildramon's claws digging furiously into the dirt.

            Kari looked down at her hands. She was tired. Dragomon was cooped up in his own room. Probably plotting on how to absorb me… Kari sighed. She hopped off the table and began to pace around the room. Why was I given the crest of light? I never asked for it…now look how much trouble it's causing me. I wish…I wish that I never became a digidestined.

            The wall glittered, and Kari leapt back. Dragomon's dark face rammed through first, then grabbed Kari by the arm and out of the room.

            Kari struggled furiously to break free. "What are you doing!?"

            Dragomon snarled, showing rows of sharp teeth. "What do you think?"

            Kari attempted to call on her innate ability but she felt vague and worn out- possibly because of the energy she had sent to Gatomon. She's probably gone now…like the others.

            Dragomon looked down at her. He knew that Death, Chaos, Famine, Apocalypse, Terror, and Hated had been destroyed. His psychic link to their minds was disrupted. Who would have the power to do such a thing? The Six Wanderers of Darkness were indestructible…in the Old Ages. He carefully thought over the digidestined. Dragomon knew Ken, but Ken was already corrupt by the Dark Spores, Light powers would not be able to infuse within him.

            Kari was held fast between Dragomon's arms and his hard chest. Dragomon had stopped talking, and it seemed like he was in great thought. He looked down at her, to see her puzzled face. He growled menacingly, then averted her gaze.

            If I can tap into the memories stored in my mind by the Six Wanderers, then perhaps I will be able to take a look at this digidestined. Without warning, he shoved Kari into another room, but this time leaving a gate to bar Kari in. He walked off to concentrate in privacy.


   (Apocalypse's POV)

            Rain clouded my vision but I was still able to make out the battle. One of the children had undergone some form of transformation. He had destroyed Hatred and Chaos. I did not bother to help them; the weakest in our group deserve no help. I watched as Terror attempted to use his agility to catch the child off guard. Unfortunately, he was faster and decapitated Terror. Terror's cloaked head rolled by my feet. I kicked it away and felt blood dampen my dry robes. The rain was slowly stopping and the fog was lifting. I could make out the child's face. His eyes were full of anger and hate. It was hate that fueled him, but also something else. Hate could not have possibly supplied him with enough energy to continue firing. I leapt away from his golden fire moments before it hit me. I knew at that moment that for the first time, we had lost. This child held something we didn't. He was fighting for a cause and wouldn't give up. We fought for a motive unknown; only Dragomon possessed that information.

            He wanted us to eliminate these children. It seemed that we have failed. In a desperate action to at least destroy the boy, I sucked the energies out of Famine and Death. It filled me with the energies I needed. I felt confident that I could eradicate the child. I struck him twice, but he survived. He blew a hole in my stomach…I felt pain spread throughout my entire body. But I wouldn't give up; not for any cause. I created a net of fire and wrapped it around him. He broke it and shoved his hand into my hood. The pain! Oh, the pain! Fire was racing down my body and swarming around my robes, searing my tough hide. At that moment, I knew that my time had come. Hopefully, Dragomon remembers about the outcast of our group. If Dragomon is to survive, he must consider releasing-


            Dragomon snapped out of his trance. The outcast! But then his excitement stilled. The outcast was a very dangerous digimon who was not good or evil, but would attack anyone in range. Apparently, he had attacked a fellow Wanderer and was forced to leave. Rumor had it that he was almost able to stem off five Wanderers, but was defeated when Apocalypse joined the fight. Dragomon shook his flat face. It was dangerous- could he handle it? Dragomon narrowed his eyes as he tried to remember the location of the seventh Wanderer, Anguish.

            "Make sure that she does not escape," he ordered to two dragon-like digimon.

            "How long will this take?" Yolei groaned.

            Dragomon paused. "It'll take longer if you keep distracting me!"

            Paildramon looked up. "Actually, I think we're pretty close. This rock is starting to get really hard."

            "Let me feel!" Yolei said.

            "No Yolei, don't! You don't know how much weight this thing supports!" Digmon warned.

            Cody jumped after Yolei and tried to grab her leg, but in vain. Ken slapped his forehead. Davis didn't even look up. Paildramon caught Yolei in midair, but unfortunately, the force of her speed caused Paildramon to lose his balance and crash onto the bottom of the hole.

            Paildramon let Yolei off, then began to scream.

            "Cody! Ken! Digmon!" he yelled.

            The digidestined's heads protruded from the cliffs of the pit. Even Davis popped in for a look.

            "What's wrong?" Ken asked.

            Suddenly, the bottom cracked. A giant gash appeared in the floor, then widened as smaller cracks joined with it. The rocks crumbled and Paildramon and Yolei dropped through it.

            "Digmon! Take us down!" Cody ordered.

            Everybody climbed aboard Digimon and Acquilamon, who had just digivolved. Slowly, they made their way to the bottom of the pit. With a thud, Digmon crashed into the rock floor. Shockwaves rumbled through the area and the digidestined on his back toppled off like dominoes. Davis stood up. Life had returned to his eyes; he was back to normal.

            "Kari's near. I can feel it." Davis stated.

            The group stared at him until he walked off in another direction. Cody, Ken, and Yolei ran after him. T.K. looked around at the area they were currently in. So this is Dragomon's fortress? Looks kind of neat. T.K. readjusted his hat, then ran off with Patamon to join the others.

            Davis weaved in and out of the catacombs of the fortress. The fortress walls were dank and dull. It was dark and a strange stench filled the air. The remainder of the digidestined struggled to keep up with Davis.

            "Davis! Do you even know where we are going?" Ken shouted.

            Davis turned. "I don't know! All I know is that I'm going the right way!"

            "The right way is…?"

            Davis began to run now, clearly frustrated. "I don't know all right? I'm just going where my instincts are telling me to!"

            Dragomon walked through the wet mud as he descended the stairs of his basement. With Anguish by my side, there's no way that the child will be able to defeat me. But first I have to find him. As Dragomon reached the bottom of the stairs, he looked around and saw seven doors. He crossed his powerful arms. Could these doors lead to rooms that each belong to one Wanderer? He took a deep breath and opened the first door.

            Inside, there was almost nothing. All that was there was a table and an old chair. Dragomon walked over and examined the desk. These must be hundreds, if not thousands of years old! He reached out to touch the chair when it collapsed right before him. He narrowed his dark eyes and then left the room.

            The next door contained the remains of a dead digimon. Apparently, this digimon had not deleted correctly so another part of it still lived on. Dragomon stooped down to get a closer look at it. It looked like mutilated body stuffed into a robe. Dragomon wheeled around. Anguish must be around here. This must be its body before it changed itself to another form.

            Dragomon slowly approached the door. With one hand, he slowly gathered dark energy which focused into a black fireball. In one swift move, he yanked open the door and ran out with his attacking hand outstretched. When he reached the narrow corridor, he saw nothing. But his senses were trained for survival in the Dark Ocean, and were especially honed on smelling. He sniffed the air and attempted to determine if anyone had recently entered.

            Something bothered him in the back of his mind. His instincts told him to run, but there was nothing to run from. His nose finally detected a faint smell of something that had just crossed this path. He frowned. Anyone who could disguise their tracks as well as this person could- Dragomon stopped. He had just heard a barely audible scratch on these rough walls. He looked around but even with his clear vision, he could not spot anything. Finally, in exasperation, he placed both of his arms over his head and cursed at the ceiling. Saliva dripped onto his forehead and slowly rolled down his face.

            Anguish fell from the ceiling and landed on the floor with barely a thud. Dragomon surveyed Anguish, who looked no different than the rest of the Wanderers. Anguish's eyes were red instead of yellow, and he had a broader frame than Apocalypse did. Upon his back bore a strange sort of stick, and his thick strong fingers were covered with black gloves. Dragomon secretly began to focus energy again, in case Anguish showed hostility. Currently, Anguish was just staring at him with its deep crimson eyes.

            "Anguish," Dragomon whispered.

            Anguish jerked. It seemed surprised that Dragomon knew its name. Dragomon grinned to himself. He thought he had the upper hand in this deal.

            "I was wondering-"

            Faster than even Dragomon's eyes could follow, Anguish whipped out his stick, melted it into pure energy, and slammed it against Dragomon's chest. Dragomon dropped like a rock.


            Kari stood up. Was it really Davis's voice- or had insanity finally taken over her? Without thinking, she yelled back. "Davis!"


            Kari felt a surge of warmth as Davis's voice became louder and clearer. The other footsteps and heavy breathing proved that he wasn't alone.

            "Where are you?" Davis yelled.

            T.K. and Cody's muffled voices could be heard through the wall, while Yolei and Ken quarreled about something.

            "I'm behind this…black gate. Err…it looks kind of like a door, but it's a square."

            The voices outside stopped. "There are two black doors, but which one are you in?"

            "I'm pretty sure Dragomon has guards around mine."

            "We already tossed them."

            "Umm…I'll try to use my powers, so move away from the gates!" she yelled.

            As soon as the digidestined heard this, they all immediately jumped back. Soon enough, a loud clang was heard on the right gate, but it did not open.

            "I can't get it to budge!" Kari shouted.

            Davis's brows furrowed with fury. "That Dragomon…I'll get you out!"

            Focusing like the last time he did, he felt the warmth of Miracles flow from within his heart and course throughout his veins. Miracles was now in every part of his body, pulsing with energy and giving Davis strength.

            "Get out of the way Kari!" Yolei warned.

            From Davis's hands erupted a golden fire, twisting and spinning endlessly. Sparks flew and the heat seared the gate. The heat filled the room and in no time, everybody was beginning to sweat.

            "Stop…Davis…" T.K. groaned, fanning the group with his hat.

            "Not until she's free!" he growled.

            With renewed rage, he concentrated his attack one last time, and this time, the gate could not handle it. The fire ripped through the gate and chunks of it went flying. Pieces of it were still glowing yellow and smoke filled the air. Davis withdrew Miracles and ran to the smoke.

            "Kari?" he choked.

            A familiar shadow was seen through the smoke, and when it emerged, the recognizable face of Kari was seen. The smoke cleared and the girl who had survived in Dragomon's base for an unknown amount of time emerged. The group let loose a sigh of relief as Gatomon ran to Kari and leapt into her arms. Kari thanked the entire group, then stood up. She dropped Gatomon lightly onto the floor and walked over to Davis.

            Davis gulped. What is she doing? Kari looked up at the boy who had saved her life an uncountable number of times, and yet she had never really appreciated it- until today.

            "Davis…you've been with me since the beginning of this journey, from the Digital World to the Dark Ocean. No matter what, you've always tried your hardest to avert me from danger. You're my friend Davis. I know that you'd never give up on me as I would never give up on you."

            Kari paused to survey Davis's reaction. His face was blank as he stared back at her. The group was silent. Kari bit her lip. Perhaps he'll need a little motivation…

            Davis almost jumped when Kari moved a step closer. However, he kept still and waited to see what Kari would do. She placed her slender gloved arms around his neck as Davis jerked back in surprise. The digidestined stared. Davis followed with the embrace by putting his arms around her thin waist. He could feel her press against his body; his stomach was growling for food, but he did not care right now. Then, she cupped his chin with one hand and pulled his head forward. Davis felt Kari's soft lips press against his. He wasn't exactly expecting this. Their noses touched and it was all over in a matter of seconds.

            Davis and the digidestined stared at her. Her sweet scent still lingered around Davis though.

            "You'll get the rest when we get back," she said, smiling.

            Davis stayed silent for a few seconds, then smiled back.

            "It's about time," Yolei muttered.

            "Come on, let's get Dragomon!" Gatomon suggested.

            Gatomon lead the way out, followed by the rest of the digidestined.

            Soon enough, they reached a fork in the castle doors, one going left and the other right. The digidestined paused and began to survey the area.

            "Well…left or right guys?" Cody asked.

            "This reminds me of a certain time not too long ago," Davis whispered.

            Kari grinned. "I remember."

            "We should split up," Yolei said.

            The group began to divide themselves up. Eventually, it ended up with Davis, Yolei, and Cody in one group. Ken, T.K., and Kari went the other way. The digimon went along with their respective partners.

            "Izzy, what's taking them so long?" Tai asked.

            "I don't know. It was supposed to start out as a simple picnic, but who knows where they are now."

            Tai crossed his arms and began to think. "Didn't someone say they were in the Dark Ocean?"

            Izzy returned to his laptop. "I'll see if I can hack into the digital systems and change some of the coding…"

            Izzy began to open screens and type furiously. Matt appeared from behind the trees.

            "Well, there doesn't appear to be any edible berries around here," Matt remarked.

            Tai took a seat on the bench. "Anyways, they'd better get back soon or there's no way we can get them out of this mess."

            Matt looked at his watch. His blonde hair was uncombed and stuck out like a porcupine's quills. "My dad will pick us up in another day. That's still a pretty long time in the Digital World."

            Sora climbed out of the tent, apparently aroused from sleep. "Then maybe we should start thinking of excuses, in case you know?"

            "I got it!" Izzy cried.

            Tai and Matt practically leapt onto the poor Izzy, who was struggling with the weight of his massive friends.

            "What'd you find?"

            Izzy threw off Tai and Matt's arms, then pointed to his screen.

            "I've been studying the program of the Digital World. I remember at that factory place where we first met Andromon, I accidentally entered a room filled with strange symbols. When I changed one, it was able to shut the power off in the factory."


            "Well, by looking at this, the Digital World is just a repeating amount of data. There's one for trees, grass, mountains, weather, and all that other kind of stuff."

            "You mean it's like a video game?"

            "Yeah. That's probably why Ken thought that the Digital World was just a game when he was the Digimon Emperor."

            Matt took a brief look at the glowing screen. "These all look the same- except for a different symbol here and there."

            Izzy sighed. He wasn't used to explaining technology with people who never even touched a computer before.

            "I just said that. Anyways, you see that symbol? It kind of looks like a spiral thingy."

            Tai pointed at the screen. "I see it."

            "You smudged my screen!" Izzy yelled.

            Sora walked over to the arguing trio. "What's going on here?"

            Izzy grunted. He took a tissue out of his pocket and wiped the screen. "As I was saying, the portal to the Dark Ocean is just like a portal to the Digital World. But as you can see, there's not another symbol like it for the rest of the program. I'm pretty confident there isn't because it's the only one I've encountered while scrolling for about ten minutes."

            "So what does all this mean?" Tai asked.

            "I don't know. I'm going to try to decode this symbol thing."

            Izzy clicked on the symbol and an enlarged version of it appeared in a separate window. Izzy began to twirl it around and tug it here and there. Finally, Izzy erased one part of the line and his screen went blank.

            "What the hell?" he shouted.

            "What's wrong?" Sora asked.

            "My computer's been overloaded by the program."

            The computer began to smoke and unbeknownst to Izzy and Sora, caught fire.

            "Izzy…!" Sora warned.

            Izzy turned to see fire leap out and get onto his coat. "Fire!" he yelled.

            Tai and Matt ran out with buckets of water. "We got it!"

            They quickly doused the burning laptop with water. Steam rose from the wrecked computer, then melted into a pile of goop.

            "Well, I guess we can't view what they're doing after all."

            Kari and T.K. kept close to Ken as they walked through the dark corridor. They had seen nothing yet and there was no source of light around. Water dripped through holes in the pipes and the shuffling of their feet echoed throughout the empty hall.

            "Sure is cold in here." T.K. said, rubbing his arms.

            Ken shrugged. "We'll be out soon. I can see the ending of this hall."

            They walked and walked in a curve that swerved left and right until the finally reached the end. Bright light caused them all to squint. Davis, Cody, and Yolei were standing next to them.

            "Davis? How'd you get here?" Ken asked.

            Davis shrugged. "I think these tunnels are connected."

            "Well, there's no sign of Dragomon." Yolei declared.

            Suddenly, the wall to the left of the chamber burst open. Rocks went flying and dust rose from the impact. Dragomon emerged from the smoke, snarling. Kari stared at him. This wasn't the same Dragomon that had imprisoned her. Something had happened to him.

            "It's time!" Davis yelled.

            Paildramon, Silphymon, and Shakuamon both landed in their fighting stances, ready for action.

            Dragomon turned on them and growled. Fire escaped his open jaws.

            "Desperado blaster!"

            "Static force!"

            "Justice beam!"

            The combined power of the attacks blew Dragomon back through the wall in which he came from. A loud thud was heard, then Dragomon returned for more. With one hand, he lifted Paildramon and tossed his against the giant pillar in the center of the room. The pillar collapsed and the ceiling creaked. Shakuamon and Silphymon began to pound on Dragomon with their relentless assaults, but Dragomon seemed unaffected. He let loose a roar of anger, then charged. Silphymon and Shakuamon went flying and crashed into the opposite wall. Paildramon stood up and was immediately smacked down by Dragomon.

            Dragomon gathered a fireball in his hand and fired it at the crumpled forms of Silphymon and Shakuamon. Silphymon blew apart and de-digivolved into Poyomon and Salamon. They lied on the floor helplessly.

            Shakuamon regained consciousness right before the fireball swarmed around him. He opened the chamber in his stomach and sucked most of the attack in. He released it as smoke that filled the area. Shakuamon used this distraction to hop away. Paildramon groaned miserably on the floor. Dragomon was in full rage now. His spiked tail flew about and crashed into several other pillars. Cracks filled the rusted walls and the ground shook with every move. Shakuamon shot his bombs and they exploded on Dragomon's face. Dragomon snorted out fire which ravaged and ruined Shakuamon's armor. Shakuamon fell and crashed into the floor. Paildramon was slammed against the giant chair-like structure in the middle and de-digivolved. Shakuamon de-digivolved as well.

            Davis knew that he would have to use his powers if they wanted to stand a chance against him. He was about to ask Kari to join him when he spotted a pair of red eyes in the gloom. It came from the area which Dragomon had crashed through. Without telling the others, he carefully snuck over to it. What he saw terrified him. At about seven feet tall and wearing black robes, Anguish was a frightening sight. Its hands were moving about in a spell manner and were directed at Dragomon.

            Davis looked at Anguish, then tried to figure out what Anguish was doing. Anguish pushed his hands forward and Dragomon ran towards the rest of the digidestined. They scattered like ants and picked up the in-training digimon as they found them. Davis reached a simple conclusion. This guy must be controlling Dragomon! Maybe if I can knock it over, he'll lose control of him! Strange. He looks like a Wanderer. Davis began to concentrate and gathered Miracles within him. With one shot, his golden fire swarmed around the cloaked figure and toppled him over.

            At that moment, Dragomon stood up straight. What am I doing? He stared at his own hands, then recalled the events that had happened before. …Anguish! He ambushed me with his attack! Dragomon turned. His vision easily saw through the smoke and caught Anguish standing in the far corner of the room. Anguish tried to control Dragomon again, but now that Dragomon was expecting it, there was no effect.

            "Anguish! You will pay!" Dragomon growled.

            Anguish dropped its hands, then took a step back. Davis rolled over to the rest of the digidestined, watching the battle.

            Anguish removed his stick from his back and held it in front of him like a shield. Dragomon's shoulders hunched together as he braced himself for an attack. Anguish's stick liquefied into radiant violet energy, then Anguish struck. The stick smacked Dragomon's arm, but he shook it off easily. One clawed hand grabbed Anguish by the hood and began to squeeze. Anguish, with surprising strength, snapped Dragomon's wrist, then tossed him a few feet away. Dragomon roared in pain as he slid on the floor. He stood up wobbly as Anguish approached him. He lifted one spiked arm at let loose a swarm of needles. They bounced off Anguish like they were made of rubber. Anguish chopped Dragomon's neck area with his hand, then turned towards the digidestined. It did not feel that Dragomon was a threat.

            "We can take it," Davis said.

            Kari looked up at him. "What do you mean?"

            Davis glanced back down at her with his cold eyes. "Together- our powers can take this guy down."

            Kari closed her eyes. That's just like Davis. Even in the face of danger he always believes in the group. He always believes that we can work together to make impossible things possible. But…I wish that I had the same courage he had.

            "I can't Davis."

            Davis looked shocked. "Why not?"

            Kari grimaced. "I wish I could be as brave as you Davis, but I just…can't…"

            Davis sighed. "I see what you mean."

            He looked behind her to see the rest of the digidestined, huddled in one spot. With renewed strength, he turned back to face Anguish. "Stay back with the others Kari."

            Kari slowly walked back while watching Davis play the role of hero.

            Anguish slowly approached Davis, its footsteps barely audible. Dragomon was knocked out- he showed no signs of life. Miracles still coursed through Davis, so he no longer needed to focus. Just one or two more fights, he said to himself, then we're out of here. Anguish took the first move. In a single second, he landed a blow on Davis's stomach and another to his forehead. Davis fell down to one knee, doubling over.

            Davis coughed out blood. Anguish was going through Miracles like it was made of paper. Anguish took another blow, but this time Davis managed to roll away. Anguish stooped down to pick Davis up, then elbowed him in the chest, causing him to crash into one of the "windows" in the chamber. Luckily, the window held so water was not let through. Davis lunged at Anguish with one blazing fist. Anguish caught the hand and flipped Davis over, slamming him onto his back. Davis's head was spinning now. He was seeing double. Anguish leaned over, thinking that Davis was dead.

            Using this to his advantage, Davis struck his hand out at Anguish's hood right when its face was a few inches away from his. Golden fire erupted from his fingertips and blazed all about Anguish's robes. Anguish rolled in pain and agony. Finally, it ripped apart its cloak, revealing its true form. The digidestined stared at the bare form of Anguish.

            Anguish's figure looked no different than an average human's. It was at least seven feet tall and muscles bulged out everywhere. Wire and cords were strapped from its back to its temples and its knees carried some sort of mechanical devices. On his chest bore a metal plate, with a red circle beeping in the center. Its bright red eyes studied at how the children would react.

            Davis shook his head as he stood up. Pieces of Anguish's robes burned in the background. Dragomon's soft growls were the only sounds heard. Anguish grinned- or what seemed like a grin- to reveal a mouth split at about one fourths of the way down his face. The mouth was filled with blood red teeth and a dark purple tongue was spotted inside.

            "What brings you…children…here?"

            Davis felt a shiver go up his spine. Anguish was speaking in a low guttural tone. It was surprising that it could even speak at all. He looked back at the digidestined to see them shaking their heads. It seemed that they did not want Davis to converse with him.

            When Davis turned, Anguish moved a step forward. Davis lifted one hand in warning. Anguish did not take the hand as a threat as he moved closer again. The red circle was still beeping and a strange light was circling around it. Anguish brought up his knee and the fight continued. Blood spurted from the puncture in Davis's chin as he felt himself drop a few feet away. Davis couldn't hold himself together. Anguish was slowly approaching him.

            Davis turned his head to see his friends one last time. Yolei and Cody looked horrified. Ken and T.K. looked like they were urging them on. Where was Kari…? A bright flash of white clouded Davis's vision as a beam traveled from somewhere next to him to Anguish's chest. Anguish yelled in pain and surprise as he struggled to throw off the powerful beam. Davis felt the light reenergize him. Blood began to flow again and he slowly regained his senses. He could see the angelic form of Kari stand over him. She looked at him with her shy eyes and dazzling smile. Davis grinned back.

            "Need some help?" Davis asked.

            "I'd love some," Kari replied.

            Davis crawled back to his feet and joined Kari in blasting Anguish. Miracles shot out of his fingertips like it never had before and blew a hole in Anguish's shoulder. Dark blue blood gushed out like a waterfall as Anguish collapsed. Anguish was still holding back both attacks though, as they didn't seem able to penetrate the metal plate strapped to his chest. Kari devised a plan.

            "Davis. Place your hands over mine."

            Davis did so without questioning her. Their attack had stopped and a smoking Anguish was beginning to stand.

            Now Kari had Davis's hands sandwiched between hers. "Fire!" she shouted, feeling much like an army commander.

            White light and golden light swarmed out of their joined hands and intertwined together. They spiraled and met at a specific rendezvous point in the center. The beam became a bright yellow as the connected fireball was glowing multiple colors in a magnificent aurora. Anguish held its arms before his head and turned away from the light. The beam blasted through him easily. The top half of Anguish fell forward as his bottom half was pushed towards the ceiling. Blood covered the area as it began to drip out of Anguish's body in copious amounts.

            Anguish's bottom half dealt the final blow to the fortress. The final pillar was destroyed from the impact by its knee blades. The pillar fell and crashed onto the floor, breaking into millions of pieces.

            "Let's go!" Ken yelled sharply.

            The whole place was rumbling now. Rocks the size of cars came crashing down. Craters were blown into the hard stone floor.

            "But Dragomon…" Kari began.

            "There's no time for him!" Davis barked. He hurried Kari towards the right tunnel.

            Dragomon had awoken. He was cursing and his back had emitted a strong fire which pretty much broke all the rocks that attempted to crush him.

            "Dragomon, get yourself out!" Kari yelled.

            "Gee whiz, he almost killed you and you still want him to live?"

            "Still…I don't want to see any digimon die."

            Davis watched from the safety of under the corridor roof to see Dragomon scrambling for the broken wall he had come through. A giant brick dropped on him right before he reached the exit. His great frame tried to hold the brick but not even his muscled body could lift it. The brick fell with a sickening crunch. Davis turned away and began to run.   

            The entire fortress was collapsing now, as even the catacombs were breaking. The digidestined weaved through them and avoided all the falling structures. Davis was the last one out, as he had stayed to watch the demise of Dragomon.

            "Faster Davis!" Cody shouted.

            They were all aboard Acquilamon, Stingmon, Nefertimon, or Pegasusmon. They were shouting at Davis to hurry. Veemon seemed to be throwing a tantrum. Davis tripped over a crack in the floor and fell to the floor. The group was nervous and scared.


            The voices in Davis's head were unclear and fuzzy. He couldn't hear too well. He lifted one arm lazily and waited for his doom to come. But before it could happen, a strong hand reached down and yanked him up. The last words he head were "Let's go!"

            Davis jumped up. What a nightmare! He looked around him to see that he was in his bed at home. It was morning and crows were cawing noisily outside. He rubbed his head. Did all that really happen? He walked outside his room and drank the carton of milk, then ran to his room when he heard his D-Terminal beep. It ordered him to go to the nearby park and not surprisingly, it was from Yolei.

            Davis busted open his apartment door, then jogged out to the park. There, he found Ken, Yolei, and Cody waiting for him.

            "What's the big party for?" he asked, seeing piles of food stocked before him.

            T.K. appeared from the bushes. "You don't remember anything from yesterday?"

            "Oh. Okay. So I guess that it wasn't a dream."

            The group stared at him. "That's all you're going to say? You nearly died if it weren't for T.K. Luckily, he pulled you up before that rock crushed you to death."

            Davis turned to T.K. and grinned. "I owe you big time, pal."

            "Don't mention it."

            Davis returned to the food. "So how did we get back?"

            Cody shrugged. "Izzy, Matt, Sora, and Tai were all waiting at the campsite. Izzy's computer was broken but he managed to get one from Matt's father and program the Digital Gate on there."

            Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, and Joe joined the party or picnic. Davis still couldn't understand what it was. "Let's dig in!" Tai yelled, seeing the food. Unfortunately, Mimi was still in America, but everyone knew that she was having a good time over there- just as long as she could go shopping.

            The digidestined crowded around the food and began to devour it. Finally, Davis noticed that Kari was missing.

            "Where's Kari?" he asked, mouth full.

            The digidestined paused.

            Davis's vision was suddenly blinded by two objects covering his eyes. "Help me!" he cried.

            "Guess who?" asked a familiar feminine voice.

            "Oh," Davis said, swallowing his food. "Hey Kari."

            Davis turned and was met by a deep kiss. Tai was halfway out of his sitting stance when Matt and Izzy forced him back down.

            Their lips touched and this time, it was much longer than the first. They had their arms wrapped around each other and did not seem to want to let go. After it ended, Davis brushed a loose strand of Kari's hair off her forehead.

            "What was that for?" Davis asked, his heart beating quickly from excitement.

            Kari beamed at him, with a smile he had not seen for a long time. "I told you that you'd get the rest when we got back from the Dark Ocean."

            "But how did you guys get out?"

            Izzy answered this question, as everyone was looking at him. "Well, Dragomon was the Dark Master form of the Dark Ocean. When he was destroyed, there was no longer a controller for that area. As with Metalseadramon, Machinedramon, and Puppetmon, their areas were deleted when they were destroyed. In the collapsing of the Dark Ocean, a portal opened up since the Dark Ocean is another branch off the Digital World."           

            Everybody paused to think about Izzy's theory, then returned to eating their lunch.

            Kari and Davis sat a little further from the group.

            "Kari…I thought that you and T.K…"

            Kari put a finger on his lips. "It doesn't matter. We agreed that love wasn't the right path for both of us and that we should go our separate ways. He's yet to find someone, but I'm sure he will in no time. As for me…well, he's sitting right in front of me."

            Davis stared into Kari's soft brown eyes that were filled with joy and happiness. She was back to her usual self, as was Davis. Davis grinned as he placed one arm about her shoulders, allowing her to place her head on his arm. They lied back on the soft green grass, listening to the uproars of the digidestined group and looking up at the expansive clear blue skies- together.

            Can you believe it? I have finished this story! A picnic that started out in the Digital World ended up as a huge adventure in the Dark Ocean. Though my original ending was a lot better, I felt that this one would suit the new plot. By the way, if any one cared, the answers to the chapter six question were: Ken, Yolei, Cody, and T.K.! This is especially aimed at Anime-05, who sadly mixed two up. Thanks to her, Anthony, Miracles, Water Mist, and all you other reviewers for supporting this story all the way. Sadly, this story never acquired the fame that I was hoping it would but hey- I think it's still a great story! So if you have the time, feel free to spread this story to all your friends and so on… I'm getting lazier and lazier. Don't forget to review this story before you exit! Well, until my next story…