Probably shouldn't be starting a new Fic considering I have a few on the go already, Avec l'amour de Paris being the big one but I wanted to see how M copes with the loss of her Husband and her sudden feelings for our No1 Agent. Dedicated to Prosper-the-VXIII, Liz1967, LtComdrLaverneMarie and StellaAccantoAlSole. You guys really make writing worth while. Enjoy and as always review.

Begin Again


It had just been a normal day in MI6. James Bond was sitting on M's office, sitting across from her as she scolded him like a school boy.

"Why in the hell can't you just be careful for once, for god sake." M said, in her usual tough, no-nonsense tone.

"Ma'am, with all due respect I did the best I could to keep the car in one piece."

"Well even a piece would have been good. Do you have any idea how much each car you're given actually costs. To have it specially designed and made to suit your needs."

"Well how the hell should I know, that's not my area."

"To install all those gadget's that you're so bloody fond off, it costs around £5000. You've destroyed 3 bloody cars already Bond, £15,000."

"Wow, that's a lot."

"You think. The next time you decide to go rushing in, think about the cost first would you. I'd be ever so grateful, and if you continue to do it purly to piss me off, I swear to god the next one's coming out of your bloody wages. Are we understood." She stated.

"Understood Ma'am."

M's intercom blasted as she finished giving Bond his lecture.

"Yes Eve, what is it." M asked.

"Sorry to interupt Ma'am but the Police are on the phone."

"The Police. What do they want."

"They didn't say, but it sounds important."

"Very well, put them on."

"I'll see myself out." Bond said, standing up.

"I'm not finished with you yet, SIT." She ordered.

James sat back down as M started speaking to the Police. As he watched her, he could see her face going very pale and she began to look unsteady on her feet. He got up and walked round to her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"M, are you alright." He asked, suddenly concerned.

"James I don't understand, I can't…."

"Come on sit down."

He helped her into her seat and took the phone from her hand.

"Hello this is James Bond. Who is this." He asked, down the phone.

"Mr Bond, my names is DSI Dodson from Syndicate 9. What connection are you to Mrs Emma Bently."

"Emma Bently?" James asked, confused.

"She means me James." M said, through silent tears.

"Emma, ofcourse. Sorry, I'm a colleague and friend. What's happened."

"I'm afarid Mrs Bently's Husband was involved in a car crash earlier today."


"A car drove through a red light and went straight into him. I'm sorry Mr Bond but he died on impact."

James went very quiet and immediately looked at M and the state she was in.

"Mr Bond."

"Yes, sorry. I'm still here."

"I'm sorry but we need Mrs Bently to come down to identify the body."

"I see. Would it be alright for me to come with her."

"Yes, ofcourse. We're at The Royal and if you make your way down to the morgue, we'll be waiting for you."

"Right and what was your name again."

"DSI Dodson, Julie."

"We'll be down soon."

James hung up the phone and turned back to M. He could see the tears falling from her cheeks. He knelt down infront of her and took hold of her hands.

"M, I am so sorry."

"This can't be happening. I couldn't hear what she was saying, how did he die."

"Some idiot drove through a red light, they hit your Husband head on and he died on impact. M they need you to go down and identify him."

"NO, I can't James, I can't." She sniffed.

"I'll go with you if you want."

"Would you."

"Ofcourse I will. Give me a minute and I'll be back."

James left M alone for a few minutes and went out to Eve, who was in the middle of a discussion with Bill Tanner.

"Ah James, kick your butt did she." Eve smirked.

"Bond, what is it." Bill asked, noticing the concerned look on his face.

"That phonecall that M just received."

"Yes, what about it." Eve asked.

"It was the Police. M's Husband has just been killed in a road traffic accident."

"David's dead." Bill asked, shocked.

"Yes. You knew him."

"I've met him on a few occasions when I've dropped M off at home. How is she."

"She's distraught. They need her to go and identify his body."

"Oh my god, poor woman. Well someone should go with her" Eve said.

"She's asked me to go with her. Tanner will you hold the fort."

"Yes ofcourse I will. Are you sure she wants you to go with her."

"What's that supposed to mean."

"I didn't mean anything by it. I just thought she'd feel more comfortable with…Ma'am." Bill stopped, as M appeared in the doorway.

"Bill I need you to cover for me, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all. M, I am so sorry about David."

"Thank you Bill." She said, tears threatening again.

"Ma'am, I am so sorry for your loss."

"That's very kind Eve."

"M, we should go." James said, putting his arm around her shoulder.

He guided her out of the building, leaving Eve and Bill feeling awful for their Boss.

To Be Continued….