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Elena's POV

My body ached terribly and my throat was hoarse from all the crying I had done.

I groaned for the hundredth time, trying to get into a more comfortable position on the chair I was tied too, but every time I moved the ropes seemed to get tighter and the fibres were digging into my skin. Why had Damon done the knots so damn tight I cursed under my breath, it's not like I would be able to escape anyway.

I would never get out of here. Damon was a monster, a vicious merciless monster, I half screamed in my head. I have never hated someone as much as I hated him.

Not only did he throw me around like a rag doll last night, he felt the need to introduce me to another day of suffering and torment when I woke up, like he got a thrill out of it. Was this what my life was going to be like from now on? An endless pit of suffering and pain…

He had intimidated me, made me beg for my life and humiliated me. I felt sick to my stomach remembering how he grinded against me, not only because I had to tolerate his filthy hands all over me but because of the fact that I felt my own body responding. I remembered feeling his hard shaft pressing against me, teasing me. I shivered.

I was more disgusted at myself than I was at him. The first time I saw him, I was almost blinded. He was unbelievably handsome, perfect in every way, shape and form. There was no denying how attractive he was. But, I guess demons can come wrapped in any consume. I would not let myself be swayed by his looks, not in the slightest. I've always been the kind of girl than believes beauty on the inside is far more important that beauty on the outside. That is the most frustrating thing because I know this, but yet I still can't seem to stop my eyes from wandering down his lean, muscular body, when I know for certain he's not watching. Though I'm sure he has no idea, I can be daringly sneaky and stealthy as well, when I want to be.

I sighed internally, a sudden wave of nostalgia hitting me. I couldn't help but reminisce, I used to be so full of life, so courageous and challenging. I was powerful, beautiful, and fearless. Living on the edge. Of course, I know my situation would be no different, he's a vampire and there's no escaping that. Although, in normal circumstance, I can't help but feel... I've lost my touch. My aura, my personality... I've lost me. Maybe that's why this is happening to me. I've lost my way; I've stirred away from whatever path I'm meant to be following which probably allowed me to fall into the clutches of this mad man.

However, as dark as my life got at times, I wasn't that far gone for people to believe I just took off into the night, I'm pretty sure the whole town would be in frantic mode right now, searching for me, especially with me being a founding family. Good old mystic falls, where nothing goes unnoticed, everyone always knows your business and that's what most irritates me. It's suffocating living in a town like that when you're trying to disappear.

I thought of Jeremy and Jenna and how worried they would be right now, considering it's been a whole 3 days since I was taken. I wouldn't even be able to skip town for a day let alone 3, without someone noticing. Sure, things have died down a notch these days, the sympathetic glances and comments at school have almost stopped, except for Caroline's clinginess and routinely pep-talk behaviour. The start of term this fall had been good, I hadn't had any breakdowns or panic attacks, which I am more than thankful for as during the first couple of months following my parents death's, every time I thought about the scene I saw on the floor that night, my body would start convulsing in horrible tremors, my shoulders would be shuddering nonstop while my back would hunch over as I let out wail after wail of despair. I wouldn't be able to stop for hours, they would often happen at school as I had to go back after a month to complete the remaining 2 months of the school term to take all my exams. I couldn't understand how people thought a month was enough time to grieve and then everything would be good as new, that I would be over it. I don't think there is enough time in the world for anyone to ever get over what I witnessed that night. It's been 6 months now and I still cry myself to sleep.

So I was more than happy with my tranquil poise at the start of this year, well at least the 3 weeks I had got through before I was abducted. There were no tears, just the occasional distant stare which my friends would always discretely point out. I was getting along. I went to a few back to school parties. I cringed thinking about how Matt had begged me to take him back at the falls a week ago, making puppy dog eyes at me and Bonnie across the bridge. It's amazing how, even in the midst of what I'm going through now, being held captive in a basement by a vampire, that I can still have some normal thoughts, thoughts that plagued my mind just a mere 7 days ago.

I closed my eyes, trying to find some comfort in an imaginary place but it was no use. My mind was on full alert. Thankfully the pain had subsided and I couldn't feel a thing. My whole body was numb, I was probably still in shock.

I still had a killer headache though and I felt like the room was spinning. I had to squint in the darkness to make out my surroundings and I felt like my whole body was shutting down. My energy levels were running on zero, but I wasn't complaining as it seems that's the only reason why I couldn't feel the pain. I guess if you hardly have the strength to keep your eyes open, your body saves energy by not allowing you to feel your limbs and I was grateful for that.

It's probably nightfall by now, I've been down here for at least 5 hours now and Damon had yet to make an appearance and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be making one any time soon, he was probably going to leave me down here for days. I was thankful for the separation, but the isolation down here was driving me insane not to mention that I hadn't ate or drank anything in over 48 hours, but surprisingly that didn't bother me. I would gladly starve to death if it meant I never had to see his face again. I was content in staying down here forever and just forget the world, because I knew no matter how much my body ached and how hungry I got, it's a privilege to be away from him and I wouldn't waste a second of it thinking otherwise. The sound of footsteps on the cold gravel floor behind the door made me jump. I froze in fear.

No, no, no! This can't be happening.

I inhaled deeply at the sound of chains rattling behind the door, oh God no. Not again. Was he going to torture me again? I grimaced. I wasn't ready for this. In a second the door was open and he walked over to the cage I was locked in. His face was hidden in the darkness and I had trouble seeing clearly in my battered state but I could already guess that his face held an evil smirk It always did. My whole mind felt like a fuzzy mess and my vision was degrading. Great, just when he arrives, my symptoms get worse. It was probably a result of fear.

I hated that he made me fear him so much. I wasn't scared of anything, ever. But him, he's in a whole different category. He isn't just dangerous, he is the definition of dangerous. Evil defines him, it courses through his veins, you can almost see it sometimes, the way his smirk grows tauntingly and the way his face transforms into a lethal demon, showing his unmatchable power and his predatory physique. He's not just influenced by the devil, he is the devil. I know it sounds absurd, but it's the only way I can describe him.

I am beyond terrified at this point.

I wasn't sure if it was just me, but the minutes seemed to go by painfully slow, like my mind had no recognition of time whatsoever. I even considered the possibility that I might be hallucinating as Damon continued not to move or even utter a single word.

Then again, maybe he did. I'm not sure. Everything was just so blurry. I heard a slight vibration, an echoing sentence getting louder and louder as though it was being repeated but I couldn't make out what was being said. Had he spoke?

"ELENA!" I heard Damon shout from outside the cage door. Was he calling me before?

I winced in pain as I began to feel a slight prickling sensation in my head and my neck started to burn with every breathe I took, like it was a penance for still being alive.

I squinted my eyes again, desperate to clear my vision and when Damon tilted his head, I finally saw his face. It was full of concern. You're joking right? The next thing I notice is the cage door swinging open and then Damon was crouching in front of me. His hand moved towards me and I shut my eyes instinctively, waiting for the blow to come, but all I felt was gentle touches on my shoulder and my hair was pulled aside, revealing my bloodied neck.

Oh God. He's going to bite me.

"Please, don't... don't... don't, please, p-please... d-d... please.." I mumbled incoherently, with my eyes still sealed closed.

My voice trailed off as in fear as I wanted for the inevitable pain, knowing that nothing I said would be able to convince him.

After a few seconds of silence, I grew confused and I heard his voice, loud and clear this time. Was I getting better?

"Elena, look at me"

I breathed deeply after hearing his request and my body trembled even more but I slowly opened my eyes to meet his piercing blue ones, I guess there was no point to resist. Although I couldn't have prepared for what I was about to see, I gasped out loud at the sight.


He felt guilty? No, I must be mistaken. Why would he feel guilty? I mean nothing to him. I continued to stare at him with disbelief and I slowly saw the emotion fade away from his face.

"Relax" Damon said irritably, but I could still see the slight wash of guilt in his features, though he was masking it pretty well, but I chose to pay no attention to that.

"I'm not going to hurt you" he added seeming even more annoyed, as I continued to tremble.

Wow. Is he angry that I'm afraid of him? Isn't that what he was trying to achieve with his little torture charade? To make me fear him? He really needs to make up his mind. One second he's concerned and feels bad about what he's done and the next second it's like his face is drained of any emotion. I could've sworn I even saw him hesitate when he aimed the knife at me 2 days ago, and then there's the fact that he tended to my wounds after creating them, he is seriously messed up.

"Could've fooled me" I retorted bitterly.

He growled loudly and roughly pulled my hair

"I already told you Elena. Actions have consequences. It's time to be a big girl now and accept that. You're not at home with your stupid family and friends anymore or living your pathetic little life. You're in my house and you will obey my rules"

"You're the fucking insane bastard who kidnapped me from my 'pathetic little life' in the first place, so I'm not in your house willingly so fuck you and your fucking rules! You asshole!"

Damon gripped my neck tightly once I was finished my little rant, immediately cutting off my air supply and he laughed bitterly.

"That's quite a dirty little mouth you have, maybe we should put it to good use some time" He smirked at me lustfully and I tried to escape from his firm hold, but he was too strong.

"You belong to me now, Elena. You're mine. The sooner you accept that, the easier this will be for you" He replied, glaring at me spitefully as he let go of my neck.

I coughed frantically and tears filled my eyes.

I wanted to tell him that I'll never be his. Not in this lifetime, not ever, but i knew better. I didn't want to anger him further because I know how quickly he can snap and I considered myself lucky that he hadn't already. Maybe he was finally learning some self-control.

Instead I glared at him hatefully.

Damon could tell I had bit back all my hurtful retorts and titled his head and raised his eye brows, challenging me.

"What, no smart ass retort?" He asked with a laugh.

When I remained silent, he smirked and ran his hand along the smooth column of my throat.

"That's too bad, kitten. I actually like your fiery side" He mused, winking at me.

I winced when his knuckles ran over the place where he had bitten me last night. I felt like my neck was torn to shreds, I could barely move it without jolts of pain running down my spine.

"Hmm" He said quietly, worry filling his eyes. "I think I took a little too much from you. That with the combined blood loss from your leg... you must be feeling pretty weak" He spoke soothingly.

"Elena, how many fingers am I holding up?" He asked, holding up his hand.

I looked at his hand in confusion, I couldn't concentrate on anything and I had no idea how many fingers he was holding, if only the room would stop spinning. Damn it.

I had no idea that I was this bad. The thought of losing too much blood never even occurred to me. Yet again, I had been feeling light headed and time did seem to go all wonky sometimes, as well as my hearing. I may have even been drifting in and out of consciousness before he arrived, as I couldn't really focus on my surroundings or feel the weight of my body.

"Err... 4?" I answered hesitantly.

"Fuck" I heard him curse.

My eyes drooped closed and my head was suddenly feeling heavy. I could barely hold it up. I felt like my whole body was shutting down.

I felt two strong arms grasp my shoulders, shaking me gently, but I could barely even comprehend the movement, I was too weak.

"You're fading fast Elena" He said, letting go of my shoulders and tilting my chin up gently, but I couldn't see a thing as my whole vision turned to black. I could just about make out the feeling of movement around my wrists... and then my legs. I was being untied.

I felt my body being lifted into the air swiftly and felt myself being pressed against a hard, muscular chest. Surprisingly, I felt at ease. Like I belonged there and with that, I gave in to the awaiting abyss as I descended into the darkness.


I sighed contently. I felt well rested, like I had slept for days. I yawned contently as I stretched out my limbs, feeling completely at peace. I was somewhere between consciousness and the world of dreams. Oh crap, I cursed, what time is it? Do I have school? I groaned inwardly, I seriously did not want to go through 6 hours of pointless lessons with teachers lecturing me about needing to get it together and that "the time for mourning is over". Sometimes I just wanted to punch Mr Tanner square in the face. Not to mention the fact that I really couldn't handle the feeling of Matt staring at me every second I looked over in his direction or bear to listen to all of his pleas for us to get back together and how "He's not giving up on us" or Bonnie informing me that he's been asking about me and taking my rejection pretty hard. Of course, there's then the other hurdle of Caroline, with her insensitive, shallow attitude. I never had a problem with it before, I know that deep down she really cares, I mean we've been friends since we were 2 years old but now, since my parents death it's like she's being extra overly cheerful as she parades around school greeting me, trying to make me feel better and she talks as if I'm not even there, like I'm some fragile doll who can't even handle a conversation anymore. Then to top it all off I have to constantly keep an eye on Jeremy, but there's only so much I can do, as much as I try to be there for him every second, I just can't. It really pains me that he's falling in with the wrong crowd and doing drugs and there's nothing I can do to stop it, as hard as me and Jenna try, he just shuts us out. I sighed.

"Wow, you have a lot of unnecessary stress for a girl your age you know" I heard someone mutter next to me. My eyes shot open immediately upon recognising the voice. Damon. I tried to sit up but I found myself unable to as Damon's arm was around my waist, holding me close to him as he smirked down at me, propping himself up with his hands behind his head. I managed to squirm out of his hold or rather he let me, and I backed away from him, only to feel my back being pressed up against something, caging me in. I glanced around frantically, seeing that I was now moulding myself against back of the couch with Damon lying next to me, looking amused.

I realised we must have been lying down together, with him no doubt fondling me as I slept.

It then came to my attention that somehow, he knew what I was thinking. He said I had a lot of stress and truthfully I did, but how did he know? I shot him a confused look and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, forming an arrogant grin.

"It's easy getting into people's heads and seeing what they're dreaming about well in your case, hearing their thoughts as you weren't exactly dreaming, while they sleep, it's quite fascinating. You should bare that in mind when you decide to have hot sex dreams about me... I'll be able to see every second of it and hear every moan of yours." He replied smugly, sensing my curiosity as to how he could read my thoughts.

I ignored his snide remark while I contemplated what he just said. So he's like a dream reader? What an invasion of privacy.

"So how do you feel?" He asked gently, changing the conversation. If I didn't know any better I would think he was actually sincere about my state of well being.

I considered his question for a moment, giving my body a minute to catch up to my brain. To my surprise, I felt fine. My neck didn't burn when I moved it and my thigh no longer felt like every tissue in it had been torn open.

"I, I feel fine" I replied, slightly confused as my fingers grazed my neck, looking for the wound, but there was none.

"You should do, I fed you my blood, and all your wounds have been healed. You're welcome" He replied, slightly icily.

I looked up at him hearing his words. "You did what?" I asked, completely disgusted as I suddenly felt the tang of blood in my mouth. I gagged at the taste.

He rolled his eyes and handed me a glass of water and I took it gratefully, eager to wash away the horrid taste in my mouth. I couldn't even consider the fact that it was blood. That was just sickening.

"I had to, you passing out worried me, I didn't think you were that hurt, well... to be honest, I never really pay much attention to the extent of a human's injuries, they're going to die anyway... "He rolled his eyes before pausing for a moment, struggling to find the right words "you're my first pet that I want to keep around, so I can't have you dying now can I?"

"Pet?" I asked angrily, how sick is this guy? "I am not your pet" I added sternly, disgust edging it's way into my voice.

"You're mine. You do as I say" His tone suddenly turned very dark, causing my confidence to waver, but I didn't let my face falter one bit.

"Really?" I asked mockingly, a grin spreading across my face as my hands tightened around the glass of water I was still holding, the only weapon I had within my grasp right now. "That's funny, I don't remember you asking for water" I continued and without a second thought I threw the water at him, drenching his hair, face and chest thoroughly, giving me the satisfaction I needed, although the feeling was instantly replaced with fear as his body sat unflinching before me as his deep blue eyes penetrated my own. He didn't move a muscle and his face remained the same, he didn't even attempt to shield himself or move out of the way.

I suddenly felt incredibly stupid. I threw water at him, like it was going to do a lot of damage... and here I was sitting before him, waiting for him to punish me which I knew he would, he hasn't proven to be one to let things slide. I should have at least thrown something more lethal at him.

"Oh, Elena, I almost pity how foolish you are" He murmured quietly. The weird thing is, he seemed more frustrated than he was angry, like he didn't want to have to hurt me, I didn't know how I could tell, but I could somehow. The internal battle he had going on was clear to me, he didn't enjoy punishing me, but he felt he had to, he believed he had to... It was like it was the way he was programmed or something - it was quite eerie that I could interpret these things all the while his face remained stoic, completely empty of any emotion. Still, I felt the translation I made was wrong, it had to be, there's simply no way he wouldn't want to hurt me, after all I already made the discovery that torturing people was what he loved doing the most, he practically got off on it. He most certainly did enjoy inflicting pain.

The next thing I know is that he's on top of me, pinning me down with his weight effortlessly whilst I struggle beneath him. He gripped each of my wrists in one hand and held them down beside my head as he leaned his face down to my level, so that he was hovering just above me, so close that I could feel his breathe on my cheek as his cold, menacing eyes continued to pour into mine.

"Stop fighting" He demanded and I felt a sudden wave off energy wash over me as he continued to stare into my eyes and I felt the sudden urge to do what he said and I stopped fighting. It then hit me that it has been 3 days, which is more than enough time for the vervain to have left my system, like he had warned me when we first arrived here. He compelled me.

I looked up at him to see him smirking at me and I glared at him with anger boiling up inside me. All I felt was rage. He has no right to control me like that and what's worse, is now I'm completely vulnerable.

"Like I said, you do as I say and If you won't do so willingly, I'll just resort to other, more compliant methods but the result will always be the same" He responded to my hateful glare, humour written all over his features.

"You bastard" I snapped, trying to enforce even more hate through my eyes, to show him just how much I despised him seeing as I couldn't show it physically.

Why didn't I at least throw the glass at him?

He gripped my chin roughly at those words, tilting my head up slightly as he seethed down at me "Well, well, still got that dirty little mouth haven't you, I like that, normally all my usual pets do is cry and beg me to let them go... but you, you're far from the begging type aren't you?" He replied with growing lust.

I continued to stare at him with hatred in my eyes.

"Mm, don't worry, I'll soon fix that. I'll have you begging me to touch you, to fuck you" He groaned at me sinfully, lowering his head to my neck and kissing my along my shoulder. "To kiss you".

I shivered beneath him, Goosebumps rising on my skin as my nipples hardened, my own body was betraying me and I hated it, I hated that he caused this reaction.

His laugh was slightly muffled as his face was still buried in my neck, leaving a trail of kisses from the column of my throat down to my shoulder, as he sucked and nibbled on any patch of exposed skin he could find.

He turned his head slightly, breathing into the side of my neck as he whispered darkly into my ear "I can smell your arousal" I whimpered slightly at his words, feeling utterly humiliated because they were true and I hated myself for that.

"Fuck you" I spat at him, eyeing the ceiling with a hardened gaze, trying to block out the feelings of lust and desire he was stirring up in me, but he moved his face back to mine, blocking my line of vision as he was hovering above me again, leaving me no choice but to look at him.

"Oh no, soon, I'll be fucking you" He replied lustfully as he grabbed my chin with one of his hands again and pressed a rough, forceful kiss against my lips which I was unable to fight against, due to his compulsion but I didn't allow him entrance into my mouth which made him growl in frustration as he bit down on my lips causing it to bleed slightly and the little whimper of pain I let out, was enough for him to plunge his tongue deep into my mouth, which caused me to nearly gag in protest against his lips as he continued his assault on my mouth and there was nothing I could to do stop him. I couldn't even raise my arms to push him off me.

I let out a small moan of discomfort which only made him more forceful as he smothered him body against mine, digging his hips into me to inform me off exactly how turned on he was right now, even though I'm sure he knows my moans are definitely not signs of approval.

However, I couldn't deny he was an insanely good kisser and with the compulsion placed on me, causing me not to fight or protest, my body was definitely responding to the pleasure he was making me feel, no matter how forceful it was. It was like my body was enjoying itself, but my mind was constantly reminding it of how wrong this was, I just considered myself lucky that my mind had enough control over my traitorous body that my own mouth didn't respond. That would have been disastrous.

After what seemed like an eternity, he pulled away, which I was relieved about as I wasn't sure how far he was going to go, but the fact that he said he would be fucking me "soon" really didn't soothe me about all. Though, I couldn't help but feel my core grow unbelievably wet at the mere thought.

Damon smirked down at me wickedly, obviously pleased with himself.

"Get off me" I demanded coldly, I couldn't bare to look at him.

"Oh, c'mon pouty, you know you enjoyed that" He retorted playfully.

I sighed heavily, my fierce attitude dropping instantly, he was unbelievable and I knew there was no point fighting him, but I didn't want to indulge in his stupid games either. I didn't want to have a conversation with him. I suddenly felt it, I was breaking. The events I've gone through these last few days have really taken their toll and I couldn't handle it anymore, I wanted to burst into tears right now, but that would mean I was seriously broken and I couldn't be, I wouldn't give him that satisfaction.

"I want to go home" I whispered softly, not daring to meet his eyes. I knew it was a useless confession. He had said it himself, he would never let me go but I couldn't believe that, I just couldn't, because what would that mean for me? I had to be positive. I had to believe that I would get away from him, that I would return home and see the people I love because the alternative was too hard to think about.

Tears pickled my eyes slightly but I blinked them back, refusing to cry and I heard him sigh.

"I thought we went over this" He rolled his eyes and my head shot up instantly, his heartless comment pushing me even further to the brink as tears now spilled out of my eyes.

"I WANT TO GO HOME" I shouted this time, trying to imagine that I actually was at home and not here, not laying underneath this monster, who had probably killed thousands of people and hundreds of young girls, just like me. I was his next victim and I would never see my family again.

He growled above me, gripping my hair tightly and yanking it "And I already told you, you're never going home Elena, never. You. Are. Mine" He made sure to emphasise the word never, to make it really sting.

The tears now ran freely down my cheeks as I silently dropped my eyes and focused on a spot on the sofa, all the thoughts about how I would never see my family again racing around in my head.

Taking my silence as a sign of acceptance, Damon slowly got off of me and walked away leaving me laying there as a distraught mess as I curled myself into a ball, the tears continuing to fall.



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