"Ahhh! This is completely hopeless! There is nothing to help us here!" Ginny Weasley yelled, throwing a dusty book back onto the equally dusty nightstand. "It feels like the place has been abandoned for weeks."

"This doesn't make an ounce of sense. Why is Malfoy Manor such a mess? They have house elves." Ronald asked, walking into the large bedroom where Ginny and Harry were searching for any clue of Draco. "Don't Lord Boot-up-his-arse and Lady Prim-and-proper still live here?"

"Ron, that's rude." Hermione said, walking into the sleeping quarters. "Draco's room is much worse than this. More dust than there is furniture." Genevieve stormed in behind her, an extremely outraged look on her face. She ran her fingers through her short dark hair, sighing heavily.

"Honestly, they should be here by now. They left Hogwarts around ten in the morning, and it's almost six now. They should have been home around five. Why aren't they here?" she questioned.

"I'm as baffled as you. Where could he be?" Harry sighed, his worry heightening. Hermione gasped.

"I think I know!" the brunette genius stated, tapping her fist onto her palm. "Harry, what other place would Voldemort consider a reasonable hiding place? Someplace of significance? You now how nostalgic he is."

Harry scratched his head. "The old orphanage? But that place has demolished in July."

"Think harder then! I want to kick LeStrange's twisted face in!" an angry Genevieve hissed, her face beginning to redden.

"What about the old Riddle manor? Isn't that house near the graveyard where he was resurrected four years ago?" Ron asked, stroking his chin. Hermione's face lit up like New Years Eve.

"That's it! That's where Draco is!"

"How do you know?" Ginny questioned, raising her left eyebrow.

"What better place to lure your enemy than where you had your first official battle." Harry stated, the memories flooding in like an ocean.

"Exactly." Hermione agreed. "I have to admit, Ron, your on a roll today." The ginger blushed.


"Wait, how do we get there anyway? We don't know what it looks like." Ginny complained. Harry raised his hand. Genevieve smirked, a small laugh filling her throat.

"Potter, you never resist to amaze me."


Draco suddenly looked up, his grey eyes filled with disbelief, the darkness of the old living room making it hard for him to see.

Harry was coming to save him.

"Tell me, where is Harry Potter?" the Dark Lord demanded, gazing at his handiwork on the blonde's now tainted skin.

"He's... in the Slytherin common room, doing Charms homework." he stammered.

"The boy lies." Bellatrix sneered, running her wand on the small of Draco's back. A shiver has sent up his spine. "Protecting his little boy-toy."

"You will tell me what he is doing, or I will kill him, and you, without hesitation. Surely you haven't forgotten our bargain?" Voldemort sneered, gripping Draco's forearm tighter, his untamed fingernails drawing small pricks of blood. He winced.

"Do not touch him!" Malfoy growled. His head was thrown to the side, a loud slap filling the room.

"You dare disobey our lord, you ungrateful punk?" Bellatrix yelled, her eyes filled with rage.

"Now, now, Bella. He will do the right thing, if he wishes to keep the Chosen One on this earth." the evil man sneered, releasing the arm in his hand. Draco stepped back, his eyes on the musky floor.

'I'm so sorry, Harry. It's only to protect you.'

"Harry is coming here to bring me back. He's be here soon." Draco whimpered, the tears of betrayal already collecting in his eyes. A broken cackle filled the air, red eyes directed straight at him.

"Good. It's all according to plan." Draco looked up, the snake-man showing off his yellow teeth.

"What plan?"

"You naïve boy. Do you honestly think this was all just to gain victory against Potter?" Voldemort asked. "No. This entire charade was to torture him and you into madness. The potion was all that girl Kings idea, wasn't it? No, young Genevieve was possessed for almost three months, unaware Bellatrix LeStrange was conducing her actions. Adding too much blood was all to make you and the Potter boy closer together, closer to me.

"The poison you ingested was her doing as well. Genevieve adding the flame tulips to the mix was to make you weak. Too weak to fight back. And now with the Dark Mark on your arm, the proof of your betrayal, Potter will be forced to live with it until he dies by my had or his own."

"You filthy bastard! This was all just for your entertainment?" Draco yelled, his eyes thinning in disgust.

"Of course. Torture, whether emotional or physical, can be very inspiring." Voldemort taunted. "You see, I am like a child in this situation. The world is my playroom, and the people that inhabit it are my playthings. I do what I please with them."

"People lives are not toys!" Draco screamed, reaching for his back pocket, finding his wand still missing. He gasped, his bravery instantly breaking. The evil man howled with laughter, enjoying every moment of Draco's failure. His hackle suddenly fell, his voice suddenly becoming serious.

"Now, Potter and who ever is accompanying him will be here in less than an hour if what you say is true. Since he is coming for you, he will stop at nothing to find you. That is why you will stay in here with me, right by my side."

"What?" Draco gasped.

"You will stand next to me and show no emotion other than pride in your betrayal. You will say nothing other than you are where you belong." Voldemort continued, his hissing voice echoing in the small room.


"Simple." the Dark Lord smiled. "I want to see Potter suffer before he is rid of his power and handed to you. I want to see the hope drain from his face as he admits defeat, wallowing in regret and sorrow."

Draco feel to his knees, his tears releasing onto the carpet.

'What have I done?'


"There it is!" Ron called, pointing to the worn out manor just twenty yards away.

"You idiot!" Genevieve whispered harshly, tugging on the gingers red hoody to pull him onto the ground. "Do you want to warn them before we even set foot on property?"

"It doesn't look like it's being guarded." Hermione said, peeking over the bushes where the five were hiding.

"It's like they're wanting us to come in." Ginny added.

"Look!" Harry whispered, motioning toward the left side of the yard. Three people we're walking toward the front, carrying broomsticks. All of them were wearing Death Eaters masks, which made Harry snarl. The door opened, a gasp coming from Genevieve.

"There he is!" the raven whispered, calling Harry's attention to the middle of the three, who was pulling his mask and hood off. Harry's breath caught in his throat as the blonde pulled his left sleeve up, showing the door guard the imprint on his skin. The Death Eater looked behind him, confirming Harry's worst nightmare.

It was Draco.



Draco walked toward the front door of the old manor, a broomstick in his hand. A shiver ran down his spine as he heard a laugh from behind, coming from none other than Bellatrix.

"Look at them, thinking they're hiding." she said in a half cackle under the black hood.

"You better not mess this up, boy. The sun may be setting, but I'd rather not fight till dark." Fenrir Greyback snarled, causing Draco to shake.

'Your better to look at when it's dark.' Draco thought to himself, hoping it would erase his thoughts of fear. Harry was watching him, watching as he plays as a pawn in Voldemort's sick game. Which, for some bizarre reason, was theatrical. Why such a superior man as the Dark Lord would want Draco to do this, he'd never know. To scare Harry away, to make Harry want to kill him, to force him into madness. All possible.

Draco closed his eyes, seeing the small blue light leading to Harry's senses. Harry's scared for what he might see. Or what he's already seen. He is directly in front of the right window, with...the youngest Weasels, the Mudblood, and...is that Genevieve? Well, this will be fun.

Draco knocked on the cherry-wood door, waiting for a response. The door opened, a scowling Yaxley peeking through the crack. Draco peeled off his mask, his heartbeat racing faster. He heard a gasp from behind. He played with the end of his sleeve, hesitating to pull it up.

"Show the mark, you idiot!" Bellatrix hissed, kicking the blondes calf, making his stumble slightly. He pulled the cloth up his arm, the Dark Mark moving on his forearm. He looked behind him, hoping Harry saw his fear and worry as he stepped inside.

"Good job, Draco. Our Lord will be proud." LeStrange cooed, wrapping a long arm around his shoulders, leading him to where the Dark Lord was waiting for the next scene to take flight.


Harry stood up, almost knocking over Ginny with his bottom. His anger radiated like a flame's heat.

"Harry?" Hermione asked in a whisper as he started walking toward the front door. "What are you doing?"

"Going after him." he said in a growl.

"We can't just barge in there!" Ginny said.

"You Gryffindor's have no backbone." Genevieve sneered, standing. She dashed after Harry, who had reached the door. She cocked her head over her shoulder "Are you coming or what?"

"Oh, what the hell." Ron sighed, running to the door. Harry waited till all three had come to speak.

"You realize what your getting into, right?" he asked.

"Don't try to change our minds. There's no backing down now." Ron replied.

"What about you, Genevieve?"

"Seriously?" she laughed. "You could of said 'Let's go kill Voldemort.' and I would have come along. Can we please go save Draco now?"

"Of course." Harry said. "Step back."

The four stepped down the stairs, giving Harry space. He breathed in, pointing his wand at the door.

"Confringo!" Harry yelled, the door shattering backward into the opening hallway.

"Don't you think that was a tad overboard?" Ginny asked, yelling over the echoes of the explosion.

"Nope." Genevieve ran inside, her speed remarkable. Harry followed suit, seeing the figures from before deeper in the house.

"There!" Harry yelled, dashing ahead of Kings to where the Death Eaters were entering the room at the end of the hall. The door closed with a snap, the lock clicking. Harry raised his leg, kicked the door, succeeding in entry.

His eyes widened, his feet stopping suddenly. Four green streams of light were headed his direction, speeding behind him.

"Damn!" a girl grunted. A spell behind Harry was cast, only stopping one of the shots. Genevieve toppled next to him, turning around wide-eyed. Three thumps sounding from behind, making Harry turn around.

"Ron! Hermione! Ginny!" The three Gryffindor's laid on the floor, completely motionless. Their faces were paralyzed with fear and agony. Harry's anger surged, his teeth clenching tight.

"You." he growled, pointing his wand at the man behind an old oak table. A small laugh was sounded, making him snarl.

"Harry. How nice to see you." Voldemort cooed, standing from where he sat. Bellatrix removed his seat, Yaxley, Greyback, and Draco all bowing deeply. Harry slimmed his green eyes as the blonde lowered, disbelief one of the only words he could think of.

"I see you've noticed my new follower. I must admit, he was hard to convince, but we made a very...satisfying deal." the Dark Lord sneered, his smile wide. Harry looked at the blonde, who kept his head lowered. The brunette felt Genevieve tense next to him, not having to look at her to know she was outraged. She swiftly raised her wand arm above her head, showing no hesitation.

"Petrificus Tortalus!" the raven yelled, swinging her arm toward Bellatrix LeStrange. The evil witch blocked the blow, shooting a red streak back. Harry dodged to the left, purposely trying to get closer to Malfoy. Harry hit his head on the floor. He stood, only to be knocked on his back hard enough to summon rivers of blood down his face. Fenrir had pounced on him, strangling his thin neck with his clawed hands. Harry shoved his wand into the werewolf's stomach, the stun knocking him backward into Yaxley. A crash filled the room, the two men unconscious when they hit the bookshelf.

Genevieve called for another stun, missing the wicked witch by a hair. LeStrange smiled, pointing her wand at the raven.

"Arvada Kedavra!" A bright green light erupted from her wand, racing toward Kings at remarkable speed. Harry jumped in front of her aiming his own wand.

"Sectumsempra!" he bellowed, the two spells connecting. Harry's spell broke through, hitting Bellatrix's chest, blood splurging in all directions. A stomach-turning scream filled his ears as she fell dead to the stone floor.

Harry turned toward Voldemort, who had not moved. A scowl stared him in the eyes, intimidating him to attack.

"Expelliarmus." Draco calmly called, Harry and Genevieve's wands flying out of their hands, landing in front of the blondes feet.

"Draco, what the bloody hell are you doing?" Gen yelled as the blonde bent down to pick up the two magical sticks. He kept his mouth shut, his eyes still refusing to connect with his friends.

"He is serving his Lord, as he oat to be doing." Voldemort sneered, his hand reaching into his sleeve. He pulled out his own wand, pointing in the middle of Harry's forehead. "Now, Harry Potter, you will die."

"No!" Harry turned his head, Draco's face filled with anger. He gazed directly into the Dark Lord's ruby eyes, barely a shiver shown in his stance. "We had a deal!"

"A deal I never meant to keep." the man snapped. "I knew from the beginning, the instant we put this plan into action you would never truly be loyal to me until your resistance was eliminated. This is my chance to have you."

"I'm not a prize!" Draco yelled, his wand pointed at the dark wizard. The man smiled crookedly.

"You think you scare me, boy?" the lord yelled, flicking his wand toward Draco. Four blue streams left the tip of his wand, forming chains and clasped as they neared. The blonde rose his arm to block only for his wrists and ankles to be caught. He cursed, throwing the wands back to their owners. Harry grabbed his, casting instantly.

"Incendio!" he screamed, a hot shot of fire cutting through the air. The Dark Lord burst into flames, a blood-draining screech breaking the glass windows. Harry stared as the man's flesh peeled, melted, denigrated into ash. He breathed heavily, kicking the evil man's wand into the fire with him as the screams continued. The bones crumbled into dust, the ashes smoldering, the heat still intense.

Genevieve ran over to the unconscious three, feeling each pulse. A sigh of relief coming from her mouth. She looked up, nodding, tears firming in her eyes. Harry nodded back, his own droplets forming. He looked to Draco, who had fallen to his knees, shaking, staring at the pile that was Tom Riddle. The chains shattered into tiny blue specks, falling slow to the floor. He looked up, his eyes wide.

"Harry, I'm-"

"Shut up." Harry cut off, throwing his arms tight around Draco's shaking body. "You stupid prat. I was worried beyond sick." The blonde hugged back, his own tears overflowing. Genevieve ran over, her tears exploding, joining in the loving moment.

"Draco, you idiot." Kings muttered into his shoulder. Harry laughed. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a small vile of green liquid. He pulled the top off, placing the edge to Draco's lips. Malfoy scrunched his eyebrows.

"What... is it?" Draco asked.

"The antidote Hermione made. Take it. We already tested it. It's the real thing." Harry said, smiling. Draco took the vile, knocking his head back desperately. The blonde gulped, breathing in deeply, his thoughts finally becoming clear. His eyes became glassy as his weight shifted, slowly collapsing into Harry's arms. The brunette simply smiled, glad to see the antidote working.

"Harry!" a distant voice called from down the hall.

"In here Remus!" he yelled back, refusing to let go of the blonde. Remus, Tonks, Molly, Arthur, Moganogal, even Snape stepped into the darkened room. Some other Aurors Harry didn't even recognize walked in as well, not even bothering to glance at him. The men walked over to where the Death Eaters still laid, grabbing their arms, and apperated away.

"Thank Merlin, your alright." Moganogal sighed, placing her wrinkled hand on her chest.

"Alright? What about Ron and Ginny?" Molly cried, falling to her knees in front of her children, Mr. Weasley wrapping an arm around her. "My poor babies!"

"They are simply sleeping, Mrs. Wealsey." Severus said in his traditional monotone. "It was a ancient sleeping spell that was used, very dangerous, and very dark. You can tell by the burned smell they have. Your lucky I know the potion to bring them back." Molly sighed a sigh of relief, smiling at her husband.

"Let's get them back to Hogwarts." Moganogal said calmly, smiling widely. Remus and Tonks practically tackled Harry and the other two, pulling them into a larger group hug.

"Harry, you moron! You could have been killed! Look, your forehead is practically cracked open!" the pink haired woman yelled in his ear. Harry shuttered, but calmed when Draco pulled him in closer. Genevieve laughed slightly, whipping away a tear.

"Is that him?" Remus asked baffled, pointing to the pile of smoldering ash.

"That's him." Harry smiled. Lupin sighed.

"Just like your father, always overdoing things." Remus said, shaking his head. Genevieve snorted.

"That is quite the understatement of the year, sir." she smiled, her tears still falling. Remus and Tonks stood, following the others outside, walking out of the room. The Defense professor motioned to leave. Genevieve walked out, sniffling. Harry stood, his arm tugging backward. Draco was still on the floor, clutching his love's arm for dear life.

"What's going to happen to me?" the blonde muttered. Harry's smile fell.

"Wait!" Remus turned around, his eyebrows pointed down at the outburst. Harry brought Draco into a hug again. "What will Draco do? He has the mark now!"

"He will be tried, but he will most likely be uncharged, being his 'special' situation." Snape drawled. "His trail wouldn't even be that intense. Just the Minister and his secretary would be attending." Draco's face lit up, his heart rate increasing. Harry smiled, laughing at the face Snape had made as the the boys embraced again.

'Finally, it's all over.'


-Three days later-

Draco leaned on the railing of the Astronomy Tower, staring into the distance. He rubbed his wrist, still sore from the magical chains that grabbed his arms and almost tore his limbs off. The bruises left behind were a disgusting purple color, but Draco didn't mind. They we're his temporary war scars. His faded Dark Mark was no different. Just another scar. Granted, looking at it every day did bother him, but what can you do when your forced into a battle you tried to avoid anyway? Draco sighed, pulling his black sleeve up, the pale mark still on his skin.

He thought back to the trail earlier that day. Severus was right. It was a small trial, only the Minister and his secretary attending. It took less than an hour, only about twenty questions asked. Like when he took the mind-invading potion, and why. Did he willingly take the Dark Mark. It ended with him being not guilty. Harry practically started crying when he was told.

"What are you doing all the way up here?" Harry asked, walking up the cold steps, playing with the white bandage wrapped around his head. Draco smiled.

"Thinking." he responded. Harry leaned close beside him, his warmth heating him like a fire. Draco sighed, closing his eyes.

"What about?" Harry asked softly, latching onto his arm.

"Nothing in particular. The trial, I guess." Draco replied, rubbing his wrist again. Harry gasped.

"Look!" Harry said loudly, pointing at the white sky. Small snowflakes began to fall, the white crystals flowing with the calm wind.

"Hard to believe it's the beginning of December and were just now having our first snowfall." Draco said, holding his hand out to catch the ice.

"Yeah. It's beautiful...right?" Harry asked, looking at the blonde. Draco looked back lovingly, staring into the fiery green eyes.

"I don't know. I can think of a few things a tad better to look at." Draco said, wrapping his arm around the brunette's thin waist. Harry gave a confused look.

"What's more beautiful than snow?" Harry asked. Draco looked out at the skyline, breathing in the sharp air.

"You." he replied, pulling Harry closer. He felt the boy sigh, slight movement felt on his side. A hand graced itself on his right cheek, pulling it down. Draco let his head turn, becoming level with his partner. Harry looked up, making his appearance innocent. Draco smirked, leaning down, pressing his cold lips against Harry's warm ones. He raised his hands, cupping Harry's face as the brunette tasseled his hair. Their lips locked, both hearts pounding like an intense bass. Draco bit down on Harry's lip, a gasp coming from him. Harry pushed himself closer, leaning on the tips of his toes, his balance unstable.

"You two going at it again?" a snarky voice called front behind. Draco smirked, pulling himself up again. Genevieve was leaning against the stair rail, smirking.

"I can say the same thing about you and the Weasel." Draco said back, Harry tensing.


"Oh, you didn't know?" Genevieve teased walking forward. "You sweet innocent Harry, only seeing what he wants to see."

"What happened? Is Ron okay?" Harry asked with worry.

"Oh, I think Ron is perfectly happy." she replied, patting the top of Harry's head. Draco sighed, leaning down to Harry's ear. He whispered, the brunette's mouth opening wide.

"Really? He let you do that?" The girl simply smiled, placing her index finger over her lips.

"I'll tell you more when your older." Kings mocked, leaning on the railing looking out to the horizon. "Right now, you need to handle what you've got."

"No one needs to handle me. It's more the other way around." Draco said, crossing his arms.

"Aww, does widdle Draky-cakes not like it when he's being protected?" the raven teased, poking Draco's arm.

"I don't need protection. I can protect myself. " Draco spat, poking Genevieve's stomach.

"I don't know. You could have fooled me." Harry smiled, joining in the battle. Draco snorted while Gen continued laughing. Harry joined in, filling the cold tower with laughter.

Harry leaned against the railing, watching as the first years ran out to play in the fresh falling stow. He smiled.

"I'm thinking about writing a book." Draco raised an eyebrow.

"What about?"

"What has happened in the past week and a half." Harry replied.

"Kind if a short book, don't ya think?" Genevieve said, playing with her black sweater sleeve. Harry shrugged his shoulders.

"I think a lot has happened. My transfer, Draco's poisoning, defeating Voldemort. It could end up being about thirteen or fourteen chapters, at least. I'd make a fortune, too, more than what I already have." he continued, looking up to the clouds.

"It sounds fun. But what would you call it? 'How My Boyfriend Read My Mind to Defeat the Dark Lord?'" Draco guessed.

"That sounds like a children's book. Way too wordy." Genevieve added. Harry thought for a second, searching his mind for a decent title.

"I got it!" the brunette exclaimed.

"What you come up with?" Draco asked, placing his forearms on the railing. Harry stood up straight, smirking at his genius.

"To be a Slytherin."