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Never Grow Up

"Oh, darling,

Don't you ever grow up,

Don't you ever grow up.

Just stay this little.

BellaPOV. Cape Coral, Florida. March 5, 2017. 12:00 pm.

There is absolutely nothing better than a full house on a Sunday afternoon. Kids screaming, dogs barking and steaks sizzling are part of the greatest soundtrack in the world. Today is my baby girl's fourth birthday and the entire family is over at our house to celebrate.

I can't believe it's been 5 years since I married the love of my life. So much has happened since then, it seems like light years ago.

As soon as Edward and I got back from a short honeymoon, we'd started to build our future. We redecorated the house together and started working full time. It was definitely tough that first year, but it got better.

"Momma!" A small human comes rushing at me and crashes into my legs. My birthday girl looks up at me with a blinding smile and her daddy's green eyes. She's growing up so fast. The day I found out I was pregnant with her was amazing and terrifying at the same time.

I've been feeling awful the last few days. Throwing up every morning and ending up exhausted every afternoon. Edward's starting to freak out about it so I told him I'd go over to Rosalie's house today to hang out and see Charlotte.

I knock lightly on the door, waiting impatiently, my stomach turning. Rose opens the door with Charlotte and I run past them, yelling "Sorry!" on my way to the bathroom. I barely make it to the toilet before filling it with my breakfast from this morning.

After cleaning up, I step out and begin to look for Rose. She's in the living room bouncing the baby when I reach her. I sit down sheepishly next to her and she says, "Well hello there! Nice to see you!"

I roll my eyes but shrug.

"Are you sick?" Rose continues, shifting Charlotte in her lap so she's watching me.

I play with her little feet before saying, "I don't know. Sometimes I feel awful, but after throwing up, I'm fine. Like now."

"You're pregnant." Rose shrugs nonchalantly while I'm left staring at her with my jaw dropped.

That afternoon, I bought a pregnancy test and sure enough, I was knocked up. Poor Edward almost fainted in relief when he found out. He'd made up all these awful diseases in his head when all I had was a little baby, our baby.

Nine incredible and blissful months later, Bridget Camila Cullen was born. March 5th became a sacred day for our family and today we celebrate in style again.

"Hey baby! Do you like your party?" I ask while brushing her long hair down with my hands.

"Yeah!" Bridget cheers. "Is a jumpy castle, mommy!" She points behind her where the bouncy castle Edward and I rented is. Right now it's full of her cousins, Emmett and Rosalie's kids. Charlotte is now five and her younger brothers, Cabel Bentley and Chase Bennett are two and one, respectively. Their giggles fill the yard as they are tossed by their daddy onto the castle.

"Bri, come on!" Charlotte shouts, her blonde hair bouncing with her body. Bridget beams up at me and I shoo her away, before yelling to her to be careful as she runs toward the game.

A shrill cry makes me snap my head and I see my baby boy crying on the ground. I rush to him taking him into my arms after brushing the dirt of his hands. "Mama!" he wails, the suddenness of the fall hurting him more than the actual fall.

"It's okay, you're okay," I whisper, rocking him in my embrace. Braiden Evan Cullen came as a surprise. We definitely didn't count on his appearance. Bridget was just two years old and Edward and I were up to our heads with work. But our little Braiden had to come and we couldn't have been happier. So February 2nd also became a celebration day.

My sweetie slowly calms down and I wipe his little cheeks free of tears. "Hey Braiden, do you wanna show Daddy your boo boo?"

"Ya." He nods, so I place him on his feet and hold his hand while we walk toward Edward who is by the grill.

"Daddy! Wook!" My son lifts his hands and Edward makes a big show by encasing him in his arms. I smile at the touching gesture. Edward is such a great dad. Every day when he comes home from work, he makes sure to give an hour of his undivided attention to each of the kids.

It may not seem like a lot but our munchkins love their one on one time with Daddy.


I look up toward the porch to see Alice with one of her infants crying in her arms and a look of despair on her face. I rush toward her quickly and get her back inside, immediately asking what she needs.

"We didn't bring enough diapers with us and the boy twin just used the last one. Please tell me you have some left."

"Of course I do," I respond. "Never know who'll need them in this family."

"God, so true."

Five months ago, Alice gave birth to two gorgeous fraternal twins Aaron James and Amora Jeanelle on October 31st. The Halloween cuties have been all the rage with the family but today is their first outing anywhere except grandma's house. Obviously, they didn't like the change that much.

"Where's Jasper?" I ask as I lead Alice to the storage closet we have in the laundry room.

"He's trying to calm Amora in Brain's room. When one gets going, the other has to follow. It's great," Alice ends, sarcasm dripping off her voice.

I laugh and take some diapers from the cupboards. "You love them anyway."

"I do." Her face shines beneath her exhaustion when talking about her babies and it's beautiful to see.

If I thought finally tying the knot with her Jazz had calmed Ali down, it was nothing compared to when the twins were born.

It was like a different person. She didn't stick her nose in anyone's business and wasn't as pushy with getting her way in everything.

I'm pretty sure it's only while the kids are infants and she'll come back renewed to be herself 100% again. No one will be safe then.

"Thanks, Bella. I owe you." I brush off her comment and push her toward Braiden's room. Once I see her walk inside, I make my way to the backyard and slump heavily next to Esme on the porch swing.

"You work too hard, honey," she comments before wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

I snuggle into her embrace and say, "A wise woman once told me a mother's work is never done, and not just toward her own children."

Esme laughs and tickles my side. "That was different and you know it." My only response is to shrug and snuggle closer.

Sitting here next to my mother in law, watching my family, I feel so eternally grateful. For the Cullen's, for Edward and for everyone who ever supported and pushed me to get the happy ending I wanted.

"We're here!" Brook shouts as she wobbles slowly onto our porch, anxious Sebastian walking anxiously behind her.

"And late!" I reply as I get up to warp my arms around her huge pregnant body, or at least try to. Eight months after Ali and Jay's wedding—November 13th, 2014—Brook and Sebastian had their wedding on a cruise in the Atlantic Ocean. Since both of their families live on opposite sides of the world, they decided to stick to the middle. So a cruise it was which also led them to their honeymoon in Curacao. They are now expecting their first child in two months, a girl who they are naming Simonetta after Seb's grandmother.

Brook huffs. "Blame the mini me. The little shit loves to play bounce castle on my bladder."

I laugh and help her down onto a chair by the porch swing, giving Seb some time away to relax with the men, Ali and Jasper come back out with the babies and Amora goes straight to her grandmother's arms while Jay is pulled toward the grill by his father in law.

I stand back and watch as the squeals of children mix with the laughter of adults in our spacious backyard. This has got to be the best sound in the world.

I smile as I watch my husband walk toward me in his usual confident swagger. He has a flirty smile on his lips as he approaches the door way which I lean against. As soon as he's within reach, he traps me in his arms and steals my lips in a kiss.

Edward always manages to take my breath, whether it's a small greeting between our mouths or the never tiring dance of our tongues as one. I'm so lucky to be married to this man.

He pulls away gently and shifts our bodies so he's leaning against the doors and I'm leaning against him. "No more crises, mia bella?"

"God, I hope not," I reply. "I like my babies with smiles on their faces."

"I can't believe Bridgy is four already," Edward mutters. "She was just a baby a second ago."

"I know. I wish they could stay this little."

"Me too."

Feeling mischievous, I tell him, "Though, we would not have any of this if I hadn't saved your dumb ass and stopped your wedding."

He rolls his eyes and looks down at me. "I'm never gonna live that down, am I?"

"Not if I have anything to say about it."

Edward grins and takes my face in his hand. "Good things I love you enough to ignore your teasing."

"Yeah, good thing," I say before reaching up to seal our happy ending with a passionate kiss against his lips.

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