The Talk, North's version

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North watched as the yetis made toys for this year's Christmas and smiled broadly. Ever since he promised them a day off every week, if they worked hard they'd been working overtime; and he couldn't be more happier.

North was so concetrated on his thoughts he didn't hear, when the wind blew open the window. Nor did he hear the excited yelling of Jack and the insults he and Bunny were exchanging. So he pratically jumped out of his chair when he saw the pooka and the boy he considered his son.

" Do not scare me!" North bellowed. Jack covered his giggles with his hands, while Bunny didn't even bother to hide his laughter or his smirk; it wasn't everyday you could startle North.

North scowled playfully and looked at Jack who had a thoughful look on his face. " Vhat are you thinking Jack?"

Jack looked at his father figure questionably and weighed his options. He could ask him now or later, he was having a great race with Bunny; but his curiousity was killing him. He could play more with Bunny later, his curiousity demanded to be sated.

" North, where do babies come from?"

Bunny who was sipping eggnog, he'd gotten from an elf, instantly spit it back out. Bunny looked comicly horrified, and so did North. Bunny remembered, Jack asking his father that in the memory he saw a few weeks back. Did Jack never get the talk? Or was this just another prank of his? No Jack wouldn't want to talk about this with them if he really knew how babies came to be. Bunny nervously looked at North to see him having a minor panic attack.

Bunny wisely chose now was the time to make his exit. Quickly making a tunnel, he hopped in and ran for his life.

Jack meanwhile was looking expectantly at North. He just wanted his question answered was that too much to ask for? It wasn't like he was asking what Pippa and Jamie were doing without their clothes that time he went to visit them. He quickly broke that thought off he didn't want to remember his friends naked bodies. Besides that had nothing to do with this! Poor Jack if only he knew.

"Uh... Where this come from?" North asked hoping to distact the boy from breaching that subject. Eyeing North curiously, Jack nonetheless answered, " I saw a show that said a lady was going to have a baby, and the man kept rubbing the woman's belly. I want to know how they get there."

North silently damned television, and promised himself to never install one. Thinking quickly on how to answer this, North remembered what he told Katherine so long ago. " Ah.. They come from Stork."

" A Stork?" Jack asked dubiously, not believing a word

"Yes Stork. Stork brings babies to soulmates, after he decides they are ready and lets them raise child. " North hurridly left Jack ponder over his story, and went to go find a place to hide from the boy.

North knew that Jack, would take the flaws out of the story quickly and torture the real answer out of him. So he ran for his life, he just hoped the others would forgive him if Jack asked them.

He loved the boy he truly did, but he would never give him the talk. He had already told it to once to Katherine, he wasn't about to give it a second time.

Jack thought over the story, and shuffled through all of the spirits. He was the spirit of both Winter and Fall, Scott was the Spirit of Summer, and Lydia the spirit of Spring. There was the leprachuan, groundhog, Tooth, North, Bunny, Sandy, Pitch, Mother Nature, MIM, Harry Hallows, The Fool, Thanksgiving spirit. But there wasn't a stork, so North was either lying to him, or he missed a spirit; and Jack knew it was the former. Jack knew all the spirits! He even knew Loki and Thor, he'd met them years ago, so North must be lying to him.

Well if North wouldn't tell him, he'd get somebody else to! He'd get the answer, and a winter spirit always gets what he wants in the end.

~Jack Frost~Jack Frost~Jack Frost~Jack Frost~Jack Frost~Jack Frost~Jack Frost~

Some of these will be of Jack getting diffrent versions of the talk, but I'm also going to add any other one-shots that I get in my head. Also question, do you think I should add Thor or Loki's version of the talk? I'll be using the Avengers version of them if you think I should. Also sorry if this isn't that good. I actually looked this up, I got the talk years ago from my parents. So I don't really know how to make them akward, anyway who do you think should be next? Pitch, Bunny, Tooth?