Alternate Part One

A lot of people keep telling my that the ending to 'They've Always Been There' didn't make sense. So I came up with this if you didn't like the ending or if you wanted Jack to be madder at the others for invasion of privacy or whatever you picture Jack being mad about. He is technically 14 so I guess he would have a temper on him so here's Alternative Ending Part One.

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~Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~

Family is not only identified by blood, sometimes it is formed by the bonds people share. Bonds that bring people together in the best and worst of times; sometimes these bonds bring together similar people. Sometimes bonds are forged when individuals experience the same thing or something similar to it; this is why war veterans are often more comfortable with soldiers that have experienced war like they have.

The guardians were, for centuries, allies. Friends in the loosest of terms, for even though they all had a common goal they never had time for any of the others; always so busy with their respective jobs. It stayed like this for many centuries after they were first brought together by the Nightmare King, Pitch Black. Who had unknowingly helped the guardians form in the first place. After all what is a hero without a villain?

With Pitch running about Tsar Lunaoff could not sit back and wait any longer, he took action. He called forth Nicholas ST. North, one of the youngest and skilled Bandit Kings to have ever lived. E. Aster Bunnymund, the last of the once great Pooka nation that had been whipped out by the Nightmare King himself. Toothiana the Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies and the only daughter of the sister of flights; and finally Sanderson Mansnoozie the fallen star that had granted Tsar's wish for the children's protection. These four banded together against the threat against the children, and they fought valiantly. In the end they defeated the Nightmare King, but after a few decades they slowly drifted apart until they only met for utmost emergencies.

Which if you think about it is rather stupid. If Pitch chose to attack them, one by one, they would not have noticed; or at least not North's or Bunny's for they only came once a year as Tooth had said. Tooth and Sandy on the other hand? They would have been noticed immediately they were needed every single night for every year. Everyone would have known instantly if they disappeared mysteriously, but North and Bunny were fair game. The yetis or the eggs might have called the others but by then it might be too late.

So Tsar sought a way to get the Guardians to become as close as they once had been. He came with a solution with the help of his old friend Ombric, after all what better way than to bring the guardians of childhood together with a child? It would be fantastic, the guardians would nurture and teach the boy that had winter in his bones.

Unfortunately for the Lunaoff his plan backfired instead of the guardians helping and teaching the child they left him alone for three hundred years. Tsar would have screamed at his old friends for not seeing the damage they were doing to the boy, but he was still tired from raising the child back up from the lake.

It would be awhile before he could communicate and when he did, he made sure they made the lad a guardian. It was uncertain for a time if the Winter Spirit would but he eventually bonded to the group. It would cause a disaster but he would become one of the sacred Guardians of Childhood, even though he was but a child himself. But after almost 10 years they still didn't understand so he did what he had to do; he sent them through Jack Frost's memories.

They did indeed learn from what they saw, but Tsar may have created a bigger wedge than there was before. For today Jack Frost was, in a word, pissed off.

The pale child was looking at each of the guardians faces and to be honest he still wasn't pacified. They thought they could just go into his memories, his precious memories, and expect him to be okay with that? No he wasn't.

Even though they all understood him now they had no right to invade his privacy like that; to be honest he felt betrayed and hurt. He had finally come to trust the adults and what did they do? They went behind his back and opened his tooth box without his express permission.

This was proof of what he knew all along, the guardians weren't to be trusted. Everyone had warned him to not get caught up with them. Mother, Lydia, Loki and even Scott!

Scott could hardly say a bad word about anyone and when he did he was serious. He should have listened to him and what did he do? He waved off their, and his, concerns away. The guardians surely wouldn't hurt him, they were his friends now and friends never hurt another. But listening to their explanation hardly helped him keep the tentative faith he had in them.

That faith swiftly broke like a piece of string the longer they talked; and what happened when children lost faith in those that had once been their childhood heroes? They couldn't see them or touch them. With Jack though something different happened, he was special after all; he was the only immortal child, not counting Peter Pan who waved the guardians away as silly, and while he could still see them it was a faint thing. It was almost like he seeing them as ghosts, they were misty and not as bright as they had been when he believed. Oh Jack could still touch them if he wished but the guardians wouldn't he able to touch him and they only could if Jack wanted them to or believed in them once more; and judging by how they didn't notice his mood change it wouldn't be anytime soon.

Jack grew angrier as he saw the expectant and eager expressions of the guardians, did they honestly think that he would forgive them for their betrayal? They probably did and Jack couldn't hold it in any longer all the words that he had wanted to say to them from the last three centuries came poring out.

"You honestly think I'll forgive you just like that? I'm not that desperate for acceptance and to be honest I don't see why I hung with you guys anyway. Everyone was right, you're only looking after yourselves and don't bother with the others; you probably think you're better than everyone else. Well I have news for you, you're not. You're just spirits who don't know how to take a break, the only reason you even exists is because of how you bribe the children to believe in you. You don't even care if there are other spirits out there that don't even have a single believer, as long as you have millions you don't care."

"But the second the your little lights start going out you start to panic. I know the only reason you even bothered with me is because MIM said I was to be a guardian, before that did you care? Did you talk to me? Even glance at me? No. You didn't the only reason you grew a tiniest bit of interest to little Jack Frost was because I had the power to help you. That's all we are to you aren't we? The other spirits besides you four are merely pieces for you to play with and dispose of when you're through. Don't lie, I knew you guys were getting tired of me. You guys never even considered asking or talking to me about it! No that would be too hard! You need the easy way out, you're too busy to even stop and give a damn about my feelings. So why should I care about yours? Mother and the others were right. You guys are only arrogant, selfish sorry excuses for spirits. I wished I'd never gotten involved with you!"

The guardians had at first been shocked when Jack started shouting at them but the more words he through out the more hurt and guilty they became. Because whether they like it or not they had steadily grew arrogant as the years grew and as the work became more they left their friends behind. They should have known Jack would probably see what the other spirits had painted selfish and arrogant beings that only cared with how many believers they had; after all those were the words Jack 'grew' listening. Other spirits complaining about the guardians, they didn't blame them, Bunny probably did, after they abandoned and essentially forgot about their friends they wouldn't be happy with them either.

But they wanted to let Jack see that, that wasn't what they were.

"Sweet Tooth," Tooth tried to sooth," We didn't mean for anything to..." The fairy attempted to put her small hand on the eternal 14 year old only for it to got through.

Tooth gasped shocked and hurt, did Jack stop believing in them? Was he lost to them forever? Was their mistake what lost them their little boy?

As the queen fairy panicked the males were feeling a drain on their cores, they didn't feel as powerful as they had before. But they didn't know why, they still had millions of believers and not even a thousand believers stopping would cause this.

An exclamation mark appeared above the Sandman's head. The former star had figured it out, he looked at the Winter Child that they had so failed. The boy had somewhat believed in them for those three centuries, he after all did indeed know they were real, but that decade ago they had finally gain the full belief of the immortal boy. That was what they were feeling the drain of having and immortal child's belief and suddenly loosing it, Sandy knew that Jack's belief was stronger than any other child and they had grown somewhat dependent on it; the belief that gave them so much power. Just as he was about to inform the other the small boy coldly informed them of something that would break their hearts.

"I don't believe in you anymore. So stay away from me!"

He was gone in a gust of wind, off to the one person that could ease him in a time like this.

Mother Nature.

Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~ Jack Frost~

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~ Jack Frost the Frost Child