Chapter 12- Common Sense It's Really That Common

Ryoma was amused to the point that the very next day, he was starting to actually mingle with other people. He planned to pretend that it wasn't Choutaro who had confessed to him before anyone else could. The look on the blond's face yesterday looked like he was begging to please be spared from everyone's wrath for the meantime. Since Ryoma was feeling unnaturally happy, he was going to grant the unspoken request.

To say that Ryoma was being so strange wasn't enough. He even hugged and comforted Kintaro who lost his match against Kirihara. The red haired menace held on Ryoma and bawled his tears out. "Koshimae! Y-you will still play with me right?" he asked as he looked up at Ryoma with tears in his eyes. Ryoma did something that made everyone stop moving. He smiled as he patted Kintaro's head. "Of course. We'll play anytime you want." Ryoma said which made Kintaro cry tears of joy.

Shiraishi, Gin, and the rest of Shitenhoji came closer to the two first years. Kintaro turned to them with a big smile, "Did you here that Shiraishi? Minna? Koshimae said that he'll still play with me and I get to choose when." He said as he started to jump around. The rest of Shitenhoji smiled as they saw their freshman looking so happy. "Kintaro…" everyone froze again. Ryoma normally called Kintaro 'menace' or 'annoying red head'. But Kintaro didn't seem to notice. He turned to smile at Ryoma, "Nani?" he asked. "Will you stop calling me Koshimae? You can call me Ryoma if you want." Ryoma was hamming it up.

Kintaro's eye were shining so bright. He nodded furiously and hugged Ryoma once more. Fudomine was passing by when they stopped to see what the noise was all about. Ryoma saw Ibu who looked away as if he was embarrassed about something. Ryoma smiled at them which made them all widen their eyes in shock. "Ne, Shinji-sempai, you asked me something yesterday right? I'm sorry about it. I was thinking of something else and didn't quite hear your question. Is it too late to change my answer?" Ryoma asked, louder than normal so that everyone nearby could hear as well.

Ibu shook his head. It seemed too good to be true. Yukimura, Sanada, Tezuka, Fuji, and Atobe were nearby as well. "Good then. Since tomorrow the games will be paused, we could go out then. Shibuya Train Station at 9am?" he said with a smile. Everyone was shocked and looked like they would pass out. Ibu could only nod; he didn't trust himself to speak. Ryoma turned around, still smiling. "Great. See you then. Ja." He walked away and went to where Seigaku were standing around.

Atobe looked like he was ready to murder Ibu. Sanada was a little better in hiding it. Yukimura and Fuji were simply smiling and Tezuka looked stoic. As he always did no matter the situation. Inui and Renji smiled at each other, knowing what the freshman was planning. Kamio had to shake Ibu out from his shocked state. "Oi Shinji! SHINJI! Snap out of it already!" Kamio yelled at Ibu's ear. The usually poker faced junior through death glares at his usual double's partner.

Tachibana also snapped out of his shocked and cleared his throat. "Enough Shinji. Let's go. Some of us still have matches to prepare for. And like Echizen-kun pointed out, since tomorrow was agreed by the coaches that we all should have a day of rest, everyone can do whatever they want." Tachibana said as he tried his best to hide his embarrassment that one of his member's was going to be spending some time with Seigaku's rookie. It was strange to have been there and hear the date been made. He started to walk again and head to the area that he and his team had been occupying since the mock tournament had begun.

Atobe glared daggers behind Ibu's head who tried his best to hide the fact that he was going on a date with Ryoma tomorrow. "Aren't you being too obvious, Atobe?" asked Tezuka who fixed his glasses. The Hyotei Captain sneered and scoffed, crossing his arms across his chest. "As if I'm not the only one who feels this way." He said as he not only meant Tezuka but the other three as well. Fuji smiled just a little bit more widely, "Well, we already know where they will be going tomorrow. Whoever said that they have to spend the entire day alone?" Fuji stated which made Yukimura smile and nodded in agreement.

Tezuka and Sanada would have disagreed if only the circumstance was different. But they knew Fuji was right this time. However, Tezuka knew there was something more to what Fuji would show on the surface. Fuji Syuusuke wasn't Seigaku's sadistic tensai for nothing. Atobe was smirking now, "Well, it seems that we already have plans for tomorrow then." He said and went to talk to his team. He was a bit glad that Choutaro wasn't there or there might have been more people who would be going on tomorrow's event that he wanted.

However, when Atobe was passing by the vending machine, he saw Ryoma talking to Choutaro. He growled at the sight before him. Just when he thought Choutaro was temporarily out of the picture, the blond shows himself and with Ryoma of all people. "Oi, brat! What are you doing there?" Atobe called out as he stopped walking. Ryoma turned to smirk at him, "Monkey King, are you asking what we were talking about or what we really are doing?" Ryoma asked back. Choutaro's eyes widen in shock while Atobe nearly jumped on Choutaro to chock him.

"However, since it must not have been obvious to you, I'll tell you. We, Choutaro and I, were merely talking. I asked him about his match yesterday and how he managed to defeat Minami-sempai of Yamabuki." Ryoma said in a taunting kind of tone. Yes, Atobe could taste the underlying amusement Ryoma was experiencing. "Since when was he this… playful?" Atobe thought as he glared at the freshman in front of him. The smirk fit perfectly well his face and his golden eyes that were full of mirth and amusement.

Choutaro was shocked yet smiled the next second when he watched how Ryoma was able to make his captain speechless. "Very well, Ryoma. I better get back before Shishido-sempai strangles Gakuto-sempai." He said with a smile and waved before leaving. When Atobe saw that Choutaro was nowhere near them, he turned back to look at Ryoma. "What was that you said earlier? The one with that guy from Fudomine." Atobe asked him. He already knew what it was about but he wanted to make sure that it wasn't something the brat would have said for fun.

Ryoma smirked as he placed his right hand on his right hip, leaned slightly to the left, and tilted his head. Atobe was amazed at how seductive the brat looked that very moment. It was like Atobe's personal image of how Ryoma would look if the boy posed with confidence and stand up against him. And now, he was seeing his dream being done. He had to take a step back to balance himself. "My, Monkey King. I thought that even you have common sense. But then again, you have proven time and time again that common sense is not really that common." He said as his smirk grew.

"If you must know, that guy from Fudomine is Ibu Shinji. And yesterday he had asked me out but I wasn't too quick to pick up on it because I was preoccupied with other things. Good thing it wasn't too late to change my answer. Well I'm off, Keigo-sempai." Ryoma said as he walked away, leaving a very shocked, and shivering Captain. The way the freshman said his name, the way it rolled off his tongue, sent shivers down Atobe's spine. He had never heard his name spoken that way before. "Damn that brat!" he mentally curse as he slowly made his way back to the other Hyotei members.

Ryoma wanted to roll over the grass and laugh 'til his sides hurt. The way everyone looked when he asked Ibu out was priceless. Add the Monkey King's expression and body language to the list had made Ryoma's morning very very amusing. The captains were called by the coaches to discuss about the day after tomorrow's match ups. There were very few of them left and they had to add a player or two to make the matches even.

While walking, Ryoma ran into Kirihara who looked ready to keel over. Ryoma remembered that Kirihara was also among the others who had gathered with his captain, Yuuta, and Choutaro. "Is there something you need of me, Akaya-sempai?" Ryoma asked innocently which made the other shiver the same way Atobe had done not too long ago. Ryoma hid his amusement perfectly. Kirihara shook his head and turned to Ryoma, looking serious and all.

"I heard that you openly asked that guy from Fudomine out tomorrow. Is it true?" he asked as he looked straight into Ryoma's eyes. Ryoma smiled, his eyes closing which made him look perfectly like an angel. To Kirihara that is. The junior's breathing hitched up as he watched Ryoma changed from seductive to an angel in a blink of an eye. It was so fast Kirihara barely managed to see the change. "Well, like I told the Monkey King a few minutes ago, that guy from Fudomine is Ibu Shinji. He was the one who asked me first yesterday but I was a bit too preoccupied so I wasn't able to answer properly. When I asked him earlier if I could still change my answer, he agreed. Thus we have a date tomorrow." Ryoma told him.

"Was that all you wanted to know?" he added as he smiled innocently. Kirihara didn't want to ask but it slipped. "Will it be just the two of you? What will you be doing?" Ryoma knew it was coming at some point but he didn't think that Kirihara would actually asked him out loud. "Could this day get anymore amusing?" he thought. He turned back to face Kirihara who was fidgeting in his spot. "The lack of common sense must either be contagious or my first theory that common sense isn't really that common is true." He said, taunting the junior.

"To be polite, yes it will just be me and Shinji. And we'll be doing what everyone else does when they are on dates. Even if we're both guys, its still a date so it won't be much different from dates that are between a boy and a girl." He said as he walked away. Yes, Ryoma's day was indeed amusing. And it was just starting.

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