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Evelyn Coulson sat a coffee shop outside Stark Tower. She was wearing dark blue wrap dress that came to her knees. She had her golden blonde hair down in soft forties curls. Her lips were stained red and her green eyes had silver eye shadow. She was waiting for target. She looked around the patio. Her light green eyes met blue eyes of man. He was one that her brother/father was talking so much about Captain America.

Phil Coulson was not really related to her but when she was found without a name or anything with no knowledge of her past Phil took her in and gave her last name. She really did not have a name but a dog tag around her neck read Eve. So she figured that her name was Eve or Evelyn as she preferred. Hell, she preferred Evie to Eve. That was nearly twenty some odd years ago. She looked barely out of her teenage years then now she looked barely in her mid-twenty. She now worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. as assassin and spy. It was common fact in S.H.I.E.L.D. that was a mutant but human. She was experimented on that was determined by the medical tests done on her.

A waitress walked in-between Captain America and her.

"Waiting on the big guy?" The waitress asked.

"Ma'am" Captain said.

"Iron Man, a lot of people wait here just to see him fly by" The Waitress said.

"Right, maybe another time." Captain said.

He reached for his wallet. Evie phone went off she reached for it. Speaking of her brother. She paid the bill then rose from her table. She grabbed her purse and phone. Then head out. She did not looked where she was going. She went to fall a pair of strong-arm grabbed her before she hit the side-walk. Evelyn eyes rose to see the face of her savior. It was none other than Captain America her brother's, as she preferred to call Phil, hero. His blue eyes met her green eyes. She had to admit that her brother idol was quite attractive. He helped her to her feet. She still had a grip on his arms.

"Are you aright Ma'am?" He asked.

Steve's eyes travel up and down her body. She was tall about five-feet nine inches tall. She had curves in all the right places. He eyes traveled back up to her face. She had the most beautiful green eyes he had seen in while. She had classical features and porcelain skin. Her eyes were large expressive. Her nose was small and doll-like. Her lips were full and heart-shaped. Her face shape was oval. She was nothing like Peggy. This woman was beautiful but she was no Peggy.

"I'm fine thank you" Evie said.

"Are you sure? You seem dazed Ma'am"

"Evelyn Coulson, please no more ma'am. It's not every day I get saved by handsome strong man. Are you alright I do believe I ran into you"

He actually blushed. It was endearing. She smiled. Then she looked at him. He was wearing a brown leather jacket light blue button down top with top two buttons undone showing a white undershirt and then he had a pair of khaki on and brown dress shoes.

"Steven Rogers. You can call me Steve if you like Evelyn. I am fine no harm done. Can I get you cab."

"You don't have to Steve if you like you can call me Evie everyone else does"

"Evie it is no problem."

He hailed a cab for her the proceeded to help her into cab. Then he talked to the driver. He paid the cab driver then shut the car door. He stepped back. Evie looked at him with a smile on her face. She waved at him.

The cab pulled away. The cab driver looked back at her. He was man of Middle Eastern decent.

"Where to Miss?" The driver said.

His accent was thick. Evie eyes looked up to his in the rear view mirror. Then back down to his diver license.


"He did not pay me that much Lady"

"Don't worry about Harold Thomas? You know you look nothing you license Harry sweetheart."

"I did not steal the thing?"

"I never said you did Harry. Now tell me your real name sugar"

"Amar Saldan"

"You are the first person that noticed"

"I'm paid to notice things"

"Was that your boyfriend back there lady"

"No, I wish, but no. The last boy friend I had was dumber then rock and tried to beat sense in to me."

"If ya can get that man back there he a gentleman and tell are all but gone."

"He probably taken you know the old standby line"

"Oh yes, men like him are playing for my team or taken or both"

"Oh, yes, both. I love that one. What I hate most is when they act they aren't dating anyone then their girlfriend or boy friend walks in."

"That happened to you a lot darling?"

"A few times. I all but given up on love"

"You just need a man like the past gentleman all"

They drove for ten minutes traffic was horrible. Evie reached up front.

"Pull over here I walk from here"

"You sure lady this is bad part of city"

"I know, how much do I owe you Amar"

"Nothing for pretty lady like you and the man back there paid me."

Evelyn got out of the cab. She walked over to shabby bar that had just opened. She walked into the bar as the cab pulled away. All the eyes traveled to her when she walked inside she was so out of place. She walked over to the bar. The bar tender walked over to her.

"Miss, We are closed."

"I'm here to see your boss… Jacob"

"He not seeing visitor Lady"

Evelyn smiled then looked down at the bar then back up to bar tender. He reminded her of her old boyfriend, an idiot with a position of power. His grey eyes board into her face willing her to leave.

"Listen to me Jacob either you tell me where Ivan is or I make you."

"A little thing like you" He laughed

"Size is not everything. I sure to say that to ladies all the time"

"Insulting me is not get you anywhere darlin'"

Evelyn opened her mind to kinetic energy and potential energy around her. The liquor bottles started to vibrate. Evie eyes focused and more of her powers unleashed itself. One of the bottle floated off the back bar and hang mid-air. The bar tender looked at Evelyn like she was a freak of nature. A knife that was there for cut up fruit flew out his hand. And pointed at the bar tender head.

"I don't know where Ivan is… Don't kill me." Jacob said.

"Well if isn't the Eden come visit me." The gruff voice of Ivan said.

Evelyn turned to look at him. She wore a sickening smile. Then she rose from the stool. The bottle and knife went back to the rightful place. Ivan was large Russian man. His hair was starting to grey but there was still black in his hair. His arms reminded her of tree limbs along with his leg of tree trunks. He motion for her to come closer. She rolled her eyes then followed him.

"You did not show at meeting place. And I'm desperate and desperate times calls for desperate measures."

"I'm on the good and narrow now doll."

"Ivan, don't feed me that load of bull shit."

"It's the truth"

"You know as well I that you want to take down S.H.E.I.L.D. more than anyone I know. And I want to know if you have heard anything about a briefcase."

"Sorry doll I have not."

Evelyn put her fingers to her temples and drove into Ivan's mind. She read that he was telling her the truth about the briefcase maybe not about the clean and narrow but nothing that S.H.E.I.L.D. was involved in. She was quickly brought back to her own mind. When, Ivan backhanded her across the face. Thus, busting her lip Evelyn threw into wall using her Telekinesis. He groaned. She walked over to the door. Once outside the bar she grabbed her cell phone and called Fury. Nick Fury answered on second ring.

"Boss, no luck on my end what do you want me to do now."

"Go home for now. I want you to meet Coulson at Stark Tower in few hours. After you done with him meet me by the boxing gym that Captain America uses."

"Okay will do. I am going head home and eat dinner."

Evelyn walked to alleyway and teleported back to an alleyway by her alleyway. She walked over to her apartment building and head inside.