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Back on the carrier on the bridge Fury was talking to the council.

"Director Fury, the council has made a decision." The council woman said.

"I recognized the council has made a decision. But given that it's a stupid-ass decision. I have elected to ignore it." Fury retorted.

"Director, you're closer than any of our subs. You scramble that jet…" one of council man said.

"That is the island of Manhattan, councilman. Until, I'm certain my team can't hold it, I will not order a nuclear strike against a civilian population." Fury said.

"If we don't hold them here, we lose everything" the council man said.

"I send that bird out, we already have." Fury snapped.

Meanwhile, Natasha was trying to fly and stir the alien flying vessel to the top of Stark Tower. Loki came up behind her and started to fire at her.

"Oh, you" Natasha said.

She managed to avoid most of his attacks.

"Hawkeye!" Natasha said.

"Nat what are you doing?" Clint asked.

"A little help?" Natasha said.

Natasha followed by Loki flew by Clint.

"I got him" Clint said.

Clint let go arrow. That would have struck Loki through the eye. But Loki caught it. It exploded in his face. That caused him to crash into Stark Tower. The Hulk hopped up there. He crashed Loki through the window and into a wall. Loki hopped to his feet. He was raving mad.

"Enough!" Loki yelled. Hulk stopped for second. Before, Loki continued on with speech. "You're all of you, beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature. And I will not be bullied by…"

Hulk grabbed Loki by the legs and proceeded to smash him to ground like a rag doll. Before, he made sure he was not getting back up. Then he hit to the ground one more time.

"Puny god." Hulk said as he walked away.

Loki started to groan and whimpered in pain. Natasha landed on the roof. She rolled to edge. She got to her feet.

"The scepter…" Erik started.

"Doctor" Natasha said moving closer to him.

"Loki's scepter, the energy. The Tesseract can't fight, but you can't protect against yourself." Erik said.

"It's not your fault. You didn't know what you were doing." Natasha tried.

"Actually, I think I did. I built a safety to cut their power source." Erik said.

"Loki's scepter." Natasha said.

"It may be able to close the portal. And I'm looking right at it."

Thor was on one of the fly vessel. Tony was fighting a giant whale like alien creature. He was trying to kill it with his laser.

"Sir, we will lose power before we penetrate that shell." Jarvis said.

"Jarvis, you ever heard the tale of Jonah?" Tony asked.

Tony flew a head of the creäture. He brought out his bombs on his legs. He flew straight at the creature mouth.

"I wouldn't consider him a role model." Jarvis sated.

Tony was swallowed by the whale like creature. He deployed the weapon. The creäture imploded. It sent Tony flying into bus stop. A bunch of aliens started to fire at him. Meanwhile a bunch of aliens had cornered Hulk and were fire all at him at the same time. Also Clint had aliens nearly over coming him. He killed one with arrow. He reached back for another arrow and realized he was out. He killed one with his bare hand before reaching for the arrow from the dead alien. He pressed his control on his bow to the tip that was grappling hook. When they started to get close and started to fire at him he jumped off the side of the building. He fired the arrow it locked into the wall. He swung into the window and cried out in pain.

Back on the carrier, a fighter pilot was in jet.

"Director Fury is no longer in command. Override order 7-Alpha-1-1." Council woman said.

"7-Alpha-1-1, confirmed. We're go for takeoff." Pilot said.

Meanwhile on the bridge, Hill was watching the monitors.

"Sir, we have a bird in motion!" Hill yelled.

Fury looked shocked for moment before took off to land strip of the carrier. He had grenade launcher.

"Anyone on the deck, we have a rogue bird. We need to shut it down! Repeat, take off is not authorized." Hill stated.

Fury fired at one of the jets. It stops before it falls off the carrier. Then other jet took off right after the other one. Fury pulled out his gun and point at it. He walked back inside. He closed the door.

"Stark, do you hear me? You have a missile heading straight for the city." Fury said.

Tony was fighting a group of aliens. The aliens were winning at the moment.

"How long?" Tony asked.

"Three minutes, max. Pay load will wipe out midtown." Fury stated.

"Jarvis put everything we got into the thrusters." Tony said.

"I just did" Jarvis said.

Tony took off from the ground. Meanwhile the jet was in position to fire.

"Package is sent, detonation in two minutes, 30 seconds, mark." The pilot said.

The missile took off toward the city. Steve and Thor were battling aliens near Stark Tower. Thor called back his hammer at the same time Steve called back his shield. One of the aliens hit Steve in the stomach causing him to groan and fall to ground. Thor turned after beat on and used his hammer to knock a car into them. Before, Thor sticks his hand out to help Steve up.

"Are you ready for another bout?" Thor asked.

"What, are you getting sleepy?" Steve asked.

Thor called back his hammer. Steve had his hand still on his stomach. Evelyn ran up next to him. She was cover in dirt and blood dripping from her forehead. She was panting. She bent over taking deep breaths before she walked closer to them.

On the top of Stark Tower, Natasha had Loki's Scepter in her hand. Erik Selvig had his computer up and running.

"Right at the crown!" Erik said.

Natasha started to push the scepter into the energy barrier.

"I can close it... can anybody copy? I can shut the portal down." Natasha said.

"Do it" Steve said.

"No, wait" Tony said.

"Stark these things are still coming." Steve said.

"I got nuke coming in. It's gonna blow in less then a minute. And I know just where to put it." Tony said.

Tony flew under the nuke. He had it on his shoulders. He was flying with it toward Stark Tower.

"Stark , you know that is a one-way trip." Steve said.

"Save the rest for the turn, J" Tony said.

"Sir, I try Miss Potts?" Jarvis asked.

"Might as well." Tony said.

Meanwhile on Stark Jet, Pepper was watching the news cast of what was going on. Her phone was on vibrate she did not see Tony calling her. As Tony came fly past them, Steve, Evelyn and Thor looked up at him. The Hulk does as well as the rumble falls from his body. As does Natasha as Tony flew up to enter the portal. Suddenly the aliens all started to power down. They watched for sign of Tony fly back through the portal.

"Come on Stark" Natasha said.

Thor looked at Steve. Evelyn looked over at Steve as well.

"Close it" Steve said.

Natasha sticks the scepter at the crown and closes the portal. The portal begins to close. It was nearly closed when Tony falls through the portal.

"Son of gun" Steve said.

"He's not slowing down" Thor said.

Thor starts to swing his hammer to take off. Hulk catches Tony mid-air. He carries him down side of building. Before, jumping to road, Hulk landed on his back with Tony cradle in his chest. He pushed Tony to ground on his back. Thor, Evelyn and Steve came running. Evelyn crouched down next to him. Steve kneeled down next to her to check for signs of life. His hand was on his chest. The arc reactor in his chest was no longer lite.

"Is he breathing?" Evie asked.

There were no signs of life. She turned away. Steve sighed and looked away as well. Hulk roars and Tony gasps. His eyes snaps opened. Evelyn turns back very quickly. She threw her arms around his neck. Steve looked back at Tony. Hulk roars again.

"What the hell?" Tony asked. He looked down at Evie on his chest. "What just happened?"

Evelyn lifted her head from his chest and smiled at him. Steve was also smiled. She looked over to Steve. And then threw her arms around him just glad that he was alright.

"Please, tell me nobody kissed me. Not that I would mind if you kissed me Evie." Tony commented.

"We won." Steve said.

"All right, yay! Hurray. Good job guys. Let's just not come in tomorrow. Let's just take a day. Have you ever tried Shawarma? There a Shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is but I want to try it." Tony said.

"We're not finished yet." Thor said.

"And then Shawarma after," Tony said.

Not five minutes later Loki sat up in the pent house of Stark Tower. He was surrounding by the avengers and Evie. She stood next to Steve.

"If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now." Loki said.

Ten minutes later they were all eating Shawarma. Steve sat at on head of the table. Evie was next to him. Followed by Thor, then Tony, then Bruce at other head of the table, and then were Clint and then Natasha. Steve had his one hand on his jaw. Tony crushes the napkin in his hands.

"Lady Evie may I have word with you" Thor asked.

Evie looked over to Steve. She squeezed his leg where her one hand was resting when they were eating. Then she got up. Thor quickly followed suit. They walked away from the group.

"Lady Evelyn I want to make amends for what my brother has done to your family" Thor said.

"Don't Thor. It's not your fault. I don't blame you. And thank you." Evie cried.

Tears started to fall down her face again. Everything that happened started to catch up with her. He pulled her into tight hug.

"You will always be welcome on Asgard, Lady Evelyn daughter of Coul."

"Thank you."

Steve walked over to them. He placed his hand on her back. She turned and smiled at him. The tears where still in her eyes.

The next day, they all met to send Loki and Thor off with the cube. Evie arrived with Steve on his bike. She was dressed in tight pair of jeans and red tank top and light black jacket. She had black boots on as well. Steve was dressed in a similar to outfit to what he wore the first time they met. She was sticking very close to him. They walked to the bridge in Central Park near the lake. Two or Three S.H.I.E.L. D. agents stood guard. Erik Selvig and Bruce put the cube in device design to take Thor and Loki back to Asgard. Thor looked over to Loki. He was bounded and gagged. Loki grabbed one end of the device. Thor turned it and they vanished. Bruce was talking to Clint and Natasha. Evelyn was talking to Erik Selvig. He was comforting her. She placed her hand on his. A look of peace fell over his face it was similar look to the look the men in Germany had on his face. She looked over to Steve. He was by Tony.

"I'm sorry about what I said. You are hero," Steve said.

"And I was wrong you are special. And not everything special about you came out of bottle." Tony started. Tony looked over to Evie. Steve followed suit. "You know she's going to grieve for while. If you need anything call me."

Steve nodded his head. They had reached an understanding. They shook hands before Steve walked back to Evie. She smiled up at him as his arms came around her middle. They walked over to his bike. He got on then she quickly got on behind him. She wrapped her arms tightly around his middle. Her head rested on his back. Steve looked down at her small hands around him. He smiled. It was nice to have his girl arms wrapped around him. He started the bike. They head out of the park.