The pink haired beauty stood in front of a mirror. Her cheeks where stained red in excitement and she was shaking as she was slowly putting on her necklace.

"Isn't my hair out of place? Oh wait, my shoe needs to be tightened! No, my eyeliner is smudged!" The frantic words poured out of the girl's mouth like vomit.

"Forehead, control yourself!" The blonde girl snapped, sighing in frustration as she leaned over the girl. "You look fine, god! Be happy the moron finally popped the question!" The heir fixed her friends veil perfectly in place, before fixing her bangs perfectly to the sides of her face.

"You think so, Ino?" The girl couldn't stop fixing her lip gloss, putting it on then wiping it off, just to repeat the process.

"Would your maid of honor lie to you?" The tall girl said pointedly with a smirk. The pinkette smiled a bit, before wiping her lip gloss again.

"I just can't believe that I'm getting married before you, in all reality." A competitive smirk started on her rivals face.

"That's just because me and Sasuke are… taking it slow…" The blondes face dropped, sighing and leaning against the bed frame.

"Have you two even had sex yet?" The girl smirked, causing the blonde to fluster.

"E-erm…" The reaction made the girl laugh. "Let's just say that I'm definitely not out of the race yet, forehead!" They laughed and this made the pink haired girl to check her makeup again, in annoyance wiping her lip gloss again.

"Dang it, don't make me laugh, Pig!" A smile still on their faces, the two began to put on her white gloves and bracelets.

"You're going to be the best looking girl there, minus me of course." They finished the final touches and took a deep breath. "Really though, the crazy kid doesn't what he's getting." They shared a mirrored smile.

"Thank you." She was still shaking, causing the blonde to grab her shoulder again.

"No problem, Sakura." Haruno's hearts where doing flips, and she couldn't stop smiling. Fixing her white dress, she looked in the mirror.

"I got to give to you; you really know your way around a makeup kit."

"Never mind that," The blonde scolded. "You have a wedding to get to!" She squealed, smiling. Turning to the door and opening it, she bowed to the bride.

"Ino, I can't move. My feet are stuck." The girl sighed.

"Now listen up, Haruno." The girl began to scold, shutting the door. "Who trained under Tsunade for three years and survived?"

"I did."

"Who is the only girl I know that can rock pink hair?"

"I am… I think?"

"Who is the girl who got that crazy legend to calm down?"

"I am."

"Who is the one getting married?"

"I am."

"Who is the one that disserves happiness?"


The blonde frowned, still a bit flustered.

"No, you smart one, you! This is your day! Your day! And now it's your turn to make it all about you!" The blonde encouraged, her fist in the air.

"…my day…" The pinkette whispers, a smile on her face. "My day." She says again, this time excitement flowed through it.

"Now, go and make that boy the happiest idiot in the world!" She laughed and the walked out of the door.

"He's not that stupid, you know." She laughed.

"I know, but Naruto still calls me crazy." They smiled as they stood behind the door of the isle.

"Go get them, Haruno." She made the point to correct herself. "I mean, Uzumaki."

"Cha!" She laughed, as the blonde opened the large door of the isle.