The day had started out like any other day, a few fights in the morning, mostly between Harold and some random guy. That guy, I swear. I think he's doomed to stay the same ol' Harold for the rest of his life. I mean, he's 20 and still a junior. Jesus H. Christ, why even stay in school? I mean, what kind of job offers are you going to get anyway? What's the need? But anyway, like I was saying… the day started off alright. The bell rang and we all filed into the building to go to our lockers. I saw Phoebe, and even though I was in a terrible mood that morning I put on a smile to greet her.

"Hey, Pheebs," I said, rummaging through my top locker.

"Hello Helga," she said in her same small, mousy, voice, "did you do the assignment for English?" I looked at her for a second.

"Well, YEAH, I mean it's the only subject I DO do my homework in… sheesh…" I rolled my eyes and she gave a small giggle. I closed my locker and walked away with Phoebe by my side, rambling on about something not too important. As if coming out of nowhere Gerald appeared giving Phoebe a peck on the cheek. Although Gerald and I had never been on good terms, high school sure helped that a little. He and I could now have a decent conversation without me calling him "tall hair boy", although sometimes it was tempting. I looked over at him and he gave me a "nod" hello.

"Hey, Helga, what's up?" he asked, putting his arm around my best friend.

"Not too much, you?" I asked, feeling my bad mood rise up. I don't know what set me off, I was just angry and anyone who got in my way was going to pay. Without hearing his response I walked away, pretending I saw someone I knew.

"What's wrong with her?" I heard him ask as I walked away fast. What the hell was this? PMS? No, it couldn't be that… it was my parents. It was ALWAYS my parents… After the neighborhood nearly got demolished I was respected in my home… for a while. I know it was so long ago, but I think about it all the time. Why after I helped SAVE the neighborhood did they so easily forget my name again and not care? Did OLGA ever do something so great? I seriously doubt it…

I walked, heatedly around the corner and BAM! Great just what I needed…

"Sorry Helga," said the football-headed boy, reaching to help me pick up my books and papers on the ground. I stood up fast and literally ripped my papers out of his hands. "Jeeze, I'm just trying to help." I brushed myself off.

"Yeah, well, DON'T help, football head!" I said, feeling the hate rise up in me. This was definitely NOT the right time to get into a confrontation with him.

"You could TRY to be grateful I'm helping you, I mean I COULD have just walked off leaving you with this mess!" he shouted back.

"Well, I DIDN'T ASK YOU TO HELP, so don't get PISSED OFF when I don't jump to say thank you!" I yelled, nose-to-nose. If I wasn't so mad I would have had to smack myself to keep from day dreaming. His eyes were on me, angry, and not ready to back down.

"FINE!" he shouted, loudly, in my face. He stood up ready to give me my papers, but instead, dropped them back onto the ground, making them fall every which way. My eyes grew wide. "There, now YOU can pick them up." he gave s sarcastic grin and turned to leave. I'd never seen him react that way to me. It mad me sad. It made me regretful. Most of all, it made me ANGRY.

"Hey, get back here!" I shouted. I realized then all eyes were on us. He waved his hand and without turning around mumbled something I couldn't quite hear. I tried to compose myself; I took a deep breath; I counted to ten. It didn't work, all I saw was him walking away and I snapped. I took off running full force and heard a few gasps as I did so. Arnold turned for a brief second before I tackled him to the ground. His eyes were as wide as they could get. He looked up at me, pleading for me to let him go. He knew full-well that with my growing age I acquired growing strength. He winced as I raised my fist into the air. I heard then the crowd around us chanting "fight". my arm stayed ready to throw the punch. He shut his eyes and looked away. My arm stayed there. I couldn't hit him. It was then the principal shoved his way through the crowd, ordering everyone to go to class. He reached for me, pulling me off of him and helping us both up.

"Both of you, I.S.S. NOW!" he screamed, making us flinch.

He walked ahead of us. "Nice going, Helga," Arnold commented under his breath.

"Yeah, like it was all MY fault, football head. I mean, did you have to go throwing my things on the floor like that?" I asked back, sarcastically.

He looked down. I knew he felt bad about it, even though I deserved it. I looked at him for a second sympathetically, then slapped myself.

"See, it WAS your fault, if only you'd left me alone in the first place!" I shouldn't have said that, I shouldn't have said that…

"WHAT?!" he said, disbelievingly, "How can you say that?!"

I would have apologized, oh how I wanted to, but… his response fueled my anger, "WELL, IT'S TRUE, ARNOLDO!" I said, gaining the attention of the principal once again. He gritted his teeth and walked back to us, standing between us.

We reached in the "In School Suspension (I.S.S.)" room, and stopped. There were two other students in there who looked up at us wearily. "Now, look, you two, maybe a few days of THIS will straighten you out!" he said. I rolled my eyes and stood impatiently. Arnold looked downward, trying not to make eye-contact with anyone.

"Yeah, ok, can we sit down somewhere?" I asked, looking him in the eye perking an eyebrow, just daring him to push me further.

He showed obvious distaste to my action and took a deep breath before continuing. "Fine, I guess you won't mind staying here TWO weeks with that BAD attitude of yours, Pataki!" he shouted. I was surprised he knew my name a first but then settled into it. Everyone knew my name, I was the bully, the person you didn't mess with. Of course they knew me, most of them FEARED me.

Then I realized Arnolds eyes on me. He looked at me, pleadingly once again. How could I do this to him? He was a good student, I can't ruin his record… I sighed. I already had. I gave us both 2 weeks in this god-forsaken class. I gave him a shrug, showing my disregard towards his feelings. His hopeful expression changed to one of a hateful glare at me then we both looked up at principal Wartz. Yes, he was STILL our principal after all these years… maybe there was a conspiracy. Oh well…

Again I asked, "Can we sit down now?" and he nods, probably happy with his decision to up our time here whole other week. It was probably taking it too far, but I guess I just pissed him off. I wish I could have apologized to Arnold when I had the chance… what was I trying to prove? That I was a bitch? He knew that already… I could have been the better person and defended him saying that I was really the one who started the fight, but no… I couldn't do that…