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Endless rain splashed and splattered against all in its path, drenching its victims in soaking misery. Lazy dark clouds began to pull at nearby masses of grey and before long, a colossal, dense, rain cloud cast a murky shadow down upon the bustling city of New York.
The new gloom to the atmosphere did nothing but dampen the spirits of those who trudged through thick rain; trying their best to ignore the wind and water droplets pelting them from all sides.

Some had umbrellas, others had heavy coats, and yet still, some had no protection at all and were just making a crazed dash to shelter.
The one thing all these people had in common was the splash of their feet as they slogged purposefully through the deep water forming at their ankles.

They also shared the relaxing bliss of having only their own problems to contend with, no monsters, no conspiracies, or corrupt business men; only the next tax payment struck fear into the hearts of these people.


Elsewhere, a lean figure sat rigid in the chair beneath him, gazing transfixed at the large monitors before his eyes. There was no background noise here; no furious yells or screeching horns, just silence. It's not surprising, considering how far away it was from the populated parts of the extensive city. The vast distance between this abandoned facility and the general populace did not bother the lanky man, who was staring transfixed at the bright screens, checking the results for the fourth time.

Normally, he would revel in the silence; basking in the peace of solitude and allowing himself to be cocooned in its sweet embrace.

But there was no time for that now; more important things were dominating his distractible mind.

He had done it.

He had actually done it!

Faced with an impossible task he had sworn up and down the walls that he would never accomplish, and yet here he was.

He didn't know how many times he read the list of data, trying to convince his head to acknowledge what it was seeing. That skeptical part of his brain was still shouting out against it, insistently adamant that it couldn't be true; but that little voice of fury was quashed when his brain finally caught up with his eyes and trampled his deviant thoughts into oblivion.
After all, the evidence and proof was right in front of his nose.

Excitement began bubbling deep in his stomach; shooting energy to all his limbs and inciting a toothy grin to split his face. He couldn't help his exclamation of joy that followed.

"What's all the fuss about Marcus?"

Marcus quickly spun his chair around to face the newcomer in the doorway.

"Mr. Leon, Sir. I...I did it! I really did it! It's perfect!"

Leon's look of shock rapidly melted into a sinister smirk.

"Very good. Begin creating the formula and have it ready for me by tomorrow."

Marcus scrubbed a weary hand over his face before answering. "One day?! It can't be done! Creating an adequate amount for a dose will take time."

He had barely finished his sentence before his boss's face was inches away from his own.

"Time is something we do not have. You have a day Marcus; make it happen." His voice had dropped menacingly at the end, insinuating the punishment for failure would most likely be dire.
Leon let his words and warning sit for a few moments, allowing them time to soak down into his underling's core before striding away with a conceited swagger that leaked heavily into the air around him.

After the door slammed shut, Marcus allowed himself to breathe again. He stared at the floor for a long moment before shaking his head sharply. He couldn't let himself drown in self pity in the face of this absurd demand, he had to remain calm and collected; he would do himself no favors in a melted-down puddle of panic. It took him a few deep breaths but in the end, he resigned himself to his fate.

There would be no sleep for Marcus Conrad that night.

3 hours later and two levels above, an imposing man paced back and forth impatiently. His attention snapped up sharply at the opening of the thick wooden door behind him. Annoyance turned into anticipation instantaneously as his searching eyes fell upon and locked firmly on the well dressed figure before him.

"Well? I came as soon as I could. You said you had news?"

The look on his face could best be described as hungry. A desperate longing was etched into this man's features; a thirst that had gone on too long without being quenched. This was all outlined by a touch of fear, a foreboding that his hopes had been raised once again in vain.

Leon only grinned in response.

"News indeed. It has been completed. It is perfected and will be combat ready by tomorrow."

"Excellent!" The man exclaimed loudly. "Will the SS be ready by then?"

Leon cocked his head to one side at the question, the corners of his mouth quirking up slightly as he did so.

"No offence, but my Suicide Squad have been ready for the last few months. They'll be halfway there before we even finish giving the order."

"I see. Well, at least their dedicated."

Leon's smirk slipped into a frown in an instant. "They would have to be considering the beasts they'll be fighting." He snarled with distain.

The man shook his head knowingly. "Too true!" A distant look came into his sapphire eyes, his gaze drifting to the space just above Leon's shoulder.

"Just think, in one day we will come significantly closer to our city being free again! When we take out their leader, they'll crumble to pieces at our feet!"

The glassy quality fled his eyes as he snapped out of his reverie. Overwhelmed with euphoria and completely absorbed in his visions of the future, he cared not for propriety. He burst suddenly into booming laughter, its maniacal tones sending chills down the spines of the few underlings who happened to be passing by.

Leon took this opportunity to saunter over to a small cabinet off to the side of the office. Out from its storage, he pulled an unopened bottle of very expensive wine. After producing two fragile glasses, he reappeared at the man's side before he even realized he was gone.

In anticipation of him saying anything about the sudden change, Leon smoothly picked back up the conversation.

"An occasion such as this needs to be celebrated with wine of equal value." He paused to pour the scarlet liquid in equal amounts into both glasses. After offering one to his guest, he took the other and raised it to chest height, inviting a toast.
"To the downfall of this city's scourge, our continued business together, and to you Baron; for without you, none of this would have been possible."

The Baron chuckled deeply before raising his own glass. "I couldn't agree more."

They both brought their glasses to just below their nose, inhaling deeply and taking a moment to enjoying the sweet aroma of the fine drink.

It tasted as good as it looked; while the Baron was absorbed in savoring the lovely bouquet, Leon's stare at the simple rim of his glass deepened, his eyebrows furrowing together slightly.

"He's strong."

The Baron eyes glanced at him for a few moments before making a sound of confusion.

"I mean the only problem we face is that our target is the strongest among them. It's going to be hard to get an accurate hit while he's moving."

He took a moment to respond to his business partner; letting the red fluid swish across his tongue once more before swallowing. After casually letting out a sigh of approval, Baron's calm demeanor changed; he met Leon's eyes with an evil glint reflecting in his own and a wicked smile curling his lips.

"Not to worry, I have a fool-proof plan for that very issue. By this time tomorrow night, the demon incarnate Goliath, will be dead."

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