Title: From SOLDIER with Love
Author: x-YaoiWolf-x
Rating: M – for everything!- xD
Warning: Probable OOC-ness. Yaoi, Yuri, Slash, MxM, FxF, MalexMale, Girl-on-Girl, so on and so forth, Etc. and Polyamorous relationships. You have been warned. If you don't like these facts, don't read the story. Simple as that.
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII nor its amazing sexy gorgeous characters. They're not mine. Devastating, I know. If they were mine, ASGZC would be way more obvious and undeniably canon. Seriously.

A/N: The idea for this story originated from my Advent Calendar 2011 from the song Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. That drabble is what has now become the first few paragraphs of this fic. I've managed to get an actual chapter written, so, here it is. I hope you enjoy!

From SOLDIER with Love


Chapter One: Witty Banter

The thief snickered victoriously, gracefully landing in the seat of his massive motorcycle and speeding off through the slightly less crowded streets of Midgar at night. The over-sized bike glinted teasingly in the moonlight as the police chief watched him go, grudgingly accepting the futility of trying to catch up with the notorious blonde crook.

SOLDER strikes again! – From Fenrir with Love, the card in his hand read. He flipped it over and puzzled over the next clue. PS. Beware of falling Puppies in Flower Beds.

What the hell did that mean?

Cid cursed up a storm, throwing his cigarette in frustration at the wanted poster silently mocking him from where it hung on the wall beside him. He scowled when he noticed that the sly brat had taken the time to autograph the blasted thing. "Curse those Gaia damned SOLDIER bastards."


Cloud huffed in amused laughter as he dropped to lounge across the couch and immediately closed his eyes. His fingers absently combed through fine auburn hair where Genesis' head leaned back against the seat of the couch by his hand.

"I swear you just write the first random phrase that pops into your head when you write out the clues," the blonde smirked in the redhead's direction, not bothering to open his eyes. He was tired. Thieving wasn't easy… well, it sort of was, actually, for them; but it still required a bit of a work out when they were showing off while 'running' from the cops.

Genesis snorted. "You try to come up with catchy little phrases that are meant to seem like they hold cryptic hints but are really only there to mess with people's heads."

Cloud laughed and gave a dismissive shrug. "You enjoy it."

Genesis huffed and rolled his eyes, only just resisting the urge to stick out his tongue like a five-year-old. A deep chuckle came from behind at that moment and both men craned their necks to try and see who it was, though they already knew.

Angeal shook his head, arms crossed in their usual manner, and an amused smirk on his face. "Hello," he greeted, making his way to the kitchen to start dinner. He had been downstairs in the foyer waiting for the others before he'd remembered that they tended to overlook conventional entryways, preferring rooftops, windows, and fire escapes. Apparently, those were 'more convenient'. Just as he'd suspected, he'd arrived to find two of them already sprawled across the floor and couch.

Angeal went about preparations, slipping on an apron that sported the classic 'Kiss the Cook' phrase on the front –courtesy of Zack as a Valentine's Day present one year– and called back into the living room after a moment. "So, how'd it go?"

Cloud had gone back to half-rest mode and just uttered a noncommittal hum of general pleasure that was meant to say 'it's all good' without words. Genesis, however, grinned a mile wide and turned his face to watch Angeal work from where he could see him over the breakfast bar. "Marvelously. Those fools never knew what hit them."

Genesis saw Angeal quirk an eyebrow at him and rolled his eyes. "Well, in a figurative sense, anyway." He waved a hand in a dismissive gesture. "Of course they knew it was us, they always do. We tell them as much. It's the principle of it, Angeal. We went in, grabbed the goods, got out in record time, right under their noses, plain as day, and they still couldn't do anything about it." At this Genesis' grin turned slightly feral. "I call that absolute perfection."

"And, combined with our own complete and utter victory," an unmistakable purr announced suddenly. "I say it calls for celebratory dessert… ah, desserts," Sephiroth corrected himself, putting emphasis on the plural with a heavy sensual cadence as he bent over the arm of the couch and captured Cloud's slightly smirking lips in a demanding upside-down kiss.

Genesis licked his lips from where he sat watching, a delighted smirk forming. Dessert sounded like the perfect prize for tonight's accomplishments.

"Angeal!" Zack's exclamation broke through the sudden sensual tension like a wrecking ball through a brick building as the man bounced through the room and immediately jumped onto Angeal's back in an exaggerated hug. Angeal, to his credit, didn't even stumble or miss a beat in his cooking, just swatted the puppy away with a spatula. Zack dropped to the floor and immediately began doing squats where he stood. "We did awesome! Everything went amazingly! Seph and I worked fast and got everything. We even had time for some witty banter~! It was so great! Just like a movie!" Zack had quit doing squats but was bouncing on the balls of his feet, talking a mile a minute.

"Witty banter?" Cloud asked, a bemused expression directed at Sephiroth now sitting on the couch's arm above his head.

"That flaming Turk and the Puppy traded a few… interesting taunts and phrases."

"You ran into Reno? Ha, that must have been fun," Cloud laughed and Zack's laughter echoed his from the kitchen.

"It was a blast!"


"Damn Puppy," Reno groused, flicking the ash off his all but forgotten cigarette. He smashed it into the ashtray for good measure.

The flame-haired Turk glared into the visor mirror that hung in front of his face, rubbing some soot from his cheek. It was comical the way his face looked as if he'd just been in one of those cartoon explosions. The only part of it that wasn't covered in slate-grey powder was the obvious outline around his eyes where his goggles had been. His hair looked like someone had taken a blow-dryer to his head and set it to maximum output. It was a hilarious image and he could see Rude sitting in the driver's seat, attempting to keep his stoic silence.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, partner," Reno scowled with a roll of his eyes. "Just 'cause you were far 'nough from the thing to get behind a pillar 'n time."

Rude chuckled. He had to admit it had been priceless the way the SOLDIER member they knew was referred to as 'Puppy' had pulled off their getaway; a would-be smoke bomb that was actually a weak time-bomb. Rude absently wondered who had made it. It had worked perfectly.

"We'll get 'em next time," he told his partner, an amused smile on his face as he drove, keeping his eyes to the road.

"Ya got that right," Reno huffed before a wide grin broke across his lips. They'd definitely get them next time. Smart-ass band of thieves. He was not going to get faked out like that again.


They had the place surrounded. Almost a hundred of Cid's best men stood around the Midgar Museum of Gaian History clustered at every exit. Turks, the best of the best of the police force, stood in strategic spots inside and around the museum. There was absolutely no way SOLDIER could get in or out of the place without getting caught. They were as good as got.

Suddenly the alarms blared behind them.

"What the fuck?"

Reno listened to the channel as Cid Highwind, Chief of Police, cussed a few people out and swore to a couple gods before the gruff blonde man ordered some of his men around and ran for the building. He listened longer and locked eyes with his partner for half a second before the distinct baritone of Vincent Valentine, Head of the Turks, was heard through the wire with a simple 'Go.'

He and Rude wasted no time, running off at the exact same second towards the museum's main and most priceless exhibit.

Treasures of the Gods.

What met them there wasn't exactly what they'd expected, but it was close enough.

"Heya, Bantam~ how's it hangin'?" the irritatingly upbeat voice of a certain 'Puppy' met his ears and he scowled at the familiar spiky-haired male at the direct opposite end of the exhibit hall.

"Heya, Puppy," Reno drawled, not allowing his annoyance to show on his face as he offered an answering grin to the wonted thief - pun intended. He tapped his EMR against his shoulder, stalking forward slowly but steadily. "Ain't this a surprise."

"I bet it was," Zack smirked. "Weren't expectin' us to find a way past all that security were you, Red?"

"Can't say that we were, yo," Reno was only a couple meters away now. "Wanna tell me how ya did it?"

"Back door entrance."

Reno had to pause as his mind suddenly wandered. "Whose back door entrance, yo?"

That got a laugh from the puppy.

"Wouldn't you like to know," he drawled, adding a smoky kind of lull to his voice and winking at the red-haired Turk. Reno's expression had him pausing to laugh again. "Don't worry, Bantam. I'm not stingy. We can share the back door entrance."

Reno had walked further in by now. He was just feet away from the annoying bandit. He smirked. "You'd share with me, Puppy? I'm touched."

"Yeah?" Zack asked, a lazy grin now permanently on his lips. "I'm glad I could touch you, babe."

Reno was ashamed to say that it took him a while to get that one. He'd paused, a somewhat caught-off-guard expression on his face, and that was all it had taken. The Puppy had blown him a kiss and saluted, adding a little wink, and high-tailed it out of there behind his long-silver-haired partner (who Reno hadn't even noticed, Gaia dammit).

Reno immediately stepped forward, ready to follow them, when he heard a low ticking noise.

In the five seconds it took him to look down and register what the sound was it was too late. The timed faux-smoke bomb activated, setting off a miniature explosion, right in Reno's face. More or less.

It was just enough 'boom!' to give pause, startle, maybe stun, but not do any real damage.

Plenty more than enough to piss Reno the fuck off.

Thank Gaia he'd had time to pull his goggles down over his eyes.

~x~End Flasback~x~

"Damn Puppy," He grumbled again, and chucked the remaining butt of his cancer stick out the window.


AN: Yeah, I know it's short...

The original name for this chapter was - You Know It's Going Well When There's Enough Time To Exchange Witty Banter - but I scrapped it. I still loved it though so I thought I'd let you all in on that small fact. It was either that or - Backdoor Entrance -. In the end, I settled for the title I have now.

One brief little note: The intended pun, for those who didn't catch it. Wonted –spelled with an 'o'– means common or typical, recurring. So it was just a little play on words. Reno meant both that Zack was a constant pain that was around way too often as well as the normal Wanted – with an 'a'.

I'm not sure how many chapters this will turn into, but I'm sure my plot puppies will supply me with more for this storyline. Whenever that may be. So don't hold your breath, but… Please! Tell me what you think, good or bad. Reviews are love~ and motivation! Thanks for reading!

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