Title: From SOLDIER with Love
Author: x-YaoiWolf-x
Rating: M (For THIS chapter right here)
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No plot was lost during this missing chapter. It was only an Aside, an interlude meant primarily for fanservice and not much else.

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From SOLDIER with Love


First Aside: Meet Me at the Fair


Genesis was pulled from his reminiscence by a sudden jarring of the vehicle and the clamor of one heavy, metal object dropping harshly onto another.

The Truck dropped several inches with the added weight, and it took a moment for the redhead to realize exactly what was happening. He might've jumped from his seat, Materia at the ready, if he hadn't noticed that neither Sephiroth nor Angeal were particularly surprised or panicked.

The window to his left scrolled open, presumably Angeal's doing, and the reason for Genesis' moment of alarm slipped inside. Genesis huffed at the familiar form the plopped unceremoniously into the back seat, spiky-blonde head landing snugly in the redhead's lap. Amusement swam in the blue eyes that looked up at him, a smirk-like smile on sweet pink lips.

Genesis scowled down at that face.

"Cloud," the auburn-haired thief hummed. "Nice of you to drop in."

The blonde snorted.

"A bit of warning next time would be appreciated," Genesis suggested.

Cloud rolled his eyes up at his eldest heart's disapproving frown.

"I'm sure Angeal saw me. I've been driving alongside the Truck for a while now. You probably weren't paying attention."

"I was lost in recollection," Genesis huffed.

"'bout what?" Cloud asked, curious about what had distracted Gen so completely.

"Not much," the other shrugged. "My mind simply wandered when the scenery became too repetitive. It was a long time ago. Before you."

"Oh," Cloud drooped, looking pathetically like a kicked chocobo chick. Genesis might have ignored hi except that his clearly dejected visage was still directly in the line of sight, rested in his lap. Genesis sighed and sent a smile down at the blonde.

"We went to the fair."

"The fair?" the teen tilted his head with renewed curiosity.

"They used to hold a bi-annual fair in Kalm," Angeal chimed in with an explanation, actually turning to face them over his shoulder while he was still driving. Genesis glared and he turned back to face the road.

"ShinRa took over management of Kalm the year after we visited," Sephiroth added to the explanation. "And stopped the practice entirely when the President realized how much it was costing him to run it twice a year. The profits were apparently dismal."

"Now, they only have a fair maybe once every three or four years," Genesis concluded with a shrug.

Cloud frowned, not liking the news that there wasn't a fair anymore. He'd never been to one and it would've been nice to go.

Sephiroth noticed the blonde's state and smiled down at him from the front passenger seat.

"Do not look so sad, Cloud. I am sure we can all go together the next time here is a fair in Kalm."

Cloud brightened at his silver-haired lover's words. "Really?"

Sephiroth let out a short chuckle. "Yes, really," he answered.

Just then they all felt the Truck beginning to slow and, a second after Angeal's quick comment of 'Almost there', the shadow of a looming bluff came into view.

A moment later, the Monster of a truck vanished into the darkness at the base of the cliff.


AN: That was just the very last part, but it leads directly into the actual fourth chapter so I figured I'd leave it here for the time being. It is exactly as it was before because, bless my soul, I hand wrote that bit of the story (as opposed to the rest of it which was pretty much entirely typed). SO YAY!

I honestly almost cried when I found my notes for this missing chapter. It feels so good to have an outline hand written and most of your plot still available… I hope all of you never have to know what if feels like to lose an entire chapter or chapters of a story; especially if it was already pretty much completely written when you lost it.

For those who have felt the devastation of such a loss, I feel your pain and hope you have not let it stop you from writing entirely. You can get back up and keep going! It's your work, it came from your mind, and you can rebuild and rewrite! Go! Fight! Win! No matter how long it might take to get that shit done…

But anyway…

Just Those Little Random Things
(though it really can't be considered a spoiler, per se)

Here are some facts you would have learned if this little aside chapter had not been lost. Don't read if you don't want to know or if you want to wait to find out when I eventually rewrite this missing chapter thing.

1) The ShinRa of the Canon-verse DID exist. It just didn't thrive from the creation of the SOLDIER program. Instead, the President (being a cheapskate) determined that SOLDIER wasn't profiting him nor was there any real reason to have something like the SODIER program and did away with it.

2) He similarly did the same with the Turks, for a different reason, hence why the Turks are now a part of Law Enforcement, not Assassins.

3) Sephiroth's background is exactly the same as it's always been with the exception of his deserting when the SOLDIER program failed. We'll get to Hojo in a few more bullets, be patient.

4) Genesis and Angeal were never a part of ShinRa. They were something like home-grown experiments; independent projects of Hollander's, a self-funded underappreciated scientist from Banora based in Junon who had a chance to work with Gast and Hojo only briefly and stole some of their research then got it into his head to try these things himself.

5) Zack's background is pretty much the same as usual, too, except that he ended up as SIC directly under Sephiroth that much sooner without Gen and Angeal there.

6) ASGZ happened somewhere in all this, but I'm not gonna reveal any of that just yet…

7) Cloud was not in this aside at all, so there will be no facts about his past to be found here. You'll have to wait. As I mentioned in one of the chapters before this one, there will eventually be a chapter solely dedicated to Cloud and his back story.

8) Hojo is dead. That is tied into Cloud's past, though, so no details for you there. That's the only clue you're gonna get for a while so speculate away if you wish, but you will get no definite answers from me!

9) YES. They went to the Fair. It was fun! There was fanservice of the lemony, humorous, and super adorable varieties. You'll unfortunately be waiting ages for the rewrite of that most wonderful aside. I sincerely apologize, but I lack confidence in my ability to write 'The Missing Chapter' ™ as perfectly as I had it the first time. BUT I know I can write something almost as good and that will just have to do. In the meantime, I can keep moving forward.

10) I think that was everything…

On that note, I hope you all will stick with me. Please proceed to the actual fourth chapter and enjoy!

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