This story was a request from Just a Crazy-Man. In short, while fighting a squadron of Jem'Hadar fighters, a mishap pulls the Enterprise-D and the Defiant into another reality. (I do label this as a DS9-SG-1 crossover because I'm more interested in the DS9 characters than I am the TNG characters, even though they are present, as well.) I'm flying this crazy ship by the seams of my command uniform, so comments, critiques, and the like are very welcome and appreciated. I hope you like it!

As per the usual: none of the characters and et cetera are owned by me.

I will continue update this, but only as often as I am inclined. At this point in time, "SG-1's Long Trek Home" is a priority to me.

Chapter 1

"Nog," Jadzia laughed from her seat at the console. Poor little Ferengi, she thought. He hadn't stopped shaking since Benjamin had called him up to join them on the Defiant in defense of Deep Space Nine. They just didn't make Ferengi commandos, she thought with a smile. "Calm down. There's nothing to be worried about."

"I'm not worried," Nog hissed, and licked his sharp teeth. She could hear them grinding all the way across the bridge.

She laughed again and shook her head, but fell silent when she heard the door slide open and the rest of the crew filtered in. First, Kira and Benjamin came in. She smiled at them, and Benjamin flashed that signature smile at her. Jadzia thought that if he hadn't been preoccupied with his conversation with the Major, he would have greeted her with the familiar "old man" sobriquet.

Next in came Chief O'Brien and Doctor Bashir. They were arguing, as usual, about some holosuite program they were running at Quark's. Jadzia didn't think it was polite to listen in on their conversation... even though that wouldn't have usually stopped her. Julian and Miles took their seats on the opposite side of the bridge.

They had halted their conversation and decided not to continue when they saw that Jadzia was watching them. "Any luck saving the Kobayashi Maru?" she asked with a trite smile. Their fascination with no-win scenarios as an avenue of entertainment was only slightly disturbing to her. Although, she had to admit she partially saw the appeal, she liked to know that she could win, also.

"Has nothing to do with the Kobayashi Maru," Julian corrected, looking slightly confused.

"I think that was a metaphor, Julian," Miles pointed out.

"Of course, it was," Julian agreed with a nod, and then squinted at Jadzia. "We were training for this mission," he explained.

When Miles snorted, Jadzia smiled. "So the wall defenses of the Alamo are going to help us somehow?" she guessed. "Maybe the bottle-necked valley of the besieged Three-Hundred Spartan warriors." Julian looked at Miles, looking very interested, but Miles shook his head emphatically.

"No Spartans, Julian," Miles scolded.

Julian shrank into his chair and objected, "I haven't got a program like that anyway." Then he looked at Jadzia, adding, "But I will!" Miles rolled his eyes, apparently not happy with the way this conversation was going. Jadzia, personally, saw nothing wrong with the Battle of Thermopylae.

"Let me know when you do," Jadzia told him. "I'd love to join you."

She knew that Benjamin would put a stop to their babbling chatter very soon, and, as soon as Worf shuffled in, fussing at his Klingon warrior's baldric, he did.

"Dax!" he trumpeted. She looked at him and waited. "Hail the Enterprise."

Jadzia went to it immediately and, soon enough, the face of Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the Enterprise, flashed onto the screen. Jadzia wondered if Benjamin really appreciated working with Captain Picard, but decided that Benjamin was nothing if not professional. Although, he could get a little emotional about things sometimes. By the time she was drawn out of her nostalgic reverie, she had missed half of the conversation.

"The Redding and the Discovery should be able to help with that," Benjamin said.

"Agreed." Captain Picard turned to one of his crew and then back to the screen. "They will stay in formation until the order to break."

"Understood," Benjamin said.

"And you will give that order, Captain," Captain Picard went on. "As the lead vessel."

"Yes, sir," Benjamin agreed. He nodded to Dax and she terminated the contact. Benjamin settled into his captain's chair and then turned his face, now serious, to their newest crewmember. "Ensign Nog," he said.

"Yes, sir!" Nog piped.

"Take us away from Deep Space Nine... toward the Cardassian border... Warp two." Benjamin pondered, and Dax relayed the message to the seven other ships in their attack group. The Cardassians, the Federation had gotten word, was coming. The best course of action at this point was to cut them off before they arrived in full force—show them what they could do. Jadzia was all for that. She didn't want the Cardassians any closer to Deep Space Nine than they already were.

When the Cardassian/Jem'Hadar fighter group showed up on sensors, Jadzia thought that starships two lightyears over could have heard Nog's announcement about it. Benjamin looked at Nog pointedly and said, "Thank you, Ensign." Nog looked down at his console and became very, very quiet. In fact, the entire bridge did... except for Jadzia.

Jadzia tried to hide her smile, but Kira, who was sitting next to her, got a very good view of it. Fortunately, Kira thought Nog's enthusiasm was as funny as Jadzia did. They were kindred spirits in wartime, it seemed. Dax's Klingon-warrior tendencies and Kira's Bajoran Freedom Fighter past gave them both insight into battle that the others didn't have, except maybe O'Brien. Then again, O'Brien did have a family, and Jadzia didn't envy him the sick worry she knew that came with mixing battle out here and family back home.

"Ensign, slow to one-quarter impulse," Benjamin ordered to Nog, while Jadzia relayed the order. "Let's creep up on them..."

"Aye, sir," Nog agreed.

He was obviously tempering his tone very carefully, since Nog did tend to squeak when he got nervous. Nog must have thought that Starfleet officers never squeaked... but Jadzia found it easy to forgive the young man his lack of experience with other, rarer alien species. She might have to tell him later that Ferengi weren't the only species in the galaxy that squeak when nervous—not by a longshot.

And creep they did. The Cardassians and the Jem'Hadar, judging by sensors, seemed very confused when they slowed. Their wheeling and spiraling dots on the sensors sometimes darted forward as though on the attack, then pulled back. Jadzia could hear Nog breathing deeply, staring at his console, waiting for his next order. Jadzia looked back at her own communication's panel. Listening and following orders... that was the only way she'd gotten through her first battle.

As soon as Benjamin judged they were close enough, he announced, "Full impulse, attack pattern beta." Nog carried out the orders while Jadzia forwarded the message. The ships struck forward in unison, clashing phasers and cannons creating fireworks in the dark void. The Defiant shook.

Fortunately, the Defiant could deal damage just as well as she took it. She was a warship, after all. Her phasers flew, dotting the void with bright orange fireballs that disappeared in an instant as Jem'Hadar fighters exploded. The attack pattern of starships flew like streaking ribbons of blue light. Dax looked up just in time to see the Enterprise's phasers chop the wing off a Jem'Hadar fighter. It spiraled and went flying.

The interior of the tel'tak fell totally silent… Jonas wasn't sure if that would assist in their attempt at hiding from the Goa'uld motherships looming just outside, but it was worth a try. Was he even holding his breath? He sighed and leaned forward to look out the window at the enormous pyramidal ships, two of them, just sitting there… Sitting there looking for them.

He looked at Sam and then at Jacob. Or perhaps Selmac. Goa'uld were weird like that—Tokra. Tokra. He had to keep reminding himself of that. The Tokra were liable to be offended at being compared to their evil cousins… or whatever. In any case, he was way more interested in staying alive to watch another day of the weather channel than being zapped to a neat little crisp in space.

But he'd always wanted to go on an awesome rescue mission… an awesome any-mission. He was sick of sitting around at Stargate Command with Doctor Jackson's books. He was just as useless as a fly on the wall. And most of the time he wasn't even that. He was a fly shut up in the closet where he couldn't bother anyone.

"I don't think they're just going to give up," Sam whispered.

"Of course, not." So it was Selmac. Of course, it was. It seemed to Jonas, from mission files, that Selmac was the one to usually pilot a tel-tak. He could only guess it was because he had a few hundred years of experience over Jacob. "But neither are we."

At least that was something, Jonas thought. Teal'c and Jack were down there, investigating rumors of Ba'al's presence on this far-flung planet with two other SG teams, one of which had come back through earlier and sent them on this ridiculous rescue mission.

Jonas thought he must have looked unconvinced, since Sam was saying a moment later, "We didn't come all this way to leave them there. This just put a… a wrench in the plan."

Selmac paused and Jacob was talking once again in his usual voice. "It's not like Ba'al to broadcast his presence blatantly. We did expect this."

"Because two Goa'uld motherships are subtle," Jonas filled in sarcastically. On what planet?

Jacob looked up over his shoulder at Jonas as though to say, Who invited the new guy? Or, maybe he was just imagining that. In any case, Sam smiled at Jonas and put her hand on her father's shoulder. "There must be a way to get past them without drawing attention."

Jacob looked up at his daughter, the look on his face not one so encouraging. Jonas sighed as Jacob said, "I'm all for ideas…"