The rewritten version of The Road to Devilhood cause the original to me was a complete mess, the timeline of things was a complete mess and the premise was also a complete mess. That ladies and gentlemen was what happens when you write a story in 2 hours on a school PC without the proper inspiration. Now we come to the Redux version and I assure you that it is way better than the original just because it is more streamline.

Note: This story will also include a crossover with Ultraman nothing too serious just the character so don't expect any giant monster to come stomping onto the scene cause their clearly in the wrong story.

Chp 01

"Whew finally all done moving in." Naruto looked at his room new room proudly as he wiped a bit of sweat from his forehead, taking a seat on his bed he thought all about the events that transpired before he arrived in this new world as he looked over a strange device that he picked up off of his new table.


He had been banished after all of his hard work had been for nothing, saving the village from Gaara, finding Tsunade to become the next Hokage then it all got thrown for a loop when Sasuke decided to abandon the village in exchange for the power that Orochimaru offered just so he could beat his elder brother that killed his entire clan except him.

Sakura had begged him to bring Sasuke back, and like an idiot he did just that and brought Sasuke back. He carried Sasuke into the village where he was assaulted by Sakura who hurt him all because Sasuke had a few bruises whereas he had taken a Chidori through the chest.

Being a man he didn't retaliate, and just walked away as Sakura and the others threw words of insult his way. As he was on his way back to his apartment Anbu suddenly appeared in front of him and whisked him away to the council room without even so much as a word as to why he there. Once in the council room they had a huge argument about why he should be killed but it mostly just amounted to it hurting their precious Uchiha and him being some kind of devil spawn that would rip out their jugulars when they were asleep.

In the end he was given a banishment order that was also signed by the Fire Daimyo due to him being too dangerous and hazardous to the villages overall welfare, he was given until later tonight to get whatever he wanted and to get out of the village and never return unless they called for him like a dog.

As he went back to his home, news must have traveled fast as shops all over the village were closed and villagers were out celebrating his banishment. Stepping into his house he grabbed some old bandages and wrapped the few wounds that haven't healed yet and lifting a hidden floorboard in the room he took out some kind of strange device.

The device itself was some sort of unknown contraption that had a strange gem in the center of it but for the most part it was mostly white he found it in his apartment one day, it came with a small note from a mysterious person. "This was a gift from your mother I am sorry for not giving it to you earlier but this device also came with a letter I hope that you can understand what it means and once again I'm sorry for not giving it to you sooner." And a letter was from his mother, this is what it said.

Dear Naruto

You may not know me but I am your mother Kushina Uzumaki, there are so many things that I wish I could say to you my child but if you are reading this letter than it means the worst and that I have passed away due to some unknown circumstance.

I hope that you will never have to read this letter but this is just in case, I have to tell you about our clan in case no one ever does, I and to a certain extent you are from the Uzumaki clan this clan was known for its sealing jutsus which made us feared during the second Shinobi world war but due to other powers that feared our power we were all wiped out except for me because I was in Konoha at that time and the knowledge of our sealing arts were also lost.

The device that is included with this note is a device that was said to have belonged to a human who could transform into a being of light with powers that any military in our world would have given their entire family trees to own it was called an EvolThruster, this device was passed down from my father's father to him so I leave it in your care and I hope that you will use it to protect the innocent and those close to you, and if you cannot then get stronger for those that you want to protect so long as you have the courage to say that it is the right thing to do then know that you will always have my support.

And last but not least I hope that you can forgive me and your father for not being there for you I know that you must hate us for not being there but know that your father and I do love you no matter the choices that you make in life.


Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto had tears in his eyes as he read the letter, after being told so many times that he was not loved, abandoned for being a monster or that his parents were just a bunch of dead beats that never wanted a child. He was loved by his mother, he didn't care if she was some deadbeat the letter proves that she loved him and would always be watching over him it's just that she wasn't here watching she was watching over him in heaven and she loved him but hated herself for not being here for him.

Picking up the EvolThruster, he always felt warm whenever he held it in his hands but now was not the time to be thinking about it. Grabbing a backpack he stuffed whatever he need be it food, clothes or tools he made sure that he took his mother's memento as he left the village not caring about the people that laughed or sneered at him as he walked out. 'I'm not being banished by the village…I am leaving the village to find my goals in life outside this is my choice in life and I will walk it all the way to the very end.'

After being banished he went around the Elemental Nations doing a little bit of mercenary work or just a few odd jobs here and there, while he working at a bread shop he heard a rumor that there was a cave that was said to be a sort of tunnel to a place where Shinobi's could not use chakra, and that for hundreds of years people who wanted to live peacefully used it to escape the nightmare that they were in.

At this time Naruto had officially given up on any mercenary work due to all the killings that he had seen and caused, so he quit his job and took the tunnel, walking through the tunnel he could feel himself grow weaker with each step that he took when he finally made it to the other side he saw that it was sunny with trees but his vision was beginning to blur, stumbling into an area with people he suddenly felt faint and fell to the ground unconscious as yelling could be faintly heard.

When he woke up he found himself in a hospital of sorts, where there were very nice people who asked him a few questions. It was mostly his name, place of birth and so on so forth when all the administrative stuff was done. He was given a chance to go to the restroom it was here that he saw that he had apparently grown somewhat shorter or to be exact he had become younger.

As he was flipping out inside of the restroom a knock was heard on the bathroom door, "Excuse me but are you alright?" Naruto answered yes as he calmed himself. And when he came out he saw a nice lady sitting by his bed, she introduced herself as Yumil, she was from an orphanage nearby and they were taking Naruto there to stay since according to them he didn't have any parents or living relatives.

But a few days before he left the hospital, the hospital had apparently sent his information over to the government who also didn't have any information on Naruto so they made an identity for him, he was now officially known as Naruto Uzumaki in this world.

While staying at the orphanage he found that it was much better than when he used to live at the one in Konoha, the kids there were generally helpful and nice there were a few troublemakers that emerged once in a while but the staff would always reprimand them whenever they did something wrong. While staying at the orphanage Naruto made many friends and they had many adventures together.

Until the day came for adoption, a very nice couple saw Naruto and decided to adopt him, for Naruto it was a teary separation as he made many friends in the orphanage and he didn't want to leave them so he promised them that he would visit whenever he had the time. Naruto's adoptive parents, Jin and Sophia Kazama showed him their home and it took them a while to get close to Naruto but he eventually started calling them Kaa-san and Tou-san finally, when he did that his parents were so happy that they all went out to eat that day.

They lived in that small town for a while before Naruto's dad got a promotion and they had to move into the bigger cities for him to be closer to the main headquarter, Naruto cried a little that day but his mother and father promised that they could come and visit during the holidays.

[End flashback]

So now it brings us here to Naruto in his new room, and honestly if he could make it a point he was much happier here than he ever was in the Elemental Nations. "Naruto it's dinner time! Come on down if you're not done moving your stuff then you can continue later on!" Naruto looked up and saw the time, "Oh wow it's been that long already huh? Alright I'll be down soon!" Naruto called back as he placed the EvolThruster by his bedside where there was a photo of his friends back in the old town where they used to live in and went downstairs for dinner.


Months have passed since the Kazama family moved into their new home, for Naruto he went to a nearby junior high school for a while to finish up his final year of junior high and as he went through his final year he also had a part time job at a bread shop/ cafe which was visited by girls from an all-girls school called Kuoh Academy.

Now he wasn't a pervert...ok he was a slight pervert with a stash hidden somewhere in his room like most teenage boys he knew in school but at least he didn't take the job just cause of the girls, the shop called oddly enough 'The Cafe' paid really well for bakers and it just so happens that Naruto used to work as a baker's apprentice back in the Elemental Nations when he was in the odd jobs phase of his life so he managed to pick up some skills from that baker and it helped him here, occasionally he would also work up front as a server or cashier when the baking was done.

While working upfront he always noticed that a black haired girl with a big bust was always around whenever he was around, according to the girls that visited the cafe she was Akeno Himejima the second most beautiful girl at the school and Naruto had to admit she certainly did stand out with her long black hair that almost reached the ground and big bust but he was in his final year of junior high while she was in her second year of high school and they had never even exchanged a word of dialogue so maybe it was just a coincidence that she was here whenever he worked upfront, 'Yeah that had to be it...' thought Naruto as he delivered coffee and buns to Akeno's table before getting behind the register.

As Naruto was clocking out for the end of his shift, he saw Akeno waiting on the outside of the cafe, "Um I was wondering if you were the one who made the buns?" Naruto saw that Akeno was holding her skirt in a way that made his heart stop while also holding a bag of buns.

"Well yeah I guess I did." Naruto replied as he tried to keep his blush and thoughts under control.

"They are really good and they always keep me coming back for more." Naruto thanked her for the compliment and went back home while Akeno returned to the Academy.

[With Akeno]

"President I'm back." Akeno chirped as she closed the door to the club room to see a girl with a slightly smaller bust playing chess all by herself. "Ah Akeno your back so did you bring back more of those buns from that cafe?" Akeno nodded and placed the bag in front of the red haired girl, "And what about the boy does he still have that power that you talked about?"

"Yes president, this power that he has is truly a mystery it is not of devil, fallen angel or even angel origin. It is truly a mystery, are you planning to recruit him president?" the red haired girl shrugged her shoulders as she picked up a bun. "I am not sure yet but we should keep a watch on him nonetheless a power like that could be useful to us." the red haired girl looked over to Akeno who had a dazed look in her eyes. 'And if her look says anything then this boy is also quite the looker..." she took a bite of the bun, 'and a great baker as well.'


It had been a few months since Naruto graduated from his junior high with some pretty good marks, with his grades he was able to enter quite a few good high schools but he heard that Kuoh Academy which had previously been an all-girls school just decided to turn into a co-ed school all of a sudden deciding to send an application in he was easily accepted into the Academy with the grades that he had.

This was also where his parents started acting fairly weird, especially his dad he was always looking for time to have the 'talk' with him but luckily for him he always managed to weasel his way out of those it still didn't stop the checks for his stash from his mother, thankfully his hiding skills always came out on top of things and she was still clueless as to where he hid his stuff, he loved his adoptive parents but he needed his own personal space sometimes.

Anyway back to Naruto he was a first year student at Kuoh Academy dressed in the standard Academy attire, a black undershirt and an average pair of shoes, currently he was friends with one Shinji and Kaiba or just Kai for short since no one really called him Kaiba and Kai didn't seem to care about it much so everything was alright. Naruto still worked at the Cafe and every once in a while he would have a little chat with Akeno whenever she came by to have something to eat and on his days off he, Shinji and Kai went down to one of the arcades in the city.

Which was where they were now, "So Naruto you planning to pick up the new Fallout next week?" Shinji asked as he performed a combo that sent Naruto's character flying backwards. "Of course I'd never miss out on a chance to play one." Naruto replied as he punched the sky signifying his win.

"What about you Kai?" Naruto looked over to Kai who had a headset around his neck. "Meh RPG's aren't my thing." Naruto laughed as Shinji pulled out a picture of an anime girl and did a poor imitation of her voice. "Of course not Kai-kun would never betray us neh Kai-kun?" Kai quickly tore the picture out of Shinji's hand and cuddled it. "Idiot! Don't worry Mira-chan that brute won't harm you anymore..."

"Sigh Kai really does love his visual novels doesn't he?" Naruto asked as he checked his watch and jumped out of his seat, "Oh man it's already this late! I got to go, homework and all that you know right." Kai and Shinji nodded as Naruto picked up his bag and waved goodbye to them since they wanted to play a couple more games before heading home.

[With Naruto]

As he walked home he opened his wallet to check how much he had, "Oh man going to the arcade so many times a week really does clean someone out...I probably should cut back on going there so many times a week but then again hanging out with Kai and Shinji are definitely worth it." Naruto laughed at all the fun times that they had together when suddenly he heard a name call out to him. "Wait! Wait please!"

Turning around Naruto saw a young girl that was probably around his age, she was wearing a school uniform that consisted of a dark red jacket with the letter P embroidered in gold, a white undershirt, a red bow and a green skirt with a thin white strip around the lower end of it. 'Wow she certainly is cute...' thought Naruto as a blush came across his face.

"Um are you Naruto Uzumaki of Kuoh Academy?" Naruto dumbly nodded as she heaved a sigh of relief. "Can I help you with something?" The girl began to finger her skirt before finally squeaking out, "Are you seeing anyone at the moment Uzumaki-kun?" Naruto shook his head which made the girl heave another sigh of relief.

"That's a relief! I-I was wondering if you would go out with me?" she asked as a blush came across her face Naruto had to pinch himself for a moment to make sure that he wasn't in a dream and when it hurt he himself blushed, "I've always seen you working at the Cafe but I've never had the courage to talk to you until now so will you be my boyfriend!" Naruto was taken aback by what she said and was stunned.

He unconsciously scratched his whisker marks before he began to babble, "W-well um I don't know what to say but um I think that we should get to know each other before going any further, would that be alright with you?" Naruto prayed that his response didn't send the girl running away in tears but she smiled and nodded.

So Naruto decided to take a detour from his way home and walk the girl home, as they walked to her home Naruto was told the girls name, Yuuma Amano which he thought to be a great name and they exchanged simple small talk which ranged from dislikes to hobbies and so on so forth, he even got permission from her to call her Yuuma-chan provided she could call him Naruto-kun.

When he finally reached home and told his parents what happened, his father once again tried to have the talk with him over dinner but he quickly finished it, rushed upstairs to the bathroom had a shower and rushed to his room where he spent a few hours doing homework and sending messages to Yuuma before turning in for bed.

The next day he woke up and met Yuuma on the way to school there he introduced her to Kai and Shinji both of their reactions were priceless but they gave Naruto and Yuuma their blessings nonetheless. As Naruto waved goodbye to Yuuma he felt a pair of eyes watching him turning to one of the clubhouses he thought for a second that he could have sworn that he saw a hint of red, 'Maybe Shinji or Kai know something...' Naruto Thought as he went to class.

"Hey Shinji, Kai do you guys know of any student in the Academy that have red hair or to be more specific bright red hair? Shinji and Kai put their hands on their chins as they thought about it. "Hmm well I have heard that one of our senpai's in the third year has red hair and a great body but nothing more." Shinji replied as he took out his notebook.

"You're really asking the wrong people Naruto if its information on girls you're looking for then you should go find either Issei, Matsuda or Motohama senpai, rumors from girls around the school say that their the biggest perverts the world has ever seen. If you're looking for information on girls then they're the ones that you should be talking to." Naruto raised an eyebrow at what Kai just said, "You were eavesdropping on girls?" Kai shrugged his shoulders, "Well technically I was playing on my phone when the girls that were talking about it walked by." Naruto nodded understandingly as the teacher walked in and their class began.

[During lunch]

Naruto wandered around the school looking for the three boys that Kai mentioned, "Now if I was the biggest pervert the world has ever seen where would I be hiding..." Suddenly yells of screams came from the direction of the girl's kendo clubroom, "Should have guessed." Naruto headed in the direction of the scream to find his senpai lying on the ground.

"Um senpai are you alright?" Naruto asked as he helped his senpai up. "Ugh yeah I'm alright thanks for helping me...I'm Issei Hyodou." Issei turned to Naruto, "Sorry but who are you?"

"Oh I'm Naruto Uzumaki from the first year and I was hoping to ask you something." Issei gave him the thumbs up. "Sure but let me find my friends first." he replied as he began to nurse his bruises.

[Few minutes later]

Issei, Matsudo, Motohama and Naruto were crouched outside of the Occult research clubs clubhouse. "So you guys decided to bail on me huh? If it wasn't for Naruto here I probably would have taken longer to find you guys, now let's listen to our junior's question." Issei reached over and patted Naruto on the shoulder.

"Well I was just wondering if there was anyone at the Academy that had bright" Naruto looked up the sight of the same red hair catching his eyes. Matsudo, Issei and Motohama looked in the direction that Naruto was looking and a gleam came across Motohama's glasses as he pushed them up, "Well it seems like our junior has found the girl he's been looking for, Rias Gremory -99cm- 58cm- 90cm, she's the Occult Research Club (ORC for short since I don't like typing it all the time.) and word has it that she was from Northern Europe." As soon as Motohama finished some of her basic information Rias turned away from the window and proceeded into the club house.

"So does that answer your question Naruto?" Naruto nodded and stood up brushed his pants leg but before he left he heard Issei call out to him, "Hey Naruto you're an alright kid if you've got time on your hands then you can spend it with us alright?"

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind senpai." Naruto replied as he went back to the main school building for a quick bite before the bell rang and they had to get to class.

[After school]

Naruto said goodbye to both Shinji and Kai as he headed off towards the Cafe there he found Yuuma seated down at one of the tables, she waved him over. "Over here Naruto-kun!" Naruto went over and took a quick seat. "Sorry Yuuma-chan but I have work today so I can't stay long."

"Don't worry Naruto-kun I can wait, I brought my homework." Naruto nodded understandingly as he left to get to the kitchen to begin his shift, after preparing more buns he came outside to do other duties like the register or grabbing buns for the people who wanted them to go and just like always Akeno arrived and ordered some buns to go but this time she brought a girl that Naruto recognized as Koneko another first year student.

"Hello Akeno-san your buns!" Naruto handed over the bag of buns as Akeno handed over the same amount of money she always gave with a smile, "Thank you Naruto-kun!" but before they left Koneko bowed to him. "Thank you for making such good buns." she replied in a monotonous voice before leaving with Akeno.

After Naruto's shift was over, he was taken to the back by his boss and given his paycheck with a little bit extra, "For you and your girlfriend." Naruto blushed and tried to deny it but his boss wasn't having any of it and teased him about it.

As Naruto and Yuuma were walking back, Naruto decided to take the first move and invited her over for dinner. Once inside the house he introduced Yuuma to his parents who began to ask quite a few questions about her and what they did but at least nothing embarrassing about him was spoken, so after dinner Naruto walked Yuuma home and at her doorstep she gave Naruto a kiss on his cheeks making both of them blush.


Weeks had gone by since Naruto met Yuuma, and today was the day that they were going to officially have their first date as a couple. So Naruto was dressed in a black jacket with a grey undershirt, blue jeans and an average pair of sneakers, while waiting for Yuuma a lady with brown hair, came by and gave him some sort of flyer that had a weird drawing on it and at the very top of the flyer was the words, "Your wish will be granted."

'Well I wish that I had this back in the Elemental Nations but now that I'm here I don't need it cause most of my wishes have been granted.' Naruto moved over to the trash can to throw it away but thought, 'Nah maybe Shinji or Kai could use It…as a joke item.' and he proceeded to put it into his pocket as Yuuma called out to him so that they could begin their date. "S-sorry I'm late Naruto-kun." Naruto simply waved it off "Don't worry Yuuma-chan you're not late I'm just early." Both of them got a little chuckle out of that as they went on their way.

[Insert Sawayaka na, Yasaotoko desu from the Highschool DxD Ost here]

Walking through the streets Yuuma spotted a T-shirt store and dragged Naruto there to try out a few of the shirts, looking around Yuuma grabbed one that had a flame design at the bottom of it and they were rising towards him, Naruto began to wave himself like he was hot to go along with it. The next shirt she pulled up had a five bullet holes where the heart should be Naruto grabbed his heart in pain when she pulled that one out both of them laughed at Naruto's performance which was alright after trying a few more shirts they left men's department since nothing caught his attention.

They made their way towards the women's department where Naruto spotted some simple jewelry and called her over to check it out, they left that store a while later a simple locket that held a picture that both of them took a while back in a photo booth down by the arcade.

They made their way towards the Cafe which was full of young lovers, the boss spotted Naruto step in with Yuuma, he led both of them to a special table near the front of the shop. Giving them a menu he left them alone for a moment before returning a moment later. "So are you ready to order?" Both of them placed their order and a few minutes later their orders came out. Naruto had an autumn breeze which was basically a really well done orange smoothie while Yuuma had a ten fruit parfait, she loved the taste of it and gave a little bit of it to Naruto.

[End song]

With the food out of the way both of them made their way towards the town fountain, walking towards the fountain Naruto suddenly felt someone holding his hand turning to Yuuma he saw that she was looking down with a sad look on her face. "Oh look it's the fountain." Yuuma ran forward and gave a little twirl, Naruto could see the sunlight reflect off of the surface of the locket.

Yuuma suddenly came towards Naruto and wrapped her hands around Naruto, "Yuuma-chan is everything alright?" he asked as light sobbing could be heard from Yuuma. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun..." Naruto suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart, he could see wings or more specifically black wings come out of Yuuma's back and she was holding some sort of spear in her hands. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun I truly am...I-I just wished that we could have met under other conditions." with a pull Yuuma pulled out the spear and Naruto fell backwards into a puddle of his own blood spitting it up as well while Yuuma teleported away a line of tears going down her face.

'S-So this is how I'm going to die huh..? In a puddle of my own blood...This one time I wish that Kyuubi could heal me I have so much that I still haven't done yet...B-but why was Yuuma-chan crying.' Naruto raised his hand and saw that it was red just like her hair 'Rias-senpai's hair is the same shade of red...' Naruto thought about her hair and how similar it was to the blood on his hand now. 'S-sa-save me someone anyone please!' The flier in Naruto's pocket flew out and a red flash appeared to the side of Naruto. "You're the one who summoned me right Naruto-kun?" the figure asked.

"Wh-who are you and how do you know me?" Naruto choked out as he coughed up another glob of blood."That is of no purpose at the moment for now live for my sake." With that said a white light filled Naruto's vision as he felt the last bit of his life fade.

[The next day]

Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in his bed, "Oh man that was the weirdest dream I've ever had...I dreamed that Yuuma-chan killed me...heh I'm sure that it doesn't mean anything.' Naruto got off his bed and checked the time. "Oh man it's this late already I'm going to be late for school!" Scrambling around his room to get all of his stuff together he accidentally kicked his bedside table knocking the EvolThruster into his bag.

[At school]

"What do you mean you've never heard of Yuuma-chan?" Asked Naruto as he held his hands open.

"Well the way you described this girl she must have been really pretty and we probably wouldn't have forgotten such a thing even if we're not into that kind of girl." Kai answered as he took a bite of his sandwich while Shinji elbowed him. "Hey that's you I'm into 3-D girls if you don't mind."

"B-But thats impossible! I have her phone number and text messages right here?" Naruto checked through his cellphone but found nothing. "It's gone! Their all gone...thats impossible." Shinji came by and placed his arm on Naruto's shoulder, "Hey don't worry about it Naruto." Shinji could see the depressed look on Naruto's face. "Hey don't worry about it Naruto how's about you guys come by my place for some amnesia it's been a while since we've played that and screamed together. So how's about it huh?" Naruto reluctantly agreed to it when he felt someone looking down at him.

Looking up Naruto saw Rias by the staircase and in the hallway behind her he could hear squeals from the girls about her, Rias walked down the stairs and as she walked by Naruto he could have sworn that a smirk came across her face. 'Wh-what does this mean?'

[Later that day]

Naruto, Kai and Shinji were at Shinji's house the blinds closed and the volume turned up as loud as they could, "Hey guys could we turn the lights down? It's still kinda bright and it's ruining the mood." whispered Naruto as he rubbed his eyes.

"A-are you nuts Naruto this is already as dark as we can go." Shinji whispered back. "Are you sure you're feeling alright Naruto?"

"I-I don't know guys maybe I'm just not feeling it today." Naruto picked up his bag, "I'll see you guys tomorrow, I'm going to go home and grab some sleep."

"Ah alright then Naruto, get a good night sleep and we'll see you tomorrow." Shinji replied with concern while Kai also waved goodbye to Naruto.

[With Naruto]

When he left Shinji's house he felt much better, "Oh man the sun is setting already huh?" he didn't feel like going home anymore. 'That's weird I-I feel stronger...and I'm seeing things better than I ever have." Naruto flexed his hands and turned them over nothing was different himself thinking that it was just some excess energy he decided to walk it off by going about town as he aimlessly walked about town

Walking about town he found himself at the fountain, "Yuuma-chan...Why-why were you crying? And just what am I now." Naruto fell to his knees and cried, "All I wanted was to live a normal life but now all of this has happened what is going on!" Naruto screamed it to the air but he suddenly felt someone or something behind. "Well well well this is certainly a surprise I'd never thought that I would find someone like you in a place like this."

"Who-who are you?" asked Naruto as he began to inch backwards, the mysterious man raised his hat and Naruto could see his eyes glinting with the hint of madness and murder in his eyes. "Don't run for this will make it easier for both of us."

Light began to throb inside of Naruto's bag quickly opening it he spotted the EvolThruster slowly he drew out the EvolThruster from within his bag and looked at it with curiosity, "The EvolThruster is throbbing."

'Pull the EvolThruster out of it's sheathe and we shall fight Nexus.' Naruto hesitated for a moment before he gripped both ends of the EvolThruster and pulled both parts apart making a light appear from the unsheathed part and pointed it up in the air yelling. "Nexus!" A flash of light surrounded Naruto and moments later a glowing figure flipped over the man.

"Wh-what are you?" The man asked as the light faded in its place was a black and gun metal figure that had two glowing eyes, on its chest was a strange shape and above it was a green gem the figure turned around and took a look at its hands.

"Wow this power it feels weird but it makes me feel like I was back in the Elemental Nations!" The figure took a combat stance while the man raised an eyebrow at his actions. "You-just what are you..? That is of no concern now if you wish to go down the hard way then so be it." putting his arm out he formed a light spear similar to the one that Yuuma made but instead of red his was blue and threw it with the intent to kill or at least heavily injure.

Naruto was about to dodge it but as it went by he noticed that it was going much slower than he expected. 'Ju-just what is going on is my reaction time faster? If so then it would be the perfect opportunity to do this!' dashing past the light spear Naruto kneed the man in the stomach before bringing his other leg around and kicking the man in the side sending him flying off into a few bushes.

"Whoa just how strong am I?" Naruto asked as black wings similar to Yuuma's emerged from the bushes and the man soared into the air and landed on top of a tree to look down at Naruto. "You dare to make a mockery of me Dohnaseek? Just who do you think you are?!"

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki Kazama! Ex-Shinobi of Konohagakure!" Naruto entered his combat stance but shifted it so that he could get a better balance.

"Well then Naruto Uzumaki show me what you have!" Dohnaseek threw his light spear at Naruto which he simply dodged by flipping backwards to his surprise. 'It's been quite a while since I've done all these acrobatic tricks, I'm surprised that I can even do them.'

As soon as Naruto stopped flipping backwards the light on his chest began to blink red, Naruto looked down at it as he felt his strength fading. 'Wh-what is going on? Why do I feel weaker all of a sudden?' Too bad for Naruto as soon as he turned his attention back to Dohnaseek he saw a light spear heading in his direction he tried to dodge it but he missed the timing and the spear went through his stomach. "Argh! It didn't hurt this much when I got stabbed the other time." Naruto screamed out in pain he moved to grip the light spear but found that he could not touch it without burning his hands.

"It hurts doesn't it light is like a deadly poison to your kind, but I will finish this soon you needn't worry." Dohnaseek threw his arm back and the spear was pulled out of Naruto's body when the spear was back in Dohnaseek's hand Naruto de-transformed into his human self with a hole exactly where he got stabbed. 'D-damn it I can't die! Not a second time!' Naruto closed his eyes and waited for the strike to come down on him but the spear was shot out of Dohnaseek's hand by something red.

"Was that you're doing? No I suppose it wasn't." A red flash appeared making both men turn towards it, "You will keep your hands off of him." a female voice demanded.

"Th-that red hair...It can't be Rias-senpai can it..?" Mumbled Naruto before he fainted.

"Who do you think you are stopping me?" Dohnaseek demanded as he made another light spear appear in his hand and threw it at Rias but a white haired girl jumped out of nowhere and deflected it with little effort before rising to stand by her side.

As for the light spear it returned to Dohnaseek's hand as he flipped out at being denied his target and charged at Rias and the white haired girl but bolts of lightning descended from above and exploded right in front of Dohnaseek blowing him backwards as a lady with black long black hair walked out lightning crackling in the palm of her hand. She spotted the wounded Naruto on the ground and ran to try and help him.

"Red hair...So you are from the House of Gremory."

"That is correct I am Rias Gremory how are you my good fallen angel?" Dohnaseek merely laughed and picked up his hat, dusted his jacket and placed it on his head. "Is this boy one of your household?"

"Bring any harm to him and you will get no mercy."

"Well then my apologies for what happened today and based on what happened I would say that you have yourself a very special servant but you should not let them run loose like that someone like me could accidentally hunt him down while taking a walk."

Rias waved her hand in appreciation, "Thank you for the advice I will take it into consideration, and for my part the next time anything like this happens I will not hesitate to start something. Bear that in mind." Rias ended it with the narrowing of her eyes to signify the gravity of the situation.

"I could say the exact thing to you next head of the House of Gremory." Warned Dohnaseek before he flied off into a portal that appeared in the sky.

"Akeno how is he?" Rias asked concern in her voice.

"He is heavily wounded using his power and being hit by the light spear must have done it...Was it wise to have waited for so long before intervening?"

"I'm sorry about that Akeno but I wanted to see his power for myself and I am surprised by his abilities and don't worry I won't let him die for he is mine."

[The next day]

A beeping noise woke up Naruto he lifted his sheets off of his body to reach out and turn it off, "Ah man another terrible dream about me getting hurt I got to stop doing whatever the heck it is I do at night before hitting the sack Yawn...It feels kinda drafty in here did I open a window?" Naruto looked down and saw that he was naked. "WAH!" Naruto quickly covered his delicate bit with his hand as he began to look around for his shorts or his underpants at least, rummaging through his room he noticed a shape around the rest of his blanket. "Hmm that's a weird shape? Maybe my pants could be under there?" Naruto lifted the blanket to reveal a very naked Rias Gremory sleeping on his bed.

Reeling backwards he hit his head on his cupboard, "R-Rias-senpai!" Naruto's loud scream woke the slumbering Rias who woke up due to Naruto's yell, she cutely rubbed her eyes and stretched herself giving Naruto a full view of her body, Naruto quickly reacted by covering his eyes with both hands but remembered that he was naked so he placed one hand over his bottom part and his other hand over his eyes as he tried his best not to peek. "R-Rias-senpai wh-what are you doing in my room and why are we naked this has to be another dream!"

"I'm afraid not Naruto-kun, everything that you have seen and experienced is real I am Rias Gremory a Devil..."

"A Devil..?" Rias nodded as she laid her head on her arm and propped it on top of her knee."That is right...I am also your master its nice to finally meet you Naruto Uzumaki-kun."

And we're done for this chapter, and to be honest this flowed way more naturally than the original did and it also allowed me to relieve my childhood hero Ultraman though it is nice to note that Dyna was my first but Tiga was my favorite even though I've watched 1/3 of Dyna yet I've only seen a handful of Tiga episodes which include the final 2 episodes, if you are sitting there asking yourself who Ultraman is I don't blame you outside of Japan few people do know who he is (High five to the people who know who he is!) But anyway this story came about as I was listen to some Ultraman op songs and I came across Nexus's which if you haven't heard is a kick-ass song without the translation with the translation its a kick-ass song that has meaning behind it and by a mind boggling conclusion I decided to re-vamp The Road to Devilhood into this.

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