Don't have much to say but if you though the train got lost in previous chapters you cannot imagine how lost it gets later on or in this chapter. And short chapter I know but you'll see why I want to rewrite as we continue in and just to note this 4 part ending is how the story was supposed to end.

The end part 1

Naruto took a look around and found that it was no different than the clubhouse but Rias pointed outside and he saw that it looked exactly like the school if the school had a multi color sky. But he was brought out of his daze by Rias who called him over to her table which now had a map of the school laid over it.

The match against Raiser was simple because Naruto had captured the attention of Raiser they would most definitely go after Naruto with all they had since he was the one that could be considered the wild card of the entire match so it was decided that they should use Naruto as a decoy to lead Riaser's pieces into a trap since, if what Rias suspected to be true then Raiser would send most of his pieces after Naruto.

So after Kiba and Koneko returned from placing traps all around their base, it was decided that Naruto along with Kiba and Koneko would run distraction gathering as many of Raiser's pieces as they could get and then they would stand their ground at the gymnasium before both Akeno and Raynare from opposite sides rain down magic onto the gymnasium.

And while they rained down magic on the area Naruto would protect both Koneko and Kiba in a shield. This was a dangerous plan but if it worked then they would drastically reduce Raiser's strength, with most of his forces gone it would be easier to get to and fight Raiser.

With the plan finalized Rias passed out these small balls of red light that would allow them to easily communicate freely through thought. With that final piece of equipment given out Rias wished both teams good luck as she waited for the all clear before moving out with Asia remaining by her side and hoped harder than ever before that Naruto and everyone else would be safe.

Moving through the school grounds Naruto and Koneko made their way to the gymnasium where they met up with Kiba who was already waiting there for them.

Then Sona's voice called out, "3 of Raiser's pawns have been retired."

"So it looks like 3 down, 13 left huh?" Naruto asked with Kiba and Koneko nodding.

"Alright then let's do this." Naruto placed his hand in the center with Kiba and Koneko following before they finally made their way into the gymnasium. It was currently dark so they carefully made their way to the center of the room which when the lights suddenly came on.

"Well well looks like you've fallen into our trap." All around, they were surrounded by 12 of Raiser's pieces.

'Shit Akeno and Raynare aren't in position yet." Naruto turned to both Kiba and Koneko who stood beside him in a circle formation. "Looks like we'll have to fight, each of us take four?"

Both nodded as they singled out their targets and cornered them in parts of the gymnasium.


Raynare was in position and awaited the command from Akeno to destroy the gymnasium but it never came, worrying for Akeno Raynare decided to abandon her post temporarily and went off searching for Akeno. As she approached the position that Akeno was supposed to take up she saw the craters that were created and in the air was Akeno fighting against Raiser's queen Yubelluna and from the looks of things the match was going in favor of Akeno as there were multiple bruises on Yubelluna's body and parts of her clothing were also destroyed though the same could be said of Akeno as her miko outfit was torn in certain parts but victory for Akeno was inevitable.

So calling out to Akeno both her and Raynare decided to combine their powers into one powerful lighting spear that was thrown at Yubelluna. As the spear travelled towards its target the ground beneath it cracked and pieces of gravel were thrown up in the air before the spear finally pierced through Yubelluna impaling her on one of the buildings side before the spear exploded destroying the building and leaving a crater where Yubelluna once was.

"Akeno hurry we have to get into position." Rushed Raynare as she flew off to her position while Akeno did the same thing cursing herself for getting caught by Yubelluna.

Once the two girls were in their position they noticed that the walls of the gymnasium had hand sized holes in them alongside sword slashes.

"Naruto we're in position when you are able to protect both Koneko and Kiba call us."

"Alright Akeno." Replied Naruto as he dodged under, over and through his opponents attacks to get in the center where he regrouped with Koneko whose clothing was a little torn and fatigued and Kiba who had a few bruises on his cheek but was otherwise alright.

"Ready?" Asked Naruto before getting confirmation form both Akeno and Raynare who brought out their strongest magic aimed at the gymnasium while Naruto very quickly weaved his strongest shield that surrounded himself, Kiba and Koneko.

Raiser's women didn't know what was going on until it was too late and both girls magic completely decimated the gymnasium, eliminating all of Raiser's pieces except for Ravel who managed to teleport away just in time before the magic destroyed the gymnasium.

Within the shield Naruto maintained the shield as everything around the three of them was destroyed but soon his strength was wavering as evident by his shaking hands. But thankfully Kiba and Koneko helped him by holding his hands up.

When the destruction around them finally died down and it seemed to be clear Naruto dropped the shield and fell to his knees taking in deep breaths before he stood up and caught Raynare in his arms. "Alright now we can call buchou and begin the final assault on Raiser's base."

Naruto put his finger to his ear and spoke. "Buchou?"

"Yes Naruto?" Replied Rias relieved to hear his voice and the others who were speaking in the background.

"We can now beg-" However before he could finish his statement a huge explosion happened right in the center of their group thankfully Akeno was in the air and managed to escape the blast. However Kiba, Koneko and Raynare were not so lucky as Sona's voice called out saying that they had been eliminated from the match however Naruto was nowhere in sight which meant that he was currently safe for the moment.

"So thunder priestess how did you like my show?" Yubelluna asked lowering herself down into Akeno's shocked eyes.

"B-But how? There was no way that you could have escaped that explosion…" From within her cleavage Yubelluna took out a small glass bottle.

"Phoenix tears are indeed wonderful things." Answered Yubelluna who looked down at the very deep crater that used to be the gymnasium.

"And while that may have gotten the job done I do wish to have been able to see their faces especially that whisker cheeked boy. I wonder how he would have cried out as I destroyed his body." Yubelluna mocked angering Akeno who by now had anger burning in her eyes and she wanted to tear Yubelluna limb from limb.

"I-I-I'll kill you!" Screamed Akeno who charged at Yubelluna.

[With Rias]

When Naruto was suddenly cut off she had feared the worst and kept trying to get him, Raynare, Kiba or Koneko on the line but none of them answered and when she tried calling Akeno all she could hear was what she assumed to be Akeno fighting against someone.

Clenching her fist hard Rias held back her tears as she turned to Asia. "Asia! We're going out it's time to take the fight to Raiser."

Asia nodded as she followed Rias to her fight.

[Back at the destroyed gymnasium]

Naruto woke up and picked himself up from the wreckage of the gymnasium as the ringing of the explosion rung in his head, taking a look around he saw that he was alone all that was left of the others was Kiba's trusty sword that he always carried by his side. Weakly standing up he held an injured right arm and began to walk through the wreckage, taking a glance into the sky he saw the fight that was happening between Akeno and Yubelluna and unlike the last time in which Akeno had the upper hand for the most part here Yubelluna had the upper hand as Akeno allowed her emotions to cloud her rational mind. This in turn led her to use her most powerful abilities on Yubelluna in the hope that they would destroy her.

"Akeno stop!" Screamed out Naruto making Akeno pause for a moment, Akeno turned around and saw Naruto standing there holding his arm.

"Naruto-" However their moment was short lived as Yubelluna threw a bomb at Akeno striking her in the back and sending her falling to the ground.

But before she hit the ground Naruto managed to muster up the strength to run up and grab Akeno before she hit the ground.

"Akeno are you alright?" Asked Naruto as he tried to keep Akeno focused on him.

But Akeno shook her head, "Sorry Naruto-kun but it seems like it's over for me, I don't have the strength to continue fighting."

Naruto was shocked by what Akeno said. "What do you mean all I have to do is get Asia and then everything will be alright. Right?"

"No Naruto I used up most of my magic when fighting Yubelluna and I took too much damage in my fight just now. It looks like I'll be retiring early, just promise me that you'll help buchou as much as you can?"

[Play Aoi kaijutsu]

"I promise Akeno." Naruto replied wiping a tear away from his eye before Akeno nodded and transferred the remaining portion of her power over to the Evol bracer and with her last breath she spinned it up transforming Naruto into Nexus but this time the power that Akeno transferred over to him managed to complete his Valor form before she broke into bits of light and Sona's voice saying that Rias's queen had been retired.

"So looks like it is just you and me boy." Yubelluna spoke out in a very mocking tone, Nexus just stood up and levitated off the ground until he met Yubelluna's eyes and even though they just one color Yubelluna could feel the anger that he was radiating at the moment.

"Yeah just you and me!" Nexus cried out as he formed his blade and charged at Yubelluna.

However Yubelluna saw him coming and sent a ball of fire at him at him but Nexus just slashed through it as he tailed after Yubelluna who flew into the air to dodge Nexus's attacks.

On the ground as Rias fought against Raiser she saw the small plumes of explosions in the air, "Naruto." The thought of Naruto still alive and fighting brought back hope to her as her spirit grew stronger while she continued to fight Raiser.

Back with Naruto he had just slowed down his speed to get through the minefield of fire balls that Yubelluna set up but because of their range Naruto was at a disadvantage as Yubelluna kept throwing fireballs in his direction so he decided to head towards the ground and flew close to it throwing up dust while fireballs trailed behind him some exploding onto the when they couldn't curve off the ground.

Looking back Nexus finally saw that he was in the right position so he made a sharp turn up so that he was able to land on the ground and he drastically reduced his speed by planting his feet into the ground utterly destroying the concrete that paved the ground while the fireballs exploded all around and when the way was clear Nexus looked up into the air and shot upwards, going so fast that some parts of the destroyed concrete followed him and when he was close enough to Yubelluna he slashed her side.

The speed of his own moving body and the strength of his slash sent Yubelluna spiraling down towards the ground where she landed with an enormous explosion. Whereas Naruto brought his body around and landed on the roof top of the clubhouse.

"It's time to finish this!" Nexus cried out as he ran along the length of the roof before jumping high into the air and forming his arrow-ray storm but this time he drew on the power that Akeno granted him and his own power within making a small lightning shaped blade form up on the arrow.

"Over Arrow-Ray Storm!" Cried out Nexus as he released the over arrow-ray storm that flew with such speed that Yubelluna had no time to react as the tip of over arrow-ray storm struck Yubelluna right in the chest and sent her flying backwards screaming all the way until a huge explosion engulfed her.

[End song]

"Raiser's queen has retired." Called out Sona as Naruto landed on the ground to catch his breath, his strength had greatly depleted when he used the over arrow-ray storm but he still had one more fight to go to so he picked himself up and made his way there not noticing that there were cracks on the gem in the Evol bracer.

Making his way towards Raiser's base Naruto promoted himself to a queen and felt power flow through his body. "Alright now it's time to take on Raiser."

[On the roof]

Raiser was laughing away as he simply shrugged off Rias's attacks like they were nothing simply healing over them. "Rias Rias I've told you time and time again your attack will do nothing to me."

But Rias wasn't going to listen to him, if Naruto didn't give up then she wouldn't give up.

However Nexus suddenly flew over Rias and kicked Raiser in the face sending the man tumbling backwards while Nexus simply flipped backwards towards Rias's position and stood beside her while Asia stood behind the both of them.

"So looks like everyone left is here for the show huh?" Raiser smugingly stated while Ravel floated down to her brothers side.

Nexus stepped forward and charged for Raiser tackling him off of the roof of the main building while forming his Meta-field so that they could fight, Rias was going to stop him but by the time she finished they had already gone off the roof and the meta-field appeared around the two of them.

Ravel simply laughed and did her best to hold off Rias as both Nexus and Raiser fought inside the Meta-field. By the time the Meta-field collapsed Raiser stood victorious over Nexus and flaunted it by holding Nexus's limp body by the neck while Nexus himself dangled in the air.

"Surrender Rias and I prom-" But through sheer force of will Nexus forced himself to fight and even though his color timer had a very faint light and his eyes also had a very dim light to them he was still able to summon the strength to try and pry Raiser's hand off.

"B-Buchou don't give up." Gasped Nexus as he struggled against Raiser's strength and his own weakness, the nightmare that Rias had flashed through her mind and she knew what may have happened next so she ran up to Raiser and hugged him.

"I surrender Raiser so please let him go." Nexus was shocked by what Rias had said while Raiser had a smug smile come across his face.

"I knew that you would come to see it my way Rias." Replied Raiser before he let go of Nexus's body sending it falling to the ground, Rias dived after him and managed to catch Nexus before he hit the ground.

"Wh-why buchou?" Nexus asked as the cracks on the Evol bracer's gem started to be more prominent.

"Because I don't want to lose you Naruto so please rest now." And just as she finished the Evol bracer's gem completely cracked shattering it into a multiple fragments and Nexus's own body shatter into bits.

"Rating game over winner Raiser Phoenix." Sona called out sadly.

So can you people now see why I want the rewrite? Still got 3 parts coming so if you people want them then I'll do them though the next one will be the shortest chapter ever. So see you people later and thanks for reading this train wreck.